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Good Guy, Bad Cop
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

How do you get yourself in these situations Steve, I thought to myself leaving the local jail. People stared at me strangely as I walked to my car and I would have to say they were right for doing so. I must have smelled to high heaven and the only thing I wanted to do was go home, take a shower, and never think of this again. But I am getting ahead of myself; you know nothing of my horrific event. I got a bit of a drive ahead of me so I’ll fill you in on the gruesome details, not that I want to but you seem so interested and maybe I can prevent you from falling victim to my horrid fate though I don’t see how, I really had no say in the matter.

It all started last week, I was rushing home to see something on T. V., some video game console revealing or something like that, and I was going 50 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone but I swear to you traffic allowed for it. Any ways, coming around a corner I saw flashing lights behind me.

“Damn,” I yelled loudly. All those years of careful driving and I had to blow it all and for something really stupid as a something on T. V. There goes my perfect record. I pulled over and practiced my lines, I get quite nervous in stressful situations especially with authority figures but I am always courteous because who’s fault was this really? Any ways, I rolled down my window as the officer got out of the car. I watched him approach in the mirror except when he finally arrived at my window; I noticed he had become a she. She was gorgeous and…wait what the hell was I thinking, I can’t be caught ogling at an officer especially in this position.

“Good day, officer,” my voice managed to squeak out. I cleared my throat. I noticed her name tag read Katherine, a beautiful name I thought to myself.

“Well, sonny, you know how fast you were going?”

“I do officer and would like to apologize for that”

“Hm….really? Think you’re going to get off that easy?”

“Uh…no, of course not officer. I merely know I was wrong and would like to apologize for it.” Truth was, friends of mine have gotten off with such lines but unlike them I meant it.

“I see,” she said in disbelief. “License and registration please.”

“Sure, right away ma’am,” I said as I handed the documents shakily. The officer gave a sly smile looking at my license. Very strange, I thought to myself. Well at least this would be over soon, or so I thought. Kat came back to my car with a rather stern facial expression.

“Step out of the car please,” she ordered.

“Wha…what’s wrong officer,” I stammered.

“This car has been reported stolen; you’re going to have to come down with me to the station.”

“WHAT?!” How could this be I thought to myself, this is my car! My 1990 piece of crap car that I have had for years. (What can I say, it ran well and I was too cheap to buy another). What could I do but cooperate with the officer. I was handcuffed, read my rights, and walked with the officer to her car. Things got scary when I looked into the back seat of the car. The first weird thing was there was no back seat. All there was was a padded cot, like the examining beds at doctors’ offices, which ran from the back seat to the front seat under the driver.

“Um…...” was about all I could say.

“Don’t worry,” Katherine said, laughing.

There wasn’t much I could do with handcuffs on my wrists so I was placed on this cot and Katherine used a jack looking thing to raise the platform. Well, by this time I was downright horrified especially when I noticed that I had a view of the driver’s side of the car. Apparently the driver’s seat had a hole in. I enjoyed the view for a while, seeing the inside roof of a car was very entertaining. Seconds later the driver side door opened and I saw the most sexual sight I would probably ever see. Officer Katherine slid into the car and lowered her pants so only her pink, lace panties were visible to me. Of course this turned on feeling ended when I fully realized where the hell I was. She started the car as if nothing was peculiar. I tried to speak and ask her what the hell was going on.

“Did I not tell you that you had the right to remain silent, and I am sure you’d prefer to use it or I am going to make this a lot worse,” she said, harshly.

I didn’t see how she could, I was already breathing in her horrible smelling ass. I breathed with my mouth to avoid the smell as much as I could but she soon put an end to that. She removed one of her socks and placed it in my mouth.

“That’ll teach you to breath out of your mouth. Now you get the full scent of me.”

This was going to be a long drive, when I was stopped I was about 5 minutes from my house and the ‘local’ police station was 45 minutes from where I lived, and that’s driving fast. I wondered how the hell this was acceptable behavior for law enforcement, this seemed so very cruel. I mean forcing a criminal to have to take in the pungent aromas of an officer’s ass. It must violate something. I decided that the first chance I got I would report this but in the mean time I convinced myself that it could be worse and perhaps this was some way of reforming criminals. My thoughts were cut off by a mildly loud fart and it didn’t come from me. BSSSSSSPPPTTT! Within seconds I smelt the horrid gas and with the sock in my mouth I could do nothing but smell it all.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” she said, “Sorry bout that sonny, I had a large lunch. Taco Bell, you know, it’s all just so good.”

I tried to scream out but I could not and what did it really matter any ways. Who would hear me? The smell remained for long time because all the windows in the car were closed up tight and the air conditioning was off. I tried to struggle my way out of the seat but it was no use. Katherine felt me wiggling around and she responded with small fart, BPPPPPPPT. The smell was worse than the first and I was forced to take it all in.

“Don’t try to leave the seat or this will get real bad, real fast; believe me, what I have given you is nothing compared to what I could be giving you. Now keep smelling, I should not have to smell any of my gas.”

I had a feeling I would be experiencing that later, something I would do would anger Kat. I recalled running across sites on the net where people enjoyed this sort of thing. I didn’t know how, this was the worst kind of torture imaginable. I heard a grumble of the officers stomach and I had a feeling I would not like what was to come. Kat, raising herself a bit, split her cheeks and place my face deeper into her ass. Seconds later a long but silent fart ran across my face.

“SBD baby! Ho ya! Enjoy that one, punk,” she said, enthusiastically. She was quite pleased with that fart of hers. I, on the other hand, was not. The smell was awful and I could barely stay conscious and, a few minutes, later I was out. The last thing I heard was, “Pffft…. weakling.”

I awoke in a bit of a haze. I hoped everything had been a dream but no such luck. My eyes focused to reveal a jail cell. I yelled out to see who else was in the lock-up but no one replied. Damn low-crime, small towns. Well in a way, being alone was good except….oh dear! A new thought popped into my mind, what if Officer Katherine comes back to torture me some more. No one could verify my story if there was no one else here. I could try….my thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. I watched as a male officer approached my cell. I decided I would tell him my story. He half listened the whole time and then walked off laughing hysterically. Damn, why would no one believe me? Was the story that unbelievable? Well, actually, upon second thought ya it was. I could barely believe what had happened, myself. My thoughts wandered to what was going to happen next. I sat on the cot thinking for a long time when the door opened a second time. Katherine walked in, approached my cell, and unlocked it. She stepped inside and locked the door behind her. Then she did something I was very surprised to see. She removed all her clothes down to her undergarments. I was turned on, for a few seconds, until she spoke.

“Well slave, you’re going to have to perform better than you did in the car. I have a lot of gas for you and we can’t have me smelling any of it, can we?”

“Now see here ma’am. I am fully prepared to report you.”

“I see, and who is going to believe you?” she said with confidence.

I had to think about that one. I highly doubt anyone would. She interrupted me.

“I thought so. No one will believe you, a common car thief over me, a police officer.”

She was probably right about that. “I’ll find someone, you’ll see.”

“No, you’ll see, she quickly snapped! “You’ll soon learn your place!”

I was turned on and horrified. The dominance of her voice was endearing but I also knew what she was capable of.

“So are we going to make this easy or fun?”

“Um…do I really have a choice?” I asked tensely.

“This time…yes.”

“Given the options, I guess I’ll take the easy way,” I replied, convinced it really didn’t matter.

“Good, so I’ll let you go yourself. Place you head face up in that toilet.”

I noticed the toilet on the way but it was very strange. It obviously was not for normal use because it had a giant hole in the side of it. Kat walked over and raised the lid and I reluctantly placed my head in the pot of the toilet. I already knew what I was in for but I was scared something very unwanted would be added to the session.

“Don’t worry,” she said, almost as if she was asked. “Your crime isn’t harsh enough to go…lets call it ‘hardcore.’”

I was pretty sure I knew what she meant and was very relived or as relived as a person could be when they know they are about to endure hell. With that she placed duct tape over my mouth. At least it was better than the sock. I stared at her ass as she descended onto the seat of the toilet, who cares how much I ogled her now? Like it really mattered at all, if I was going to have to put up with this shit I was going to have whatever pleasure I could get out of this. The pleasure ended minutes later. I could no longer see since Katherine’s ass closed out all light. I heard a large grumbling coming from…above but all that came out was a tiny squeaker of a fart. PSST. The size unfortunately did not matter because the smell was rank.

“Ha,” Katherine shouted. “Looks like the greatest presents can come in small packages. What do you think, Stevie?”

I tried to talk but I couldn’t get enough oxygen. My legs thrashed and kicked to escape the smell but I knew it was no use. It was a natural body reaction to try to escape bad situations anyway possible, no matter how useless. I had to endure this gas for a long time and before it had cleared I heard Katherine adjust herself on the seat and suddenly, BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTT! A huge fart blew into my face. The smell was downright unbearable and I soon found myself short of breath. My breathing became heavy and I knew I was about to pass out. This very much angered Kat.

“What the hell! How am I supposed to work my ‘magic’ if you can’t stay conscious for more than a few minutes.” She rose from the seat and as she did let a pretty large blast escape her. BPPPPPPFFFFTTT! “Damn you! That was a good one and now I have to smell it. I should not have to smell it, slave!” Regardless of what she said, I still smelled the fart and it was awful. Luckily I had fresh air now so the smell was entirely tolerable. Kat came into my view; I was still in the toilet mind you so I had a limited field of view, and she was fuming mad. “You know what, STEVE. I have something special planned for you but now its time to sleep.” She raised the lid and grabbed me by the neck. She threw me against the wall and proceeded then to lower her underwear. My eyes went wide as I watched the bare ass come toward me rapidly. I heard the door open and noticed that the male officer I talked to earlier entered the lock-up. He saw me and Kat and what she was doing. I thought to myself yes, now he had to believe me but what he did made my heart sink. He smiled! He knew what she was doing and didn’t care. I truly was alone. I was soon pressed hard against the wall with Kat’s ass and within seconds she produced a barrage of farts. PSSSSOOT, BSSSSST, PFFFFFSSST, BPPPPPPPT. The smell was toxic and within seconds I hit the floor. Katherine left my cell and as the two left I heard them talking.

“Wanna go grab some dinner?”

“Sure, but can we make it Mexican?”

“Ya, why you got something special planned?” Those are the last words I heard before I was unconscious.

I awoke, again, in my cell. ‘Something special’ was the first thought that entered my mind. What could that mean? One thing was for sure, I wouldn’t like it. I sat in my cell, the air in the lock-up was stagnant so the air from the previous session had not cleared and I was still smelling, very clearly, the god awful farts that, a few hours earlier, were directly in my face. I choked a few times from the smell. Kat had not removed the tape from my mouth and I did not dare overstep my bounds and remove it myself. That kind of action seemed like it could end up with deadly consequences. I sat waiting for a while, worried and nervous and nothing was going to cure it except the few moments when I had to fan the air but the thoughts soon returned. I swore this was going to be my life; I was forever going to be Katherine’s….fart slave. An optimistic thought entered my brain. Kat was quite displeased with my inability to stay conscious under her rank ass and smelly farts, maybe she would let me go. Even my ‘happy’ thoughts turned bad when I realized she’d probably just kill me when she got tired of me. I tried to shake the thought but I couldn’t. After a time span that seemed like hours passed, I heard the door open and Kat came in. She was wearing all leather and in the rear there was a section where her ass was almost completely exposed. She was alluring and I was turned on but my mind knew what was really going on and what was going to happen, well not all of it. She entered the cell and did not lock the door behind her. She walked to me very sensually and I could not help but give her a slight grin, I am after all a man. To my surprise she smiled back but she also punched me quite hard in the nards. I was totally incapacitated and doubled over on the floor. She dragged me from my cell to some room at the far end of the lock-up. The sign on the door read, “‘Gas’ Chamber.” I would have found it humorous at another time perhaps but this sign just taunted me of what was to come, as I remained in pain. We entered and I took a rather unfocused look around the room but I could clearly see it was decorated like medieval dungeon. (Very quaint) I noticed also that there were all kinds of ‘equipment’ in here, from something that looked like a rack to a common couch. I was forced to my feet and had my tape very harshly removed. I screamed out in pain and received a swift slap across the face. I repulsed back into a corner. I had never been more scared for my life as that moment right then. Never had anyone been so harsh with me, ever, and I did not like it but I guess liking it would be besides the point in this situation. I spoke my first word I had in hours.

“Kat….why…?” I managed to struggle out before she slapped me again. I became teary eyed.

“IT’S MISTRESS KATERINE IN HERE and you shall be called nothing more than slave, you piece of dirt!” She noticed my watery eyes. “Ah, poor baby has had enough? Well, you should have thought of that before you stole that car,”

“But I didn’t…..”

“Save it for the judge, slave! Now for some fresh tape.” I knew any action I took to fight the Mistress would be stupid on my part so I decided, though I really had no say in the matter, to be her wiling slave. This was going to be a long night I feared. Almost as if she read my mind she said, “Oh ya! That reminds me,” she walked over to me and placed several pills in my mouth and forced me to swallow them. “Those are pep-pills, there should be no more passing out problems.” She then proceeded to put the tape over my mouth and ordered me over to what looked like a massage bed. The only differences were that it had restraints and was much lower to the ground then its counterparts. Strangely, I was strapped to the bottom facing up but soon it all made sense when my head was restrained to where the hole was. I tried to prepare myself for what was to come but I could really do nothing. The mistress spoke again.

“This aught to be good, I ate at the local El Burrito. Their food has always been sub par but it gives me good gas and now I don’t have to smell any of it, thanks to you. If I get a whiff of anything, this will get worse and believe me, I can make it happen. I picked up some Taco Bell on the way back and I am not going to hold back.” She held the bag of food in front of me like I was a dog and in many ways I had been reduced to one, or worse. “But enough of this talk,” she interjected. “I got some serious gas building up and I don’t want to hold it in any more.” With that she lowered herself down and placed her practically bare ass on my face. I did not have to wait long and soon I heard, PPBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT!

“Oh man, that felt soooooooooooooooo good. Be sure I don’t smell any of that slave, it must be very rank and I could not bear to put my precious nose through that.” The mistress was right, the fart was the worst I had ever experienced and I was forced to sniff it all. I was not able to thrash around this time; I was extremely tightly tied down, well up technically. I knew it would not save me any but the more freedom I had, the better I felt. BBBPPPPPPTTT! Another large fart washed across my face. My body wanted me to gag but the tape prevented it as I took in all the horrid gasses from the mistress’ ass.

“I don’t know what your problem is. I don’t smell a thing and I assure you, I don’t have stinky farts.” With that she let another small barrage go, PPPPBBBBBT, BPPPPPPSSSST, PFFFFT. The smell was awful and I could not endure much more. My body was more than ready to pass out but the pills prevented this and I could do nothing. I was going to be awake for everything the mistress had for me, whether I liked it or not. The smell did not go away. This farting and teasing went on for hours and I swore I would forever smell like the mistress’ ass and farts which were in fact, stinky. I had closed my eyes hoping this would all go away but it never did. I continually heard fart after fart and taunt after taunt. I never saw my old cell again. The mistress had kept me in this chamber of hers for my entire stay. After the massage bed, I was attached to the rack and had my legs and arms stretched to quite a painful degree. Then, to make matters worse, the mistress got up on the high table of the contraption and squatted her ass near my face. She taunted me for a while, forcing me to stare upon it and she watched me to make sure I didn’t not remove my eyes from her ass. In this position, she let out a small fart that would have made people in a crowded bus jump out the window. The only thing I was thankful for was that it was not in my face but only near it. The view was turning me on, the smell on the other hand was not but the mistress was thought otherwise.

“Punishment must be getting through, slave. My farts should make you turned on. There, in fact, should be nothing you love more than the smell of my wonderful farts on your wretched little face. And since you want to smell them sooooooo badly, I will not hold back a second longer.” With that she jumped from her squatting position and allowed herself to just land, ass first, on my face. At the moment of impact she let a huge fart go, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTT! The heavy landing cause me a lot of pain and then the smell hit me instantly and it mixed with the pungent scent already inside her ass. I assumed I was rather far up her ass since I could see absolutely nothing in any direction. The gas was not leaving and no oxygen was entering, I felt my lungs struggle for real air but they could get none. I was actually grateful since I would finally be able to rest and end this torture at least for a while. It came upon me and went in and instant as the dim light of the room shown through. No! The fiend, I thought to myself. She knew I was about to pass out and she gave me air so I wouldn’t. This was awful, I just wanted to die and get it over with right then. My mind went totally dizzy and could not handle consciousness any more. Much to the mistress’ dismay I did pass out. I had won the battle, but I had a feeling the war was lost and could not be won by me.

I don’t know when I woke up it could have been minutes; it could have been hours, hell it could have been days! I had no idea. I was still in the chamber but I was lying, unrestrained to the bed. I looked to my right to see the mistress. She did not notice me and probably thought I was still out but she looked both pleased with herself and worried at the same time. Could it be that she cared for me slightly? I doubted the thought and cast it aside as a dream as I slipped back into unconsciousness.

When I finally did wake-up, I noticed the taste of the pep pills on my tongue. The mistress must have force fed them to me while I slept; this was going to be another long one I feared. I tried to move around but I could not, I finally noticed I had a great view of the ceiling and I felt fabric all around me cheeks. My body position was finally processed and I felt I was in the kneeling position with my head straight up. The position was terribly uncomfortable but then what here really was. I finally realized where I was. No, I thought to myself…the couch! I looked out of the corner of my eye to notice the other cushion to my left also had a head whole but it was vacant. As was the one to my right. I was still alone, not that it surprised me but it was just…well lonely. I noticed the mistress come into view and she wasted no time or words. She immediately sat down pressing my face into her ass a bit as the cushions depressed around me. This was not going to be pretty. I was assured that I dreamt up the worried look the mistress had, when she let out an enormous fart followed by 3 or 4 medium sized ones. BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTT, PSST, PBBBT, PFFFT! The smell could have killed a whole team of wild horses. I tried to get free, I could not stand this a second long and I knew we had just begun for the day. I could not free myself and all the while the smell got worse and worse and I had to smell it all. The smell could go no where, the only exit was closed completely by a large ass. The mistress readjusted herself lower, putting me farther into her ass. The fart smell had finally become mild but I was force to relieve it as she pushed me into her ass where smells never went away. I was enduring the pungent aromas of the mistress’ ass for a few minutes when I heard the loudest grumble I had ever heard. I swore it was thunder outside or a small earthquake until I heard the sounds of struggle coming from the mistress’ as if she was trying to hold back a fart. She was obviously waiting for something and I didn’t figure out what it was until much too late. I felt the air leave my nose and the mistress must have felt it too because she pushed my face into the couch and the next sound I heard was the mistress grunting and then, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! The fart must have easily lasted 5 seconds. I felt the air rush past me at extremely high speed, even as “far” away as I was. I didn’t smell anything within a few seconds and I thought I was in the clear but I was wrong dead wrong. The smell was rank and horrible. I could not bear to stand it. I screamed out, against the tape, and it was no use but at least I didn’t have to endure the fart smell, at least for a little while. In hindsight, it was the wrong thing to do because when I did finally have to inhale the smell was intensified since I did not expel from my nose the last whiff. I of course did not learn that quickly enough and was convinced that this would help me. The smell went nowhere and I was stuck in this small section of couch in a near fetal position. The mistress let go of a few more bombs. She could not help but respond to me signs of struggle.

“You’ll enjoy that for a while, slave. I know you will. You don’t know how good it feels to release this gas but I think you’ll enjoy the ‘bad’ effects of it for some time.” I watched the mistress close a cover on the chair and with that I was stuck in the gas filled chamber. I smelled nothing but farts for hours but there must have been oxygen somewhere because my body never felt the urge to pass out, no matter how hard I tried. The smell did not dissolve for hours and even then it was still quite pungent. When was this going to end, I could not handle this any more. I lay smelling rank farts and thinking about what was to become of me for a long time until the cover opened and into my view came Officer Katherine, not MISTRESS KATHERINE. Though they were one in the same, I felt slightly safe…very slightly. Kat recoiled a bit and held a finger to her nose when the smell reached her.

“Ho damn! Uh…let’s go, Steve. You’ve done your time.” She removed the tape from my mouth and now fully plugged her nose. How could someone who just delivered these rank farts to me suddenly have an aversion to them? I figured it was just another way for her to taunt me. “Check in with the desk guy for your court date.” I watched her as a sly smile crossed her face but what the hell did I care now! I was leaving and that was all that mattered. I reached the desk and noticed the guy at the desk who quickly noticed the horrid smell but did not try to block it out in any way. I found that odd but then again what wasn’t here.

“Ya…,” I said weakly “…I am supposed to get a court date from you.”

“Oh that,” he said, “…uh how do I say this. Um…Kat has a tendency of inventing crimes against people and guess what?”

WHAT?” I said, fuming.

“You’re number 37!”

I stood there, staring at the officer angrily. I was 10 seconds from punching him in the face.

“Ya, seems she has a thing against all men ever since her husband left her. He was the first. Kat soon began picking male targets at random.”

5 seconds…2 seconds…I finally calmed myself, punching an officer would mean some real hard time for me.

With teeth clenched so tight that I could have broken them, I said, “Thank you, officer. Have a nice day.”

“You too, and stay out of trouble. Oh and by the way, don’t think you can try to get Katherine in trouble. Number 12 made that mistake and well, may he rest in peace.

I barely heard what he had said but I knew it any ways. What person in their right mind would believe me any ways? I walked out of that station never looking back. And that’s where you found me, now if you don’t mind I’d like to be alone for a while and never have to speak of this again. Good day!

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.