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Feminine Household
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 8th, 2011

Dinnertime. It brought a certain comfort that I'd grown fond of; unfortunately, with mom working, that comfort was not able to manifest itself in physical ways.

The legs above me part and some food morsel is held tauntingly in front of my face; she rubs it against my nose and then shoves it into my eager mouth.


Jackie floods my mouth with another putrid fart to ensure I thoroughly enjoy her scent.

"How's that taste little bro; I'm pretty self-concious about my cooking but I think I really baked up a good one here. What do you think?"

I opened my mouth to speak and she blew a big disgusting fart right in there; PRRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I choke on the rancidity of it.

Jackie laughs, "We're just getting started; I've got more surprises in store for you little fart sniffer."

Another piece of food comes down near my mouth. Jackie rises her massive ass off my face; she pulls aside her powder-blue panties and presses the small piece of food against her cunt. She rubs softly.

The morsel comes out mutilated and stinks of vagina as it makes it's way to my face. I watch it, with horror in my eyes, inch closer and closer to my mouth; she shoves it in. The taste is so bitter, so disgusting. I immediately spit it out.

Enraged, Jackie said, "Oh you little skunk think you're too good for a little pussy juice?" Jackie's panties flew down past her cheeks as she pressed herself onto me; my nose pressed right up against her aggressively puckering asshole. It was just waiting, with great anticipation, for open the gates to my doom. "You better get used to it if you're gonna be some lucky woman's bitch!"


Her hole opens and blasts me with a fierce, noxious wind; my nostrils almost bursting under the pressure of a fart that seemed to go on forever.

She sighs contently in a lady-like fashion, as if she had merely let out a petite sneeze; ass grease and sweat coat my skin.

I hear the doorbell ring, just as I pass out.


"...I think that's a great idea; I had a good dinner for it too, Gobi Burritos."

"What's that?" I hear my sister ask.

There's a pause, "Cauliflower."

They laugh; I'm scared to raise my head, scared to indicate to my sister and whoever that I'm conscious again. I enjoy the comfy cushioning of the couch; was I moved here?

It's quiet, I lift my head and am met with a big brown asshole as too fat cheeks surround my head like a man dwarfed by skyscrapers.


"Ahhhhhhhh," she sighs with great relief as she releases her cheeks and closes her ass on my head; effectively eating it.

"Nice one Maria," my sister cheers.

Maria Kandelwal. She's my sister's best friend and all around disgusting bitch; she had a habit of belching loudly and frequently. She started drinking Diet Coke to curb her weight; the number of sodas she puts away daily, it's no wonder she has so much gas.

"Here, let's try something," I hear my sister say.

"Okay but, hold on; I still gotta fart really bad," Maria says as her cheeks gently gyrate like someone trying to shake loose a tiny turd stuck at the hatch.


A wall of shit smell charges at my senses and lays a one-sided siege on them; a barrage of dirty cheese and rotten cauliflower hangs, tormenting my nose and burning my mouth. My feet kick radically under the heavy half-Hindu; she laughs evilly at my plight as she savors the moment in rising from my face.

My relief is too brief to note as I am pulled to stand on my knees. I gasp wildly at the air as I move to scream but the creamy cheeks of my sister's phat ass stifle my useless cries; who within the sound of my voice would save me?

Hot air rushes in my face as my sister drops a terrible silent fart straight into my mouth; I recoil as I choke on the drying, putrid air but it's met with Maria's ass against the back of my head, pushing me closer to my sister's shit hole.

I feel it open against my nostrils. BRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUMMMMMPPP!

Like a lethal injection, the fart floods my nose with it's rank dominion as it permanently stains my nasal passages with the smell of my sister's waste and gas like some kind of torturous branding to mark her territory; her slave, her object. her thing.

BRRRRRAAAAAAAAUUUUMMMMM! I feel a bubbly fart erupt against the back of my head as it's putrid, almost colorful gas mixes with my sister's in a hot desert storm of stink around my face. The stink is so thick, I can feel it on my skin; feel it drip off me like the dirtiest of sweats.

"Oh, I got another good one! Let me have his fart face!"

I pop out of my sister's ass like a released suction cup and am bent backwards a bit as I look in horror at a massive brown ass hovering inches from my face. Maria's hand whips down and shoves me into her ass as she squats onto an imaginary chair.

My nose is horribly tickled by the few long hairs she missed in her private grooming; they dance happily as if they too delighted from my torment before the inevitable. A putrid, swampy air hangs around her eagerly puckering asshole.


"Oop...," she says as I hit the floor with a thud; a split second later, Maria's large butt crushes my head like a forgiving bolder. I quickly free my legs from under myself, no need to be a party in my own torment.


I exhale sharply as my sister jabs at my stomach with her foot; then she presses down hard and holds it there.


Jackie pulls her foot away from my stomach; I inhale deeply at Maria's thick emission; I kick and struggle, I scream against Maria's ass but quickly choke on the looming fart air that remains. Maria jiggles her butt in my face as if to declare victory.

"Alright, move aside, it's my turn to gas his face," Jackie said as if it was a normal sentence.

Maria's butt peels away from my face only to immediately give way to my sister's big white ass, which she hovers over my face.

PRRR-she releases an obnoxious sounding fart as she plops her butt on my face-RRAAAAPPPPP! PRRRIIIPP!

She sighs contently as I inhale her noxious gas and inadvertently fight for freedom that won't be achieved; the reaction is, unfortunately, knee-jerk and wears me out, much to my sisters delight.

I hear the key in the door; I prey, at last, salvation has come. The door opens as my sister wedges my face further up her butt; odd she's not running for cover.

"Oh, hey hunny; you playing with your brother?" I hear mom say.

What the fuck?!

"Yeah mom, having a lot of...ugh.....ahhhhhhhhh, fun." She laughs as the SBD dances its way into my nostrils; its scent brings my to tears and I cough.

"Good one hunny. Look, I got this at IKEA, seems like it might be perfect."

Jackie screeches, excitedly, and raises her sticky butt off my face; it peels like a fruit roll up from its paper.

I try to see what mom is holding but my vision is too blurred; I can't make out anything but a medium sized rectangle.

They approach; it gets dark and I feel smooth wood pressing lightly on my neck. A small circular hole sits a few inches above me.

"Come on mom; you can use it with us," Jackie pleads.

"Sure honey; I ate at that new Mexican place so I'm about ready to explode, I was farting so bad in the car."

"Mommy, no, please!" I yell.

Three naked asses cover the small, oxygen providing port hole above me.

"Don't worry baby, momma's here," she says, grunting.


The gas rushes like military forces against an unguarded front; a barrage of chemical warfare rains down upon my face and soaks it in it's odious stench.

"There hun; take all of mommy's love, okay?!" Mom demands.

Hell opens up as farts ring out constantly; few seconds allowed for silence as the three women unload their atrocious gas on me. The trio laugh intermittently as I gently convulse in the putrid case. I grasp relief at last as my eyes grow heavier than I can maintain, my brain suffocated from necessary oxygen.


"Hey, wake up!" Jackie yells softly to me.

I wake up, startled, "What's going on?" I look at the clock; 3:12 a.m.

"Come with me."

My sister takes my hand and drags me along; I rub my eyes with the other hand, unable to make out anything in my groggy state.

A bright light strikes; a soft blue glow. The bathroom.

"Come here!" Jackie's voice getting stern as she grabs my shirt and pulls me near the toilet.

"You're going to give me a blumpkin."

"No; I don't even know what the fucking is."

She smirks, "It's not that hard; I take a shit and you eat me...simple."

She pulls down her pajamas and underwear; she sits on the toilet pulling my head to her privates. It stinks and is wet with ejaculate; I choke just on the smell.

"Yeah, you're going to have to get past that," she declares as she shoves my face into her cunt. "Now lick!"

My tongue touches her vaginal walls and retreats with gagging disgust; I can't fucking do this.

PRRRPPP! A turd splashes down as I feel a drop of water hit my lip.The smell hits, more potent than any gas I've endured; I try to retreat but, with a laugh, Jackie holds my head in place and runs it up and down her clit, letting her use me, rather than rely on me for pleasure.

She grips her stomach, "Oh my!"

A brown shit spray blasts the inside of the toilet bowl and Jackie's ass.

"Ah fuck, I feel shit on me; you're going to have to clean up."

"Please! No."

"Come on," she says as she rises and plants her dirty asshole in my face. "You know you're going to so just shut up and fucking take it; clean my ass you little shit!"

I timidly lick at chunks of shit and hesitantly lap at shit sprays in and on my sister's perfect ass.


"Ooops," she says with feigned concern as she injects shit down my throat like an awful fountain drink machine.

When she is satisfied, she grabs me from her ass and carelessly discards me on the bathroom floor like used tissue. The light snapped off and I was in the dark.

I lie crying where she left me for an hour.

"Oh hey, hunny; couldn't sleep?"

I lift my head and look at mom with wide eyes.

She smiles at me as her panties gently hit the floor near her feet.

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