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0. Key Terms

a. Matriarchy
b. Gynarchy


1. Key Players

a. Caroline
b. Monica Reynolds
c. Christina Turner


2. Minor Players

a. Mary Basil
b. David Bingum
c. Sgt. Katherine Kennedy
d. Dr. Richard Liam, PhD
e. Ashley Hays
f. Tina Ingram
g. Gloria Chaily


3. Key Events

a. Project: Duster
b. Executive Order 9066
c. Executive Order 1299
d. MDAA H.R. §3304


4. Key Locations

a. The Island
b. Rhino Base


5. Timeline

a. 1870 - 1899
b. 1900 - 1999
c. 2000 - 2010
d. 2011 - 2020
e. 2021 - 2030




Matriarchy - A social system in which the mother is head of household, having authority over men and children.

Gynarchy - A government ruled by a woman or women.





Suspected Alias(es)
'Subject 571'
'General Oro'

Known Associates
Mary Basil, high school teacher

Occupation / Employer

The individual known only as 'Caroline' is a known radical misandrist and suspected perpetrator of hundreds of biological assaults against an equal number of victims though she remains unprosecuted due to all of her alleged victims refusing to testify against her in fear of retaliation.

'Caroline' is suspected to have been a participant at the facility known as The Island in 2006 and it is believed she became radicalized towards the movement known as Gynarchy from her time there.

After the events of The Island, there are no further pings anywhere in our databases under the alias 'Caroline' that matches the description of the subject and it is believed that the individual has used one or numerous aliases since 2006. While the following information remains circumstantial, there is a strong link between continuing misandrist activities and the individual once using the alias 'Caroline'.

In 2012, It is suspected that 'Caroline' was the first recruited subject for USAF Project: Duster and assigned an anonymous designation 'Subject 571'. Of the six subjects, 'Subject 571' is well documented as the strongest candidate for the Project. Within one years time of the Project, 'Subject 571' led a Subject insurgency on Rhino Base and efforts to quell the uprising were unsuccessful and undoubtedly tragic.

'Caroline' led a successful national coup on the US White House and was named General of the United Female Forces in 2017. She introduced herself to the nation as 'General Oro' which is believed to be from the Lithuanian word for air.

The whereabouts of 'Caroline' are currently unknown.



Monica Reynolds

Suspected Alias(es)

Suspected Associates
'Caroline', radical misandrist

Occupation / Employer
Chief Executive Officer
DOBIS Incorporated

Monica Reynolds is a dishonorably discharged USAF Airman Private Class and current Chief Executive Officer of DOBIS Incorporated.

Reynolds infiltrated the USAF Special Squadron leading the assault at Project: Duster facility Rhino Base. Reynolds is believed to have betrayed her squad mates at the mission site and remains at large for her crimes of treason and the wrongful death of her fellow Airmen. It is believed that Reynolds was acting on orders from 'Caroline' but this is purely circumstantial.

During the execution of Executive Order 9066, Reynolds staged the takeover of DOBIS Incorporated and installed herself as new Chief Executive Officer of the multinational corporation.



Christina Turner

Suspected Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer
President of the United States
United States State Department

Christina Turner is a former Senator from Rhode Island and currently elected to the Office of the President of the United States in 2020. She is the first female President of the United States. She is not known to be an adherent of the Gynarchy but has used the movement for political momentum and signed off on many laws very friendly to the movement including the Male Voting Revocation Act which stripped almost all men of their right to vote in the Female-led government.




Mary Basil

Suspected Alias(es)

Known Associates
'Caroline', radical misandrist

Occupation / Employer
High School Teacher
Jeffers Union School District

Mary Basil is a teacher of Health Education at Cotard High School. It is believed she became influenced by the Gynarchy movement during her time at the University of California Los Angeles and her associations with the radial misandrist 'Caroline'. Basil remains the prime suspect in the disappearance of [REDACTED], a student from her Sex Education class in the Spring semester of 2005.

Mary Basil's whereabouts are currently unknown.



David Bingum

Known Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer

David Bingum was a student at Plainview High School and is alleged to have suffered numerous biological assaults as a result of an apparently orchestrated plot by two educators and a fellow classmate. Bingum claims he had been falsely imprisoned and biologically tormented for hours on end.

Initially Bingum's claims were dismissed and even ridiculed, however, the increased momentum of the Gynarchy movement has led to a more earnest look at his allegations. Unfortunately proper files cannot be opened on the alleged perpetrators due to insufficient information and suspected use of aliases.

The perpetrators are known only as:
'Ms. Johnson', 'Ms. Violet', and 'Jessica'

David Bingum has been moved into Witness Protection for the indefinite future.



Sgt. Katherine Kennedy

Known Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer
Police Sargent
Canfield County Police Department

Sgt. Katherine Kennedy is a notable misandrist and a Canfield County Police Sargent. She is the alleged suspect in at least thirty-seven biological assaults and false imprisonments as reported by alleged victim [REDACTED] but no official report of misconduct has ever been filed against the Sargent. It was last reported that she remains employed as a Police Sargent in Canfield County, however, there are unsubstantiated rumors that Kennedy has begun freelance work as a male bounty hunter.



Dr. Richard Liam, PhD
PRESUMED DECEASED - October 24, 2013

Known Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer
Independent Researcher Under Contract
United States Department of Defense

Dr. Richard Liam, PhD was the author of Project: Duster and served as the chief fund raiser and sole overseer for the experiment. It is highly suspected he did not survive the Subject insurgency on Rhino Base in 2013.



Ashley Hays

Known Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer

Ashley Hays is the original founder of the unironically named Yale sorority group Phi Alpha Rho Tau (ΦΑΡΤ) which, when translated from the Greek alphabet, spells out 'FART'. Founded in the Spring of 2008, pledges are tasked with enduring biological assault and perpetrating biological assaults on non-pledge victims, generally males.

The whereabouts of Ashley Hays remain unknown since her graduation from Yale.



Tina Ingram

Known Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer
Unemployed - Widower

Tina Ingram was acquitted by a mostly female jury for the murder and accidental death of her husband during allegedly sadomasochistic intercourse gone awry. She is circumstantially suspected in the disappearance of [REDACTED], the sole male juror in her trial, but her whereabouts remain unknown since the conclusion of her trial.



Gloria Chaily

Known Alias(es)

Known Associates

Occupation / Employer
High School Teacher
Marshall Public School District

Gloria Chaily is an educator at John Preston High School. She is suspected of serial biological assaults and sex trafficking of [REDACTED] to his mother [REDACTED] but no official police reports have ever been filed in the case by any of the involved parties. [REDACTED] remains missing and is suspected to be in the custody of his mother.

Chaily currently remains employed at John Preston High School.



Project: Duster (USAF File #724874)

Dr. Richard Liam's study into harnessing the power from flatulent females for use in biological warfare that skirts the classification under the current Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) ratified globally in 1997.


Executive Order 9066

Executive Order 9066 was issued by General Oro to spark a female-led insurgency upon the United States on a national scale. A message was sent via the Emergency Broadcast Alert on mobile phones and, as a result of the call to action, women everywhere around the nation would capture and subjugate men to brutal and sometimes deadly biological assault in a play for confusion and to attain power amongst the sudden chaos.

Executive Order 1299

Executive Order 1299: The Male Voting Revocation Act effectively repealed the rights of the average man to vote. Male representatives would retain a largely symbolic voting power as their voting bloc in Congress is too negligible to be of concern to the Gynarchy. The Executive Order was signed by President Christina Turner on her first official day in office.


MDAA H.R. §3304

MDAA H.R. §3304: Lose Her Son Act was signed by President Christina Turner after finally passing successfully in Congress despite vehement objections from male representatives. MDAA H.R. §3304 makes it a legal requirement that all men in their 18th year that have not been appropriate coupled to a strong female figure will become the immediate property of their mother or face imprisonment and potential reassignment to another female figure.




The Island

The Island is a civilian-controlled prison facility in an undisclosed location. The facility is suspected to be utilized for revenge against their enemies by those sympathetic to the Gynarchy ideology.



Rhino Base

Rhino Base is an abandoned USAF Facility in [REDACTED] on the African subcontinent. Rhino Base was home to Project: Duster and was eventually overrun by a Subject-led insurgency.




1870 - 1899

1874 - An unnamed Oculist cures the deathly affliction ailing Charles Blackwell with the use of the fumes of her biological waste. As a result of his healing regimen, Blackwell became addicted to the Oculist's aroma. He sought out the Oculist and was not heard from again.

Citation: Super-Natural Medicine



1900 - 1999

1994 - Radical misandrist 'Caroline' is suspected of a biological assault on fellow University of California Los Angeles dorm mate [REDACTED] with the aid of her known associate Mary Basil. The alleged victim is believed to have left town before an official police file can be taken so there is no official record of the crime having ever taken place.

Citation: The Co-Ed



2000 - 2010

2005 - David Bingum is the victim of an alleged orchestrated serial biological assault and false imprisonment at the hands of educators 'Ms. Johnson' and 'Ms. Violet' with the aid of classmate 'Jessica'. Bingum's case was initially shelved for lack of evidence and unbelievability.

Citations: The Price of an A, Project Partners


2005, MAR 22 - Mary Basil and 'Caroline' are suspected in the disappearance of high school student [REDACTED] who attended Sex Education classes under Basil. No solid evidence is ever found linking the two to his disappearance.

Citation: Sex Education


2006, JUN - The Alt TV Channel launches with programing specialized for alternative sex lifestyles with a strong focus on the growing Matriarchy movement. Alt TV also plays host to local fairs and typically runs fart contests which would sometimes be used to traffic unwilling fart slaves to desiring clients.

Citation: Fart Contest


2006, JUN 30 - David Bingum suddenly disappears without a trace in a suspected kidnapping and false imprisonment. There's no evidence found during the investigation and the case goes cold.

Citation: Summer School


2006 - Misandrist Police Sargent Katherine Kennedy is accused of her thirty-seventh biological assault and false imprisonment as reported by her alleged victim [REDACTED] but no official report of misconduct has ever been filed against the Sargent.

Citation: Good Guy, Bad Cop


2006 - A revenge-focused female group with at least 2,000 worldwide members meets in a facility known only as The Island near the California/Nevada border. A plan is established for mass kidnapping, transport, and the indefinite detainment and torture of familiar males. Notable participants at the facility include 'Caroline' and Sgt. Katherine Kennedy with their respective victims [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

Citation: The Island


2008, FEB 01 - Ashley Hays founds the Phi Alpha Rho Tau (ΦΑΡΤ) sorority on the Yale campus. A notable up-tick in biological assaults in the New Haven, Connecticut area is reported but wholly uninvestigated by local police.

Citation: Phi Alpha Rho Tau (ΦΑΡΤ)


2009, JAN 25 - Tina Ingram is acquitted for the suspicious murder and accidental death of her husband by an almost entirely female jury. The sole male juror [REDACTED] disappeared after the conclusion of the trial and Ingram is suspected to have some connection to his disappearance. She is wanted for questioning but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Citation: Jury Duty


2009 - The highly publicized Ingram case is believed to have motivated an increased interest in the social movement known as Matriarchy. There is a notable up-tick in female-led households and a similar increase in the disappearances of young men. It is suspected many of these victims are sex trafficked for female use, often to or by their own mothers. No known victims are willing to come forward at this time.

Citations: Little Timmy and His Mother, Mama's Problem, Renewed Love, Thanksgiving, Feminine Household, Mom's Toilet, Stepmother


2010 - Safr is launched as a female-focused ridesharing alternative to Uber and Lyft which suffered amid numerous controversy of assault cases against drivers and passengers. Safr's hiring policies heavily favor women drivers and passengers are able to filter their driver selection by gender preference.

Fiverr, the largest freelance services marketplace, quietly alters their Terms of Service to permit the listing of male slaves by their owners for service offerings and essentially opening the first digital slave gig marketplace. UpWork and other freelance sites are quick to follow suit.

Citation: Coming Soon


2010, AUG 07 - Top Secret USAF facility Rhino Base is established in [REDACTED] on the African subcontinent for Project File #724874 (Project: Duster) with the goal of studying and exploiting volunteer subjects matching the specific study criteria.

Citation: Special Squad



2011 - 2020

2011 - Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann is rumored to have murdered a book writer in her employ with a biological assault but no one has come forward to corroborate the accusation.

Citation: Ghost Writer

2012, SEP 09 - Project: Duster begins with six female subjects successfully transported and contained at USAF Rhino Base. Dr. Richard Liam, PhD presides over the experiment.

Citation: Special Squad


2013, MAY 18 - David Bingum re-reports his alleged high school ordeal to local authorities and his missing persons file is finally closed but he is unable to share any details regarding his disappearance. His case is escalated to the FBI but he is ultimately told the statue of limitations has run out on the crimes and the aliases of the suspects known to Bingum have not been successfully traceable.

Bingum is permitted to enter Witness Protection under his extraordinary circumstances and a shell identity is established for him as a high school principal at to further conceal his whereabouts.

It's unlikely Bingum has any link to the individual known as 'Caroline' nor has he ever come in contact with her. Bingum's usefulness in taking down the Gynarchy is likely null.

Citation: None


2013, OCT 22 - A Subject insurgency is reported at USAF Rhino Base. USAF Special Forces are rallied but a tropical storm delays their deployment for two days. Private Monica Reynolds is a zero-hour addition to the squadron.

Citation: Special Squad


2013, OCT 24 - USAF Rhino Base is confirmed overrun by the Subjects of Project: Duster and believed to be led by Subject 571. USAF Special Forces did not report mission success and remain MIA presumed dead along with Dr. Richard Liam.

Private Monica Reynolds is suspected as a traitor and is dishonorably discharged from the United States Air Force while the USAF still officially maintains that Reynolds is missing in action and presumed dead.

Citation: Special Squad


2014, AUG 11 - High school teacher Gloria Chaily is suspected of prolonged biological assault and sex trafficking of [REDACTED]to his own mother [REDACTED]. None of the parties involved are willing to participate with the law enforcement investigation forcing the case to be dropped.

Citation: Teacher's Pet


2015, OCT 05 - An underground Gynarchy movement, under the leadership of self-titled 'General Oro', leads a quiet coup on high level media targets to begin the spread of Pro-Gynarchy propaganda to the public.

Citation: The Purge Begins


2016, MAY 08 - The Loosr App launches on the Apple and Google Play Stores. The app identifies weak men through data harvested social media profiles and automatically creates Loosr profiles for the men for women to locate and dominate at their leisure, any time, any where, and entirely without the consent or willingness of the men.

Citation: The Loosr App


2016, OCT 15 - Skirmishes between Gynarchy activists and Men's Rights activists increase in intensity and frequency as women begin to feel more empowered and entitled to take what they deserve from a dying male dominated society. The interest in bounty hunting significantly increases as male activists are rounded up, tortured, and killed seemingly at random.

Citation: Muster in the Dust


2016 - A significant up-tick in search engine results from women seeking therapists specializing in therapy sessions geared towards male subservience with a strong focus on training through biological waste fumes. The training method is believed to have originated from 19th century alchemy and mysticism experiments.

Citation: Marriage Therapy


2017, APR 07 - A successful insurgency uprising is launched making the general public fully cognizant of the growing Gynarchy movement for the first time. General Oro is installed as General of the United Female Nation.

Monica Reynolds assumes control of DOBIS Incorporated through a biologically hostile takeover. Upon a single command, thousands of ordinarily passive women collectively subjugate their male partners, co-workers, friends, and even employers.

Citation: Progress for Womankind


2018, JAN 12 - Executive Order 9066 is electronically issued via emergency text message alert system to all women. The vast majority of men are captured and tortured though a small number manage to escape to establish a safe Male Colony in the middle of America.

Male representatives in Congress begin to travel to the Capitol only under heavy guard or they symbolically vote via digital proxy despite the votes by these means going uncounted by the female majority.

Citation: EO9066


2019, JUL 30 - Kendall and Kimmy Albright allegedly lead a brutal biological assault and false imprisonment of their step-brother [REDACTED]. It is suspected the twins may have been educated by Mary Basil but it remains unclear if they were fully indoctrinated to the Gynarchy movement by Basil and if they have any connection of 'Caroline'.

Citation: It Has Cum to This


2020, NOV 08 - Christina Turner successfully wins the Presidency of the United States becoming the country's first female president. The win is marred somewhat by impotent grumblings of controversy from the Male Colony. Allegedly many men were allegedly physically barred from voting by Female Troopers blocking polling places and only permitting women to vote.

Citation: Irreverence of Man



2021 - 2030

2021, JAN 20 - President-Elect Christina Turner is sworn into the Office of the President of the United States. Concurrently, a majority of male representatives are voted out of office with a negligible minority of holdouts from the territories within the Male Colony remaining in Congress.

Citation: None


2021, JAN 21 - Christina Turner signs Executive Order 1299 on her first official day in office. EO1299: The Male Voting Rights Revocation Act (MVRRA) effectively bars all men from participating in the democratic process. Sanctions are also levied against the Male Colony.

The formerly stagnant MDAA H.R. §3304: Lose Her Son Act finally passes even as the few male representatives managing to remain in Congress vehemently protest the Act. President Turner signs the House Resolution into law mere minutes after it hits her desk. The new law turns over uncoupled 18 year old males over to their mother's custody or the custody of the Gynarchy if required.

Citation: The Big Engagement, The Big Night


2021, FEB 14 - The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution is amended to allow for the total retroactive and undeniable legal permission in the indefinite use of any unowned males for any Gynarchy approved subjugation purpose. The amendment instantly created a second class citizenry for men within the social and legal structure of the newly female-controlled nation.

The remaining Congressmen from the Male Colony have exorbitant bounties placed upon their heads and are believed to have gone into hiding or have fled the nation to any of the last remaining male-led nations.

Citation: None

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