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Phi Alpha Rho Tau (ΦΑΡΤ)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: Feburary 1st, 2008

"So the pledges cannot deny any of our requests?" Joanna asked.

Ashley looked at her with a hint of frustration but she covered it up as best she could. "Yes, that 's correct. No pledge can deny a senior member 's request, whatever it may be and it may be just about anything, inside of the law. Try to remember the sorority name though, girls," she smiled, slyly. "Need I say more?"

The group replied with a silent no, smiling to themselves. All seven girls sat at large dinning table in a candle lit room wearing heavy brown robes over their street clothes. The whole house still smelled of fresh paint and everything was clean and in pristine order. Ashley had founded the sorority and the other five girls all helped with the legwork to get it founded. Joanna was the first entry into ΦΑΡΤ and she was initiated and accepted in a way similar to how the new pledges were to be initiated.

"Let me just make one rule, however, you may not request a pledge to do anything in a classroom or any other time you believe would reflect a bad image on what is a very academically focused and well-to-do sorority. Try to avoid asking anything of your pledges in plain view or right in front of faculty and other staff and just use your best judgment. I don 't want to have to close this sorority after just a few months of operation. Are we clear?"

"Yes," the group replied in somewhat unison.

"Okay. Now, I have pulled one name out of the hat for immediate pledge status. She 's from a fairly wealthy family and her grades from high school are better than average."

"Wait a minute, high school grades?!" Jasmine asked.

Jasmine was a junior at Yale and one of the smartest girls in ΦΑΡΤ and she made sure people didn 't forget it.

"Yeah, well, she's a freshman," Ashley stated, quietly.

The group murmured their obvious displeasure with allowing a freshman to immediately pledge their sorority.

"I know, she 's not my first choice either but it was a random drawing and I think it will be okay. Besides, I did a little research and I think she has the potential to be a great sorority leader one day. Why not groom her for the job sooner rather than later?"

The girls seemed to become acquiescent to the idea after hearing this.

"But don 't get me wrong," Ashley continued. "Treat her like any lowly pledge that walks through those doors. Perhaps even a little worse, see if she has what it takes." Ashley looked around the room and finally stopped on Joanna. "Jo, I 'm putting her under you."

The group snickered a bit and then some of the girls started laughing.

"Literally or metaphorically," Joanna asked, a wide smile across her face.

Ashley laughed as well, "Both."

Slowly, the room calmed down a bit.

"Okay, so what 's her name?" Joanna asked.


Olivia slowly opened her eyes, moaned softly, and then rolled over onto her stomach.


Finally, she sighed, angrily, and threw the covers off her and opened her door.

"Yeah?" She said, meekly but loudly.

"You 've got some mail."

"Super! Thanks for waking me up for that!"

"Come on down, I think you 'll want to see this."

Olivia grunted softly, threw on a bathrobe and went downstairs. She doubted this would be anything that exciting, she had already been accepted into Yale, there was nothing more to be expected, or so she thought.

Her mom was standing at the bottom of the stairs holding a letter. The envelope return was clearly from Yale but other than that it didn 't say anything. Olivia took the letter from her mom and opened it. Olivia 's mom watched as her daughter 's face lit up with glee and she held her arms out for the hug that was about to come.

"I can 't believe they accepted me!" Olivia screamed, over and over, while hugging her mom.


"Hi, is this sorority house Phi Alpha Rho Tau?"

"Yes it is, who 's calling please?"

"It 's Olivia Ellis"

"Oh, yes, the new pledge. Congratulations, we look forward to seeing you here later next month."

"Thank you, I can 't wait to get there. I 'm so excited! Thank you so much for letting me pledge with you guys."

"Hey it 's no problem; we look forward to having you pledge with us. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and let us know when you get on campus so we can get you in officially."

"Okay, super, thanks. Bye bye."


The day to leave for Yale had finally arrived. Olivia wanted to get there a little early any ways but now she had even more reason to leave sooner rather than later. There was still three weeks until classes would begin but Olivia doubted she would be bored on campus; some of her friends were leaving for Yale at this time too and one was already on campus, plus with this new sorority pledging, she was sure she 'd be busy.

"Olivia?" Her brother, Elliot, called, standing in the doorway to Olivia 's room.

"Yeah, El?" She replied, without even turning around from her computer.

"Hey, I was just doing some research and I found something about the sorority you might want to know."

"Oh yeah? What 's that?"

Elliot walked in and took a seat on her sister 's bed. Olivia twirled in her computer chair to face him.

"Well, I could not find much on them..."

"Yeah, probably because it 's a new group," she said, interrupting him.

"Right but, I looked up the meaning of 'ΦΑΡΤ ' and they don 't really mean anything together in Greek."

"That does sound strange."

"Yeah, it is, usually all sorority and fraternity Greek letters stand for something but not this one. So I tried translating it, converting the letters to their English equivalent and I found something surprising."

"Uh huh? What did you find?"

A honk sounded from outside. It was Olivia 's ride to the campus, a friend of hers.

"Hey, little bro, I 'm sorry but I gotta head out. I 'm sure everything will be alright, don 't worry."

"Yeah, but..."

"Give me a hug," she said, interrupting.

He did and she quickly grabbed her bags and ran out the door. Her brother walked to her window and watched her throw her bags in the trunk and hop in. The car screeched away.

Olivia was amazed by the campus, it was beautiful and despite it being an off-time the campus was still teaming with life. Before she could immerse herself, however, she decided to go to her dorm room and settle in.

She opened the door to find another girl unpacking.


"Hi ya, you must be my new roommate?"

"I guess so, my name is Olivia, Olivia Ellis."

"Tina Combs," the girl replied, shaking Olivia 's hand.

A piece of paper fell out of Tina 's sweatshirt pocket. She tried to cover it up quickly but Olivia saw it was a letter like hers, from ΦΑΡΤ.

"You 're pledging Phi Alpha Rho Tau, as well?"

"What? No! I mean what 's Phi Alpha..."

"Relax," Olivia said, interrupting her, "I am too."

"Oh yeah? Cool. Sorry about that, they say secret you know and I didn 't know exactly how secret."

"Yeah, I wouldn 't worry about it though. I don 't think there is a single girl on this campus who doesn 't know about 'the secret sorority. '"

The two laughed and started to chat with each other. They went on like this well into the night. At 3:00 a.m., they decided they best get to bed and pick up their chatting in the morning. They would both go to the sorority house tomorrow.

"You ready?"

"As I'll ever be," Tina replied, sheepishly.

"We'll be fine."

Tina nodded and they walked up the steps to the ΦΑΡΤ sorority house. Olivia knocked on the door.


"Hello, I 'm Olivia and this is Tina."

"Making friends already? That 's great. It 's good to see you both. I 'm Zoe, please come inside. I think we are just about ready to start. I 'll take you into the dining room, the other pledges are waiting there."


In the dining room, five other girls stood, chatting softly with each other. Tina and Olivia slowly mingled and after a while were part of group. After about a half an hour, the door to the dining room opened.

"Hello girls, I 'm Jasmine. Follow me into the main room, we 're ready to start."

The six girls all shuffled out the door and into a semi-large meeting room. A girl stood at the podium on the stage, waiting for the girls to file in.

"Hello everyone. I 'm Ashley Hays. I 'm the current leader and founder of this sorority, however, all the girls helped us found this place that you are all eagerly pledging to. First though, let 's introduce you to everyone. You all had time to chat amongst yourselves and get to know one another but I 'd like you all to get to known the senior members of this sorority. I 'm Ashley, as you already know. Next to me is Jasmine Sharma, next to her is Zoey Cruz, Tammy Dennis, Maria Rios, Amber Benise, and Joanna Stevens. If you have any questions for them personally, I 'm sure they 'd be happy to take them afterward. Right now, however, I 'd like to assign you each a senior member so you have someone to go to if you have a problem."

Each of the six girls was giving a senior member as their advisor. Olivia got Joanna and Tina got Jasmine.

"Okay, now everyone has their advisor. If you happen to have any problem with your advisor, please come to me, we 'll work through it. Am I forgetting anything?"

"The rules," Amber chimed in with.

"Ah yeah, the rules. Okay, you all know you are pledges so as such you are at the mercy of your sorority seniors. Now, the girls know they cannot ask you to do anything illegal so don 't worry about that. If you are asked to do something illegal, please let me know immediately but I don 't think we 'll have that problem. Other than something against the law, however, the girls can ask you to do anything else, at any time, except during class. This is still an academic based sorority so we will not allow seniors to force you do anything while in class. You do need to keep your grades up and you do need to remain in good standing at the school. There is only one other task for each of you to complete, separately, with your advisor as a witness but we 'll get to that later in the year. I think that 's it. You girls, ready?"

"Yeah!" The small group of girls yelled.

"Okay, then. We 'll get started right away."

The senior girls stepped down from the stage and stood near their assigned pledge.

"You girls are about to learn the meaning of Phi Alpha Rho Tau."

Joanna turned to Olivia, "Are you ready? Do you wanna back out because this is the time?"

"No way," Olivia said, enthusiastically.

An evil smile appeared across Joanna 's face. "Great, now get your face up my ass!"

Olivia laughed nervously, "What?"

"You heard me, get your face in my ass," Joanna demanded as she grabbed Olivia 's hair and pulled her face near her tight jean clad ass. Joanna bent herself forward a bit, making her tight jeans get that much tighter.

Olivia was screaming and so were the other girls, it was difficult to pick out any one girl 's yells individually.


"Smell it! Smell my fart!" One of the senior girls yelled, angrily.

Another voice moaned in protest.

Before long, farts were heard throughout the room and every girl was struggling and moaning. Some girls were even crying from the stench.

BRRRRRRRRRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Joanna farted right into Olivia 's face. The smell was wretched and it made Olivia cough and gag.

"Oh, poor baby can 't take some farts!" She yelled as she held Olivia 's face tight against her butt. "You know I was the only pledge last year, I had to smell each and every girl 's stinkiest farts day after day so I don 't wanna hear any bitching from you." PRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP! Joanna farted again. "You smell my farts and you like it? Got me?"

Joanna pulled Olivia out her ass for a moment.

"Got it?!"

Olivia nodded yes and Joanna smiled a bit before shoving Olivia back up her smelly ass.

As this torture went on, Ashley smiled at the sight. She felt a bit of pressure from her stomach.

"Girls, give them another five minutes of this and then send them on their way, we need to get things organized for next week," Ashley said, stepping of the stage.

She walked right over to Olivia and Joanna. She looked on, seemingly pleased. PRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP! Another fart from Joanna rang out, feeling slightly pressured to perform in front of Ashley.

"Take it all in!" Joanna shouted to her backside.

Olivia struggled to free herself from Joanna 's grip but she could not.

"Do you mind?" Ashley asked Joanna.

"No, go right ahead."

Joanna pulled Olivia from her ass again. She was breathing heavily and a little out of it but she saw Ashley was standing near her now. She was wearing bright blue spandex leggings that accentuated every curve of her ass.

"Put her on her knees," Ashley demanded.

Joanna grabbed Olivia and forced her down to her knees. She held her head back and Joanna sat down on Olivia 's upturned face. Olivia had been reduced to a bar stool.

"Oh yes, my god this feels so good. I missed this so much," Ashley said, the joy in her voice apparent.

Ashley tended to get a lot of sadistic pleasure out of sitting on the face of a helpless victim. Suddenly, she grabbed Olivia 's ears and let out a ferocious fart. BRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTT!

"Ahhhhhh! I 've been holding that in since the morning," she said, laughing.

Joanna joined in with a laugh.

Olivia knew she had to just take this torture but sniffing the terrible fart streaming up her nose made her lose her head. She reached up and tried to push Ashley off her face but instead Ashley grabbed her arms and pulled them up to her sides as high as she could. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP! She farted again.

"Don 't try that again!" She yelled down at Olivia.

The farts continued to explode around the room from each senior sister and the moans, coughs, and gags continued as well, from each pledge. After a few more torturous minutes, the seniors released their pledges and sent them on their way.

Ashley, still perched on Olivia 's face yelled out, "Come back the Saturday before classes start and we 'll get you all official inducted as pledges."

Finally, Ashley removed herself from Olivia 's face. Her ass stuck a bit to the poor girls face do to the prolonged period of sitting. Olivia fell to the ground and did not move right away.

"Hey, if you don 't get up in the next ten seconds you 're going to become my own personal fart pillow for this evening!" Ashley barked at the seemingly lifeless person at her feet.

Olivia, quickly, struggled to her feet and headed out the front door of the sorority house.

"That was terrible," Olivia said to Tina, back in the dorm room.

"Yeah it was, what do you think possessed them to think of that as a torture method?"

"I don 't know but it 's disgusting!"


"I don 't know if I can do that for a whole semester."

"Ah, come on. You can. I 'm sure after a while it 's not nearly as bad."

"I hope your right."

"Me too, actually."

Nothing happened during the next couple of weeks, Tina and Olivia bonded a bit more and met with some other people on campus including a few boys, one of whom Olivia had become particularly fond of. His name was Jeff and the two had hit it off almost immediately.

The Saturday before classes was finally upon the pledges and together they all met in the sorority house to find six chairs lined up in a circle. Slowly the senior sisters filed in, each wearing absolutely nothing. Each of their bodies were so perfect, not a visible flaw on any of them. They each took a seat on a chair. Ashley soon appeared on the staircase, also stark naked.

"Welcome back, pledges. It 's good to see you are truly dedicated to this sorority. You 're dedication will once again be tested. The task is simple, each senior sister will kneel on their chairs and spread their as cheeks. You must, one at a time, insert your face in the crack of each sister and await a fart. Only the sister may dismiss you from her ass, when she is satisfied that you have sniffed up all the gas you can."

The pledges looked at themselves with odd looks as the seniors took their positions on the chairs, spreading their ass cheeks, exposing their assholes.

"After you are dismissed, you must crawl to the next sister 's ass and wait for her fart and so on and so on until you get a fart from each sister. If you move from a girl 's ass before being dismissed, you will be paddled for your lack of commitment and you must start the chain again. Once you take a fart from each sister, you must come to where I 'll be standing and ask for me to fart in your face and gladly I 'll oblige. If you complete that, you will be inaugurated as an official pledge of Phi Alpha Rho Tau. Everyone understand?"

No one said anything.

"Good, let 's start. First, each of you must strip."

The pledges did nothing, looking at each other in confusion.

"Did I stutter?! Strip!" Ashley demanded.

The girls, slowly, removed their clothing, exposing their bodies to the seniors. None of them were bad looking but the seniors pointed and laughed at them any ways as the disrobed. Naked, the pledges stood there, all of them feeling especially vulnerable and uncomfortable now.

Ashley scanned the room, looking for her first victim. "Olivia, you 're up."

Olivia, wearily, stepped forward and then knelt down by Amber 's exposed ass.

"You may begin," Ashley called from the stairs, descending and taking a place near Olivia. She wanted to make sure the girls were actually doing as they were told.

Olivia slowly stuffed her face up the girl 's butt, her nose nearly touching her asshole.

Ashley gave Amber a nod. Amber strained for a few seconds with low grunts.


Amber produced a terrible fart right up Olivia 's nose. Amber laughed a bit as she felt Olivia 's nose continually sniffing the fart. Olivia struggled a bit but she continued to sniff, hoping it would end soon. She pressed future up Amber 's but, making sure she didn 't back away once inch. After a few more seconds of sniffing, Amber pushed her away from her ass.

"Good, move to the next one," Ashley said.

Olivia sat, recovering a bit.

"I meant now, pledge! Move it!"

Olivia got on all fours and quickly crawled to the next girl, Tammy.

Olivia, almost angrily, shoved her face up Tammy 's ass, startling the girl a bit. Olivia got situated in her position and breathed straight up Tammy 's asshole, giving Tammy a euphoric feeling as the air rushed up her butt. She struggled to hide her apparent joy.


Tammy released a loud and bubbly fart, which Olivia immediately wanted to back away from but she stopped herself as her nose took in the noxious odor swarming her face. Her breathing became faster and Tammy 's did too as she started to get extremely aroused from what was going on below her. Tammy started to pant and moan softly as Olivia kept breathing in her fart. A few seconds later, Tammy pushed Olivia away before anything happened.

"Oh...kay," Ashley said, looking at Tammy oddly. "Next farter."

Olivia crawled over to her next tormentor, Zoey.

"I 'm gonna make you fail, you worthless peon."

"Hey!" Ashley yelled, "No talking."

Zoey quickly stifled herself and Olivia shoved her face up Zoey 's ample ass. Zoey wasted no time.


The fart was small but it packed a wallop. Olivia struggled to stay connect to Zoey 's ass but somehow, she managed as she took in the horrible odor. Zoey looked down at Olivia and smiled, she was pleased with her work and would not allow Olivia to miss a second of it. Finally, when she was satisfied, she shoved Olivia away from her, her back hitting the floor with a resounding thump.

Olivia didn 't even wait for her cue, she got back to her knees and crawled to Maria, wasting no time in shoving her face up her butt. For a short while, it seemed like nothing was happening until Olivia started coughing from inside Maria 's ass. The sly smile on Maria 's face gave it away; she had released a silent but deadly fart. Despite the struggle, Olivia stayed in place until she was pushed away.

"Two more to go," Ashley said.

Olivia took her place near Joanna, the next farter, and placed her face up her butt. Joanna wiggled herself into a more adequate position for herself and Olivia was made to follow.


Joanna released a low rumbling fart from her anus. It vibrated her ass cheeks and blew with great force against Olivia 's face, almost blowing her away. Olivia 's tortured nose sniffed up the fart, taking quick sharp breaths trying to avoid taking a lot of the fart at once but it didn 't matter. The smell was terrible either way. Joanna patted Olivia on the head a few times, like a dog, before finally pushing her away.

Olivia quickly recovered and took her place up Jasmine 's rear. Jasmine had planned for this moment and made sure to do her worst. She had eaten a lot of mutter panner, a pea and cheese curry dish that afternoon and it, as planned, gave her some terrible gas.


Jasmine released a terrible blow, straight up the nose of Olivia. The smile on her face showed just how pleased she was with that attack. Olivia remained there, sniffing the terrible fart but she quickly became overwhelmed and had trouble breathing. Before she passed out she pulled herself slightly out of Jasmine 's ass.

"Foul! Olivia, get over here."

Olivia fully removed herself from Jasmine 's ass and sulked over to Ashley.

"For your disobedience, you shall be paddled twice."

Olivia stood up, presenting her butt to Ashley. Ashley grabbed the heavy, oar-like paddle from the wall. She swung back and smacked Olivia on her naked ass.

Olivia cried out in pain, yelping like a beaten puppy.

The red immediately showed up as the blood rushed to that area. Another swing and loud smack.

Olivia cried out again, this time bursting into tears. She knew she wouldn 't be getting any sympathy here, so she quickly recovered.

"Now, start again."

Olivia, wiping the tears from her eyes, kneeled down again and put her face into the backside of Amber once again. She did the whole line of girls once more, the smells they produced seeming more terrible than the first time around. Finally, after being able to hack Jasmine 's fatal fart, she presented herself to Ashley.

Olivia got on her knees and interlocked her hands, "Please, oh supreme one, deliver a heavenly fart in my face."

Ashley was taken aback a bit. The words were so odd to her but also so empowering. She said nothing to Olivia, she just turned her ass to her, spreading her cheeks, and Olivia shoved her face up it. Ashley leaned forward a bit, making sure she released a good load.


Olivia, without hesitation, sniffed in the terrible odors that emanated from the sorority leader 's ass. Ashley smiled at the sight. When she released Olivia, she shook her hand.

"Welcome to Phi Alpha Rho Tau, Pledge Olivia."

Olivia didn 't know what to say. Part of her wanted to punch her in the face, the other part wanted to hug her. She did nothing, instead, and walked back to the group of pledges.

It took an hour, at least, to get each girl through the circle. Most struggled much more than Olivia, especially Tina who had to redo the circle twice, however, even she made it through.

"Congratulations girls, you all made it. You are all now official pledges to this sorority. Go home now and be ready for class on Monday and be ready for your sisters, anytime after that. For now, enjoy your weekend."

The pledges all weakly exited the house and went to their dorms.

On Sunday, Jeff took Olivia on a date. It wasn 't totally apparent to either of them yet, but the two were falling for each other, hard.

Monday came and it brought the first day of classes with it. Surprisingly, nothing happened to Olivia on the first day; she just had an enjoyable day meeting her teachers and learning their policies. It turned out Amber was in her history class on Mondays and Wednesdays, along with one of her fellow pledges, a girl named Brigitte.

The calm continued until Thursday.

"Hey," Olivia heard a voice say.

She turned around to see Tammy standing near the door she had just come out of.

"Hi Tammy, what 's up?"

"Oh nothing much, I was just thinking you should kneel."

"What?" Olivia asked.

"You heard me, kneel!"

"What, right here, in the hallway?"

"Yeah, seems as good a place as any."

Olivia reluctantly obliged, getting on her knees in the middle of the hallway.

Tammy hiked up her long skirt and draped it over Olivia and giving her a face full of pink panties as she took a seat on Olivia 's face.

"Ah yes, this is wonderful. Maybe you can get me close to climax again, eh? What do you say?"

Olivia gagged at the thought and this infuriated Tammy.


"Smell that!"

The loud fart had stopped the people nearby and soon a small crowd gathered to see the sight of a girl sniffing the farts under the skirt of another girl. Snickers turned to full on laughs as Tammy farted again, POOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRT!

"I should not have eaten all those beans today, huh?" She rhetorically asking Olivia.

Tammy reveled in the attention of the group that gathered. She knew no embarrassment, she just loved to be in the spotlight.


Another fart rang out, a small one. Olivia continued to breathe in Tammy 's horrible farts. She started to feel lightheaded and was probably about to pass out when finally Tammy quickly dismounted, leaving Olivia in a bit of a fart induced haze as one of the staff members came by her.

"Are you alright, miss?"

Olivia coughed, "Yes, sir, fine. Just lost my balance."

She quickly got to her feet and ran back to her dorm room.

Small fart encounters like that continued to happen periodically as weeks passed. Tina and Olivia sometimes spent hours reliving the horrible details in their dorm room, trying to find a bit of comedy in it all so they didn 't lose their minds. Olivia continued to see Jeff and things between them were starting to get serious it seemed. The weeks seemed to go by slowly.

Olivia washed her hands in the ladies room when, suddenly, the door opened.

"Well, well, well, I was hoping I 'd find a pledge in here. Come, join me in the stall."

Olivia turned to see it was Maria talking to her. "What?" She asked.

"You heard me, get over here, rápido!"


"But nothing! Get in here, ahora!."

Olivia, reluctantly, did as she was told and joined Maria in the large handicapped stall.

"You 're not gonna..."

"Gonna what? Shit on you? Maybe if you 're lucky I will."

"Don 't you mean 'won't? '"

"No," Maria said, completely straight-faced. She wasn 't kidding.

Olivia looked at her with frightened eyes and then, suddenly, turned to run out of the stall, however, she got stuck trying to work the lock and Maria grabbed her.

"You trying to run?! I don 't think so. Now get in that bowl!" Maria yelled as she threw Olivia towards the back wall of the stall.

She then, came at her and grabbed her by the neck and shoved her, face up, into the toilet making a distinct splash. With one hand around Olivia 's neck, holding her in the toilet, Maria used the other to remove her black cloth pants and blue thong underwear.

Olivia watched in horror as the large, butt descended slowly onto the toilet seat, sealing out all the light of the bathroom.

"Ay, dios mío! I 'm feeling very gassy today."


A loud and long fart echoed its rude sound around the toilet bowl to an almost deafening degree from where Olivia was. Then they smell hit and Olivia was coughing and choking as she took in the noxious odor.

"Ahhh, lunch seems to be working its way out quicker than I thought," Maria said, laughing.


Another attack blew, this one worst than the last and Olivia had no choice but to breathe it all in.

"You still alive down there?" She asked, rhetorically while a big smile crossed on her face.

Olivia gave out a pained moan.

"Ah, aquí viene un grande uno," Maria said, hurriedly, straining. She grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them together.


"Ahhhhhh, eso se siente tanto mejor. Was it good for you too, chica?"

Olivia, having taken only a whiff of this latest and most terrible fart, was struggling to free herself from the bowl. She kicked her feet around and tried to push Maria off the toilet but none of it was to any avail.

"That bad, huh? Good."

After sitting for another minute or so, Maria finally lifted herself up and off the toilet. She pulled up her pants and underwear and, without even a single look back, she exited the bathroom. Olivia, wheezing and coughing, finally lifted herself out of the toilet bowl and also exited the bathroom. The people outside snickered at her tattered appearance and her dripping wet hair as she dishonorably walked back to the dorm.

"She farted on you in the toilet?" Tina asked.

"Yeah." Olivia replied. She removed the towel from her head and wrapped it around her naked body.

"That 's horrible, did she do anything besides fart?"

"No, thank god but, that was bad enough," she answered, as she walked back to the bathroom to brush her hair.

"I 'll bet." Tina sat there a bit, thinking if she should ask her next question. "Did it make all those echo-like sounds in the bowl."

"You know I just mentioned it to mention it, I don 't really want to continue this conversation, alright?"

"Oh, I 'm sorry, yeah sure," Tina said, quickly. She was quite embarrassed.

"I gotta get back any ways, my class starts in just a bit."

"Yeah, I gotta take a test in like an hour any ways, I should be studying."

The two were in silence as Olivia dressed and headed out the door to her class.

Olivia sat, half-asleep, in her history class as her teacher yakked on and on about something or other. Normally, she liked history but her teacher, something about her, made it very boring. Brigitte, sat next to Olivia, and was unusually attentive this afternoon. Amber sat directly in front of Brigitte and she appeared to be taking rigorous notes but she was actually doodling something on her notebook cover. The lesson went on and on for what seemed like hours.


A loud, airy fart permeated the silence of the classroom. No one seemed to be sure where it came from except Olivia who had seen the euphoria on Amber 's face as she released the monster. By now, however, she looked totally inconspicuous, scanning the room like the rest of the class. The teacher stopped her lesson to eye the class evilly. Brigitte, being in the direct line of fire, fanned the fart away but it was no real help, the smell hung around her. Olivia caught whiff of the terrible fart and almost choked, it was so bad. A couple students couldn 't take it and walked out, however, Olivia knew the teacher would not take kindly to such behavior, even if this was college, so she stayed and endured it. Brigitte seemed to have the same thinking as she kept fanning the air around her but otherwise was making no move to leave.

Class went on for another ten minutes. Olivia and Brigitte talked outside.

"Wow that was terrible."

"Yeah, it was. I thought sisters weren 't allowed to fart in the classroom."

"That was Amber?"


"No wonder it was so bad, I 'm gonna tell Ashley about this."

"I don 't know if that 's wise."

"Oh come on, she said if any sister broke the rules to come to her."

"Yeah...I guess."

"You coming?"

"No, you go ahead."

"Alright, suit yourself."

Brigitte hurried away in the direction of the Phi Alpha Rho Tau house. Olivia walked off in the direction of her dorm room.

"Yeah?" Tammy said, sleepily. It was late afternoon but, Tammy had been napping.

"I 'd like to talk to Ashley please."

"Alright, come in."

Brigitte walked into the sorority house and walked up the stairs to Ashley 's room. She, with a bit of hesitation, knocked on her door.

"One second," came a voice from the other side of the door.

"Yeah?" Ashley said, in a friendly tone.

"Uh...well, I just wanted to talk to you about an incident?"

"Oh yeah? What kind of 'incident? '"

"Well, Amber, she has...uh...broken one of the rules?"

"That so? Come in, tell me more."

"Okay...uh...sure, thanks."

"Now what happened?" Ashley asked, as she shut the door behind them.

"Well, me and Olivia were sitting in history class and Amber farted during class and as you said, that was against the rules so I..."

"I see, so you basically came here to tell me that Amber farted?" Ashley asked, interrupting.

"Uh...well, now that you put it that way..."

"Sounds stupid, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Brigitte rose and started to head for the door, "Sorry to have bothered you."

"Hey, where you going? Come back here."

Brigitte turned, "Yeah?"

"Come here, sit down," Ashley said as she patted a place on her bed where she wanted Brigitte to sit.

Brigitte did as she was asked.

"What 's up," Brigitte asked.

"Well, you know, as leader of this sorority I never get to fart on anyone and, as you can imagine, I feel very deprived.

"Sure, I can understand that."

"Good, good, well then I 'm sure you 'd be more than willing to lie down on the floor for me?"

"Yeah, I can do that but why?" She asked as she took a position on the floor.

Ashley stood over her and looked down at the pledge 's face. "Why to fart on you of course!" Ashley answered, excitably.

Before Brigitte could protest, Ashley 's tight, black leather covered ass descended onto her face.

Ashley settled into position. "Oh yeah, I 've missed this so much."


"That 's what I think of your 'incident ' you little worm!" Ashley yelled.

Brigitte kicked around with all her might but Ashley wasn 't getting up anytime soon.

"Oh yeah, smell my fart."


Ashley laughed evilly as the struggling pledge kicked beneath her. After a few proud minutes, she rose up and allowed Brigitte to breathe.

"How did those smell?"

"Terrible," Brigitte managed to choke out.

"Wrong answer!" Ashley said, as she descended again.


Ashley sighed contently. "I 'm glad you 're here, otherwise these would have gone to waste."

Brigitte struggled but essentially breathed in the horrible farts emanating from Ashley 's backside.

After a few more torturous minutes, Ashley, finally, rose up off Brigitte completely.

"Well, it was nice of you to stop by but I have to get to class in a few minutes. I 'm sure you know the way out."

Brigitte, slightly dazed, slowly rose up and sauntered drunkenly out the door.

Ashley smiled to herself, evilly.

"I 'm gonna get something to eat, you want something?" Olivia asked.

"No, I 'm okay," Tina answered.

Olivia walked out of the dorm room and across campus to the campus cafeteria.

She exited the line, just having paid for her food, and was heading back to her dorm.

"Hey, Olivia, hold up."

Olivia turned and saw Zoey, sitting at a table near her.

"Oh hey," Olivia answered, nervously.

"Do I really have to ask or can we just get to it?"

"Um...I 'm not sure I follow." Olivia knew perfectly well what she wanted but she wasn 't going to offer up her face, she was smarter than that.

"Well, I was sitting here trying to relax after just having finished a hearty meal when I noticed these seats; they are really hard and uncomfortable..."

Olivia noticed the large amount of Taco Bell wrappers sitting around the table. She knew this would not be a pleasant experience.

"So I want you to be my seat." Zoey said, finishing her sentence.

Olivia, put her food on table and Zoey snatched it up.

"You 're not gonna need this any ways, besides, it 'll just get cold."

Zoey removed herself from the lunch bench, Olivia 's food bag in hand, and Olivia placed herself on the floor, laying her head flat on the hard bench. Zoey then, in her cotton pajama bottoms with yellow rubber ducky print, took a seat on Olivia 's face, smashing the poor pledge 's head into the wooden bench.

"Oh yes, see, this is much better. And now, I have a little more to eat, thanks."

The pain was excruciating for Olivia but there was nothing she could do, she had to obey.


"Oh my, that was a panty burner for sure," Zoey commented.

Olivia took the hot fart right up her nostrils, smelling its terrible stench.


Another fart swirling around Olivia 's face as she forced herself to keep breathing, knowing full well that holding her breath would only be worse later.

"You know, of all the girls, I think you may be the best sniffer; I don 't smell a thing," Zoey said, while chewing Olivia 's sandwich.

Olivia didn 't doubt that, she had sniffed a load of gas. Unfortunately there were only just beginning.


Zoey sighed as Olivia struggled to maintain consciousness. Between the hard bench and the rancid farts, she was more than ready to pass out. Unfortunately for her, Zoey rose up off her for a second, allowing her to breathe some form of fresh air.

Olivia could see a small crowd around the table, pointing and snickering at her predicament. She would have been embarrassed but that was the last thing on her mind.

"There now, that should be enough, back to the fart mines with ye!" Zoey said, laughing to herself. She thought she was really clever with that one.


Almost immediately she had farted again. This one was rancid; Olivia could not help but try to struggle from it but she lost the fight.

"You can 't get away from this one!" Zoey yelled out.


More gas streamed into Olivia 's nostrils, forcing her to smell it. After what seemed like forever, Zoey got up.

"I could continue all night but, I 'll let you go easy for now. Hell week is almost upon us and you and all your little pledge friends are gonna get it, BAD!" Zoey said, laughing.

Olivia, pained, removed herself from the bench and struggled out the door, the group of people just watching her and laughing.

That 's pretty much how thing 's continued for weeks. Olivia got to know each sisters ' ass quite well, she could probably do a blind sniff test and tell you whose ass was whose, as disgusting as that sounds.

"So how was your date?" Tina asked Olivia as she entered the room.

"It was good, he took me to a movie and then we went back to his place and..."

"Wait, hold the phone, you went to his place?"

"Yeah, his apartment."

"No, no, no, that 's not something you just slip in there."

Olivia laughed. "What? Nothing happened."

"Oh sure," Tina said, smiling.

"No really, I thought he would try something but he was the perfect gentleman. We watched some movie on cable and fell asleep."

"You slept there?!"

"Yeah, well, napped actually,"

There was suddenly a knock on the door.

Tina got up from her bed, undid the deadbolt, and turned the knob as two figures quickly rushed in and shut the door behind themselves.

It was Joanna and Jasmine.

"Hey girls!" Jasmine said, her Indian accent slipping in just a bit. "Guess what time it is?"

The two pledge girls just looked at each other, giving blank looks.

"It 's time for you to sniff our farts," Joanna replied, excitedly.

"Oh, no, come on, I already got hit by Tammy today, I can 't take another session," Tina whined.

Jasmine turned to her and gave her a faux sad look, "Oh you can sniff Tammy 's butt but you won 't sniff mine? That 's very upsetting."

"It 's not that, it 's just..."

"Good, then lay on the bed," Jasmine said, interrupting.

Joanna had decided to go with a direct approach and pushed Olivia down on the bed. She was straddling the young pledge 's body as Jasmine was screaming at Tina.

"I said, lay down!" Jasmine demanded.

Finally, Tina complied and lied down on her bed.

"It can learn; very good. Now let 's see if it can sniff."

Jasmine turned her cloth pant covered ass to Tina 's face and sat with all her weight. Joanna edged herself up and into position on Olivia 's face.


Jasmine 's gas rushed out of her body and into Tina 's nostrils and she could smell it almost instantly; it hit her like a ton of bricks. She kicked and wiggled around but Jasmine, with an evil look on her face, grabbed her arms and held them to her sides. Joanna had caught a bit of horrible fart.

"Oh my god! That 's awful, what did you eat today?"

Jasmine giggled, "Oh just, aloo gobi."

"Aloo gobi? Potatoes and cauliflower, right?"

"That 's right, I can always count on it to give me killer farts."


Joanna released a nasty fart of her own into the face of Olivia but other than that she said nothing about it as Olivia took in her gas.

"You 're not kidding."

"What did you have?" Jasmine asked.

"Oh, I tend to stick with baked beans for my gas."

"It is a classic."

"That 's what I say."

"Oh," Jasmine moaned, "This cauliflower is going..." PRAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP "right through me."

Tina tried to fight again, the farts steaming into her face were unbearable but, she wasn 't going anywhere until Jasmine let her.

"Hey, I got an idea. You wanna switch seats?" Joanna asked.

"Sure, mine could probably use the rest any ways," Jasmine said, taunting Joanna.

"Well she 's not getting it from me, that 's for sure."

Together the two sorority sisters got off their pledges ' faces and sat on the others ' girl.

"Ahhh, yes, this one has a very nice face for sitting," Jasmine commented on Olivia 's face.

"Yeah, I noticed that and a lot of the other girls have as well."


"But let 's see how she sniffs."

Olivia struggled under the terrible fart but she maintained herself as she kept sniffing away. In some sick way, this was slowly getting easier for her. She shuddered at the thought as she kept sniffing.

"Wow, almost no smell at all. That 's amazing. That was a rank fart for sure and she sniffed it all up."

"Yeah, she 's good. Maybe she could be the sorority 's permanent sniffer."

"That, ugh..." BRRRPPPPPPP! "Would be kinda nice," Jasmine said, after farting once more.

Olivia was drowning in a sea of farts, she gagged once before recovering and continuing her sniffing duties.

"You 're falling behind, I 'm at least two farts ahead of you, where 's your bean power?"

Tina was happy there had been no farts in her face for the past few minutes. She did feel quite sorry for Olivia having to endure all that gas but there was nothing she could do.

Joanna bunched herself up, her face turned to the heavens.


Joanna sighed deeply after releasing that one and Tina kicked around again after catching a whiff of the terrible fart.

"Now there ya go, that was decent," Jasmine said.

"Decent?! Come on, that was spectacular!"


Jasmine smiled wide as the air flowed from her cheeks into the nose of Olivia.

"That was what we call spectacular."

"Oh whatever."

Both sisters stayed in place on their pledges ' faces for a few more minutes but neither of them farted again. Then, the sisters got up off their pledges ' faces and, without another word, left the dorm room.

A long silence hung over the room until Tina finally spoke.

"Well, that was pretty awful."

"Ya think?" Olivia snapped.

Both girls sat in silence until they eventually fell asleep.

Oddly, for the next couple of weeks, none of the pledges reported any incidents. This confused many of them who were used to regular face fartings.

Olivia opened her eyes onto darkness. As her conscious mind recovered, she realized she had a throbbing headache. She attempted to sit up when she realized she was bound. Her wrists were tied with ropes, behind her back, and her ankles were tied as well.

"Hello" Olivia softly yelled out.

Within seconds, the lights flashed on; blinding Olivia temporarily. When she finally adjusted, she found herself looking at a high wood panel ceiling. She turned her head to see another girl, nude and tied up next to her. Another girl was bound on the other side of her. It was Tina. Olivia lifted her head just slightly to see the circle of girls, all naked, laying there on the floor completed immobilized by ropes that seemed to tie off to the floor itself.

"Good evening girls. Welcome back. As you may or may not know, hell week is winding down and yet I 'm sure you 've found out by now that no one has gotten hit."

The girls definitely did notice this.

"Here at Phi Alpha Rho Tau, we like to cram all the fun of hell week into a single day, if that, we 'll see how it goes for you all. The girls have spent the last few weeks preparing for this very moment and, we 'll let 's just put it this way: the shower hasn 't been touched in weeks and the kitchen is completely empty."

The girls silently moaned. Some tried to free themselves from their bonds but none were successful.

"Let 's get started, the girls can 't hold it in any more."

The sisters walked in wearing heavy robes but they quickly threw them off, exposing their wonderfully perfect female bodies; bodies not blocked by one single piece of clothing. Despite their beautiful bodies, each of their faces told the story of their sinister plan.

"Mount up," Ashley yelled from the stairwell.

The sisters roamed over to us and each pulled out a roll of duct tape and taped our mouths shut. There would be no escaping the smell in this 'game. ' Them, like a horrible game of musical chairs, each took a seat on our faces, spreading their asses to make sure we got right up against the asshole. Olivia wound up starting with Jasmine on her face. The only consolation was the worst would be out of the way. There was no doubting that Jasmine had the worst farts of any of the sisters.

"I cannot wait to fart this big Indian feast I 've been shoveling into my system for days, all over your stupid face," Jasmine whispered to Olivia.

Other similar 'threats ' could be heard but none of them coherent to anyone but their direct targets no doubt.

"Whenever you 're ready, you may begin, I 'll tell you when to switch."


The first fart rang out. It wasn 't in Olivia 's face but she had no doubt her time would come.


Another fart, somewhere in the room.


"You naughty girl, Jasmine, that 's very rude," Jasmine said to herself, slapping her perfect ass as the fart escaped from between her cheeks.

Olivia took a big sniff just as that one was coming so she got the worst of it right up her nose. She moaned. The fart heated up her face and nose greatly as she took sniffs of the terrible fart.

Farts continued to explode out all over the room at alarming pace, there was rarely a second that was not filled with the noise and smell of a fart.


"Oh, I 'm such a bad girl, very, very bad girl," Jasmine said, in a very stereotypical Indian accent.

Olivia started to feel lightheaded under Jasmine 's ass but she continued to perform.

A loud whistle blew and immediately, Jasmine rose up off her face and another ass descended. It was Zoey 's.

"You know, I never got to thank you for lunch. Consider this your repayment."

Zoey grunted and strained until, PRRPPP!

Olivia could do nothing but inhale the fart. It wasn 't as bad as Jasmine 's but it wasn 't good by any means.


Zoey blasted again. Next to her, Olivia heard the desperate struggle of the girl next to her as another fart rang out from that direction. After a few more seconds of struggle, the sound died eerily.

Before anything could be processed, the whistle blew again.

Zoey came off and the next ass came down. Maria spread her cheeks exposing her dirty ass and shoving it in my face.

"Tengo que al pedo tan malo," Maria said, desperately.

She pressed on her stomach and with almost no effort, PRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

Olivia took in the beast. If anyone rivaled Jasmine, it would be Maria but Olivia had to stay strong. She had to stay conscious.

"You 're still alive down there, I swore that one would have killed a horse. Too bad, looks like I 'm gonna have to get dirty."

Maria, with all her might, pushed onto Olivia 's stomach and forced all her air up her butthole. Maria held the stomach until, PHRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH!

"Ay, muy bueno," she said, sighing as she slowly released Olivia 's stomach.

Olivia was fading, the farts were terrible and now she was out of all air. Nothing but tainted fart air surrounded her. She wouldn 't last another blast.

"You 're pissing me off! Take..."

The whistle blew again before Maria could fart.

"Arg!" Maria said, frustrated as she rose up off, her large cheeks slamming back together as she got up.

Olivia was happy with the few seconds of break she got before Tammy showed her face but worse, her ass. It sealed Olivia 's face right against her asshole as if it was a matching puzzle piece.

Tammy was already hot and bothered from the previous sniffers. She rubbed her feminine area softly.


A fart rang out as she moaned with great pleasure. Olivia, moaned with displeasure, as she took in the terrible fart. Tammy 's farts were average at best but something about her tonight; she had extra power somehow.

Tammy barely knew were she was anymore she was so horny. Olivia could only wonder what the hell was wrong with this girl as another fart blasted into her face, PRRRRRRRRRRROOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Oh, god," Tammy moaned.

Suddenly, three sharp whistles blew and Tammy, reluctantly, got up off Olivia 's face.

"Okay, I see everyone is out."

Tammy looked down at Olivia.

"This one isn't," Tammy yelled.

"Who is that? Olivia?" Ashley asked.


Ashley walked over and stood over Olivia, looking very evil.

"Impressive, Olivia. I 'm impressed, everyone else passed out before you but somehow you have resilience for this."

Olivia just stared up at her, blankly.

"Well, just know, I 'm impressed but unfortunately you gotta pass out. Sorority rules you know so Joanna can you get me the mask?"

Joanna walked off and when she returned, Olivia 's eyes went wide as she saw this monstrous creation. It was basically a gas mask with 7 hoses connect to it. Forcefully, the mask was put on Olivia 's face and each girl grabbed a tube and placed it to their asshole.

"You may fart when...ahhhh....ready," Ashley said, releasing a SBD down the tube.

Then, like clockwork, the sounds of farts rang out thought the room and down the tube into Olivia 's face where she gagged and choked. The combined farts were unbearable but she had to show them she was strong, no matter how much it hurt. Farts filled the tubes and the tiny gasmask until finally, a minute or so later, Olivia passed out.

"Congratulations girls! You are so close to being sisters that you should be able to smell it."

Olivia heard the words but she didn 't quite process them until she came out of it fully. When she came to, she found herself, clothed, in a chair, in the sorority house.

"Of course, you might not, I 'm sure you are and will be smelling something else for a while too." Ashley said, laughing. "But any ways, I have one task for you girls to complete. The sisters spent a lot of time farting on you..."

The girls eyes lit up, they were thinking perhaps they were being given a little chance at payback.

"...but if you wanna be sisters you have to fart on others. Your task, you must find a boy and fart on him till he falls unconscious."

The girls murmured to themselves.

"I don 't care who it is, I don 't care how you do it, just do it and to make sure each of you do, you will be taking your handler with you for proof. Got it?"

The girls nodded in the affirmative.

"Good, now get out there and get farting. Dismissed!"

"What are you gonna do?"

"I heard there is a fart fetishist on campus, I 'm gonna ask him to help me, I think." Tina replied, excitedly. "You should join me and probably the rest of the girls."

"Ehh, I don 't know. I don 't even know the guy, yet I 'm gonna sit on his face while he gets off on me farting up his nose? Sounds disgusting."

"Why? Both sides get a good deal. I mean, he loves females farting in his face? What 's the harm?"

"I don 't know, just feels creepy to me. I 'd rather, ask Jeff to help me out."

"Okay, well good luck girl."

"You too."

"You think I can do this?"

"Sure you can, it 's easy. If he 's as accepting as you say, this should be a small chore for him," Joanna said.

Both girls stood in front of the door, waiting. The door suddenly opened.

"Hey, Olivia, how 's it going? I haven 't seen you in a few days."

"It 's good, how about you?"

"Oh, I 've been fine. Just missing you."

Joanna rolled her eyes just out of view of Jeff.

"And who 's your friend?" Jeff asked.

"Oh, this is Joanna. Joanna, this is Jeff."

"A pleasure," Joanna said, shaking his hand.


"So what brings you down here?"

"Well, I 'm pledging Phi Alpha Rho Tau, as you know and I have a goal I need to finish. I was wondering if you would be willing to help."

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Well, I feel so embarrassed for saying this but...uh...I need to fart on a boys face until he 's unconscious," Olivia gave Jeff a nervous smile.

Jeff 's face sank, "Uh...fa...did you" The usually confident Jeff was faltering.

"Something wrong?" Olivia asked.

", uh...nothing but, I...I can 't help you with that."

"Why not?" Olivia asked.

"Um...I just can 't," Jeff said, stuttering.

He turned around and started tiding up the room a bit.

"Would you like to..."

Olivia grabbed Jeff and shoved him to the couch, forcing him down, before turning her butt to him and planting it on his face.

"Olivia, please no..."

"Don 't 'no' me! You are gonna sniff my farts and you are gonna like it!"

Joanna looked on, impressed.


"Ahhhh, that was nice! Did you like it Jeffy-poo?"

Jeff freaked at this point and pushed Olivia off him and onto the floor.

"Oh, jeez...I 'm sorry Olivia."

Evilly, she turned to face him, "Oh, you are so gonna wish you didn 't do that."

Olivia got up off the floor and quickly returned with duct tape from Jeff 's supply closet. She grabbed his wrists and taped the together, followed by his ankles.

"Don't do this! Please, Olivia. I 'm begging you."

"And now the pièce de résistance," Olivia said as she slapped a piece over Jeff 's mouth.

Jeff 's eyes went wide as Olivia pushed him back into laying down on the couch. She held him there as she slowly and sensually, slipped off her jeans, revealing her pink panties.

Jeff 's protests became louder until they were silenced by Olivia 's ass.

"Oh god, a big one."


"Oh yeah! Smell it baby!"

Jeff fought from beneath Olivia but it was in vain as he inhaled the noxious gasses she produced.

"Oh Jeffrey, what am I gonna do with you," Olivia said, softly as she ran her fingers through his hair.


At the smell of this one, Jeff moaned and yelled under her and then started to cry.

"Don 't cry, it 'll be over soon," Olivia said.

She raised up just slightly to pull off her panties, exposing Jeff to her naked bum. She spread her cheeks and placed them over Jeff 's face, encasing it in her ass.

"You ready?" She asked

He shook his head no. She ignored him as she placed her hands on his stomach and pressed down with all her might, forcing the air out of him.


"Oh, god, that was nasty," Olivia proclaimed as she let go of Jeff 's stomach forcing him to take in nothing but her anal odor. After a few moments, he was overwhelmed and passed out. Olivia dismounted and put her clothes back on.

"Wow," Joanna said, clapping. "I 'm speechless...and wet. That was so...whoooo!" Joanna said, shuddering happily.

Olivia smiled at her.

"Where did that come from?"

"I don 't know, I just got really pissed off when he denied me so I gave him what he deserved."

Olivia thought about what she just said. 'What he deserved? ' That was totally not her at all to say but, somehow, it felt right. It felt good.

"Well alright then, let 's go. I 'll report back to Ashley tomorrow, I 'm sure she 'll be pleased."

Olivia smiled and then, together, the two girls, walked out the door of Jeff 's apartment, not even sparing Jeff a single glance.

"As much as I 'd like to call you all pledges, I cannot. I have to call you my sisters but, if there was ever a group that I wanted to admit as my sisters, it would be you guys. All of you, you did well and you put up with a lot. I guess all there is to say now, is congratulations and welcome to Phi Alpha Rho Tau." Ashley said from her podium.

The former pledges cheered from their seats. Olivia cheered as well, however, she wasn 't totally there. Her mind was focused on Jeff who hadn 't spoken to her since the incident. She couldn 't blame him but she wanted to know he was okay.

"Go out and celebrate tonight and we 'll get you all settled here tomorrow."

All the girls got up and rushed out the door.

"Olivia, wait a minute." Ashley called from the stage.


"Come here."

Olivia, solemnly, walked over to the stage where Ashley had now taken a seat.

"Yeah?" Olivia repeated in almost the same exact tone as before.

"I just wanna say how impressed I was with your task completion."

"Yeah, well."

"Come on, a guy you liked, maybe loved even, and you fart him into oblivion! That 's impressive."


"What 's wrong?"

"Well, like you said, I really liked Jeff and now I doubt he 'll ever talk to me again."

"So what? Then you just saved yourself the trouble down the line. You took care of an asshole before he became one."

"That 's just it though, I don 't think he would have ever been in asshole ever."

"Maybe not, and if that 's the case and your love for each other is true, then he will be back."

"You think so?"

"Oh, I know so."

Olivia 's beautiful smile returned to her face.

"Any ways, what I wanted to tell you was that, I was really impressed and I would not be surprised if you really get somewhere in this sorority?"


"Without a doubt."

Olivia, sat backwards on her chair, her butt hanging out over the edge."

"Ready girls?" Olivia asked, her fellow sisters.

The girls nodded and the farts began. Olivia released one, shoving a pledge 's face deeper into her ass.

"That sounded like a wet one," Tina said, sitting just next to Olivia.

"I think it was," she replied, laughing. "Keep sniffing my butt, you little worm!" She shouted to her backside.

She smiled wide as she released an SBD into the pledge 's face, forcing her to wiggle around in her butt.

"Welcome to Phi Alpha Rho Tau, bitch!"

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