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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 25th, 2011

Thanksgiving; a time to gather with family and gorge on food in celebration of the holidays.

Still, there was one saving grace; sitting next to Candice, my hot cousin from Virginia. She had an ass so round, so perfect; it was clearly what God had modeled the derriere after. Her tight pants followed the contour of her cheeks and protruded in forming a perfect, sexy crack.

She seemed marginally happy to be here; slipping in and out of an authentic smile if she added anything of value to the conversation. It was cute to see her smile.

I'd never do anything with my cousin; not physically but I fantasized about her a lot.

Thunder clapped loudly outside as lighting light up the street for a blink; the sky opened and rain poured quickly down; small drops froze to hail and melted as they touched the ordinarily, sun-baked sidewalk.

"You think you get away from the weather out here but it catches up with you," dad makes a joke; sly smiles all around. Mom shakes her head, annoyed.

"Another blow to global warming," Candice's dad declares.


Mom stops the potential forum, "You guys should stay tonight; Jackie and Carl can stay in the guest room and Candice can sleep in Tom's room."

Candice looked at me; I tried to remain emotionless and neutral. I was jumping for joy in my head. She looked at me disgusted; I thought maybe I was smiling but turns out I had a large bit of gravy on the side of my mouth. Anyone at school would have accused me of having, literally, diarrhea of the mouth for such a faux pas; Candice's 'compassion' was further alluring.

"...and Tom can sleep on the couch," Mom continued.

"No, that's not necessary; he can stay in his room. I'll put my sleeping bag on the floor. I'm the guest, there's no reason he should be put out."

"Very kind of you Candice; if you're sure."

"That's fine with me mom," I replied, maybe a bit too eager.

"No one was asking you dear."


Candice's dad wasn't too pleased with the idea, much rathering to rough the storm and go home. The storm got worse and he changed his tune.


Everyone was stuffed beyond belief after dinner but everyone had at least a slice of pie, most adding ice cream in addition.

We all talked amongst ourselves and occasionally as a group about this and that; grandma asked me what I wanted for Christmas at least 6 times but I lost count after that. Some were talking about going out tomorrow for Black Friday but no one was going to follow through; it never happened, this would be no exception.

I wanted to just sit next to my cousin and talk to her but I felt it would be creepy; we had the whole night, no need to push anything. God what the fuck am I saying?! I try to make eye contact with her but she seems highly engaged with the adults.

It isn't until hours later that everyone seems ready for bed; Candice got her sleeping bag out of the car and went upstairs to change. I waited 20 minutes before I went to my room for the night.

I knocked. "Come in," she said.

I opened the door and saw Candice my computer; my heart sank a little, she was looking at a text document. The formatting on the page was very familiar.

"You're one sick fuck, you know that?!"

"Wha...what do you? Oh those, those are for a girl at school."

"Sure they are; like this line: 'Candice with the beautiful blonde locks that reflect the rays of the harsh sunlight;' or this one: 'Candice's perfect butt swayed back and forth as I followed close behind.'"

"I'm sorry!; I just...I don't know...what to say."

She smiled; "You don't have to say anything; I've wanted you too," her voice become very sensual. "Lie down on the floor."

I did so, this was hot; it was wrong but fuck it, no incest babies; no problem.

She removed her pants revealing her thin red thong; she sat down on my prone lap; my cock throbbed against her butt, she bit her lip and slid forward; she sat on my chest now. She flicked her hair back and slid forward over my face; in another quick motion, she grabbed behind my head and lifted my head up as she curled into a ball.


"Ahhhhhh, sniff that cousin."

I was hit with a putrid stench of beans and cabbage; it burned my nostrils, I gagged on the smell.

"Oh, can't take my farts? That's too bad because they're all yours till I go home you little pervert."

She rised up a little; I pleaded, "I'm sorry, I'm so..."


Candice unloaded on me before sitting down; sealing me with the stench of her sewer hole.

"You're mom's cooking always makes me so gassy; good thing you're here."

Candice pulled her phone from her pocket; she set it down and started recording the events.

"How's it smell under my ass cousin?" she asked, awkwardly for the camera.


"Yeah? Oh, I think I have to fart again; watch out."


I moan loudly as Candice shakes me up and down; shaking loose a small, bubbly fart inside her.

"Please, stop this."

"Stop?! We're just getting started!"

With that she ass-pivoted on my face and sat full-weight on my head; I felt her cheeks against my ears and I felt her wet panties against my nostrils.


A small airy fart flowed out and filled my tortured nostrils with its deadly gas; I kicked and trashed, I couldn't take this!

"Ha, that was a good SBD; just look at him fight."

I half wonder who she's talking to but I've got bigger problems.


The loud fart bubble burst against my nose and burned as the air rushed into my lungs; I coughed and sputtered.

"Let's just get this out of the way," Candice said aloud as she reaches back and pulls again my red wall, protecting me from her slimy hole.

She wiggles down and my nostrils press against her rancid hole; I breathe heavily, like a kid with asthma


Tiny fart bubbles pop against my nose and land like dropped bombs; I can't believe a girl like her can fart so much and so powerfully. I'd admire it if I wasn't its prisoner.

"Just say you love it and it'll be all over," she says."

"I love it!" I yell.

"What do you love?" she asks as she puts her butt back near my face again. PRRRPPPPP!

"Your farts! I love your farts!"

"Good slave; now, one last thing." She rose up and split her cheeks; "Lick my ass clean and I'll let you go."

I lift my head and lick her hole once; curious but I recoil in disgust.

"Lick my ass or I'll fart on you till the turds start coming out."

I frantically rise up and fight through the disgust of licking a permanently, fart stained anus.

After a few painful licks; PRPPRPPRPRPRPPPBPBPPBBBBBB!

She laughs hysterically and sits back down on my face with all her big-ass weight.

"You sick fuck; I'm never going to let you go!"

I scream inside her ass.


An obnoxiously loud fart fills my mouth; it's somehow worse than smelling it, I can't believe it! I feel like vomiting almost instantly as the air just seems to hang in my mouth, hanging like the last food item you eat and want to savor till the next meal.

"It's getting late; we better get ready for bed."

Candice pivots again to reach her sleeping bag; she moves it to where we are.

PRRRRPPPPPPPPP! She blasts another one as she bends forward to reach the zipper; "Excuse me," she says laughing.

Finally, she rises off me and I get a taste of oxygen again; tainted but it was better. I got her stinky foot in my face; clammy and sweaty. "Get into the sleeping bag."

I opened my mouth to say no but she stuck her foot in there as I did; I choked on it.

"Do it!" she commanded.

I moved to the sleeping bag and lied on the back; she roughly rolled me over and slipped herself in under me. She positioned her naked butt in my face. Candice reached for the zipper but it was just out of her grasp.

"Close the sleeping bag slave."

I lift my head from her butt; "Please, no."

She pushed her butt out a little and a hot stream flooded my nostrils; she sighed endlessly as the fart continued silently. I was dying; I reached for the zipper and finally she ceased her release.

"Good boy. Now take this!"


I fought for freedom but in the small sleeping bag, there was no where to go. She farted again as I started to pass out.


I had done everything I could to forget what happened; then I got an email from my cousin. It was a link to a porn clip site; I watched in horror as my cousin mounted my face and blast farts to the tune of 80-something-thousand views.

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