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The Bust: Part 2
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

This story is based on the alternate ending of The Bust

“Be sure to wear these,” Ray joked as they looked at the gas masks he threw. The arresting officers had done as they were told but as they got farther from the crime scene they decided foolishly to remove them. Tanya had been waiting for just this moment as she let lose a lethal SBD. She watched as the officers sniffed the air and then banged on the windows and doors to get free of this gaseous prison. She watched as the two officers fell unconscious and the car slowed to a stop. She was already out of her cuffs and then she picked the lock on the door. She threw the drivers out and onto the side of the road in a ditch. She hopped into the driver’s seat, farted, and headed back for town.

Meanwhile, back at the local police station Ray was being praised for his work finding and cracking down on this crime syndicate being run by the precinct’s very own chief. It was a big surprise to say the least. After a small party, Ray hung up his gun in his locker and went home that night feeling great and was even happier about his promotion to chief which would occur officially in 7 days and right now he had been given a well deserved, week’s vacation. He had always forfeited his vacations and holidays but this one he decided he would take; besides they kind of forced it on him.


I arrived at my door, opened it, and entered my dark apartment. I went for the light switch but was stopped when I heard…”Well, hello Raymond.” Oh no, I thought to myself. I knew that voice. I knew it all to well. I flipped the switch and just as I had expected Tanya was sitting there on my couch, in the same attire she wore when she was arrested earlier today. The only addition was she was holding a gun in my direction. “You didn’t think they could hold me did you? Hell! They couldn’t even hold me for a whole day.”

“You bitch!”

“Now, now, is there really a need for profanities? Aren’t you glad to see me again? We were split on such poor terms and I was hoping to make amends.”

“You can do that once you are behind bars, those are the only amends you are going to make.” I went for the phone to call someone to pick her up but Tanya tripped me. I hit the ground hard. I quickly turned around but Tanya was already right above me and from the floor stared up at her evil and scheming eyes.

“What do you think you are doing, Ray? You think I am going to just go quietly, just let you turn me in without me batting an eye? I don’t think so. And, what’s more, what makes you think I can’t escape that car too? Whatever happens Ray, I have sworn to pay you back for ruining my life and I won’t stop until yours is ruined as well.”

Fearfully and also sarcastically I asked, “So what, you gonna kill me?”

“No, that would be too easy. I am going to make you suffer.” Tanya laughed evilly, almost like a cartoon villain. My time with Tanya flooded back to my memory and played before my eyes. I became afraid. I wasn’t sure how I was getting out of this one. She couldn’t twist me around her fingers like all the others but she could still torture me to no end. What had happened before was happening again.

“You won’t get away with this! What ever it is, you’re not going to!” I screamed.

“Oh, believe me Ray, I will. I will.” She had a tone of total assurance that scared the living day lights out of me. Whatever she had planned, she was sure it was going to happen.

“Now, since you are already in a good position lets start what do you say? Be a good slave now and sniff my farts.” I remained silent looking at her with a building rage.

“Now see,” she said, “this is where you say ‘As you wish, mistress.’” My lips remained sealed. I attempted to get up from my laying down position but she pushed me back onto the floor.

“No? Well how bout now?” She kicked me hard on the side of my chest. The pain was intense. “NOW SAY IT!”

Meekly and angrily I said, “As you wish, mistress.” The words were not even above a whisper.

“What was that?” She asked. “I don’t believe I heard you.”

“As you wish, mistress,” I said, louder this time.

“Good slave.” I watched as she removed her tight pants and cast them aside. She brought her underweared ass to my face and sat full weight on my face. The smell of her ass was instantly recognizable. She got herself situated on my face and finally turned her head around and looked down into my uncovered eyes. “Ooo...feeling so gassy today.” She looked up at the ceiling and then she farted a mighty blow. PRRRRAAAAAP!!! I did my best to hold my breath but it was no use and in to time I was sniffing the horrible fart. My mouth was sealed by the force of her ass so breathing through my mouth was not an option. She laughed as she rubbed my face with her scent. Within minutes she farted again and then once again and soon after I fell unconscious.

I woke up on my knees. My hands were tied behind my back and my mouth was taped. Tanya was sitting right near at my dining table. She turned around and sighed. “Finally, I thought you would be asleep forever.” She got up from her chair. I saw she was wearing nothing at all. She quickly got on my face and sat like I was a chair. My nose slipped into ass and immediately smelled the horribly pungent aromas within. My body could not hold her weight and I began to sway a bit. “Now don’t drop me or you will regret it later.” I feared what she would do to me if I dropped her so I held her up as best as I could. After a few minutes of sniffing her rank ass she let lost a powerful SBD. The smell was the worst I had ever experience and my body force me to get her off me by any means necessary. I shook her off violently and she fell to the ground. “Oh that is it you bastard!” I tried to run but she grabbed my hair and jammed my face in near ass as she sat crab style. She farted another horrible blow. This one was even worse than the last and I fought to get free but she held my head tightly. My legs kicked and my body trashed to escape the horrible smell but all was futile. She threw my unconscious head to the ground.

When I woke up I was scared to realize I was in my closet. I noticed a sizable hole in the door and I looked out to see a portion of my apartment. I tried to open the closet door but it was locked which was strange because it didn’t have a lock. I waited for a few minutes when I finally heard my front door open. I peaked out the hole and saw Tanya. She walked out of view but I heard her fart once. I heard her footsteps approach the door. She opened the door and saw me inside. “After this, you are going to wish you didn’t throw me off your face. You like the job I did on your door? Sure, it’s not a perfect circle down here but it’s big enough to get the job done. And this lock, well that is just quality workmanship.” I mumbled for her to stop this against the tape but it was in no way discernable under the tape. She laughed and slammed the door and I heard a sliding lock click. I heard a belt coming off outside the door and then a bare ass poked through the hole. I stared at it in horror. For some reason, seeing it was scarier than being closely pressed against it. Within seconds she was firing a non-stop barrage of farts into the tight room. I held my breath for as long as possible but soon I needed air but to my despair the air was quickly being tainted, tainted with the smell of Tanya’s rancid farts. The room filled with her gas as she just keep blowing fart after fart into the small room. My eyes began to tear. I beat against the door, I screamed for her to let me go but she would not stop her endless barrage. My body, weakened now, slid to the ground as things became dark. She fired one final and huge blast into the tiny compartment BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT and I was out. My body slumped to the side and laid rest against the closet wall.

I woke up to find myself still in darkness. I felt around to and realized I was still in the closet. Suddenly a fart rang out from in front of me. The smell was rank. Did I wake up during Tanya’s last session or is this a new day? I had no way of knowing nor did I care when more farts blasted into my gaseous prison. My body choked for real, clean air but all it got was more and more farts of pure and horrible methane. I was too weak to fight it, too weak to struggle. After gaining consciousness for no more than 2 minutes I fell back into my deep sleep.

I awoke and when my eyes finally focused I realized I was in the light. I tried to get up off the floor where I lay on my stomach when I felt myself being pulled up by my hair. A hand swept behind my head and pressed me into the flesh of what I believed to be Tanya’s ass. She held me tight against her bare ass. “Closing time, Ray. After this you will be fully in my power.” Heh…I scoffed at the idea, she may be torturing me but there was no way I would be her true slave. She farted a horrible rude sounding and loud fart that when straight into my nostrils. The smell was oddly beautiful but at the same time, deadly and awful. It was like nothing I had experienced with her. My mind went insane and my body convulsed. Tanya let me go and I fell to the floor, and gurgled into unconsciousness.

I woke up in darkness. I was not in the closet but in my home but the night had taken over the day. I got up and turned on the light to find Tanya’s gun was left on the coffee table. I picked it up, checked for bullets, there were 2, and explored my apartment. Tanya was no where to be found. I returned to the coffee table to see a new paper article. It wouldn’t have caught my eye on a usual occasion except this on had my name. “Police Officer Raymond Newfork murders 2 local officers.” I was shocked by this. I had never killed anyone, much less a police officer. I looked for the officers shot. One was Dan Fredrick, a good friend of mine, and the other was Charlie Vermine, an up and coming recruit that showed a lot of potential. I could not believe it, two officers from my precinct were dead and the paper accuses me of the crime! How could this have happened, how could this be? I thought back but the only thing that came to my mind was Tanya saying I would be in her power now. That had to be it! Tanya had done something to me! I had to find her; I had to clear my name! I stashed the gun in my waistline and ran out the door and to the street.

I ran through the streets for hours searching for Tanya. I wanted rid of her. I wanted to deal with her, permanently and I was going to do it! My mind raced with a thousand thoughts a second but I would not be swayed from my goal. Tanya had to die! Die at any cost. Suddenly red and blue lights appeared ahead of me. The car stopped short of where I stood, frozen now. A figure stepped out of the car. It was Tanya! “Freeze!” She screamed.


Ray smiled as he pulled his gun and pointed it at the figure. “Good bye forever Tanya,” he whispered. The figure didn’t hesitate and fired two shots into Ray’s chest. He went down. The figure ran to him and checked his vitals. Ray weakly looked at the officers face. He realized it was not Tanya at all but another officer. “Oh my god,” he said weakly. In his last breath he said, “She had me…she had me,” as he faded into death. His struggle with Tanya was finally over.

Ray went to the grave a murderer and no one questioned that Ray had committed those crimes. Ray’s honor and recognition was in ruins, not that it mattered to him now any ways.

After Tanya left Ray that night no one had seen her after that. It was assumed she had fled the country but no one can truly be sure she is not somewhere. Somewhere hiding, preparing to strike again.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.