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It Has Cum to This
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 30th, 2019

As the box labeled COMPUTER STUFF nearly falls out of his hands, Lucas is quick to switch out one arm from underneath the box and use it to rebalance the load on his other arm, while resting the whole load slightly against his leaning chest. Kimmy and Kendall breeze right by him without a glance, carrying a single hair dryer between them.

The three of them are moving into an apartment near Morris University where they are all about to start their freshman year of classes. Each of them has their own room which Lucas' mother paid for despite the closeness of the family's home less than five miles away. The girls insisted upon getting an apartment and his mother was more than willing to shell out the $2,800 a month for it.

Kimmy and Kendall always got whatever they wanted. Lucas had seen the pair in passing at school before his mother had started dating their father. He managed to stay so far off their radar that when their combined family all met, the girls didn't even realize he went to their school. Of course, they didn't look up from their phones for more than a second that night nor did they hardly say two words to anyone. It all seemed very routine for them, like they'd been there and done that too many times before.

In school, the twins made it a point to mistreat nearly anyone they came in contact with, unless they were sexually attractive. They would randomly push frail kids into a wall or slap a girl with glasses just because they felt like it. All the school staff thought they were both so precocious and charming so they would never get into any serious trouble. Kimmy and Kendall practically ran Hayward High before they coerced their way into graduating with a 1.3 GPA.

It didn't hurt that both of them are smoking hot making it easy for just about everyone to turn the other cheek on their antics. It's the same privilege that the girl's exercised in demanding an expensive three bedroom apartment just steps off campus in the hometown that none of them have ever left.


A few months back, Lucas began to question the nature of sexuality and it's extreme hold on a person's psyche. This sudden change coincidentally coincided with his mother's remarriage though Lucas vehemently denies the two are related.

He's read pages of book length articles on why masturbation is especially harmful to maintaining focus and restraint in all areas of life. He's assured himself that indulging in such a base activity drains the body of the auras and energies that lead to a more fulfilled life.

Almost two full months ago, Lucas began a NoFap cleanse to try to abstain from watching pornography and refrain from reducing his human state of being by touching himself. As he unpacks his computer mouse and keyboard, all the porn material he has still buried on his hard drive is the first thought that comes to mind. He regrets not following NoFap's Rule #1: Delete It All. He couldn't yet bring himself to delete years worth of quality material.

But now the urge to quickly set up his desktop and jerk off rises quickly inside him, he can feel his member dart with excitement behind his boxers and cargo shorts. To fight the feeling he closes his eyes and lets his mind drift to a pure white space, a technique he learned online from other Fapstronauts trying to get themselves clean.

He opens his eyes again only to have them fall right back upon his computer sitting there, yearning to be plugged in and fully utilized. Lucas can feel himself shaking with wanton desire and sweat begins to drip down off his face from his thick hairline. He shuts his eyes again but his body jitters like a person badly needing the bathroom. He grabs his cell phone from his pocket and loads up Reddit.

He stares at his profile a moment and smiles, he sees the 50 Days badge next to his name. The meaningless accolade on his profile meant the world to him and seeing it fills him with an indelible pride. He admires it, the colors of it, the design simplicity yet clarity of it. As he focuses on these mundane details his dick finally begins to settle from matching the ups and downs of the 'cock market.

With a deep and satisfied sigh, Lucas goes back to unpacking his other things. He'll save his computer for the absolute last, just to avoid temptation.

By the next morning, Lucas' room is perfectly neat and organized just the way he likes it. He slips out of the apartment early to grab his favorite breakfast treat - two Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuits with a two Hash Browns from McDonald's.

He had zero interest in asking his sisters if they wanted anything and he didn't much care even if they did. They'd spent the entire night drinking, as is typical with them, and they were both fully passed out on the living room couch when Lucas left.


Back at the apartment, Kimmy is the first to stir as the sun beats through the window straight towards her eyes and no amount of squeezing them closed could shut out the harsh rays.

"Aw, fuck! Fucking sun in my fucking eye! Fuck!" She growls and grasps her hung over head. With her free hand she shoves Kendall's legs off the couch, "Wake the fuck up, Ken!" She demands.

Kendall is startled awake, "What the shit?!"

"This apartment sucks!" Kimmy barks out with a tone of blame.

Kendall spins from her position sleeping on her stomach to face Kimmy, "Seriously? What the fuck you mean, Kim?"

"Fucking sun!" Kim points to the bare window allowing a tremendous amount of bright white light into the living room.

"It's called a curtain, genius! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Kendall shouts back at her sister.

"Do we have a curtain?" Kimmy asks, suddenly calm and collected.

"No. Take the bath towel from fuckface's room, he's not using it." Kendall offers halfheartedly while rolling back onto her stomach and pulling the cover back over her body.


The window in Lucas' room faces a brick wall so it's quite dark all the time. Despite not being able to really see anything, Kimmy blindly searches his room for a towel or anything else she could use to block the living room sun. Her arms scan around and bump against Lucas' desk causing his computer to whir back to life from Sleep Mode.

The bright white screen showers the entire room making it easy for Kim to spot his bright turquoise towel hanging on the door. She glances at the computer screen for a moment and then looks back again as she notices Lucas' profile picture. She leans in to get a better look. It's Lucas' profile page on Reddit showing all his recent praise and comments in NoFap subreddits. Not to mention his prominently displayed 50 Days NoFap badge.

Kimmy's lips form a smile as she does a little digging. "Ken, get in here now!" She screams at the top of her lungs. Every page she uncovers is more hilarious than the last, every single one of these losers is hopelessly pathetic but none is more losery than her own step-brother Lucas.

"Ken!" She yells again, not hearing her sister's footsteps already approaching from down the hall.

"What. The. Fuck! Is your problem?!" Kendall roars like a lioness with wild hair to match.

Kimmy is unblinkingly unfazed, she'd heard that tone too many times before to be intimidated by it now, "Come look at this."

"You woke me up for computer shit?!" Kendall scowls skeptically, barely able to keep her eyes open.

"You'll be glad I woke you up," Kim mutters while scanning through one of Lucas' long posts, her smile gets wider with every sentence her eyes dart across.

"I doubt it. What the fuck is it?" Kendall yawns out as she stomps sleepily over to Lucas' computer.

Kimmy giggles, "Looks like the shithead is on a porn cleanse."

"You woke me up for that?!" Kendall scoffs. "Who cares?"

"Don't you fucking see?" Kim spins around in Lucas' desk chair like a movie villain. "We can use this? Duh," she rhetorically denigrates.

"For what?"

Kimmy sighs with frustration as if tired of explaining things to her marginally little sister, "Remember in Ms. Basil's class, when she talked about fetishes and sexual kinks?"

Kendall stares blankly.

"Pukus hasn't masturbated for fifty days straight according to his profile. So he's totally horny as fuck right now. Anything we do to him would probably become a disgusting fetish for him for the rest of his pathetic life."

Kendall is expressionless, "You can't be serious."

Kim continues without a beat, "If we did it right he'd never be able splooge without thinking of his hot step-sisters fucking with him."

Kendall chuckles to herself as she recaps Kim's grotesque plan in her head. "So you want the cumrag to be horny for us?"

"Not us so much as whatever sick shit we can come up with. Anything you've wanted to try on a guy but thought it was too disgusting? Now's the time to workshop it on the twat," Kim entices.

Kendall grins a bit, "We can turn him into a literal piss stain."

"Exactly!" Kimmy laughs excitedly. "Since we're already here, why don't we Google some fetish shit, maybe we can try like 'grossest fetishes' or..."

"May I?" Kendall interrupts while indicating her desire to take control of the keyboard. She types something in that makes Kimmy's eyes light up with glee.

As the page loads with the bright white search results on Kimmy's face, she cringes away with a startled laugh. "You're fucking sick," Kim says totally deadpan. "I fucking love it!" She claps her hands excitedly as Kendall takes her down a rabbit hole of sick and twisted fetish acts.


The next evening, Kimmy and Kendall are on the couch enjoying slices of extra cheesy pizza that bleed over the sides of the crust with thick, gooey globs of mozzarella and cheddar.

Kimmy saves a falling cheese mound between two fingers before shoving it greedily into her mouth. The slice in her hand drips a drop of orange grease onto her thigh but she doesn't seem to care or notice. Kendall cracks open an icy can of Coke Zero and downs it in less than eight seconds. With a crushing fist, she slams the can down amongst the other five expended sodas on the table and belches loudly.

Lucas comes in through the front door and notices the girls on the couch. He barely smiles and ducks his head as he walks towards his room.

"Hey br..." Kendall starts to say but Kimmy shushes her with a subtle pinch on her side. She yelps out and tries to hit Kim but it's deflected.

"Sweatstain! Come have pizza with us!" Kimmy announces cordially but trying to remain inconspicuous. She deflects a retaliatory blow from Kendall while keeping her eyes on Lucas.

"No but thank you though," Lucas relays timidly as he tries to continue on his way to his room, his sanctuary.

"Come on, nutsack! It's your favorite! Suck it up for your new step-sisters." Kimmy barks.

"Uh...okay," Lucas mumbles, he'd never really expected anything like this to happen, almost surprised his step-sisters had, in fact, noticed him.

He sees Kimmy and Kendall sitting with a space between them on the couch but he can feel his member already getting excited about the prospect. He definitely did not want to harbor sexually charged feelings for his step-sisters, and with them it would be too easy.

Kimmy smirks and gives a side eye to Kendall who holds herself back from laughing at the patheticism they're witnessing.

After a moment of hesitation, Lucas takes a seat on the floor at the head of the table. He cautiously grabs a slice from the box and takes a careful bite of the still piping hot pizza.

"So what's good, Pukus?" Kendall tries to recover from her earlier attempt to be non-suspicious. To Kim it's marginally successful as she rolls her eyes at the obviousness.

But Lucas is oblivious and making glances towards the hall to his room, concerned more with leaving this situation than processing it. "Um...yeah not...not much. Uh you?" He says with all the enthusiasm of a text message.

Kimmy chuckles politely, "Actually yes. We happened to be in your room this morning..."

Lucas' fake smile drops from his face, he can feel his heart sink heavily down deep in his chest. He tries to disguise a hard swallow but he worries it's too conspicuous as well as every single possible thing he does. He tries to avoid even blinking as if he could just blend right into the couch and disappear completely.

Kendall grins, "I know what you're thinking but we actually want to help you."

"Hel-...hel-...?" Lucas questions suspiciously, unable to even say the word as his body shakes in terror.

"What the fuck's the matter with you? You got jizz blocking your brain?!" Kimmy jeers. "That's probably it, isn't it? You've got cum blockage from your cleanse and now you need a little pressure release, right?"

"No. No. That's not how it works." Lucas insists. "I have to keep my fluids!"

Kimmy and Kendall bust out laughing. "That's fucking disgusting. You're fucking cum storage!" Kendall blurts out between spouts of hysteria.

"No but, for real, some aversion therapy could do you some good." Kimmy relays as dryly as she can but the facade is quickly breaking.

Lucas stammers as he looks back and forth frantically between the two of them, "Adversion...I don't..."

"Right, you don't," Kendall interjects. "But we can," she talks in such vague terms that she's almost forgets what she's even talking about. She grabs a pill bottle from the table and shakes out a few generic looking tablets. "First, you need to take a couple of these." She cups the pills in her hand and slams it hard against his face. The pills fly into Lucas' mouth stunned agape.

"Now swallow!" She demands. Lucas shakes his head fervently.

Kendall uses her thumb and pointer finger to grab Lucas' nose while her hand seals his mouth shut. She glares down at him. "You swallow and I let go," she proposes to him in his predicament.

As he feels his breath getting short, he gulps enthusiastically to ensure his subordination did not go unnoticed and he could once again draw breath. Kendall finally releases his face from her grasp.

"Good bitch." She turns to her sister, "Now we grab him."

"What?!" Lucas panics but it's far too late as the girls grab both his wrists and ankles and carry him like a prized pig towards his bedroom.

Kimmy asks, "What was that you gave him? Where did you get it?"

"I just buy things off the internet sometimes. It's probably some compulsive mental thing," Kendall remarks honestly.

"You're a fucking mental thing! But what does it do?

Kendall puts a finger to her lips and makes a shushing sound, a wide smile is prominent just behind her knuckles.


The girls count out to three before Lucas is hurled like a sack of potatoes onto his bed. He tries to scramble away but his step-sisters each grab an arm and a leg while working to rip off his T-shirt and shorts. He attempts to fight them off while begging for mercy but they easily subdue him. Within seconds, they have him stark naked and spread eagle on the bed with each limb tied to a corner of his bed.

Kendall wipes the sweat from her brow, "Whew! Aw, how's that little turdmuffin doing?" She rubs a rough finger over Lucas' face. "I bet even your own sisters can get your turned on now, huh? With how backed up you are? Unable to express those...perversions." She takes special pleasure in accentuating the word.

Lucas whimpers softly as his cock starts to dance upward a little. He tries his hardest to fight it with any kind of uninteresting thought he can muster.

Kimmy struts sexily over to Lucas' tied body and hovers her pinky just inches away from his dick that bounces like a Jack Russell to meet her smooth, soft skin.

"Please no..."Lucas whines out, fighting every urge in his body that is quickly flooding straight to his dick looking for a satisfying feeling that it hadn't felt in weeks.

She dips the tip of her finger right onto Lucas' tip for just a moment, he moans out loudly in response as his penis goes wild from the slightest touch.

The sisters laugh wildly watching Lucas squirm to their teasing. "We know all about your desires, fucktard," Kendall taunts. "We know what makes you cum. You didn't make it very hard to find your stash. Though, I guess when you can isolate the directory with the largest collection of video files it becomes pretty easy to find anyone's porn."

Kimmy stands and slowly slips down her bright blue sweatpants with the word PINK embroidered on right on the butt to draw attention like a neon sign.

"Wha-...what are doing?"

She reveals her perfectly prominent posterior for Lucas to appreciate and he can barely fight the temptation, its shape so perfect and so worthy of admiration. Kimmy looks back at Lucas over her shoulder, she says stirringly, "It's therapy, bitch."

Kendall draws back her hand and slaps her sisters butt, the impact makes it ripple softly. "Aw you like that, don't you, shitstain?" She stares at Lucas to watch his reaction as she pulls apart and rubs Kimmy's butt cheeks, putting on a sultry show for her step-brother.

Lucas tries to fight it, he turns his head away and shuts his eyes. But when he opens them again Kendall is hovering her face inches above him as she licks her lip lustfully.

Kelly mocks, "Ooh, look at her luscious lips, dicklicker! Don't you wish you could be making out with lips like that?"

"Ye-..." Lucas moans out before containing himself. But his member betrays his strong mental fortitude as it starts to rise like a flag pole in a hairy war zone.

Kelly is first to notice, "Oh you are getting hard, aren't you, pervert?!"

"No! No..." Lucas tries to dismiss the evidence but it's clear as diamond and almost nearly as hard.

"You definitely are!" Kendall confirms as they both now stare at Lucas' throbbing cock. Their gawking somehow makes it more excited. Kendall quickly pulls down her short red gym shorts and shakes her booty for Lucas, it jiggles a bit more than Kimmy and is just a bit plumper. "Is this what you like, cumwad?"

Their step-brother's dick makes a sudden and rapid direction change to due North as it practically vibrates with excitement despite Lucas' vain attempts to drown them out.

Kimmy sneers, "Aw is that the full staff there, smallfry?"

Kendall joins her in a humiliating laugh at Lucas' fully erect yet tiny member, "I've smoked roaches longer than that thing!"

Kimmy climbs up onto Lucas' bed and sidle up to his cock like it was the horn of a saddle, her pussy lips just barely touching and wetting his aching penis. "In case you didn't pick up on it already, we're not really interested in helping you. In fact, it's quite the opposite," Kimmy admits.

"We're gonna fuck up your sexuality so hard that you're not gonna be able to get hard unless you're doing some disgusting shit," Kendall takes pleasure in imparting.

"What?" Lucas says in shock but the feel of Kimmy's pussy on his dick is too much to fight against as she softly gyrates her hips up and down on his lap to keep stimulating his cock.

Kendall mounts herself back onto Lucas' chest with her butt cheeks facing him, sitting almost like his concave pectorals were made for her perfect round orbs of ass flesh. But the arousingly perturbing sight for Lucas took a sudden turn.

"Oh fuck!" Kendall exclaims while subtly shuffling herself higher up on Lucas' chest. "That pizza is tearing me up inside! I guess we never really did talk about what dairy does to our stomachs, did we, barfbag?" Her stomach gurgles out an audible, disgusting sound that seems more suited to a small drowning whale.

Lucas' pupils dilate, the apparent terror plain on his face as Kendall looks over her shoulder with a wide grin to see him. "Things like that kind of just slip the mind until moments like this, you know what I mean?" She continues to jibe him, ensuring his anxiety is so palpable that she could taste it dripping off him like so much perspiration.

Kendall stops short of his face with Lucas' soft chin appearing to be making a last stand against her ass Goliath. She changes her tone to dry like Bill Lumbergh, "Yeah long story short, we should not have any dairy. At all. Ever." She chuckles once and looks back down at Lucas, "This isn't going to be pretty."

"What isn't...?" His nerves shake beneath his skin as a proxy for his bound limbs. Her ass grumbles again with vivid vibrations that Lucas could feeling bubbling against him. He looks up to meet Kendall's eyes practically glowing with sadistic delight. Lucas weakly shakes his head no, a last ditch effort to plead out to some sliver of humanity in Kendall's soul.


Lucas' face is battered between three massive farts in rapid succession, each carrying their own distinct, inhuman odors that surrounds and penetrates every orifice of his head. "No!" He screams out as his head is engulfed in a heinous mixture of rotting dairy and eggs.

Kendall chuckles villainously as she slides her butt the rest of the way over Lucas' face to seal him in with her potent backside. Kimmy laughs breathlessly, practically falling over herself in hysterics.

As he feels his last hint of fresh slip away under his step-sisters bum, Lucas kicks and bucks in a panicked attempt to release himself from his sisters' captivity. Anything to loosen the ropes or even just slip his wrists out from the knot would be helpful but its useless as he's forced to inhale his first big deep breath inside his sister's ass crack. He immediately gags as the wretched, humid aroma entered his mouth and nose, not as bad as her barrage of farts but he found it significantly unpleasant to say the least.

"Now you're gonna lick my ass, fartface!" Kendall demands, encouraging him with a rough wiggle to push her asshole down to ensure it touches his face, specifically his mouth.

Lucas does nothing at first, too paralyzed by flatulent fragrances and existential terror. Kendall responds to his insubordination with a heavy falling heel to his stomach. He grunts out in pain and exhales quickly into his step-sister's butthole. The feeling gives her an amazing sensation which shivers all the way up her spine with delight.

"Lick it," Kimmy tries to encourage while grasping on hard to Lucas' dick roughly with both hands. She gently pushes forward on his erect joystick to show how painfully she could bend it if she wanted.

Lucas extends a cautious tongue forward and doesn't have to extend far before making contact with Kendall's slimy asshole. His body forces him to recoil in disgust from the toxins.

"That's it! Now do it again, lick it this time!" Kendall rallies excitedly like to a puppy being trained for the first time.

Again Lucas pushes his tongue out, knowing full well the sour taste that waits his tip. Kimmy, for her part, bucks on top of his lap with her moist clit leaking down over her step-brother's shaft.

Kendall softly rocks on Lucas' face to make his tongue actually stroke against her crack like toilet paper. Each successive wipe by his tongue makes Kendall tremble and moan softly in a way she'd never indulged before. She closes her eyes and softly pushes just a little, feeling an intense pressure in her stomach nudging its way out.


"Oops," Kendall says innocently. Kimmy takes a moment to realize what has happened but the moment she does she raves maniacally.

A dense brown liquid splatters over Lucas' face and burns against his taste buds like acid. He shrieks like a burning banshee as his gag reflex goes haywire, repeatedly heaving but unable to expel anything.

Kendall giggles, "Noticing anything? Possibly that you can't throw up? That's thanks to those pills I gave you. Stomach blockers. So whatever we give you, you are gonna keep inside your body no matter what!"

Lucas groans out defeatedly before devolving into a quiet sob beneath his sister's butthole. He has no course of action other than to submit to his step-sisters cruel desires and he'd even have to swallow their waste without the ability to purge their waste from his body. It would be processed like food matter but left over to poison his organs as the shit makes its way through his body.

"Enough crying, shiteater! Eat my shit!" Kendall laughs at the turn of phrase she discovered. Lucas quickly runs his tongue over Kendall's ass crack to try to lick up any latent shit juice for her but the taste is so sharp that he has to force himself to continue by lifting his head up into her ass to uplift his timid tongue to lick up his step-sibling's feces.

"Okay! It's my turn now!" Kimmy says as she hastily slides off Lucas' member left throbbing for more touch. "And I've got just the thing for this pukebucket!"

Kendall slides down towards Lucas' lap and lifts her butt up to just above the negligible height of his dick. With just a little aim, she slams her asshole down over his cock giving his such a euphoric rush that his face can't help but smile for a moment despite it being speckled with Kendall's poop. She continues to slide her tight anus up and down over his cock with just enough enthusiasm to keep him hard.

Kimmy stands on the side of the bed, she stares down at shit-covered Lucas for a moment before hocking back deep within her throat and nostrils. She yanks Lucas' mouth and holds it open with both hands as she brings her face down to his. Kimmy sports a wide grin on her closed mouth before opening it and little her loogie lazily drip down towards Lucas. Each inch closer brings more fight from their step-brother, he tries to turn his head but he can't get free of Kimmy's grip.

Kendall rides his dick with more fervor to try to distract his attention but there's little that could take his attention from the imminent snot wad from slipping past his lips and landing at the back of his throat like a slug.

Kimmy cackles as she watches Lucas' disgusted reaction to her grotesque saliva as it slinks disgustingly down his esophagus. Before Lucas has time to recover, Kimmy tightens her grip on his face and turns her back to face him. She pulls his face to her butt and shoves it in as far as she can make it go in this awkward position.

BRRRRRuuuuummmmppppp! "Eat my fart too!" Kimmy derides Lucas while pummeling him with potent gas for him to inhale straight from her asshole. "Does it taste as cheesy as the pizza did?" She ridicules but still she wonders with a tinge of legitimate curiosity.

Lucas couldn't smell anything beyond pure, unadulterated shit. The smell is like a dirty toilet pressed over his face and held there until he absorbed every single subtle variation of human feces aroma imaginable. He groans loudly, angrily as if to Hulk up his strength but the sisters just chuckle at him dismissively as he tries to boringly tries to break free once again.

"Oh oh! I gotta go! I gotta go! Right now!" Kendall frantically exclaims, feeling her cunt quiver with a need to expel.

Kimmy releases Lucas' perilously panting head and slides over towards his lap but she doesn't mount him this time. Instead she leans over towards his cock and lets out a long, sensual exhale that seems to drive her step-brother's dick wild, it quakes like a Geiger counter needle.

Kendall makes a heavy landing on her butt with each slide forward she makes until she finally plops her pussy right against Lucas' mouth. His eyes burst widely as he can feel her cunt judder with desperation, he winces in expectation.

"You're gonna drink my piss!" She instructs and pushes her privates over his mouth to ensure a tight seal. Without even a moment's hesitation liquids rush from her vagina as she lets go of all her dark colored soda piss straight down Lucas' gurgling throat. "You're are fucking toilet now!" She maligns.

Her step-brothers mouth quickly floods with the burning hot liquid that tastes just a bit like ammonia but Lucas has little real time to process the flavor as it assails his esophagus. As his breathing becomes difficult through the hail of pee his eyes begin to roll back, sputtering and choking on urine. His cock begins to trend downward.

"Don't you fucking go soft on me!" Kimmy challenges as she unthinkingly slides her lips over Lucas' member and rolls it against the insides of her mouth. The action brings Lucas right back to attention so much that he actually dribbles just a little bit of precum unceremoniously out right as Kimmy retreats just in time, avoiding the jizz.

"You're fucking disgusting, buttplug! Oh my god..." she puts a heavy hand over her mouth. "You're making me have to....puke!" She screams accusatorily at him between raunchy heaves.

Kendall quickly rubs her piss-wet cunt over Lucas' face like toilet paper, "Here! Here! Use the toilet bitch!" She offers to her struggling sister as she frees up her step-sibling's face. Kendall hops off to the side of the bed, she grabs him by the neck to hold him and uses her other hand to hold open Lucas' mouth for Kimmy who wretches grossly on the way to his face.

Panicked as he watches his sister getting ready to vomit on him, Lucas tries to turn his head away. He tries to beg and cry, he tries literally anything and everything he can think of to get his step-sisters to stop this right now. Kendall grins and straightens his head for Kimmy who is now on all fours over Lucas with her head right near his own, her mouth aligned right with his own.

Kimmy gags once more and unloads a thick, light brown spew right into his mouth to fill it quickly with the sharply bitter, teeth dissolving refuse from Kim's stomach acid.

He tries turning his head. He tries to beg and cry but it's no use as he watches Kimmy wretch back one more time and spew thick light brown vomit right down his throat, filling his mouth with the sharply bitter, tooth dissolving barf from Kim's stomach acid.

After the expulsion, she pants exhaustedly as she spits out any remaining chunks of solid puke caught around her gums right onto Lucas' face. His body convulses slightly as he continues to gurgle down vomit.

"Isn't it nice when you can get rid of all those toxins, Kim?" Kendall mocks alluding to her stomach blocker pills she forced on Lucas.

"It sure is!" Kimmy overstresses with glee as she yells it right in Lucas' enduring face.


Kendall accidentally interjects with a booming wet fart which she immediately tries wafting into Lucas' face. "Oh man, I think I gotta shit!" She trumpets with a laugh, she climbs back onto her step-brother's bed.

"Please no!" Lucas begs through arid throat as smatterings of Kim's stomach bile continue to drip down from the roof of his mouth.

"Shut the fuck up, shitstain! You're gonna eat my shit right the fuck now!" She snarls as she lines up her shit-wet stinkhole with Lucas' mouth, she callously presses her dirty ass right into his face. "Hold his fucking mouth open!" Kendall barks to Kim. "He's not gonna miss a fucking drop!"

Kimmy can barely get her hands around Lucas' head before Kendall lets go of a thunderous fart that puckers her butthole releasing a slushy spurt of diarrhea straight into Lucas' molested mouth hole. He squalls as the grisly liquid taints his every being with such odious putridity.

FFFrrppp! Another pernicious splatter of shit sprays gassily down his throat, Kendall's fecal syrup slithering its way down to his befouled gut.

Kimmy chuckles in between cringes over smelling the humid aftermath of Kendall's sloppy farts but the majority of the putrescent effects were felt by Lucas between his step-sister's buttcheeks. Kendall looks back at Lucas' dick to see it vibrating like a tiny dildo, edging to explode.

"Kim, he's gonna blow." Kendall whispers. "I'm gonna shit down his throat as nasty as I can give him while you make him spurt nice and long. Make him want my shit." Kendall urges earnestly. Kimmy nods understanding and moves down to Lucas' lap to set up for the most magnificent blow job that she can muster. She slides her mouth down over Lucas' cock which makes him shudder involuntarily. Kim keeps an eye on her sister to ensure she can get the timing just right.

Kendall moans as she bucks on top of Lucas' face like she's riding it but really she is just forcing his face down as deep as it can go into her ass crack, ensuring there's not a possibility of a gap between her shitter and his parched lips.

Lucas wails out but it's rapidly stifled with a deluge of rich shit inundating every available space in his tiny mouth. Kimmy takes this as the signal to start aggressively running her tongue carnally along Lucas' palpitating penis. She ups the pressure a little, following the response of his body until his cock finally juts straight up rocking like an oil derrick about to burst.

Kendall's head rolls back in euphoria as her anus relaxes and unloads a heaping load of her feces right into her step-brother's harrowed throat. She grunts just a little pushing more and more of her thick logs down his throat until she has nothing more to feed him.

Kimmy recoils just in time to watch Lucas' pathetic geyser of jizz seep out like pus from a wound. He coats his own dick and lap in a disgusting shame glaze that is only made worse with the knowledge that it's his step-sisters that made him cum. It's their fault he's broken his mabstinance.

Kendall sighs as she lifts her butt off Lucas' face for the first time in several minutes. Her long, last log plops its tip out over Lucas' lip like a tiny brown tongue hanging from his mouth.

"Ahh that was nice, wasn't it, slut? You can wait there until tomorrow. We'll have to keep at this if we're going to change your preferences permanently,"Kendall giggles rhetorically over Lucas' biologically-battered face as she climbs down from his bed. "If only we'd known you at a younger age," she envisions fondly. "Ah well. Good night," she says with uncharacteristic warmth, as if she hadn't just shat down Lucas' throat.

"Yeah good night, shitface!" Kimmy chaffs with a laugh as they both exit his room and switch off the light leaving Lucas alone for the first time in hours. He rolls his eyes to his binds to see his reddened skin behind ropes that look as tight as they ever did. Closing his eyes only haunts his mind with vivid images of Kimmy and Kendall's ass closing in on his head, it clouds his mind with the pleasant feel of their touch on his cock as the memories continue to race by like a hyperactive slide projector.

The aroma of waste from his loaded mouth wafts to the forefront of his nasal senses to allow him to bask in the rich fecal smell ensuring every fiber of his being remains ever tormented by his step-sisters' assault on his sexual sovereignty.

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