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Project Partners
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 31st, 2005

“That’s right class, group projects and your gonna love this. I am picking your partners.” The class moaned, loudly and even I, Mr. A student, was disappointed. I had hoped we were picking partners because I had a thing for Tina but I had never been able to ask her out or anything but I had finally worked up the courage to ask her but unfortunately Ms. Violet took care of that. Now it was up to chance for me to get Tina as my partner and I had never been very lucky. The teacher began calling the names. I only half listened.

“Mark…you’re with Steven.”

“Jack…I’m putting you with Penelope.”

“Tina…,” my ears perked up immediately, “you’re with…Daniel.” Shit! I thought to myself, there went that chance. Oh well.

“Samantha…and Raymond.”

“David…,” I listened intently and looked up at the teacher, “you’re with Jessica.” FUCK! I had to stop myself from saying out loud. Jessica looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, tauntingly. Why, why, why? I asked myself. Jessica was one of the meanest girls in the school, well at least to me. She was totally gorgeous and had all the guys falling for her but she was a bitch to me, making fun of me and treating me like shit. I put my hands in my head almost ready to cry, I knew this project would not go well.

“Alright class, you have your partners now for the rest of the directions. You must do this entire project outside of class, I don’t care where but there will be no class time. Also if anyone’s partner is not doing as they should then tell me and I will deal with it. Everything else is on your prompt I gave you, alright any questions?” No hands went up.

“Alight, class dismissed. Have a wonderful Monday!” Damn cheeky teachers, I said to myself.

I met up with Jessica in the hall to discuss the project.

“So…,” I said, trailing off.

“So, what, dork?”

“So, how we gonna do this?”

“Well come over to my house today after school and well get started. The less time I have to spend with you the better.” She gave me her address and I walked on to my next class. I was surprised to see her acting as a semi-acceptable human being, perhaps this project together will change our situation with each other.

The final bell of the day rang. I hoped in my car and drove to the address Jessica gave me. I arrived at a wonderfully landscaped, white house. I was surprised someone so mean could live in a house that gorgeous. I parked on the street and walked to the door. Jessica answered, she was home alone I gathered.

“Hey David, come on in.” What’s this? I thought to myself. Jessica being nice? How could it be? Maybe this would work out just fine. I followed Jessica through the kitchen and then to the living room.

“Please take a seat,” she said to me, gesturing at the couch. Jessica went back into the kitchen. I feared some kind of trap on the seat so I lowered myself slowly down but there was nothing to worry about. Jessica reappeared with two glasses of what appeared to be lemonade. I watched her drink it down. I lifted the glass and discreetly sniffed it, fearing it might be…well you know. It wasn’t. In fact it was the best damn lemonade I had ever tasted. I drank it down quickly, being quite thirsty as I was. Jessica took a seat in the armchair at my side and we began planning for the project. The more we talked, the better we got to know each other, even if we were talking mostly about the project we snuck in a few personal comments and questions to each other. Sometime late she said what I had never expected her to. I was blabbering on about something stupid and she interrupted and said, “David…sorry to interrupt you but I can’t let this go on.

“Let what go on?”

“David, I’m so sorry I have made fun of you and treated you like dirt. I never meant any of it. It has just been eating me up inside. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Of course I can Jessica. All is forgiven. Don’t even worry about it.”

“That’s good. I’m glad.”

“Oh jeez, its late I better be going.”

“Shoot, you’re right. So we know what we are doing project wise?”

“I think so.”

“Alright, good night David.”

“Good night, Jessica.” She showed me out and I walked to my car, more surprised than ever. Jessica was sorry for teasing me all those times. I was pretty sure she wasn’t lying, she seemed very sincere. I went to bed happy one night, for the first time in a long time.

The next day of school had sped by in a blur and I was soon back at Jessica’s house.

“Alright, great. We have most of it done then.”

“Ya,” I said.

“Well lets say we do something fun.”

“Uh…alright.” I wondered what she meant by her definition of fun.

“Follow me to my room.” Uh…oh, I thought to myself. Could she mean…that…kinda fun? Her parents weren’t home again, so I took it as a possibility. I shook the feeling and followed her up. Her room was expectantly clean and tidy and organized.

“You like?” She asked.

“Ya, it’s nice.”

“Thanks.” She quickly turned around to face me and quite unrepentantly punched me in the nards. I doubled over on the floor, in terrible pain as she laughed her head off. How could she lie to me? Did she not feel sorry for making fun of me? I guessed not. She tied my hands behind my back and tied my feet together. She then dragged me across the floor to about the middle of the room I guessed. The pain had finally subsided.

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

“You really think I wanna be friends or even associate with a nerd like you?”

“But...but…you said…”

“I lied you idiot, I hated you from the moment I saw you and I vowed to make your life hell any chance I got.”

“But why?”

“Do I need a reason? I don’t think so.” I tried to speak again but instead I watched in horror as Jessica removed her pants. Horrible visions came back to me from I don’t know where of this happening to me in the past. Her underweared ass came closer and closer to my face as I struggled to worm out to freedom but it was no use. Her bottom had already reeked from the day’s sweat. I avoided the smell as much as I could by breathing through my mouth.

“Oh, almost forgot.” She pulled a piece of duct tape from the nearby roll and placed it over my mouth. “Much better,” she continued. “Now you won’t miss a thing.” The smell intensified and I soon began to gag and choke. Jessica laughed at this. I soon became used to the smell, though I still did not enjoy being forced to smell it, and I hoped it would be the worst but to my dismay, Jessica was only just beginning. She unrepentantly and sneakily farted! PBBBBT! “Oh my, what was that David? Did you fart?” She asked, laughing. She loved every minute of this and I could not be in more of a hell. The smell reeked but I had no choice but to smell it. I kicked about to get free from the smell but it was no use, Jessica held me tight. Never had I taught in a millions years that Jessica could be this cruel to me. She taunted me, made fun of me, but this was in a league entirely of its own. I began to sob softly. “Oh, poor baby can’t take it?” She asked, tauntingly. She pressed hard and painfully on my stomach, expelling all my air and farted a mighty blow just as I began to inhale. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFBBBBBBBBBTTTTTT! I tried to hold my breath but with the lack of air, I could not do it. The smell was awful and to make matters worse, Jessica began to grind her ass and the smell in my face. I soon began to find it hard to breathe and Jessica noticed so she did the one nice thing of the day and leaned to the side to allow me some fresh air. I breathed deeply and before I had satisfied my air need she sat back down on my face, farting a little poot almost immediately after. This continued for hours and hours and Jessica became more and more cruel. I assumed it was about 6 o’ clock when I heard a watch alarm go off. Jessica finally got off my face and kicked my side, telling me to get up.

“Well David, its time for you to go but you need to be here at 3 o’ clock tomorrow.”

“Fuck you! I ain’t ever coming back you bitch! You can finish the project with out me.” I said angrily, as I struggled to catch my breath.

“Nuh…uh, David. If you aren’t here when I tell you and do exactly as I say I will tell Ms. Violet you aren’t doing your part in this project.” Damn it, I thought to myself, I didn’t want that but how could I bare to handle this again and probably another day after because the project was due on Friday. I resorted to begging.

“Please Jessica, have mercy. Why do you wanna do this to me?”

“I think we have already covered that and you better be here or I will tell.” I left without answering but I knew I would show up there if my perfect academic record wished to stay that way.

The day at school zoomed by but on this day it was to my displeasure to see it end. Jessica had taunted me all day, especially in the lunch room as I watched her eat an enormous lunch filled with many gassy foods. I knew today would be my worst day ever. I forced myself to drive to Jessica’s house but I didn’t know why. What would Ms. Violet do? Give me a stern talking to? Who cared about that? I realized this too late for I had already knocked on Jessica’s door. The door opened and Jessica pulled me inside. “Finally, I have been waiting for you. I have so much gas for you and you better cooperate or I will tell and I know you don’t want that.” To be honest though, I didn’t care anymore but it was too late, I was here in Jessica’s prison and there would be no leaving tell she was ready. She hastily put tape over my mouth, pushed me to my knees and sat on my face, right in the middle of her living room. She farted a barrage of farts at me, almost instantly. BBBBLLLAAT! PBBBBBBTTT! PFFFFFBBBBTT! “Oooohhh Ahhhh, that feels so good, get a good whiff of all of that Davy Baby.” I struggled to stay conscious under the noxious odor. I was sure the Hell would not be as bad as this, as she farted again, giggling. PBBBBBSSSSTTT! I moaned loudly through the tape and screamed for an end but I knew no such end would come. She got off my face as I fell to the floor, gagging and coughing violently. The smell lingered and never fully went away as she dragged my almost lifeless body to the kitchen. I looked up through my water eyes to see a pot on the stove, simmering. She grabbed a pot and placed it in the living room. She came back for me and pushed me onto the couch. I tried to get up but I was too weak. She taunted me with the contents of the pot. I looked in and near fainted back onto the couch. “That’s right, Davy! Got plenty more farts where that came from and hey, my parents went out for dinner tonight so you ain’t going anywhere till at least 10 o’ clock,” she said, evilly as she laughed. She grabbed the pot and a spoon and sat herself back on my face. She ate for an hour, everything in the pot, farting all the while, giving me air once in a while for far to short to satisfy anything. When she was done she threw the pot on the table and sat for a long time. I hoped this was the end. This had to be; I thought to myself, how could she have anymore? I was wrong! She laughed, manically, as she grabbed my hair. I winced in pain. She pushed my face hard against her ass which was now slightly raised off my face but I was in more or less the same position against it. With her other hand she pushed against my stomach, expelling all my air. She was satisfied I was inhaling and let out a monstrous fart! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! The length had to be at least 10 seconds and I could do nothing but smell it all and had no reserves in which to hold my breath. I took in the wretched smell for a few seconds before I could not take it any longer and passed out.

I woke up in my car, the smell clinging to me. I started the car and sped home. I was dazed and confused all the way but my goal was clear. Go home. I checked the clock, 12:14 a.m. Shit! Past curfew. Now I’d have to hear all about that. Oh well. I looked down and noticed a note on my shirt.


To David:


HAHA…guess that was a bit much for ya. Well, we’ll try again tomorrow.



Oh my god, one more day of that or worse? I could not take that. Fuck her, I would not be back. Who the hell cared what Ms. Violet would do? It had to be better than this shit. I had decided. No more! I arrived at home to find everyone asleep. I went to my room and went to bed content at the thought that this would all be over.

School went by normally and there was a smile on my face. Jessica taunted me in the lunch room but I brushed it off. I would not be there today. I drove home and played some video games. I could care less about if the project got done anymore either but I figured Jessica would do it, so as to not lose her grade point average and in that I would be saved as well.

The next day, Jessica and I presented the project. Even though I had done no work on it I was very knowledgeable of the subject and breezed through it. Ms. Violet was extremely proud of our hard work. Jessica scowled at me for the rest of the period. The bell run and class ended. Jessica rushed to speak to Ms. Violet. I rushed out of the room but was stopped by the teacher. She beckoned me to her desk. “David, I hear you have not been working at all with your partner. I looked at Jessica. She looked sternly at me in a taunting way.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, you admit it!?


“Well then, see me after school for you punishment.”

“Ok ma’am.”

I walked out of the room, slightly ashamed. Jessica stayed talking with Ms. Violet, but about what I do not know. Perhaps just kissing up more.

I returned to the classroom promptly after school ended and opened the door. Ms. Violet sat in her chair, almost completely unchanged from how I had seen her earlier in the day. She stared at me, a sly smile on her face. “You wanted to see me ma’am,” I said.

“That’s correct.” She remained and said nothing more.

“What is it you wanted?” I asked. She said nothing, she leaned forward and closed her eyes in concentration and farted, PBBBBBBBTTT! What the fuck?! I thought to myself, is every girl and woman in this school into farting? Boy how wrong I was thinking girls didn’t fart. She rose from the chair and approached me and came closer and closer. I retreated in fear and headed in the direction of the door. She grabbed my shoulder, spinning me back around and tried to force me down to my knees but I escaped her grasp. I ran to the door and opened it only to run right into Jessica. I screamed out in horror as Jessica grabbed me and pushed me back into the room and to my knees. Jessica remained there, holding me. I watched Ms. Violet raise her skirt over my head and watched her ass descend to my face. She was soon, farting relentlessly. PPBBBBTTT! PSSSTTT! FFFFFTTTTT! BRRRAAAPP! “Ahhhhhhhhhh…feels so good to let go of all that pressure and now I don’t have to smell any of it either, just be sure you sniff it all up or the consequences will be worse than this. No passing out now. She said in her normal cheeky voice.” “See what happens, when you don’t work with your partners.” I could barely hear a word she said as I struggled to stay alive. These farts were worse than anything I had ever gotten from Jessica. The both laughed heartily at my anguish as farts escaped Ms. Violet freely. I began to cough and gag. I screamed out, “PLEASE, NOO MORE! I’m sorry I didn’t work with Jessica.”

“Oh please David. Jessica told me what a great sniffed you are and I just had to….*PFFFFFFFFFTTT!*….try you out.” I thought to myself, was I just some slave to pass around freely? Did every female teacher and student know about this now? I feared that greatly. Ms. Violet got off my face and I feel to the hard floor. Jessica lowered herself near my face but Ms. Violet stopped her. “I wanna try out my new thing.”

“Oh ok,” she responded. Ms. Violet dragged me to under her desk and pulled down a door, sealing off the foot area where I was now locked in. The space was dark and I was scared of what would become of me here. Suddenly a semi-large hole opened above me and light shone through for a few seconds before it went away in a blur of a blue flowery skirt. Oh my god, I thought to myself. This was going to be my prison for who knows how long. I began to sob softly as I began to think this would be the end of me. Truly no escape and no air to breathe. I heard, softly, “I almost feel sorry for you David.” I figured it was Ms. Violet but I could not be sure. A fart rang out from above and it echoed in the small space. BRRRRRRRRPPPPP! The smell hit me immediately and suddenly no air could be found. I gasped and cried for air but I got 3 more farts in return. I pounded on the wall, screaming that I was going to die but I got no sympathy and no compassion. Light shone through again and another pattern covered up the hole. “Eat this David.” I heard. A huge fart exploded out and I struggled to stay conscious. 2 more minutes of this and I was out cold.

I woke up, my clothes drenched with my sweat and stained with the horrid smell of the two sadists’ farts. I weakly walked out from under the desk and out of the classroom. No one to be found anywhere. I prepared to leave the school when I heard laughter coming from the area of the teachers lounge. My better judgment told me I shouldn’t but I had to know what was going on. The door was cracked and I saw Ms. Johnson, my English teacher from last year, and Ms. Violet. They sat chatting it up and laughing. I listened in.

“So…how was he?” Ms. Johnson asked.

“Oh you were right! He is spectacular.”

“See, I told you…do I know how to pick ‘em?”

“You most certainly do. So when we gonna get him again?”

“I have a plan.” I wondered who they were talking about as Ms. Johnson leaned to Ms. Violet to whisper in her ear.

“Wow, excellent plan.”

“Yes, yes it is, not to PPPPFFFFFTTT my own horn.” It was Ms. Johnson in my vision! And now my two tormentors were conspiring to get me again? I had to get out of here. I ran out of the school and requested a transfer. That would be the end of that.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.