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The Co-ed
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

“Ah…UCLA!” I said to myself. “The co-ed dorms, the……well the co-ed dorms.” Well, Jack you may get your first date here. Yes, you heard right. I am 19 and have yet to have ever had a date. I hoped to change that here in college, oh as well as pursue higher education of course. I walked to the dorm advisors office and got my room assignment. I decided I would walk around the campus and get a feel for everything on my way to the dorm. I walked around the campus, not paying attention to anything ahead of me, when I ran into a beautiful girl. I said excuse me and walked quickly away. I turned around and ours eyes met as she too had looked back to see me. We smiled at each other and then both were off again.

I finally arrived at my dorm room. I opened the door. It was very nice, just like the pictures online. I hoped my roommate was their and that she was female but if not I’d have to get to know a girl some other way. Oh well. I unpacked my stuff and finished about an hour later and still no one came. I decided to watch a little TV. but there was nothing on. I eventually fell asleep.

I opened my eyes, still in a sleepy haze, when I suddenly saw someone staring at me. I jumped up, startled. “Sorry, did I wake you?” The figure said. My eyes finally focused and I noticed it was a girl and not just any girl, the girl I had seen in the courtyard. “Uh…no, I was just resting my eyes.”

“I see,” she said, giggling.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Well, you snore when you ‘rest your eyes’.”

“…well ya…ya got me. I was sleeping.”

“That’s cool. So I guess we are dorm mates, huh?”

“Guess so,” I said.

“Well I guess we better get to know each other. Hi, I’m Caroline, Carol for short.”

“Hi, Carol, I am Jack.”

“Jack, that’s a nice name.”

“I think yours is nice too, Caroline,” I said nervously, kicking myself…that sounded so stupid.

“Just Carol, I prefer it. Plus we’ll be living together so we best get used to being informal.” She started to take off her blouse and then looked at me staring at her. “I was kidding, Jack.”

“Oh.” I said disapprovingly and then cracked a smile. She laughed.

We talked for hours. It was 2:00 a.m. before we retired to our rooms. School was to start the following day and both of us had afternoon classes so we decided to go to breakfast together. Carol didn’t eat much, some toast and a bowl of cereal, and that worried me a little bit but she assured me she had a big dinner the night before. At the Diner, we talked some more. I had found out that her dad left her and her mom when she was 13. She said she didn’t think she could ever trust a man again. I got kinda uncomfortable when she said this but she added that I was rekindling her faith in some guys. We talked and laughed for a long time until finally we had to go our separate ways when we got back on campus.

I had more classes than Carol, so she got back home first. I arrived an hour later. I saw Carol watching TV and decided to sit down next to her. “Hey, what’s on?” I said.

“What else…nothing,” She replied.

“Ya, ya…that’s always the way.”

We sat silently watching whatever was on, changing the channel occasionally. Carol laid her head on my shoulder. I was amazed. I had no idea she felt that comfortable with me. She eventually fell asleep. I could not bear to wake her, so I sleep in that uncomfortable position for her.

I woke up to find that Carol was already up and making herself some breakfast. I joined her and poured myself a bowl of cereal. “Good morning,” she said. I replied with a very tired, incoherent mumble. She just smiled. “Sorry I fell asleep on you,” she said a few minutes later. “You didn’t have to stay there though.”

“Oh, well, I didn’t want to disturb you though.”

“Ah, that’s sweet of you Jack.” She kissed me on the forehead. Wow, I thought to myself. My first kiss from a girl that was not my mom, grandma, sister, or aunt. It was great though it wasn’t a kiss by today’s standards but it was still very nice.

…I came out of my haze, “It’s no problem, Carol.”

“You’re a great guy Jack….” She said, sounding as if she stopped mid sentence.

“But…” I asked.

“No, but nothing. I thought I was going to say more but I could not think of anything.”

I shrugged. I was amazed by Carol’s beauty and the fact that she kissed me after only knowing me for 2 days drove me wild. I felt I was really in love with Carol.

Day’s went by and Carol and I became closer and closer. We told a lot about each other but I always felt like Carol was keeping something back. I let it go and did not let it ruin my fun times with Carol. We had been at UCLA together for 3 months and I felt closer to Carol than any one I knew, including my family. I felt she was really available to talk to and ask for help. She was sweet and she thought the same of me, or at least that is what she said. We spent many nights sitting on the couch, just holding each other watching TV. One night, that all changed. We were on the couch like any normal evening when I noticed Carol shifting uneasily. I asked her what was wrong but she said nothing. She eventually stopped and we spoke nothing of it again. A few minutes later she asked me, “Hey Jack, you look tired do you wanna lie down?” Truth was it was a brutal day at school, all my classes had many, many notes to take down and I was never very good at picking out the important stuff so I wound up writing it all. I took Carol up on her offer. She moved to the nearby chair and allowed me to lay full stretched on the couch. My eyes fluttered softly. I noticed Carol get out of the chair and come toward me but she kept walking. I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up on the couch. I did not see Carol anywhere, nor did I hear her either. I checked the time. 10:00 a.m. She must have gone to breakfast or something. I had to get ready for class.

I returned home feeling very tired again but at least it was Friday. I had never felt so good it was the weekend. I opened the door to find Carol just finishing a plate of something. “Hey, Jack.”

“Hey,” I said, ready to just hit the hay.

“Hey, where are you going?” She asked.

“To bed, I’m beat.”

“Oh not tonight. Tonight let’s play a game.”

“No way.” I didn’t want to be rude but I was bushed. I could barely stay on my feet.

“Alright, Jack,” She finally said, “but you owe me tomorrow.”

“Fine, it’s a date then.” I said, smiling a bit.

I walked in my room and hit the bed and fell asleep.
The next day, I woke up pretty rested. I guess going to bed at 8:00 p.m. can do that to you. I opened the door and saw Carol waiting there anxiously. “Finally! Let’s go time to make your payment for making me wait for our game.”

“CAROL! What are you doing…where are we going?” I asked, scared.

“My room, silly.”

“Wha…what are we gonna do there?” I asked, kinda excited but mostly terrified.

“You’ll see.”

I was dragged to Carol’s room and she told me to get on the bed. She then pulled ropes out of her pocket and proceeded to tie me to the bed posts. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING CAROL!?” I asked, angrily.

“Now, now Jack, this is my game so do try to be a good sport.”

“What is this...some kind of kinky sex game?”

“You wish, Jacky.”

A chill ran down my spine. What was this then? What was she going to do? I already had a feeling I would not like it. Carol finished tying me up and then proceeded to remove her short, shorts, revealing her underwear. I was turned on but could not help but feel scared as well. “You’re a great guy Jack…” she said again, but this time she continued. “…and I almost hate that I have to do this to you.”

“What…do what to me?” I asked, nervously.

She did not speak. She got up on the bed and then proceeded to lower he shapely ass on to my face. I became horribly scared. The face slowly came closer and closer and with it came a pungent aroma of an ass. My body tried to recoil away from the sight and the smell but it could not. I was trapped. Carol’s ass was soon on my head and the pungent aromas all over my face. I had to inhale all of it; there was nothing else to breathe. I attempted to speak, “…*incoherent mumbles*…”

“What, Jack?” She asked. She removed her ass and allowed me to speak.

I gasped for precious breath. I chose my words carefully so as to not anger Carol anymore than I already had, apparently. “Why are you doing this?” I said, in between breaths. “I thought we were friends.”

“Jack, Jack, Jack. I told you I couldn’t trust men.”

“But you said there was hope with me.”

“Oh please, I was just leading you on. If I didn’t you may have left the room and then who would I torture?”

“Why would you want to torture me, or anyone for that matter?”

“My dad left me! He is a bastard and when I find him I will torture him too but till I do I will work on my other goal. Making life a living hell for every man I come in contact with.”

“But Carol, I…”

“Don’t you dare call me Carol! I am now Mistress Caroline to you.”

“Mistress Caroline,” the words left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt debased and degraded. “…I would never do that to you.”

“LIAR! You men are all the same. Sex obsessed, ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em types’.”

“How can you say that? Are you really that ignorant……you… BITCH!?” Oh shit, I thought to myself. That could be a costly mistake. She held all the cards.

She smiled. “Bitch, am I?” She asked, rhetorically. “You’ll see how bitchy I am.” Mistress Caroline got off the bed and went to her desk to get a roll of duct tape. She got a piece and held it in her fingers. She placed her ass over my face and said, “Open wide, Jacky!” She then let out a monster fart right into my mouth. She then quickly got off and placed the tape over my mouth. “Chew on that for a while.” She said, laugh manically. She then placed her ass over my face again, closing off any fresh air. I felt my eyes wince due to the noxious gas that was now lying stagnant in my mouth. I heard a loud rumble above me and soon came another blast from Mistress Carol, BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTT! “Ah, that feels so good. And the smell, oh man. Smell my fart, Jack.” I had no choice in the matter any ways. I was forced to take in the rank smells of Carol’s horrid gas. I tried to remain calm so I could at least breathe a little easier. Calm was not a feeling I could muster up, however, and I panicked as I was running out of air. I thrashed around, crazily, till eventually Mistress Caroline got off my face. “You’re lucky I am so generous as to allow you to breathe.” Oh yes, that is what I thought of Carol, generous. I felt tears well up in my eyes. How could this girl that was so beautiful and so kind turn out to be so mean? Mistress Caroline noticed this and smiled widely. “Oh, poor baby has had enough?” She asked, cruelly. I nodded my head, in hopes of getting compassion. “TOUGH LUCK, JACK! Curse the day you were born a man.!” She quickly got back on my face. Mistress Caroline grunted and arched her back forward. “Come on, I’m gonna fart in your face again.” BPPPPPPPSSSSST! She laughed a little. “Oh, smell it baby! Doesn’t it smell so good, Jack? Don’t you just wanna smell it forever?” I groaned loudly. The smell was awful but I had no choice but to take it in or pass out due to lack of breath but I am sure the Mistress would make me breath somehow. “Oh come on it, can’t be that bad. Oh, I got another one.” PFFFFFTTT! “Oh my god, that was a good one but see, I don’t have stinky farts!” She arched forward again and farted twice in rapid succession. BFFFFFFFFTT! SSSSSSPPPPPFFFT! I screamed and yelled out against the tape, I thrashed around, but it helped none and I was still forced to smell all the gasses that came out of Mistress Caroline. The smells never went away. They hung in the close pocket of air between Caroline’s ass and my face. She shifted herself forward a bit, but it was enough to allow my nose some fresh air. “OOOO…Jack? I gotta fart really bad! Good luck staying conscious, my farty friend.” She laughed out loud as she arched forward. She grabbed my hair, tightly and pressed me hard into her ass. The pain was terrible and I feared for my life as my entire face pressed flush against the cotton underwear. “Oh here it comes, Jack! Here it comes!” PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTT! I tried to break my head free of Caroline’s grasp before the smell hit me but I could not, she was much too strong. She held me tight against her ass and I was forced to take in the rank smell. I heard Caroline laugh loudly and that was the last thing I heard. I was out like a light. Down for the count once she dropped me and my head hit the pillow.

I awoke, in an almost drunken haze. I wondered if all that had been a dream. I looked over to the left and saw a dresser, was it mine? I had no idea. I could not tell. I finally came out of the haze and noticed that yes it was my dresser and to the other side was my computer. I was so glad that this had been a dream, a horrible, horrible dream. A nightmare. I felt pressure around my wrists. I looked up and was horrified by the sight. The ropes! The ropes were still on my wrists…and my legs. I was still tied up but Caroline must have moved me to my room. How or why, I didn’t know nor did I care. What I did care about was getting out of this. I tried to get loosen the knots but it was to no avail. I decided I would just wait until Caroline came back from wherever she was though I doubted I would get anything but more torture from her. I sat, or laid rather, for hours waiting for my most likely doomed fate when Caroline got back.

I had fallen asleep when I heard the door open to my room. “Hey, Jack! Did you have a nice day?” I still had the tape over my mouth so I could not respond. I just stared at her with watery eyes. The pain of what occurred the day before came back to my mind and I began to sob softly. “What’s wrong, Jack? Still not better from yesterday.” She came to the bed and sat near me. She started stroking my hair, lovingly and caringly. I was surprised. How could she be so compassionate after what she had done to me the day before? “I know what will make you feel better.” She walked out of the room and returned with another girl. “This is Mary, she trying to become a high school teacher. I told her that a very important thing to being a teacher, that isn’t taught in school, is good discipline.” My eyes went wide with fear. Caroline continued talking, “So I taught her a good technique and I promised her she could try it on, excuse me, with you.” I struggled again to get free of the restraints, fear still heavy in my eyes as I looked at the both of them. The girls giggled to each other as they saw my struggle. They knew it was useless and I knew it too but my body refused to let me do nothing. I thrashed and banged around but I could not get loose of the ropes. “Don’t worry so much, Jack,” Caroline said as she removed her tight pants. Mary was a bit more conservative it seemed, she remained fully clothed in her black skirt and white dress shirt, much like the one’s men wear. “…Mary doesn’t hate men, she just needs to learn to discipline and you should be extremely willing to help her.” She smiled, like she didn’t even believe the BS she was spitting out. I stopped thrashing, I had noticed my right hand was free but I had to make it look like it was still being held by the ropes. “There now, isn’t that better?” Caroline asked. I didn’t respond. Any odd reaction might tip them off to the fact that my hand was free. I continued my sad and fearful expressions but I wondered to myself, what was I going to do? I mean this was an incredible opportunity. My hand was free! I decided that I would choke Mary after she farted a few times. That way, there would be less suspicion and the girls would be a little more settled. “Alright Mary,” Caroline said, “Show him how you deal with miss behaving students.” Mary nodded, shyly. In many ways it seemed as if she did not want to be here and regretted what she was about to do. She draped her skirt over my head and planted her ass on my face. I was immediately choking. The smell inside the skirt was horrid, worse than the farts by Carol it seemed, and this was just her ass. I could not breathe at all. My hand itched to put my plan into action but I refrained. I struggled foe life under Mary for at least 30 minutes. To my luck she did not fart once but I didn’t care, her ass was lethal enough. I felt Mary shift a bit and then, PPPT! She giggled a bit but Carol obviously was not happy. “What the hell, Mary? You aren’t going to torture anyone that way. Here, let me show you how it is done.” I thought to myself, Carol was right, Mary would not get anywhere with that but…oh fuck what the hell am I thinking, I am the one who has to endure any shit these girls think of. Mary got off my face and I breathed heavily. I could not image the horrid gas that that ass would expel. Caroline got on my face quickly and almost immediately arched forward and BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTT! “Ahhhh! See now Mary that is how you fart! How was that Jack? I know you have been waiting for that.” I thrashed around, to keep my act up plus I really did want to get out from under this ass. The smell was awful but I still feared what Mary could produce more. My hand wanted to push this bitch off me but I continued to hold it. I had to bide my time. “Oooo, I got one more.” PPPPPFFFFFFFTT! “Ah! Now let’s see you Mary.” Carol got up, gently patted my face and the got off the bed. Mary got on again and I found myself, again, very short of breath. It was amazing how bad it smelled under her skirt and under her ass. It was superhuman! I fought to stay conscious as I prepared my hand for its important mission. I could see nothing so aim would be important but also very hard. Unexpectedly, Mary arched forward and began farting relentlessly. PFFFFFTTT! BSSSSSFFFFFT!! PSSSSSST! BFFFFFSSSSPPPPPTTT! She laughed manically as I breathed in her lethal gasses. Oh my god were they rank! My eyes became teary under the horrid smell. I screamed, I groaned, I thrashed around, I did anything I could to escape her ass. What could I do to end this torture? My mind rattled in panic as I felt unconsciousness knocking on my door. The smell was overpowering, I could not think straight. I finally remembered my hand was free. I thought to myself, this is it Jack, don’t mess up or who knows what these sadistic bitches will do to you. I realized that choking was out because she was arched over, and there is no way I could reach her neck. I tried to convince myself to wait but I could not. The smell was too much, it was unbearable. I had to work my plan now! I slipped my hand slowly away from the rope. Carol must have stepped out of the room or didn’t notice because she said nothing. I reached out for Mary’s ass and pushed it as hard as I could away. She fell forward and I was able to breathe again. Carol, who apparently was in the room, was pissed. I realized there was a flaw in my plan. There were two of them and I could not fight off both. I tried to free my other hand but before I could Carol ran out of the room and returned with a roll of duct tape. She retied the ropes and then taped my hands and wrists to it as well. “You son of a bitch! Don’t you dare touch me or any of my friends! You are in servitude to us, slave so get used to it and don’t you dare forget it. You will stay under our asses as long as we say and smell every fart that comes out of our asses.” The anger in her voice was hugely apparent and I feared what she would do to punish me for this act of insolence. Carol told Mary to leave the room and wait for her in the living room. They were planning something big I could tell but before I could continue to think, I soon had Carol’s ass on my face pressed down harder than ever before. She was completely bare ass. Carol sat for less than 30 seconds before she started her own barrage of farts. PSSSSSSSSSSSFFFFFTTTT! BPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTT! BFFFFFFFFFFFFT! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFSSSSST! “Ahhhh, take that you bastard! But this will not end your torment, oh no! When you wake up tomorrow, you will be in a real hell.” The smell was awful; I could not bear to stay conscious against this. The smell would have me out in seconds. Everything soon became dark, well darker, and I was out like a light.

I opened my eyes to find I was still seeing total darkness. I panicked a bit; I didn’t know what to think. I relaxed a bit and soon realized my arms where not bound and neither were my legs. Oh, it really all was a dream I thought myself. I felt a bit of comfort flow over me but I was still a little afraid because I could not see. I suddenly thought I heard giggling and a few seconds later the darkness went away. My eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the light but when they did I screamed out loud, I had no tape over my mouth so I could scream fully. Above me hung to asses, which I assumed to be Carol and Mary, and looking to my sides, I noticed I was in some glass chamber. I screamed over and over again. I had to get out of here. They were going to kill me! Carol eventually got sick of it and put tape over my mouth again. “Damn Jack, I try to give you an inch and you just make me take it away! So how was the nap?” I looked at her angrily and accusingly. “Oh come on Jack, this is all your fault any ways. If you hadn’t had pushed Mary I would not have put you in here. Now prepare to enjoy both our gasses at once.” My fearful expression came back and I soon began sobbing. The girls just laughed. Soon, the horror began. Farting in succession, farting one after another, just farting was all these girls did. I rocked my head back and forth trying to get out of this horrid nightmare but it wasn’t a dream, it was all too real. I never left that box again. The girls never did either. They left only one day, finals day for their classes. I was not allowed to go. I failed every single class. The girls gave me a hell of a torturing after finals, to relieve their stress they said to each other. My mother came to pick me up some weeks later. I was to leave UCLA and join a community college near my home. When my mother got to the door, Carol came in and got me. She helped me up, but set me on my knees. She pulled down her pants and BPPPPPPTTT! “Farewell Jack! I am sure we will meet again.” She smiled. She yanked off the tape and sent me on my way. On the ride home, my mom did not talk to me except for once, “God Jack, you stink!”

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