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Mama's Problem
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 19th, 2011

"So did you make any friends today hun?" Lydia asked her son.

"I sure did; Adam, he's coming over later," said Kevin as he put his backpack down on the ground. His mother gave him a look at he picked it up and put in on the chair.

"That's wonderful hunny; I'm so proud of you.," she reached out for him to hug her.

"Why mommy?" He asked, accepting her hug.

"I'm glad you found a friend baby; it's always nice to have people to share with. Just like I share with you, right kiddo?" She asks, poking his nose.


He darted off after that; she yelled to him, "Mama will be in a little bit before your friend comes, okay?"

"Okay," she hears back faintly, obediently; he is a good boy.


There's a knock at the door sometime later. Lydia emerges from the kitchen and calls her son down from his room.

She lets Kevin answer the door.

"Hi, Ms. Hamme..."

"Please, just call me Lydia," she said, extending her hand to shake. "What's your name?"

"My name is Adam," the boy replied, shaking her hand.

"Well come in Adam; we've just been waiting for ya. Kevin, why don't you take him to your room and play."

Lydia makes small talk with Adam's father but he's not all that interested and she had better things to do. She told him she'd drop him off in a few hours.

Then she went to the kitchen to fix snacks for the boys.


"You boys hungry?" Lydia asked, walking in with a small tray of animal crackers and icing. The boys were playing with trucks as she set the tray down on her son's desk.

"Oh sweet! Thanks mom!" Kevin said. He deserved a treat he enjoyed today.

"You're welcome hunny; you boys keep playing, I'll be back in a little bit."

Adam looked at the delightful treat; "Did your mom make these?"

"Yeah, she's really good at food."

"I wish my mom was as cool as yours."

Kevin nodded sincerely.


Lydia came back after about a half an hour; she looked bloated and sluggish but the boys couldn't tell anything was different. Kevin may have; he did know his mother.

"Kevin, hunny, mommy's gotta go potty."

Without a word, Kevin gets up from the floor and walks into the hall and into the master bedroom. Lydia enters her son's room and closes the door behind her; it's just Adam and her.

Adam doesn't think twice about the sentence he just heard or what just happened as a result.

She smiles innocently, "Adam, would you lie down for Lydia?"

Adam, not knowing anything is wrong, lies down on his stomach as if he's going to nap.

"On your back sweetie," Lydia says with a hint of impatience.

Adam corrects himself as Lydia removes her black stretchy pants. Adam's eyes widen with fear and interest. He'd never seen a woman in panties before; not even his mother.

"Don't worry; it'll be okay," she says in a soothing, motherly voice. "Close your eyes."

Adam does so with a smile on his face; closed eyes always means a pleasant surprise in his young mind.

Lydia smiled too as she lowered all 250 pounds of herself onto this boys face.

She heard the boy sniff hard when her ass hovered inches above his head; the smell must have intrigued him, made him wonder. When he started gagging she sat down full force, practically crushing the entirety of the small body. His face was smothered between her cheeks face-to-face with her puckered hole.


"Ahhhh," she exclaims as she pumps putrid stench into the young boy's developing lungs; tainting his virgin nostrils to such odorous stenches.

He coughs and chokes under the heavy woman but Lydia's having too much fun; her eyes her closed. She uses the boy's hand in her snatch to bring her to pleasure. She leans forward to force fuck his hand a little harder.


"Oh yeah! Take it! Suck my farts," she said, moaning and pulling Adam's hair.

The boy gasped sharply for breath but Lydia was having too much fun.

She smiled as she prairie dogged a turd against Adam's face before sucking it up and blasting a rancid, airy fart. BRRRRRRROOOMMMMMMMMMPPPPHH!

The boy struggled under her, then he convulsed violently; Lydia rose off the boy but his sezuiring continued until he fell still seconds later.

Lydia rushed to check the boy; he smelled rank, she gagged approaching him. She checked his pulse; none. She had killed him.

She had to think quick...she threw on her pants and ran out of her son's room; she ran out the door towards Adam's house.


The evening had already started to fall; it was getting about time to bring Adam back any ways.

"Hi, you must be Lydia."

"Yes, and you must be...Adam's mother," she says awkwardly.

"Oh, excuse me, I'm Margret; nice to meet you." She pauses, looking around, "Where's Adam?"

"He's at home with my son...and husband; he's watching them."

"Oh, my husband was thinking you weren't married."

"Is that right? Well, I am...happily married," she said with a phony smile. "May I come in for a moment?"

"Certainly, I'm sorry; how rude of me."

"It's fine."

"Forgive me being so paranoid; I just worry, what with Adam's breathing problems."

"Breathing problems?"

"Yes. My husband didn't tell you? Oh I swear I'll kill that man."

Lydia smiled awkwardly with the same thing on her mind.

"I'll make some coffee and tell you about it."

"That'd be great," Lydia said, following Margret into the kitchen. "Where is your husband by the way?"

"Jim took an Ambien; I won't see him till morning. Sometimes he has a hard-on while he sleeps and I use him like a toy," she giggles innocently.

My kind of girl, Lydia thinks to herself; too bad she's gotta die.

When Margret's back is turned, Lydia reaches up behind her head and slams it against the marble counter top. Margret, eyes dazed, falls to the ground. Lydia can't take any chances; she sees a pot of chili cooking on the stove.

Husband asleep and she's cooking chili, no doubt for herself and maybe Adam? My dream girl, Lydia thinks. Oh well; another life perhaps.

Lydia grabs the pot and takes a seat on Marget's unconscious face. She sets the hot pot on Marget's stomach but she's offers no protest; Lydia then starts to eat the chili all the while delivering farts to an unconscious Margret; a few minutes without oxygen and she'd be dead if she wasn't already.

Only one left.


Lydia krept upstairs, in case the commotion had caused Jim to stir. She opened the door to the master bedroom and there lied Jim, snoring with the TV too loud for any normal person to sleep through.

Lydia came up and boarded the bed, crawling up to the sleeping man before presenting her ass and sitting down. It wasn't until her weight was on him that Jim woke; feeling smothered under the large the woman's buttocks. He tried to push her off but it was useless.


"Just take it Jim; sniff my gas."

He did but he didn't like it as the smelly air invaded his nostrils; causing him to choke.

"Me and you're wife could have had some fun but it's just you and me Jim; and just this once."


"You're wife's chili is really good! I've not felt this gassy in years; what does she put in there?"

Jim struggles valiantly to throw the woman off but it's to no avail; it's hopeless.

"That's right; give up, give in to the gasssssssssssssssssssss," she said, letting fly a silent but deadly fart to punctuate her sentence.

Jim started to fade as Lydia hopped up and down on the poor man.He screamed and Lydia pushed a little turd out to silence his mouth; Jim choked and sputtered on the log before passing away from suffocation.

Lydia admired the large log lodged in the man's mouth. She closed the mouth on his lifeless body.

She searched desperately in the pantry before finding the recipe for Margert's chili. She thanked her as she headed back to her house.


Lydia passed by her son's room only to see Adam's body there.

Where's Kevin, she worried.

She went into the master bedroom; not there. She flicked on the light in the master bathroom and there, at the end of the room, was Kevin his head against the toilet seat, obediently waiting for his mother.

"Oh Kevin; you're such a good boy. Mommy's very lucky."

Lydia walked over to the toilet and pulled down her pants and underwear in front of her son; she turned to present him with her ass.

"Mommy had a stinky dad today hunny; smell mommy's butt."

Kevin lifted him head from the toilet and wedges it as far as he can in his mother's chunky, naked ass. He inhales deeply.

"Smell good?"

"Yes mommy," he says.

"That's good; now, mommy has to go poo-poo really bad. Are you hungry for mommy's poo-poo hun?"

"Yes mommy," he responds.

"You're a good boy," she says stroking his hair.

She starts lowering her big, stinky butt onto her son's face who waits eagerly to please his mother on the toilet.

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