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The Island
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

At 6:30 p.m., Steven was settled onto the couch waiting for some program to come on. Despite his ordeal, which was about 2 years ago, he had not learned his lesson to not base his life around television. He was only horribly affected by it for 6 months or so and he now smelled a little better than he used to. The show started and Steve was totally absorbed. At 6:48, he had heard a ruckus outside but he ignored it. His neighbor was quite loud when he came home around this time. About a minute later, the front door to his apartment was busted open and in came figures wearing all black and ski masks. They brandished weapons and one walked right up to Steven and shot him at point blank range. The tranquilizer worked quickly and soon the limp body was carried to the black van.

It was a lovely night for a walk, Patrick thought to himself as he walked home. It was about 7:45 in the evening and it had only just begun to get dark. He turned the corner entering his cul-de-sac when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, a black van with almost totally blacked out windows. It seemed to be following him as he walked up the street. He quickened his pace, almost to a run, when the van sped ahead of him and blocked his path. Before Pat could react, the side door opened and out came figures just like those who had grabbed Steven about an hour ago. He was thrown into the van, struck on the head, and was out like a light. The van quickly sped away.

Out on his first date, with a girl named Sharon, Jack noticed a strangely dark van pull up next to him. At a red traffic light, the van’s side door opened and Jack was quickly grabbed out of the passenger seat, his date had insisted on driving, and knocked out. The van sped away, almost hitting a car since the light was still red. Sharon had no idea what to do. She could not stop them and she was a girl so following them probably would not be the best idea, probably not even for a guy either. She rushed to the police station but they laughed her out onto the street. “Ya right,” they said, “Someone grabbed your date from the car and were they filming Speed 3 in the process?” She tried to explain but they would not listen no matter what she said. She decided the best thing to do was go home and hope for the best, the van would have been long gone by now and she would never find it.

This pattern continued all through the night. Men all over Southern California were being kidnapped and all by the same figures and mysterious black vans but no one knew this, of course, because no one had seen a thing, that is except for Sharon but she did not know to what scale everything was happening.

Patrick awoke with a throbbing pain in his head. He felt the comfort of a bed and wondered if he had dreamt the whole thing. He raised his head to find his room, messy as usual. Hm…strange dream, he thought to himself. He rose from bed and reached for the door knob. Pat jumped up, scared, as an extremely loud alarm blared. Suddenly the walls of his room sunk into the floor, his heart went with them. The carpet also retracted into one of the sides of the wall, knocking him off his feet. Pat hit the hard ground and was slightly dizzy. He came out of it and noticed he was in a dark chamber, totally covered in stone. A loud voice shouted at him from the loudspeaker. “#487 Patrick! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!” Huh, Pat thought to himself. What was this place and why were ‘they’ holding him here? He could think of nothing else. The door to his room opened and in stepped a gorgeous woman wearing a man’s dress shirt and a plain skirt. She spoke in very sweet tones, “Welcome to The Island, Patrick.” Her voice was very endearing and I felt everything was going to be alright. “Where am I?” Patrick asked. “Shh…,” She replied, “Now is not the time for questions, now is the time for…” She interrupted herself and released a loud fart which echoed on the stone walls of the room. Patrick stared at her confusingly. What the hell was going on here, I thought to myself “Oh, looks like it is time,” She said. Any comfort he had with this woman disappeared when her tones became harsh and dominating. “ON YOUR KNEES!” She exclaimed. He became horrified but complied with the order. She quickly moved toward Patrick. She raised her skirt and draped it over him. “How do you like that smell? Take it all in, it will get better soon.” The woman then sat on his face. Patrick could get no oxygen and within seconds was wheezing for breath. “Oh…you need air?” The woman replied to his signs of struggle. “Why didn’t you say so?” Patrick thought he would be getting fresh air but instead the strange woman grunted and then, BPPPPPPPPPT! A horrid fart escaped her already rank smelling ass and Pat was forced to breathe it all. He lessened the smell by breathing through his mouth but it was no use and the smell still reached him. Pat was running out of air and was on the verge of passing out when the woman said, “Oh…I think I have another one.” PSSBBBT! A few seconds of that one and Patrick was out. “Good night,” the woman said, returning to her gentle tones.

Patrick was the only one to wake up before he should have. A few hours later, all the men captured the night before where in an auditorium. They all looked at each other with horrified looks on their faces. None of them knew what this place really was or what they were doing there. They seemed to have absolutely noting in common except for the fact that they were men. An image appeared on the projector screen and the room became instantly silent. A woman wearing absolutely nothing appeared on the screen and some of the men chuckled silently, while others just stared at the image drooling. The image then faded away and another woman appeared on the screen but she was wearing a tight latex outfit that was very sexually alluring. Her harsh tones, in which she spoke, were not. “Welcome to The Island, men! You are here because we chose you to be here. This is not a privilege! I will be completely honest with you; you are at a male torture facility.” The room let out sporadic gasps. “Yes, that is correct. We have over 2,000 men hating women to ‘service’ you but their service is their call not your own. Welcome to Hell! That will be all.” The room filled up with noxious gas and soon the whole auditorium was out.

Bernie awoke in his cell feeling very afraid. His whole life had been torture from women yet he had never gotten used to it. Why was he always in these situations? He was hated that much, he assumed. Oh well, he thought, nothing could be as bad as his last torture at the hands of a woman. His cell door opened and Bernie almost had a heart attack, and he wished he had as well. Veronica stepped to him and just as she has always done, kissed him on the cheek. He refused to do the same. “Well Bernie, you don’t have to be so rude.” Bernie refused to speak, he just scowled at Veronica. “Oh this is rich,” she said. “You try to steal from me and you’re the one mad with me?” “Our deal is over, Vero. I paid two debts, one under your ass and one by the cops. That was not our agreement.” Veronica fumed angrily, “You may not call me Vero, you son of a bitch! And secondly, you broke our agreement! You walked out; I could not let you get away with your crime. I was your friend but you chose to steal from me! Well not anymore, I made sure I had plenty of Sauerkraut and I have been holding it all in just for you.” Bernie looked at her with horrified eyes. “That’s right, Bernie! I am the reason you are here and now there will be no running away!” She laughed menacingly. She removed her putrid sock and placed it in Bernie’s unwilling mouth. He gagged several times but eventually became “used” to it. “Get on the floor, Bernie! There will be no feet licking this time; all you must do is take in all the odors of my wonderful smelling ass. Veronica removed her pants and stood their in her underwear as Bernie gagged some more on the sock. When he finally stopped she quickly lowered herself down and placed her shapely ass on his face. The smell of the ass and panties were obviously already rank because Bernie trashed under her almost instantly after she sat down. She punched his nards hard, indicating he needed to stop his moving. He did for a while. Veronica soon began squirming a bit, herself, as she tried to find the perfect spot to release the most gas. She found it and yelled out, just as she had the first time with Bernie, “I don’t have stinky farts!” BPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTT! The smell was awful and the memories of the desk and the curtains came rushing back to Bernie. He could do nothing but take in all the aromas. “Ahhhh,” Veronica expelled, “that was a good one and…. (She sniffed the air)…oh my and it does stink. Sorry, Bernie, I didn’t know.” She giggled. Bernie kicked and thrashed under her ass but he could not get free. He began to breathe very heavily and Veronica decided to push out one more before getting up, PSSSBBBBTTT! “Oooohhh ya! That feels sooo good, doesn’t it Bernie?” Bernie could not answer, he could barely breathe. Veronica removed herself from the boy’s face and walked over to the door where she was handed a large glass case. “Well Bernie, since you can’t take face sitting for very long I think we will use this lovely piece of hardware. Now you have to endure my gas just like that time under my desk, remember?” Bernie remembered all too well the horror of that day. Every word, every action, everything that happened was permanently implanted in his brain. He was able to forget it, at least that was until now. Veronica put the glass case down around Bernie’s head and quickly sat down making sure there was very little fresh air, if any. “Now I don’t have to hold back. Won’t that be fun Bernie?” He attempted to scream out his angers and frustrations but the sock prevented him from doing so. Bernie gagged once again and decided he wouldn’t try that again. What good would it have done any ways, he thought to himself. BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTT! A large fart came out from above. PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTT! Another! One after another they came and soon any fresh air within the chamber was depleted. Every time Bernie, raised his nostrils to breathe he got a blast of gas. Bernie endured this for hours and Veronica was just loving it. For once she felt justice was being served against this thief. She did not hate men, but any chance to finish what she had (BPPPPPPPPAAATTT!) started with Bernie was more than enough for her to sign up. Bernie’s breathing became more and more taxed and he could not stand the smell for very much longer. Veronica judged she had enough gas to make this go on for days. She decided that would be best as she removed the glass box from Bernie’s head. She did not bother to hold him down; she knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Not in his current state.

Katherine stood at the window watching Steven sleep. The gas was building up inside of her but she could not release any away from her favorite slave’s face. Within the 2 years that had passed, she had upped her number to 98 men. Quite a number of them had died by her hands or ass rather, because the more she tortured men, the more her hate of them increased and she loved every second of it. The death of her victims just meant that she was more deadly then she thought. That was a compliment to her though dead bodies did tend to raise questions; she had used her ass as a weapon to cover it all up. No one would ever stop her, she thought to herself. She was invincible! Steven stirred a bit and Katherine was convinced he would be up soon. She unlocked the door and locked it behind her. She wanted to make this a surprise and boy would he be surprised. She wore her cop uniform and she sat waiting for Steve to wake up. She did not wait long because he awoke a few minutes later. Katherine had requested a cot for Steve so he could be comfortable but also so she could too. This was it! “Hey, Stevie!” She sounded like a giddy school girl when she spoke. Steven looked about the room but could not find anyone. Kat decided to come into his view since he obviously didn’t see her. “Hey, how have you been?” She asked. Steven finally saw the figure in the cop uniform but could not make out a face, his eyes were still unfocused. Then he remembered the voice and he quickly cowered to the wall on the cot. Horrid thoughts came running through his mind again. His eyes finally cleared and the face that tormented him 2 years ago was standing before him. Steven screamed out loud. Kat replied to that action by saying, “Oh, Stevie…you’re going to make me get rough? Oh well, it’s your call.” Kat pulled out a roll of duct tape from her pocket and placed it over Steve’s mouth. “Just like old times, eh.” She said. Almost like changing underwear, Kat’s personality changed. Her expression immediately became harsh and mean, and her tone was very dominating…again. “GET ON THE FLOOR, SLAVE!” Any thoughts Katherine had for comfort on the cot diminished. Steven complied with the command and quickly lay flat on the floor. Kat proceeded to tape his feet together and his hands behind his back. She then flipped him over and moved her ass into the perfect position to make sure he got her full scent. She then pushed his face tightly into her ass and then tapped his head to her. Steve was deeply scared, Kat had not been this cruel with her torture and he now feared for his life or at the very least his nose. Much to Kat’s pleasure, they served bad Mexican food here everyday so she would be farting for hours. Steven was in hell and then ‘fun’ had not even begun yet, but he did not have to wait long. Minutes later a long, soft SBD ran across his face. Steven coughed against the tape but could not get any relief from the smell. The smell was rank and Steve was forced to endure it all. “Like that Steve? I know you do. You did 2 years ago, so you must have been longing for some good woman farting in your face.” In truth, Steve had not missed it and the fact that it was happening again scared him. How many more times would this happen, he asked himself? He was interrupted by another fart, BPPPPPPTTT! “Ahhhh, that feels good Steve? Do you smell it? Oh…I do, oh man it is rank…better sniff it all, Stevie!” Steve had little choice in the matter any ways as he continued to take in all Kat’s horrid scents. Who knew that a man leaving a woman could cause so much pain for so many people? Kat pushed out another fart and it was a large one…BBBPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTPPPP! The smell was not as bad as past one’s but it was hardly pleasurable. Kat smiled wide as she felt another coming, PPPPPBBBBBTTT! That drove Steve over the edge. He struggled for air, he struggled to move, he struggled to do anything. The smell was unbearable and Steve was running out of oxygen. Kat knew it was time, she quickly removed the tape from Steve’s head, pulling his hair but at least he was free. Free from that awful, ungodly stench. He breathed as much as he could through his nose as Kat walked around, waving her hand behind her ass. “Whew…man that stinks. How could you like that, Steve?” She smiled wide as he looked at her with fear in his eyes. After a few short moments of fresh breathing, Kat grabbed Steve by the hair and threw him against the wall. She, with her masculine strength, lifted his legs up and placed them in shackles already on the wall. The blood ran to Steve’s head instantly and he became extremely lightheaded but he could do nothing to relieve his predicament and it was about to get worse. Kat, uncomfortably, shifted Steven’s body so his head was flat on the floor. She finally found the perfect position and immediately sat down. She wasted no time, farting almost immediately, BPPPPPPSSSSSTTT! Steven was already in horrible pain and this gas just added to his troubles. He, reluctantly, smelled her horrid farts. Steven had had enough. This was more than he could take. He had enough strength and his arms were completely free. Kat remained on Steve’s face unaware and uncaring about his scheming. Steven decided, he would choke her to death. Then he would be free, and then this would be over he thought. He reached his hands out to her neck; he knew where it was even though he could not see. Little did Steve know what that Kat had seen his arms outstretched out of the corner of her eye. Steven was just inches from her neck and he felt hair, Kat’s hair, just as light shone through. And right after this a huge fart brushed across his face, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT! He wanted to continue his plan but he could not, the heavy breathing of fart air was not fulfilling to his body and he didn’t have the strength. Another fart came, PLOOOOT! Steven struggled heavily under the ass but he could do nothing. Two more farts, BPPPPPTT! PSSSSSSSSSSST! This was too much, Steve could not last more than a few seconds and soon he was out.

Jack had no idea what to think. He had been up for hours but nothing had happened to him yet. He worried deeply. He had run into women haters before but…The door to his cell opened. He stared strangely at the beautiful woman in front of him. She reminded him of someone but he could not place it. “Hey, Jack! Remember me?” Jack really hadn’t had a clue. He shook his head blankly. “Oh come on…how could you forget? We had a wonderful time at UCLA together.” A horrified look ran across Jack’s face. He now knew who she was but it wasn’t anything to celebrate. “Ah, now I see you remember.”

“C…C…Carol....,” he managed to stutter out.

“That’s right buddy boy! And I am back to make you suffer. It was so sad when you left UCLA the next year, I didn’t have anyone to smell my fragrant gasses but now here we are, together again. Now, if you don’t mind I got a lot a gas in here so lets get started.” Carol pulled out some white ropes. Ropes he knew all too well. Carol tied him up and quickly went to work, removing her pants and placing her almost naked ass on his face. “Oh man…you don’t know how much I missed this, Jack. It’s been to long…too long but guess what I have saved my farts just for you, all these years. Sure it was painful but you are worth it, Jacky. Oh man!” Carol’s stomach rumbled loudly. “I have to fart really, really bad and now I don’t have to wait anymore and neither do you jack. Enjoy!” PSSSSSSSSSSSSBBBBBBBBBBBTTT! A large fart escaped the ass on Jack’s face. Carol wiggled around a bit, grinding the scent into Jack’s face. Jack groaned loudly and Carol was in heaven. “Jack…JACK! That felt great. Oh oh…here’s another one, open wide Jack.” BSSSSSSSSSPPPPTTTT! Jack was forced to take in all of this horrid smelling gas, just as he had done those years ago. He tried to lessen the smell with breathing through his mouth but the taste was no better. Carol continually farted over and over again, one after another and Jack was never given any air and after about 30 minutes was unconscious. Carol got off his face saying to herself, “Damn…I forgot, they need to breathe.” She laughed and walked out of the room.

Sharon, Jack’s date the evening he was kidnapped, had been scouring the net for information about a group that would kidnap people but she had nothing to go on and, as far as she knew, Jack was the only person kidnapped. She eventually got lucky, finding an article about a group, a few years back, of all women who kidnapped men all around Florida. Police invaded but found nothing. Sharon went looking for files of this secret society and found only one piece but it was a vital piece. She found that the group had organized a HQ on the Nevada/California border. She decided that she alone was going to go to this “ Island” and save her date Jack. She wondered to herself why go to so much trouble but she realized she had a fondness for Jack, that she had never felt before and it was only their first date. She wanted to possibly marry him someday. She rushed to her car and drove off into the night.

The men all woke up bound by metal restraints, in a room together. None talked, either scared of what had transpired the day before or what was going to happen next. The woman from the projector screen appeared in the room. She rudely woke up the sleeping men with a nice slap across the face. “Good. I have all your attentions! Welcome to The Group Chamber. In a minute your doms will come in and we will begin this event. There is one rule; if you fall unconscious you will be exempt from the event. Instead, you will have a special session with me or a girl of my choosing. That will be all. LADIES!” Hundreds of scantily clad women came in and made themselves comfortable on the faces of their slaves. Carol said to Jack, “I am going to be sure to make you unconscious Jack and there is nothing you can do about it.” Jack was horrified at the thought of a session with the leader of this group, who knows what she does. At least he knew what Carol did. “CAROL! No talking…only farting! Ladies you may begin when ready.” The leader left the room and the barrage began. There was not a second where farting could not be heard somewhere in the room and the scent of the room was enough to kill anyone or anything. Also heard occasionally were the sighs of relief from the doms as they released their pungent aromas onto their slave’s unwilling faces. This continued for hours and only one man, Jack, had indeed fallen unconscious. The leader called Musical Faces and Jack was removed and every dom ran to any available face. Steve, who was relieved he had gotten rid of Katherine, had wound up with Bernie’s torturer Veronica. This was not something to be happy about, he soon found out. He soon joined the unconscious Jack who waited in the “Waiting Room” (Go figure…). The rest of the men remained conscious that is until it was time to return to their cells. The girls farted on everyman relentlessly and soon they were all unconscious.

Jack woke up in a completely blank and very small room, like a closet or something. The leader came in wearing a long over coat. “Well, hello Jack. I was going to take care of you personally but I have decided to leave you in the hands of someone else. You know her I am sure.” The door opened and Jack’s jaw dropped as Sharon walked in the room. “No,” he said, “You’re one of them?”

“I wasn’t until they told me of what a cheating bastard you were. I saw this as a chance to get my revenge. You never knew about my farting but I can assure you they are plenty lethal.”

“Cheating…what? I never cheated on you!”

“Shut up! They told me the truth”

“What!? They lie Sharon! How can you believe them?”

“Because they care for me, they told me so! Now shut up or I will make you shut up!”

“ Sharon, please don’t do this, Sharon…please…Shaaa……,” he was cut off as Sharon placed piece of duct tape over his mouth.

“And to think I came over here to save you. Now who will save you from me Jack? Who?” Sharon removed her fleece pants, revealing her lacy underwear, and sat down on Jack’s face. Jack mumbled loudly, obviously trying to get Sharon to stop this, but she answered his pleas with a quick punch to the nards. Jack screamed out in pain. Sharon then grunted loudly, as if in pain, and then released a loud, BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTT! “Ahh. Take that Jack. And we have only just begun.” She pushed out too more blasts and Jack was forced to sniff them all, he had no mouth to dampen the smell this time. Sharon was 10 times worse then Carol, though he had no idea how that was possible. Sharon farted a few more times. POOOT! PFFT! FOOSH! “They serve really gassy food here, hope you don’t mind Jack.” Before Jack could even try to respond she released another large fart into Jack’s face. Jack squirmed heavily but could not escape from under Sharon. Just as Jack was about to fall unconscious, she got up and allowed him some oxygen. She soon sat back down and continued her horrid farting. Jack never left that small room and never smelled anything again except his date’s horrid farting.

Steve arose in a similarly small room and just as he was surveying his holding room, the leader came in. She wore a large over coat but she soon shed it to reveal she was wearing no top and latex chaps. Steve was turned on but also horribly horrified. She turned around revealing a large hole in the latex which she pointed to. Steve didn’t know what she wanted him to do so she soon became impatient and grabbed him by the hair and set him on his knees. She then sat on his upturned face. She said nothing and soon begun farting wildly. POOOT! BSSSPPPT! BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTT! BFFFFT! Steve could do nothing but sniff each one. His mouth was sealed shut by the force of which he was trusted into her ass. This continued for a while until the leader unexpectedly threw Steve to the ground and then sat on his face, full weight. The leader spread her cheeks wide. A loud yell penetrated the walls of the entire facility and was heard by everyone and then silence. Steven was no more.

© Closet Fetishist, All Rights Reserved.