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The Bust: Part 1
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 31st, 2005

I have always wanted to be a cop. It was practically in my families genes to become police officers. I mean my father was a cop, his father was a cop, and even my older brother was now an officer of the law. Finally, around my 21 st birthday, it was my turn and I passed all the tests with flying colors just as my family members before me. I was assigned to a precinct in a medium size town but was growing fast. With the growth though, came problems with crime and that is where I came in. Like all cops who just start out, though, I had to begin as a street officer but that was ok, I was sure I would work my way up the ranks. For months, I was praised for my fine work cleaning up crime in that small wannabe city and I was well on my way to a promotion though I feared my boss would have none of it. I met my chief upon entering the precinct that first day and in her office sat a hot woman of 30 or so with all the right assets. Her beauty was goddess like and I could not help but stare at her and her scantily clad attire and tight fitting clothes. This got me in the trouble the first day but I could not help it, she was just so HOT! I was lectured about harassment almost daily and she always said she would fire me but I was the best man on the force. Now, months later and on the brink of a promotion, I feared she would block my attempts at one. I was called into her office a few days later.

“Ray, I have seen your fine work in your filed paper work and you are clearly well liked by every officer in this precinct, so it may be high time for a promotion.”

“Really ma’am?” I asked humbly, knowing damn well I deserved that promotion. “I am honored.”

“Well you're not there yet. I need to you to take on this case for me. It is on a need to know basis so you will be going alone.” She handed a file to me and I walked out of the office with it and to my desk. The file talked about a building uptown a ways that is assumed to be the location of a major crime ring. The building has been under surveillance for 2 weeks and the file has an exact time frame for me to sneak in, gather the evidence, and phone in back up for take down. I liked the sound of this assignment, very James Bond esc, and I loved Bond movies. I looked at my watch and noticed the time to leave was now. I hoped in my car and drove to the location.

I arrived in the neighborhood and discreetly parked the police car a few blocks down. I walked around into an alley and scoped out the back entrance of the building. I noticed a couple of men leaving my building, hop into a car and speed off. Now was my chance. I ran to the door and remarkably found it unlocked. I walked it, gun drawn. I closed the door behind me, took a few steps forward when I felt someone grab at my neck and I soon felt a gun on my back. I had been caught! I was lead in this horribly uncomfortable position to a room where I was hurled in and the door locked behind me. If my grandfather could see me now, what would he do? He would disown me that is what, I thought to myself. How could I, a damn good cop with a load of experience, be caught and jailed like one of the scum I pick up off the streets. What was this place even that had prison type cells but more like dungeons? I did not notice who had brought me here but I doubt that mattered at all. This must have been something really big we stumbled upon here and now I was caught up in it. I feel into sleep a few hours later.

I woke up, sleepily, and when my eyes finally focused I noticed a bare ass in my face. I moved to get away from it but I soon noticed I was bound with my wrists and my ankles. I tried to scream out for help but it soon became clear that my mouth was taped shut. Needless to say, I was horrified. The ass now moved away slightly and I saw the woman behind it.

“Oh good, your awake. I got tons of gas for you to smell.” What the fuck?! I thought to myself. Smell her farts? What the hell did that mean? Was it some kind of code? I figured not as the ass descended to my face and sat on it. She let out a sign of relief as she sat full weight. The pungent aromas of her ass soon filled my nostrils and I began to find it hard to breathe. The smell was rank and after a few seconds I began to gag quite a bit. It was no use though; the woman would not budge off her perch on my face. I thought I had seen the worst of it until she leaned slightly to one side a fart ripped out from her backside. PFFFFFFFTTT! My eyes watered under the stench of it and I knew I had entered hell. A hell that may never have an end. Struggling to stay conscious under the noxious odor I thought about when the chief would call backup to help me. I figured it could only be a few hours before she had noticed I had not come back but I could not be positive. Another butt bomb hit as consciousness began to leave me but I was saved as the woman leaned to the side far and allowed me fresh air. I breathed it in as if my life depended on it. I was so happy for her kindness as I breathed deeply the fresh air but she betrayed me, but what could I expect from my tormentor, as she farted a mighty blast in this position and lowered herself quickly to her position on my face and grinded her ass. PBBBBBBBFFFFFFFFTTTT! She sighed loudly as if that was a great relief but for me it was a great torture. The smell could have been deadly to any normal man but I had police training making the smell, much to my dismay, horrid but tolerable. This lasted for hours and hours. In the end she leaned far forward, lifted my head from the back and pressed it deeply into her ass. She breathed in deeply and farted loudly, multiple times. PBBBBBFFFFFFFFFTTT! PSSSSSSSSSTTT! BBBBBBBRAAPPT! I cried out in pain as I was forced to smell this horrid stench. She let go of my head, which hit the concrete floor hard. The woman got up, off my face laughing evilly as I passed into unconsciousness. My life in hell had begun.

I awoke in an upright position in some kind of small, dark chamber. I reached my hand out but it only went a few inches in each direction. The space was so enclosed my hands could barely leave the sides of my body. I began to panic, being a bit of a claustrophobia sufferer. I screamed out for help and to my surprise it came. Well not exactly. A few seconds after my screaming had began a hatch opened above me and artificial light shone through to my confined compartment. I looked up to see another latex clad woman above me, looking down and smiling. She said nothing but soon walked away and returned again. Within seconds, 4 asses lined the top of my chamber and I soon realized that they were not here to rescue me. In the few seconds before the barrage had started I wondered why this was happening to me. I was no where near the answer when I was soon hit by a powerful stench. The asses had begun their farting and I was going to be force to take in all of them. I had a small bit of relief, breathing through my mouth which was no longer tapped but it was no big help. PFFFFFFFTTT! PSSSSSSSSSSSTTT! FFFBBBBBBBTT! That was all I heard as I scraped my already stubble nails against the metal prison walls as I slowly slipped into insanity. With one finally and almost simultaneous blast from above I was back into a deep sleep.

I was rudely awakened the next morning by a pair of domes who dragged me out of my cell and down a long corridor which lied a lonely door. My escorts joined me inside where I was hit by a blindingly bright light. I stared at the dark figure sitting there but I could not make it out. The lights finally dimmed and I saw her!

“It’s you!” I exclaimed.

She laughed manically as I blinked my eyes in disbelief. The head of this place was none other than Tanya, the chief of my precinct. “That’s right Ray. Everything that happened to and will happen to you here is my doing. I run this location as an underground femdom and S and M place for money. But I didn’t lead you here for your own sexual pleasure. No! I need you to do my bidding for me.”

“Like what?” I asked angrily. I was still shocked by this whole revelation.

“Well, just odd jobs. Steal some of these, or whack that guy. The whole kit and caboodle.”

“Fuck you! No way am I doing your dirty work.”

“Oh but Ray I think you are. Think back to the past few hours here. Let’s see if this refreshes your memory.” Tanya proceeded to remove her leather pants and expose her perfect bare ass. I was soon reminded, far too visually, of the horror of the first night I spent here.

“So…I can take it. I am a police officer, and as such I can adapt to anything.”

“You may be right. You can adapt to her and probably a whole firing squad of other women but I don’t think you can handle me Ray.” My eyes went wide as her still bare ass approached me. I looked back at the guards at the door and noticed there were not very attentive at the moment so I made a break for it. They grabbed me before I even got outside the room. They brought me back to Tanya where she stood looking at me in a laughing displeasure.

“My my Ray…what scared of poor little me’s farts?” I didn’t care to answer and no longer had the chance as the guards pushed me to the floor, held my head back, and Tanya sat on my upturned face like a chair. The smells of her ass were awful but nothing worse than I had experienced earlier. This position was almost completely tolerable at least…for a while.

Suddenly, Tanya’s stomach began to churn and churn and I knew I was in for something. Her portal opened and expelled gas of a horrid nature with a most obnoxious sound. PPPPPPPPPPBBBBBBFBFFBFBFBFBFFTTTT! The air rushed to my face and I smelled nothing right away so I thought I was off the hook. Wrong! The smell hit a few seconds later and was the foulest stench ever. I coughed and gagged myself over and over again but could get no relief from the smell. Suddenly, Tanya got off my face and I feel to the ground.

“How you feelin’ Ray?”

“Uh…alright…what just happened?”

“You took a little spill and fell there.”

“If you say so, my queen.” Holy shit! What the fuck did I just say to Tanya? My queen? Why would I do that to someone who just drowned me in her horrid ass gas? I suddenly felt woozy and feel back to the floor.

“You alright Ray?” Tanya asked, seemingly worried.

“Ya…I’ll be fine. Any ways, I think you wanted me to do something?” All rebellious thoughts against my queen ended as I stared up at her like a dog waiting for the next command. She obliged, and petted my head.

“Yes. Ray, go to the jewelry store down the street and get me that diamond necklace in the window.”

“As you wish, mistress.” She shooed me away. I walked out of the warehouse building and walked down the street to Johnson’s Jewelry Emporium. I, without thinking twice, broke the glass and grabbed the necklace. I soon arrived back at the warehouse where Tanya greeted me with joy as she saw the necklace.

“Oh Ray! You are the best! You’ve earned this.” She lowered me to my knees and planted her ass on my face and farted loudly. I pressed my nose hard against her nude buttocks and took in every single bit of wonderful odor. I was in heaven.

And that is how things stayed. I remained at my queen’s side doing her will and sucking up her farts on command but I enjoyed both. But the farting had to be best!


Alternate Ending…

“As you wish, mistress.” She shooed me away. I walked out of the warehouse building and walked down the street to Johnson’s Jewelry Emporium. I could still not believe she bought that act. I walked to my car first and put out an all points bulletin for all cops to come to the warehouse location. I then, without thinking twice, broke the glass and grabbed the necklace. I soon arrived back at the warehouse where Tanya greeted me with joy as she saw the necklace.

“Oh Ray! You are the best! You’ve earned this.” She lowered me to my knees and was about to lower herself upon my face when I heard someone shout, “FREEZE!” Within seconds, Tanya was down and cuffed and I was free. The officers put her in their car and prepared to drive off when I threw them something from their trunk.

“Be sure to wear these,” I joked as they looked at the gas masks I threw.


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