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Teacher's Pet
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 11th, 2014

Mindlessly I doodle symbols on lined paper in my notebook. They don't mean anything, at least not to me; some modern artist might see something in them maybe.

I don't really want to draw. I mean, it passes the time but I'm not very good at it and it isn't important to me to get better at it. Really, I don't know what I want to do. School is almost over and I find myself at a total loss. If I am truly honest with myself, I don't have an ambition to do much of anything.

But that's not practical.

So I draw. Poorly. Passing the time until I'm put under the gun to decide one path or the other.

As the teacher walks in, I put a finishing touch on my elongated, warped triangle and turn to a fresh page of the notebook. I am nothing if not a diligent student. Notice I didn't say good.

Ms. Chaily, she pronounces it CH-I-LEE, stands at the front of the class, her back turned as she quickly sprawls today's agenda and a few algebra problems on the board.

"Sorry I'm late class...," she speaks finally, not turning away from the board. "I had a meeting run a little long but that's no matter, we can get..."

I caught myself, watching her butt shake just a bit as she wrote on the board. It was weird. I'd never really thought about my teacher like that; actually...I never really thought of anyone like that. Just girls in porn really.

But this seemed different. Attainable.

Well, okay maybe not attainable but she was real. I'd never fallen for a real girl before. I'd never thought about a real girl sexually before. So why now?

Maybe it was her attire. It was a short skirt, perfect for this hot weather; but she never wore anything like that before, not in the few months I've had her as a teacher.


My name floats by and I respond half a second late, "Hrrm...muh?" And totally incoherently.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" She asks, sternly.

"No...I...nothing, I'm...yes?"

I see her scoff-chuckle to herself, "I just wanted to check to see if you're with us; seems like you weren't. Try to pay attention, okay?"

"Uh‚, yes; okay."

I'm such a fucking idiot. If I had any chance with her it's gone now.

She thanks me with a sarcastic smile. She continues, "As I was saying, your variables for each equation are found by..."

I should have just paid attention. Then she'd still like me. Now she hates me.

I turn my head down; a blank page on my notebook stares me in the face. I should probably write something down, right? What's she saying? Something regarding math.

I don't know‚...I really just wish I had a chance and she'd like me. It'd be nice if someone liked me, how have I been alone all this fucking time? What the hell happened? Everyone fucking seems paired off but where the fuck is my pair.


I heard that one. Because it was loud and angry; it brought total silence to the room. I peer over to the teacher slowly.

"Again, you're not paying attention."

"I'm sorry, I'm..."

"See me after," her tone not fully angry but definitely not pleased.

It shook me up, probably for the better. I shake off the feeling and think about‚...class. Focus on that. Maybe everything is gonna be alright. So it's changing but, I can handle it I think. I mean, yeah, definitely I can.

The next sound I hear is the bell, it seems early. Or did class go by fast? How could it have after that shit this morning?

Hm...I get up and grab my backpack; I head for the front of the class and towards the door.

"Excuse me."

Instinctively, I look and she's starting at me; oh fuck, yeah, I'm supposed to‚...

"Yes, I'm sorry Ms. Chaily; I almost forgot but then, well you reminded"

"Do you want to tell me what happened today?" She asks.

What does she mean?

"Uh, mean with the...earlier?"

"Yes, precisely."

", well..."

I see, she's getting impatient. But how can I, what do I say; everything? I don't even...fuck it.

"Can I be honest with you, and not get in trouble?"

She pauses a moment before answering, "That depends on what we're talking about."

I inhale deeply, stalling. I look down at the floor but even here I see her eyes piercing the top of my head; staring directly at the eye of my soul.

"Um...I have feelings for you I think BUT, it's not anything perky, I mean‚...I'm not...It's...let me back up; I don't have feelings like this, right? So...I'm a little confused like, how...I don't know what it means! And maybe I'm a bad a rapist or something? I don't know‚, guys and girls, they...maybe...I don't know. I just watch, I don't‚...why?"

I'm worked up, nearly in tears; confused and frantic. How is she going to take this? I should be in prison, right?

"Shhh, it's okay," she says, standing from her chair and actually reaching out to hug me.

It feels good. To have my body pressed so close to another's in embrace; the warmth. I love this feeling. I don't want it to end. I try to hold her a little longer but she gently pushes away.

That's fine, I'm being creepy, I get it. Fuck. My legs are shaking like they'll tumble. Why is this so uncomfortable?

"Listen, Kevin, that's really sweet but..."

"Oh, I know we can't‚...I know you wouldn't; I mean, it would be too weird, right? I know. I just...well you asked what happened today so there it is."

"I see. Well I certainly understand the stress you must be going through. Have you ever tried to talk to any of your female classmates."

"Not really. I've never really thought about it period, you know? But then I see you with that short skirt and‚ hit me like a ton of pricks.

She smiles wide, "It's bricks."

I don't know what she means.

"Pricks. Like penises," she says.

I let out one boisterous, abrupt laugh before catching myself.

She giggles.

I look up embarrassed but smile so as to not seem pouty. Really I feel like a fucking moron, so stupid!

She smiles too, she takes her time with her next words, "I'm flattered, and I'm glad you know that you and I can't or anything; it wouldn't be appropriate."

"No, I know."


I look at her, my anticipation grows with every silent moment that passes. What loophole is there?

"Well, to tell you the truth, I think we should discuss another possibility."

I don't want to gush, hopefully I'm not; I'm smiling though. Stop smiling!

"The possibility that you might need tutoring in math."

I felt my heart fall. I mean, granted, I got excited prematurely but...fuck! God fucking damn it!

"Did you hear me?" She asks with a hint of irritation.

"Yes, uh...I did; yeah, maybe tutoring‚..."

"Good, so I'd like to start right away; you can go back to your seat."

"Oh...uh..., I'm not‚...I'm a little like...messed up from this, can we maybe start tomorrow?"

"Kevin, I'd really feel better if we'd start this now; you're already behind as it is."

I don't know what to feel. I'm pissed, I just want to go home; jack off and just forget about this. And I'll just ignore the feelings, I'll just go back to not thinking about this stuff, distract myself; maybe draw some more. Maybe I'll get better, and like it more.

As I start to walk back to my desk, I feel myself sink into panic. I feel physically trapped while my mind wanders somewhere else, somewhere I'd rather be right now. Really anywhere. I just need to think. Not about math. I need to get my head straight.

Maybe if I start writing stuff down, I can remember and work it out later. So, what is it...fell in love with my teacher for the first time ever; why did it happen, what does it mean (and the future), why her, is this how rape starts, is it because of pornography, ARE THESE FEELINGS NORMAL (???).


The voice is right next to me now. I look over my shoulder and jump as I see Ms. Chaily standing right there.

She gently pushes me back in my seat and peers down at my paper. She reaches down, as if to turn the page, and rips the sheet right out of the spiral bound notebook.

"That's not relevant to the lesson, is it?" Her voice is stern, she'd never spoken like that before.

I stare at her, unsure how to answer.

"Well!?" She raises her voice, it makes me jump again.

"'s not."

"Good. Then I'll hold on to this."

I feel her hand gently on the back of my head as she walks towards the front of the class. But her hand doesn't leave the back of my head, I feel myself pushed forward; her grip pulling now on my hair as my face goes flush with her skirted butt.

I can barely see anything around her bottom, just the gray of her skirt and my nose pressed a little painfully against it. It's uncomfortable yet not entirely unpleasant. Just a little confusing; what is this?

"Uh...Ms. Chaily..." I start, my mouth muffled against the cloth of her skirt.

She moans just a little, PRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaaaappppp!

What? The? Fuck?

I feel hot air brush by my face, like a summer breeze. Then, within seconds. The smell.

I cough and choke as a wretched, cabbagy smelling fart fills my nostrils and even enters my mouth as I try to scream; I gag on it.

I hear her growl angrily as she smacks my head against the desk and then sits on my face; she crosses her legs.

"This is what I think of little perverts that like to watch me!"


My body shakes but my head remains firmly under her ass as I absorb her stinky farts straight from the source. I feel her hand on my forehead, her grip tight yet it's almost as if she is caressing my head rather than holding it.

Deeply, I breathe in and out her terrible gas; not of my own accord but because my body required it of me. Her farts smelled like rotting cabbage and broccoli. I wheeze painfully and choke on her gas; cough a little.

"Aww, is that a bit much for you? That's a shame, because I have a lot more."

I hear her groan painfully, and her stomach gurgles loudly; it sounds like a bear growl.


My nose burns with the potent smell of her gaseous emission and I moan, I cry out, ",!"

"Oh? Why would I do that?" She asks, coyly.

"Please...just...I'm sorry, or whatever...I more, I can't..."

A shrill, sudden phone ring.

"Fuck." I hear her almost whisper. "Come on!" She grows as she yanks me by the arm. I'm nauseous and close to passed out; my vision blurred and eyes watery. And my nose stinks of shit. What the fuck is this?

Ms. Chaily drops me and I fall to my knees; she grabs her phone and answers.


I look up just as her ass comes in my face. Her bare ass.

My eyes go wide. She's not wearing any panties under her skirt.

She sits on my face like a stool but immediately I topple over, unable to hold her weight. I'm barely able to hold mine right now.

She doesn't quit. Now, as I'm on the floor, her ass comes at my face again; the aroma of past farts oh so strong and potent, I gag as her ass comes down and covers my face.

"Well that's fine, there's no reason that can't happen."

I wheeze loudly. Not on purpose, just‚...I'm choking down here, you know?

Ms. Chaily raises up a little, "Perfect, no that's...huummm..."

BRRRRRrrrrraaaaaaappppp! "...exactly what I was thinking..."

And she sighs softly as the wet, flapping fart practically sprays against my face like a harsh fart mist that was anything but pleasant as it coats the insides of my nostrils and hangs there.

"Hel-" I choke out but she smothers her smelly butt down on my face. My pleas turn to muffled moans, and then nausea sets in as the veggie gas fills my brain.

"No, whatever, that's fine; see you then. Okay, bye."

Ms. Chaily gets up and I gasp for air, suffocating under her until this very moment.

"Kevin, that was fine; you're dismissed for the day."

I catch my breath slowly; I look at her, confused. What is going on here? What the fuck is happening?!

I scramble to my feet; scared of her.

Is this it? It's over?

I walk backwards to the door, afraid she'd grab me and pull me under again. I open the door and slide out.

In the hall, I just keep thinking about it. Flashes of Ms. Chaily's butt fill my mind.

I pass by the principal's office on my way out of school.

Maybe I should tell Mr. Bingum about Ms. Chaily. Right? I mean, she's bullying me; so I should tell someone.

It makes sense. I open the door to the principal's office.

It seems empty but the principal's chair is turned away.

"Uh...Mr. Bingum?"

Quickly, the chair spins; it's Ms. Nodelle, the assistant principal.

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Uh...maybe...I'll just come back when Mr. Bingum is back."

"Are you sure? I mean, if you have a problem, why don't you talk to me about it?"

I'm a little unsure, I don't really want to tell her; it seems...I don't know, weird.

"What's your name; I've never seen you much, you're not one of the regulars in the office."

", I'm not...uh...Kevin, my name."

"Nice to meet you Kevin; I'm Ms. Nodelle."

"I know...but nice to meet you too."

"So what did you want to tell Mr. Bingum? So I can tell him when he gets back."

"Uh...well, it's my teacher, Ms. Chaily. She..."

"She didn't have sex with you, did she?" She asks, bluntly; he face deadly serious.

", it's not...she did on me?"

Ms. Nodelle stares blankly at me.


"That's not funny," she finally says.


"These sex matters are very serious and you're making a joke out of it."

", I'm not joking."

"This has gone far enough."

"I'm telling you the truth!" I bump the desk and a pen rolls off the edge and under it.

She sighs loudly, upset, "Can you get that?" Her tone is irritated.

I don't want to piss her off so I go around to her side of the desk and crawl under, grabbing the pen.

But then it goes dark, like a rolling door shutting out all the light.

"Hello?" My voice echoes.

I hear some creaking and soft footsteps but nothing else.

Then light floods in from the top and I see Ms. Nodelle's face looking down at me, smiling.

"I bet Ms. Chaily didn't fart on you like this," she says, proudly.

" no no, can't!" I beg out loud.

"I can...," she pauses, "...and I will.

Then her butt covers the hole which light shines through. I'm panicking, greedily sucking in oxygen before it's too late.


She sighs loudly, as if to tease me with her relief during my torment. My pocket of oxygen still untainted until...urh,; it's like fucking eggs. Oh god, I gag and choke; nearly puking.

"Mmmmm, does that smell good, huh?" She taunts, laughing.

"Please!!" I cry out.

"What? You want more farts? Okay!" I hear her push hard.


A blasting, wet fart sprays the underside of the desk and me; she giggles, no doubt feeling the relief of release in her butt.

My eyes dart in the darkness, my head hurts, badly. Gurh...another gag; and my head hits hard wood before going limp.

My eyes open again. Light. It's bright at first. Something seems near the top of my head but I can't really see it. And there's a weight on my chest; soft but noticeable.

Ms Chaily's head comes into view and I freak.

"What the fuck?!"

"Shhhh, it's okay..."

And then her butt comes into view...

"No, no no no no..."

...and it sits straight right on my face. She's totally nude; wearing no bottoms at all. I shake and try to get free; I smell the all too familiar smell of her gas attack from earlier today. I pant quickly.

"Listen, Ms. Nodelle told me you went to see her and we thought it best if you stay with me for a little while; since you're confused."

What are you talking about bitch?! I mumble. There's no way it's audible from under her.

"That's right, I knew you'd see it that way. And don't worry, it's gonna be fun, I promise."

And her butthole opens. I watch it happen, it plays like slow motion and I feel my eyes widen, horrified by the sight; the black, endless cavern behind her ballon knot...


...and a long, airy fart blasts through my nostrils.

I moan loudly, in pain and dying as I suck in fart tainted air and shit particles probably.

I gasp and choke as she wiggles her butt, for comfort, on my face; her feet up on my chest. I feel my nose flush against wetness...

Her pussy!

Ah, god, it smells so bad...but then, I don't really have a frame of reference for this, maybe this is a normal smell.

So my mouth is cupped around her butthole, lips squeezed between her perfect looking cheeks.

"You know, I have a theory, Kevin; and I want to test it out with you. Is that okay?"

She lifts her butt, my lips free for me to answer; I yell, "No..."

But I watch her butthole open again, as mesmerizing as it is terrifying. And it blasts an almost visible gas cloud straight to my face, it knocks my head back and makes me lightheaded.

She giggles, "I'm glad you have no objections."

I start to caw but she just sits down again, an airy, silent fart eeks from her butt and up my nostrils; I moan and whimper.

"So, I'm gonna quiz you on your times tables; for every one you get wrong...well, I'm gonna fart in your face."

I groan.

"Oh, I know it's hard; but this is going to help you in your life. So...3 x 3."

"Nine," I reply, my words still muffled under her ass.

"Right. Okay, 5 x 4."


"Right again; very good."

I hear her stomach gurgle loudly, almost groaning.

"Alright...8 x 7."




She farts suddenly and deeply, it startles me and I shake my head as her long, low ripper slowly seeps down and goes in my mouth which is pressed open by her butt cheeks. I gag and dry heave.

"...I'm sorry but that was wrong, it's 56. Let's try another. 12 x 3."

I whisper to myself, "Twelve...twenty-four...thirty...thirty-six!" I finally yell out; still muffled.

"Yes! Okay, 9 x 6"

I whimper involuntarily, "Forty-five."

She sighs, and cringes...


...and she releases a long, bubbling fart that seemed to lift her off me. She looked down at me as her gas filled my mouth and my eyes watered profusely; leaking into her pussy.

"That's okay, you'll get the next one."

She reaches down and holds my nose tightly, "Let's try...3 x 11."

I shake my head fiercely, trying to get free; Ms. Chaily basically suffocating me between holding my nose and burying my mouth between her ass cheeks.

"Thirty-three," I murmur out; about to pass out.

"Yes! Perfect!"

And in a flash, she's off my face. I gasp deeply, sucking up all the oxygen I can get.

Ms. Chaily rises to her feet; I roll over to my side, approaching a fetal position to try to recover and protect myself. The air around me seemed permanently tainted with fart smell; perhaps that was to be my aroma now. Certainly, it would be the case if this kept happening.

I feel a foot on my body; it pushes me over back onto my back and there's Ms. Chaily, looking down at me.

"That was very good; a few more lessons like this and you'll know your times tables like that," she smiles wide.

She kneels down, like she's going to sit. And flicks my nose with her finger. She giggles and struts her butt away, leaving me on the floor of her home. Or, at least, I assume it's her home. What else would it be?

She turns out the lights and I'm left in darkness; just a few shadows on the ceiling to see.

Maybe I should run. Like wait until she sleeps and then run away.

I mean, she didn't tie me or anything.

I stare at the ceiling for minutes more, listening for sounds of Ms. Chaily stirring but I only hear silence as my lids start to close.

I wake up, startled. I sit up quickly.

Seems quiet.

Ms. Chaily is probably at school now...

Of course, why aren't I there?

She's letting me skip class?

I get to my feet and step over to a window. Typical suburban neighborhood; looks like all the others.

I take one step back and my legs give out as I'm lifted up into the air, hanging by one of my ankles; a rope looped around it.

"Aw fuck!" I yell out; hanging upside-down.

The blood quickly, painfully rushes to my head.

"Shit, shit, shit!"

I try to reach up to the knot but it's hopeless, my weight is keeping it tight around my ankle.

I shake and buck, kick around; anything, even if it means pulling down the roof with me. I just want free!

"Fuck!" I give up and just hang there. I close my eyes hard, trying to stop the pain of the blood rushing to my head.

"Wakey, wakey! I ate eggs and bac-ey," Ms. Chaily was right in my face with a wide smile.

"Hrm...huh?" She startles me.

"Did you really think you could leave that easy? This is your home now, at least until your owner comes and gets you."

"What? Who, what owner?"

"Don't worry about it right now. Right now, you have to be punished."

", don't. I didn't mean to, I wasn't leaving; I just, looked out the window..."


I watch her quickly lower her tight jeans, wiggling a little to slip out of them.

"Now you're gonna take what's coming to you."

Her butt swings into my face, already odoriferous as ever; like she'd been farting all day.

"Oh...and I did actually have eggs today; twice in fact."


Like, hot, terrible bubbles, her fart rips into my nose like pure sulfur. I groan loudly and she just laughs, listening to my nostrils inhale and my mouth respond with a dry gag.

"Please," I beg again, I don't know why; I can't help it. Maybe one time it will trigger compassion in her.


"Ooop, just a small one," she says, rubbing her butt in my face; holding me so I don't swing too much and miss any of her butt smells.

I moan. I try to shake free again. Anything to get away from this.

She wraps both hands around the back of my head and presses it deeply into her ass, my nose flush against her butthole. I feel it open, eating my nose as it did, before blasting it with a steady, wretched blast of gas.


The gust burns the hairs in my nose as I spasm and cringe.

"Helpppp!" I call out, the sound muffled deep between her cheeks.

"Aww, poor baby."


She sighs in relief, still holding my head to her butthole as I feel the heavy, thick gas enter my nose. I convulse a little; my body getting nothing but Ms. Chaily's methane for a minute now. Or two.

"God...I have to eat eggs, RRRRRRRrrrrrppppppp!...more often."

I groan, tears flowing from my eyes. I inhale deeply the smell of her butt and...'s okay.

Like, it smells...okay.

I inhale deeper. I dig my nose deeper. And inhale again.


It smells...pleasant.

What the fuck?!


I flair my nostrils wide and suck in the gas. I cough a little but it's not...this seems alright.

The panic leaves my mind and I focus on the ass. The beautiful, perfect teacher's gorgeous ass, pressed against my face; giving me farts. How fresh they smelled. How rich and potent. Eggy and delicious...

"Well, I think you've learned your lesson with that; don't you?"

My eyes are wide with confusion and thought. "I..."

"It's okay, I know you're sorry. Now you know, okay?"

I nod. I don't know what to say.

"Good. Now I'm gonna get changed; then I'll cut you down."

And I hang there, upside down, watching her walk away; her ass swaying softly.

It taunted and allured at the same time. I knew everything she'd done to me with that butt and yet, now...all I wanted was for it to be back on my face. I longed to smell it.

I missed it.

What the hell is happening to me?

Ms. Chaily returns in just a t-shirt and yoga pants, she lets her hair down and shakes it sexily.

" about some more mental math practice, hm?" She says excitedly as she cuts the rope, allowing me to fall to the floor.

I hesitate, I remember how horrible that was but it's starting to sound appealing.

"...Okay..." I finally say.

"Okay, huh?" She responds. "We'll see about that."

I'm on the floor and she immediately squatted down until she was sitting on my face; though covered by her yoga pants, her ass still smelled potent as ever, permanently stained with the fragrance of her gas.

I inhale deep as she puts all her weight on me; and I shiver, in ectasy It still feels like pain but it's all I want, I feel my cock get hard; harder than it's ever been.

"Okay, let's see here; 5 x 5."

I shake it off, remembering what we're doing, "Uh...28."

"No," she grunts...


And she sighs in relief; "That was an easy one."

"Sorry..." I mumble, distracted as I flair my nostrils hard to catch all her gas. I want it. I want to smell it all!

"4 x 2."


"No. 1 x 1"



She gets off in a huff, I see she's angry but I still sniff the air subtly; I can't let any go to waste.

"Are you enjoying this?!"

I jump; startled by her tone. She'd never yelled like that.

I nod, as apologetically as possible.

"Don't you fucking move from that spot," she barks and then walks off.

I fucked up big, I guess...but, what's the point of this if not to get me to like it? I still don't even know why I like it, why I want it so bad now...but I do; I want her gas inside my nose, I want to smell it forever.

Ms. Chaily's smiling face returns, and I smile too in response.

"I thought you might need some help..." she says as her smile grows to a grin.

Then, suddenly in my view, comes too massive orbs; they push Ms. Chaily from view and dominate my vision.

"No, no..." I quickly plead but it's too late; the big naked butt sits on my face with all its soft, squishy weight.

I feel my nose against moist, sweaty butthole that smells like old cabbage; and I feel it open against my nostrils and unleash a hellacious blast of hot, egg salad fart.


My head recoils from the stench but there's no where to go as my nose takes in the putrid gas and makes me choke.

I hear the woman and Ms. Chaily laugh, "Not enjoying this so much anymore, are you, slave?!"

Slave she called me. It feels degrading and yet, fitting; it felt right. It felt good.


My face cringes as the hot, practically visible gas blows heavily through my nose; I wheeze and choke on it.

"Yeah, I figured you needed some...outside help since you seem to be having some difficultly realizing your role."

I whimper from under the big woman, "Please...," my throat dry with gas. I start to panic, I want out...


I guess another fart was the response and suffocating my nostrils flair to get the potent gas so I don't asphyxiate; my head is dizzy with ass stink and heavy weight. I sob and the two women just snicker as the big woman on my face adjusts her butt, refreshing some of the stink of her unkempt asshole. I gag loudly.

Ooouurrr...I moan out as I feel weight on my stomach; someone is stepping onto me! I blow out all my air as my stomach is compressed.

The big woman's butthole opens wide, almost like it was releasing something solid; I shake my head in fear and futile plea to get away.


I hear the big woman sigh with great contentment; the air around me is hot and thick but I can't breathe yet, thank god!

Oh no no no...she's stepping off; and my lungs inhale deeply...

I scream out loud! The hot gas being sucked in by my nose and mouth with insatiable desire to breathe anything at all. My head feels like it's going to explode, I'm dizzy, nauseous, ill.

I dry heave but keep anything down as I feel my eyes darting in the darkness under this woman.


"No, no, please!" I moan, begging as I inhale another gust of gas; my lips mashing against smushy butt cheeks. I claw at the ground for air, for life but all I have is a butt in my face, crushing it, suffocating it with veggie smelling gas.

My mind spinning, my body finally goes limp; my eyes roll back and close.

I moan softly, throat dry as a bone, as I wake. As my eyes adjust, it seems like it's night time outside the window. I wonder how long I was out.

Where am I? It's a blank room with a small bed; I'm on the bed. There's literally nothing else in here...

The door opens, Ms. Chaily walks in; she smiles slightly.

"You're finally awake. Now you know what happens when you disobey me, don't you?"

"I guess, but..."

"No, there's no 'but'...unless it's with two t's," her voice was calm but serious.

"Can I..."

"You're angering me. You'll find when I'm angry with you, I'll call you slave. Expect it from now on."


"Still speaking out of turn, slave?!"

I open my mouth to speak but I stop myself.

She smirks, "Good, you CAN learn. Oh, speaking of which, I'm not going to waste my time with the mental math anymore; it's pointless to try to teach a pathetic shit like you."

My eyes gloss over, tears welling up; why is she so cruel?

"And, since you decided to be a little shit, I'm going to spend the night in here with you."

Through the abuse I got a little excited, spend the night with Ms. bed?

She removes her t-shirt and panties; she gets in to bed, laying on her stomach.

I, a little confused and fucking turned on as hell, settle down, cuddling up near to her.

I feel her knee make contact with my groin; I yelp.

"My ass, slave! You serve my ass."

I gather myself, holding my ailing balls and scuttle down towards her midsection. I get in between her legs and start to lay my head into her butt crack.


My head immediately, instinctively repulses back. The smell is not quite as pleasant as I remember...maybe it's something she ate.

"Hey, shitface! Get your head back in my ass crack!" She demands using her legs to press down on my head into her ass.

I inhale deeply as I go in, and try to free myself from the terrible stink that fills my nostrils but it's no use, she holds me there right with her feet on the back of my head. I shake my head in protest, mostly it just digs me deeper, closer to her hole.


I moan and cry as I breathe in her terrible stink; different than before...disgusting now, but why? Or why did I like it in the first place...or did I? Did that happen at all?

"I don't hear you inhaling..." she says, in singsong fashion; pressing down on my head hard, trying to push me deeper until my nose was practically inside her butthole and smelling her next fart. I groan loudly from this position but it's muffled by her cheeks.


My mouth fill with a sloppy, bubbling fart which makes me want vomit; like the gas form of a digested vegetable-bean soup. Thick. Hot. Rancid. My nostrils burned, rubbed raw and eroded by toxic gas constantly blasting past the membrane walls.

I make a sound like gagging and cough before immediately passing out inside her butt.


The loud fart wakens me, I wrinkle my nose to the stinky smell and pass out again.


My nose twitches from the smell and I awake only to consciously take in the terrible gas; I hear snoring as I...

My blurry eyes burn a bit; light shines against the butt where my nose is firmly wedged...daylight.

With a deep sniffle, I take my nose from Ms. Chaily's butt; she remains fast asleep.

I breathe deep, trying to get all the oxygen I can before it's taken away from me. Another big inhale, the fresh air soothing my body.

I look at Ms. Chaily's ass, rising and falling softly as she breathed.

I twitch my nose a little, some of the smells from last night flooding back; laying dormant in the walls of my nostrils.

I breathe in deep and shudder...delicious. I bite my lip a little; I stare at Ms. Chaily's ass.

I want it...


I need it.

Softly, I put my face near her butt; not touching it. And breathe deep.

Ahhhhh, god...I can smell it; not enough of it but it's there...maybe I'll just...

I lean down a little lower, my nose touching her crack now; and breathe in.

I shudder with delight, my penis hard and dribbling.

Fuck it! I dive in deep; my nose right against her butthole now, and I take a big inhale.

I feel Ms. Chaily stir a little, her voice a bit groggy, "Awww, that's a good slave; you stayed in my butt all night?"

I nod, I don't care; I just want to smell her butt.

"You deserve a reward," she says as her hand wraps around the back of my head.

I feel her butthole open and I smile as she blasts me with the most hellacious fart I'd ever experienced; it was ecstasy and torture at once, I moan in both delight and pain as I eagerly inhale and recoil from the horrid emission.

I shudder and spasm, cumming in my boxers and crying from my eyes. I groan loudly and I hear her giggle cutely, gripping my head tighter.

"Mmmmmm," she sighs, "I think it's time for something new for you, my little slave."

She releases my head and rolls off the bed; I roll onto my back, inhaling oxygen deeply and thinking dreamily. What a life...

"Slave! Now!" She calls from the doorway.

I scurry to my feet and follow her down the hall to her bedroom...then her bathroom.

She takes a seat on the toilet and then gestures me over.

I stand there, directly in front of her, her body stark naked, sitting on the pot. She puts her hand on my head and pushes me to my knees.


A fart echoes loudly in the bowl; I see her euphoric face for the first time, eyes closed, biting her lip slightly as she tilted her head. She looked like a farting Goddess.

She pushed my head to her shaven clit; "Now lick."

Really?! I've thought about doing this but never got the, here it was; literally in my face, demanding to be licked. Better not disappoint.

I stick my tongue out and immediately recoil from the impossibly sour taste and warm feel; I gag.

She smacks the top of my head, "Get used to it, slave!"


She rips terrible ass into the bowl that starts to waft to her vagina, making the taste only worse. I look up to try to see her face but it's not visible from here; just like it's not when she's sitting on my face.

I lick at it again, darting in and out quickly; trying to breathe through my nose but that too was pressed up against her pussy, my nostrils filled with her juice.


It's suddenly silent...

That sound, she can't be...


She's shitting!

"No, no no..."

"Shut the fuck up and keep licking, ass wipe! Oh, oh, but keep doing that motion; that feels good," she grips my head tighter, pulling me into her pussy with almost all my face as she dumps her solid shit into the toilet bowl.

I heave between licks, trying to match the motion she likes. I feel like I might die in here. My brow sweats and my nostrils are flooded with cum juice and shit smell. My eyes water in desperation, rolling back as I try to reach my tongue deep inside her; hoping to hit something, a lever that will relieve her or whatever she wants.

I lick something soft, squishy; it cowers under my tongue and Ms. Chaily shudders, grabbing my hair and shaking me.

RRRRRRRRrrrraaaaafffffpppppttttttt Burrrplppp!

Her ass unloaded a storm of shit as her clit gushed a hot goo over my face; she shook my head violently as she finished.


And collapsed in supreme ecstasy on the toilet; she releases me and I fall back, hitting the wall behind me. But it's just a bump.

I smile as I see her there like that; she turns her head with little energy to look at me. She winks as she sighs out, breathing heavily; a big smile on her face.

It prided me to know I did that to her. I served her well. I always serve her well.

But her smile fades and she looks at me with more soft eyes now; I haven't seen her like this...not since...not since before all this, when she was just my sweet teacher.

"Kevin," she started, her voice soft too.

I feel like it had been a long time since I last heard my name.

"Do you remember this?"

From the magazine rack next to the toilet, she pulls out a ripped, somewhat crumpled notebook page. She hands it to me.

I scan the page, remembering it instantly as my conflicted thoughts I jotted down when I stayed after class.

"I do remember this, I'm surprise you didn't toss it during class."

She smiles, "I like souvenirs; that was the first time I dominated you."

I laugh, "Yeah, it was...I think I enjoyed that one."

"Are you kidding, you hated it; you had no idea what was going on!"

"Yeah? Yeah, I guess that's probably right..." I chuckle.

"I bet you did enjoy it though, you little pervert."

"You caught me," I joke back. This feels weird but she's not trying to stop me so...

She sits in silence for a moment. She just looks at me. "Urrrm...listen, why don't you go to the guest bedroom; I don't feel like using you tonight."

My heart sinks a little, why wouldn't she want to use me; I'm her slave. "Oh...okay...but, are you sure? I mean, if something's bothering you, using me might help," I smile cutely.

She giggles a bit, her eyes seem close to crying, "No, that's...thanks...just enjoy it, okay."

"Yes Mistress," I say.

I slowly walk out, hoping she'll stop me.


I turn, my eyes glowing with hope; please, use me!

"You can call me Gloria, okay?"

"Please tell me what's going on..." I say, my voice a little shaky; I'm scared.

"Shhh, it's okay; just go to your bed. Okay?"

I'm silent at first, in shock, "Okay."

I lay on the guest bed, staring at the ceiling for a long while. The sun wasn't even down yet but if I'm not a slave, I'm nothing. So I lay here and wait.

Wait to be a slave again.

Why is this happening? Is it just a bad day? Questions swirl in my mind until my eyes get heavy and finally close; I drift into an exhausted sleep.


The loud sound echoed near my head, startling me awake, and so too was a crushing weight on my face; I can't open my eyes, they are pressed hard against soft cloth.

I gasp and inhale for oxygen but instead my nostrils fill with a deep, potent fart smell unlike anything I'd experienced in my time as a fart slave.

"Rise and shine, sweetie!"

And just like that, everything stops. That voice. It had been a while and yet, it's distinct and recognizable as ever.

My mother.


I snap back as another fart blasts hard against my face with a rank, horrid smell of egg and cheeses. I try to buck and kick, shake my head loose from her butt but it's no use as I'm stuck smelling wretched farts courtesy of McDonald's or Jack in the Box breakfast. Probably Jack, mom isn't an early riser. Then again, I didn't think she was a Mistress either.

I groan out and I hear mom mimic the sound. Finally, she rises her butt a little. The smell emanating from mom's backside is still robust and grotesque but it's much better here than on my face.

"Awww, sorry; did mom's big boy get a stinky in his face?"

My eyes water, my vision blurry but I see Gloria near the doorway, holding her nose and shaking her head.

"Mom..." I say gasping, my mouth is dry and lined with gas caught in bubbles of saliva. "Why...?"

She laughs, "Oh, sweetie, you don't even know the half of it. But I can fill you in on the details in the car. To the short of it is, thanks to Ms. Chaily here; you've been trained to be the son I want you to be."

I look over to Gloria who seems withdrawn, the same way she acted last night when she gave me that notebook page.

"Really? You did this...for her?" I ask, in shock.

Gloria just stares at me for a while; then nods.

"I thought...I thought loved me...," I admit to her; it's a stupid thing for a slave to say to a Mistress.

"I'm sorry...," she says.

"Awww, isn't that sweet;" Mom interrupts, smashing her butt down onto my face.


"Enough of this fauxmance shit."

I struggle under mom's weight as her fart wafts to my face and taints the last remaining oxygen in this tiny space. The gas pushes its way into my nose; sending shakes down my body as I try to cope with the putrid gas compressed against my face. The source of the horrendous gas hovering inches higher, thankfully covered by cloth.

"Alright," I hear Gloria yell, "that's enough; just take him and go. You've already stunk up my guest bed."

"Oh, come on, you know you love it!" Mom says.

"Yeah, whatever; just go."

I feel my body spasm before going limp; I pass out.

My eyes open slowly but I realize I'm being, basically, dragged.

"Hrrm‚..." I mumble as I start to wake up. I rub my nose which only renews the smell of my mom's gas; I gag silently, getting a stiff reminder of the torture of...however long ago it was.

I look up. Mom is dragging me, she doesn't look particularly happy but then again, when did she?

It's evening outside but the light is still bright enough to blind me; perhaps too much time spent under butts has allowed me to forget what natural light looks like.

"Mom?" I open with, cautiously; I don't know what's allowed anymore. Hell, what the fuck is going on even!?

"Yes?" She responds, flatly; no gauge for her attitude.

"'m your son, right?"

"That's a ridiculous question. Of course you're my son."


We reach mom's car, on the driver's side.

"Why what?" She asks, impatiently.

" me trained...and use me...and like...all this stuff...?" I ask, eloquently.

Mom smiles, she opens her door and motions me inside. She's never let me drive before, I don't know why now...

I get in. "...I mean, you love me, right?"

"Yes, Kevin, I love you with all my heart."

I smile. Mom comes closer to me, perhaps to hug.

" know what I love, just a little more though?"

I nod, what could it be? She comes even closer.

"I like getting my farts sniffed."

With such serious demeanor she delivers the line that sends a chill down my spine, a shadow covers her face as she looks down at me and smiles; she pushes me down a little, so my head is on her seat.

"Oh...speaking of which...," she declares as she hopes in, letting her ass carelessly sit on my face.


She sighs with great delight, laughing just a little, "God, I love egg, mac, and cheese for a good farting!"

Nausea sets in as the car sputters to life and starts to roll; my face baking in a hot oven of fart smell, my nostrils taking carefully but necessary inhales that made me gag.

The car hits a bump and PRRRrrrrruuupppp!

Mom shifts, her sweaty pants now smearing my face with moisture and the odor of her gas. I groan, in pain.

"So, toilet, do you really want to know why?"

I gag once again but otherwise stay silent; at this point, who cared?

Mom continues, "Well, I'm gonna tell ya anyways, I happened upon a website about this sort of thing and it had all kinds of pictures and videos. It was all great for a while but then I got bored and I thought, 'Hm, I have a son who lives at home, I'll make him my slave.' But I didn't what to do that boring stuff like training you and listening to you whine so I told your teacher to train you. And that seemed to have work fairly well, and now, six months later, here's momma to come pick up her obedient slave boy."

Six months. Really. I didn't feel like that long.


I moaned a little as the spicy gas sprayed my face with a hot, putrid smell of chilies.

"Aww, sweetie, it's okay; you'll get used to my farts, just like you like your teacher's farts. Maybe you just need..."


"...a little extra!" She sighs, and I choke on her gas. I really doubt I'd get used to her gas; I got used to Gloria's gas because I loved her. I'm not a slave.


I'm not a slave.

I'm not a slave!

I'm not...


The big flappy gust makes me stiff with paralysis as it seeped into my nostrils, filling and tormenting them with a rich, eggy fart. I groan and cringe.

I hear mom chuckle softly. I gasp out for air but mom doesn't budge.

And I'm out.

I wake up, on the floor, but a familiar floor. Home.

I hear footsteps approach; I sit up, mom is coming towards me, naked now.

"Well, toilet, you sure napped a long time; stand up, I want to give you the tour."

"Mom, I live here."

"No, toilet, I live here; you're property that belongs here, to me."

Her tone startles me; mom's fly-by-night interest in this seems to be well developed, and rather cruel.

"Besides, I've changed some things," she says, smiling wide.

I stand and follow her big butt around to the living room.

"Notice anything?" She asks.

I look but don't actually notice anything different. I shake my head.

"Well, you should look closer my little toilet," she grabs me by the shoulder and positions my body to look at the couch.

And that's when I see it, a hole, precisely cut, in the couch.

"That's right, and there's an airtight compartment underneath so there's no where for my gas to go but in your nose. Isn't that exciting?" Mom asked, smiling. "Now follow me to the bedroom."

I stare at the couch for a horrified moment more and then catch up to mom in her room.

"See, the bed has one too!" Mom says, excitedly.

I see the hole in her bed; mom was going to make sure I could suffer how ever she wanted and whenever she wanted, even while she slept.

"But that's not even the best one," she says, pulling me, too excited to wait.

Into her bathroom we go, she flicks on the light and I see, there near the tub, a wooden box with a hole on the front and a pad lock to the floor.

I look to mom and see her smile wide at the box, then to me; she winks. "You know, I've waited a LONG time to make you my toilet. I haven't shit in at least a week."

" can't."

Mom is already starting to get undressed down to nothing at all and she turns to me with terrifying calm, "I can, and I will."

She looms over me closely. My eyes go wide, and my body starts to shake a little; my legs unsteady.

"But not yet." She says, finally; stepping back.

She exits and I stand there confused, frightened. Should I try to run? Where would I go? Gloria? Could she protect me? Mom would probably come looking for me at her house...

Mom returns seconds later holding a tube attached to a rubber gas mask that slips on over the entire head. "I want to have a little fun first," she laughs.

She comes at me and I really don't know what to do. Mom coming at me in the past usually just meant a hug or something; now she's slipping on a gas mask over my face with a big toothy grin. Why did things change so much?

I can hear my own breathing in this mask and it's difficult to see out of the eye holes which get fogged with my breath.

Mom makes sure I can see her as she separates her butt cheeks and sticks the tube deep in there between them, right against her asshole. I look at her face as she concentrates, jamming it in; clearly eager to do this.

She's done and she squats a little, her hands on her thighs.


The sound is amplified by the tube; and then, seconds later a hot wind caresses my face but carries a putrid stench behind it. My face freezes in a cringed expression as I desperately try not to breathe but it's pointless. I finally take a big inhale and cough immediately.

I hear mom laugh, "Don't worry, I won't torture you too long."


Another fart rushes through the tube and brings tears to my eyes. I gag on the rich, eggy smell and moan out involuntarily.

"You're gonna follow me now, toilet." Mom commands without anger in her voice.

Mom walks in front of me, a gray tube sticking from her butt, drooping just a little. And I wear the mask attached to it which already smelled heavily permeated with the two bombs she dropped in the bathroom. My breath is heavy, a slight wheezing to it.

Mom takes an awkward seat on the couch to accommodate her tube; one cheek raised, almost like she was permanently farting.

I stand in front of her, a somewhat submissive position; I don't know what she wants.

She pats gently the cushion next to her, apparently she wants me to sit or lay down. Maybe I'll lay down and see what she says.

I lay down, my head not far from her raised ass but it didn't matter because I had a directly lined hooked up to my face anyways.


A blasting, airy fart jets through the tube and blows against my face with great force; bad timing as I inhale deeply the shitty smelling air from my mom's butt. I whimper slightly; my body shakes from nausea and low oxygen.

Mom's hand comes down on the top of my head; she caresses it softly, lovingly. She twirls the locks of my hair gently and then suddenly pulls hard.


And her grip relaxes, her hand more like petting now; running her finger over the top of my ear. As the smell hits me, my body freezes, doing all it can to avoid the stink but it has to breathe and does, finally taking in a deep inhale of the putrid gas. I can't help but moan out.

Mom pets a little more and softly shushes; as if to say, it's going to be okay.

I still whimper a bit, the gas still assaulting my face, but her caress soothes some part of me. It's fucked up but she's still my mom; she still loves me, she said so herself.

In the bedroom, mom finally removes the gas mask which unleashes a smell into the room that even makes mom gag; she laughs looking at my stink-stained face. Laughing at all she put me through.

"So, I've been debating. I was thinking about using you in the bed tonight but my worry is you're gonna like it too much when I shit tomorrow."

"I really doubt that," I say

"Hrrm, I'm not so sure. So that's why I'm gonna shit on your face tonight."

With such ease the words drop from her mouth like she says them constantly. I start to shake a little, I don't want to do this...

"Mom, I...maybe I'm not ready."

"Aww, really? That's a shame because it really doesn't fucking matter whether or not you're ready."

"Mom..." I almost whimper.

"Next time you open your mouth, it better be to take my shit."

I immediately snap my mouth closed and storm to the bathroom.

I don't even wait, I'm part angry, part defeated; I lie down and lift the box to accommodate my head and then drop it down with the opening over my neck. I even padlock the box.

Mom chuckles, I hear her from the doorway, "What if I didn't have the key?"

God...I hope she's kidding. But then again, who the fuck cares, I'm property now. An object. Still, I kinda want to get out of here sometime...I guess if she'll let me.

Mom appears above the toilet hole now, she looks down with a grin; "This is gonna feel REAL good, I hope you can try to enjoy it too," she snickers as she turns around, her butt to me now. It seems to glow in the morning sunlight as it slowly descends over the hole, finally sealing all light but for a sliver around the seat; it creaks as mom adjusts above me, splitter her cheeks wide so her puckering asshole could be seen. With fervor it puckered in and out until it opened wide...


"Ahmmmmmmm," she sighs, a little pained.

The smell hits me like an atomic bomb, mushrooming over my face in a torrential wave of putrid stink of beans, eggs, cabbage, even pure skunk; it was inhuman. My eyes widened with tears, my head shaking in futility; my legs kicked around trying to get away without any hope of doing so.

I cry out in a moan.

And mom cruelly giggles, "Mmmm, you smell that, my little toilet son? That's my weeks worth of shit working its way out."

"Please..." I gag, begging, "Mom, please, I can't...don't..."

Mom feigns concern, "Oh, toilet...I don't think I can stop it now...I REALLY want to..."


She sighs, grunting a little, "It's coming, toilet; my shit is coming to you face!"

"Mom," I plead between choking breaths.

Then, a deafening crackle; and my echoing scream.

"Ooops, too late," mom gleefully says as her backside opens up and drops a pound sized turd on my face; it smacks me like a brick.

Mom yells euphorically, "Yes...fuck...take it!" She commands, pushing.

As the smell of the shit hits me, I immediately vomit but mom drops another log down on top of the other.

I gag. The smell is like pure sulfur and felt like it burned my skin just the same. I sob, my eyes closed and tearing up; I miss mom's semi-soft dump straight to my open mouth. A pile of shit sits in my mouth, hesitant to move my tongue I just freeze and breathe through my nose, also unpleasant.


A blasting wet fart coats my face and tongue; I can't help but gulp down the shit in my mouth and I scream, and heave; vomiting again just over my face, unable to turn my head already surrounded by shit.

I watch another log fall down, covering my eyes; it stings and I yell out.

But only more shit falls on my face, burying it deeper as I can't help but chew for my life, to avoid being without air hole.

I cry as I allow more and more shit to slide down my throat and into my stomach; which now gurgles and groans with ill feeling.

A wet log from mom's butt splatters on my face, in a panic, I lick it inadvertently.


It tastes like chocolate.

No, no, that can't

No, fuck...unmistakably chocolate. I mean, like bitter chocolate but definitely chocolate; I slurp down that log. I run my tongue along my face for another, find it and pull it down, taking it down like burrito-sized spaghetti. I gulped it hungrily.

I stare at mom's ass there, hovering heavenly above me., no, I can't fall for mom.

Oh...but I can serve her though...right? That's not weird. To lick your mom's ass, right? Or to want to, she hasn't let me yet but maybe...

I watch her butt float away like a perfect round angel.

"That all, mom?"

"I know, not too much today, toilet."

"Should I get out?"

"Hmm...yeah, why don't you; you can make my breakfast."

"Yes mom."

"That's a good boy."

As I stand she runs her hand on the back of my head, it feels good; the caress of mom. I dart to the kitchen to start her breakfast.

She'd like eggs I'm sure; cheese with that, onions, chilies, what else do we have? Also toast with lots of we have bacon? No, doesn't look like it. Maybe I'll get her a couple donuts tomorrow.


I'm 26 now. It's good to have my life sorted out; I know what I'm living for. And that's mom. It makes life so much simpler. No confusing decisions, no real work; just a boy and his mom, hanging together, and the boy lusting for and eating his mom's shit. Sounds perfect; in fact, more son-mom relationships should be like this.

In a comfy sofa seat, mom eats her breakfast with glee, "It's delicious as always,"

"Thanks mom," I say from near her, on all fours; she didn't require it but I enjoyed doing it. She also gives me free time but I never use it; why would I want to be free from her, ever?

I watch her eat some more. She shifts in her seat, leaning her butt towards me.

I move in instantly and plant my face under her butt.


I hear mom sigh contently and then sits down, not allowing me to free my head; she snickers softly, caressing my back, as I struggle just a bit. But I truly enjoy her stench and her being cruel to me.

It's what I live for.

And I'm just what mommy wanted.

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