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The Price of an A
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

David had always been a good kid. He got good grades, was college bound, and in general he had his head on straight, as opposed to most of his fellow classmates. He was a nerd of the school, if you will. He had no friends but that never bothered him because he found them to be a distraction to schoolwork and his fun. Well, it was on this day that his world, as he knew it, came crashing down and where our story begins.

“I hope you had a nice weekend class, let’s begin today by passing forward your essays,” Ms. Johnson said. David had completed his essay days ago, practically just after it was assigned and he was confident it would be another A paper. Contrary to popular belief, David did not go home and do school work all the time. He did what was assigned and then spent his time doing whatever, video games, computer stuff, and things like that. True, that still was nerdy but he was no in love with school as many had thought. David went home that night feeling extremely good about his essay and treated himself to some Halo 2 time.

Two days had passed and on Wednesday the teacher handed back all the essays that is to say all but David’s.

“Uh….Ms. Johnson? I didn’t get my essay back.”

“I know David; could you please see me after the period?” The class let out a group “Ooooooo.”

“They probably wanna award him the ‘Brain of the Year’ award,” said some punk kid in the back of the room. The class laughed. David sunk down in his chair, a little embarrassed.

Class ended and everyone rushed out of the room, like normal. David slowly approached the teacher’s desk, still having no idea what this whole thing was about but he was pretty sure it was something good. This was me they were talking about after all, David thought to himself.

“Don’t worry about you next class, David, I’ll write you a pass but we need to talk.” David looked up at his teacher and for once he had noticed how ‘hot’ she was. ‘Hot’ was not a term he would use but it held precedence here. Ms. Johnson continued.

“David, you have always been a good student which is why I was so surprised by this essay you turned in. It’s absolute garbage.”

“What!?” He almost screamed out.

“Your essay is bad, to say the least. It seems rushed and you seem to have missed basic assignment understanding.”

“But how could that….”

“I’m not sure. Did you understand the assignment?”

“I thought so.”

“Hm…well I’ll give you two options to make up this credit.” David knew Ms. Johnson would not leave him with an F, he knew she would help him make up the credit. He felt relived.

“Let me ask you, do you really want to learn something and fix what is wrong with this essay or do you just wanna make up the credit, and please be perfectly honest?”

“Well, ya, I’d much rather just make up the credit.”

“Alright. Meet me here about a half an hour after school ends and we will work it all out.” David nodded happily and walked out. Ms. Johnson watched him leave and began laughing silently to herself.

At 3:30 p.m., David opened the door of Ms. Johnson’s room and noticed no one was there. He walked in and noticed the door close behind him, even though he had not. He looked back to see Ms. Johnson standing there behind the door in a black latex jump suit. She bolted the door and walked over to me.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“Now, now. You dare talk to your teacher that way, and after all I am doing for you for this essay?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Johnson.”

“It’s alright, David. So you’re here to make up that essay credit right?”

“Ya.” David continued to stare at her and her crazy outfit but it did make her look really hot.

“Well, when I get done with you, you are gonna wish you redid that essay.”


“Please, lay on your back on my desk.”


“What!? Did I stutter? Do it, now!” David complied, reluctantly. He felt a chill run down his spine as he laid there and he became horrified as the teacher approached the desk. He watched as she got on the desk and placed her perfect ass near his face. She unzipped the suit at the ass and continued to lower herself down. Closer and closer it came until it rested on his face. He was in pain under the heavy ass and the back of his head pressed hard against the hard surface of the desk. The smell was unimaginable and he soon began to gag and choke a bit under it. She hit him on the thigh and he calmed his breathing.

“Ahhhh! Oh ya, David. Right there, that is perfect.” He continued to lie there, humiliated that this woman was sitting on his face. He thought that he had experienced the worst of it until, PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT!

“Ahhhh! Smell all of that one, Davy.” David struggled for freedom, kicking and thrashing about, but he could not remove himself from under his teacher’s ass. He was forced to smell the awful smell of her fart. David finally relaxed realizing there was no hope of freedom, unless Ms. Johnson gave it.

“That’s right. Calm down. It will be over before you know it. That was probably worth a C, but I know you want an A.” David moaned, loudly.

“Oh, I know, I know," Ms. Johnson said, very motherly. David began coughing, violently but she would not budge from her position. She began running her hands through his hair gently but David didn’t care, he just wanted out from under his teacher. She leaned to the side to allow him to breathe some fresher air. He gulped at the air and breathed heavily and deeply as if it would be his last and in many ways he believed it would be. Ms. Johnson regained her comfortable position on David’s face and farted again, almost immediately. PBBBBBBBTTTTT!

“Oh, that was a good one!” David struggled as he was forced to breathe in the horrid gases and Ms. Johnson loved every minute of it. She has always loved having a helpless teen under her ass and forcing him to smell her stinky farts. It gave her pleasure, pleasure that heightened with her victim’s pain. She raised herself off his face and allowed him to breathe again. David breathed heavily again, sucking up every bit of fresh air he could. Ms. Johnson watched him and noticed this. A sly smile came to her face as she slowly lowered herself back down. David expected her to fart, so he had planned to hold his breath but Ms. Johnson knew what she was doing, she was no fool. She deceivingly pushed hard on David’s stomach and forced him to expel all the air he had in his lungs. She felt the air blow into her and knew it was time, PPPPPPPPPPPBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! An enormous fart erupted from the teacher and into the unwilling boys face. His eyes winced as soon as the smell hit his nose, this would be it for him he feared. He tried breathing through the mouth but it was of no help and soon he was headed for a deep sleep.

“Good night, Mr. Bingum,” the teacher said, evilly.

David woke up in a haze, not knowing at all where he was. His eyes finally focused and he saw he was in the classroom of Ms. Johnson still but there were students all around him. Had he been out that long? Ms. Johnson walked over to David’s desk. David recoiled a bit in fear, not knowing what she would do to him.

“Mr. Bingum, nice of you to join the living. I found your essay. Another A, good job!” She walked away as if everything was just normal. Had he dreamt the whole thing? What was going on? The bell rang, ending class. David walked out but Ms. Johnson beckoned him back to her desk.

“David, I must say that was quite impressive, nice job. I hope to see another performance like that sometime soon.” She smiled at him and winked. He returned the smile. He wondered whether she was talking about the essay or…something else. He looked back at her and opened his mouth, as if to say something but he turned back and walked out of the room.

“Nah, couldn’t be,” he said to himself, walking to his next class.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.