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Author: Closet Fetishist
Original Idea By Rune

Written: January 12th, 2008

Based on Giantess Tara by Rune

"Fuck...." Curt said, dragging out the word to exemplify his irritation.

He was late for work, again. This would be his fourth time this month and needless to say, his supervisor would have his ass. Curt quickly threw on some clothes that were lying around, a plaid shirt and some jeans. He raced out the door and rushed down the complex stairs, losing his footing halfway down and falling to the apartment lobby. He would limp, hurriedly, the five blocks to the bookstore.


The stupid bell door chimes rung as Curt entered.

"Curt, you 're..."

"Don 't even start, alright." He said, cutting off Tara.

Tara is his boss. She isn 't really a manager but being senior employee, she was allowed to order Curt around but, even if she wasn 't Curt would still be subservient to her. Tara was quite an intimidating woman standing at a full seven feet tall to Curt 's six foot three inches. Despite her menacing stature, however, Tara had a beautiful face and curves to die for.

"Okay, well then...why are you limping?"

"Cause I fell down the fucking stairs, alright? You happy now?"

"Hey, don 't cop your attitude with me, go share it with the piles of boxes in the store room."

"Go to hell!"

"I 'm sorry, I don 't think I heard you right," Tara said, aggressively as she grabbed Curt 's hair and pulled him closer to her. She then, turned him around and put her foot on his ass and kicked him through the door to the store room where he hit the cement floor with a soft thump. "Now get to work!"

He gave her the finger, as Tara shut the door, and then turned to get on with his new assignment, organizing the store room.

Despite their fighting, Tara and Curt got along quite well. They were a lot like brother and sister in a way; one moment they 'd be at each other 's throats and the next they would be on the couch watching wrestling together.


Tara ' s fingernails tapped repeatedly on the glass display case as she flipped through whatever new magazine came in today. It didn 't matter the subject, she was just bored as hell. Mondays were always terrible and the lack of any real major book release had made the store a veritable ghost town. After reading through an issue of The Official XBOX Magazine, Tara had known more than she ever wanted to about Ghost Recon and yet somehow, amazingly, she was still bored. She decided her time would be better spent surfing the internet. She sat at the desk and wiggled the mouse a little to get the computer off stand by mode. Tara opened up the internet browser and started to type 'www.s ' when she noticed an odd website url in the pull down box.

"" She said to herself, curiously.

She clicked the url and was transported to a lovely site where she was greeted, front and center, with a picture of a woman 's ass sitting on a man 's face. She grinned a bit at the sight and dove a little deeper into this new world she had just entered. Tara was so awestruck by this odd face sitting ritual that she had to save an image and show her friend Jenna later. She right clicked and clicked 'Save ' which brought up a folder named with a random assortment of letters but the folder was blank. Tara found this a little odd so she clicked the 'Up One Level ' button repeatedly until she found where this oddly named file was. It turned out that it was located in the 'My Music ' folder in 'My Documents, ' however, it was buried in at least five blank folders. Tara saved her image to the desktop and then tracked down this folder. When she opened it, just like before it was empty. She went into the options and selected 'Show Hidden Files ' and clicked 'Apply ' and, like a bomb, hundreds of images of females sitting on men 's faces appeared. Some men were being sat on, some where being pulled into the asses, and others seemed to be sniffing female ass willingly. Tara laughed openly at what she was seeing.

"Wow, Curt is some pervert," she said, out loud.

"Did you say something?" Curt yelled from beyond the door.

"No, just keep working, idiot!"

Curt muttered something inaudibly.

Tara then found a folder marked 'Videos '

"Oh this should be good."

Tara scanned around, looking at the various still thumbnails from these movie files. She eventually settled on one. It showed a woman on a purple couch sitting on a guy 's face. About thirty seconds in, she rose up a bit to let him breathe. Tara was about to click away when she saw the woman get up again, presumably, to let the man breathe again but apparently the woman wanted to fart in the guy 's face! Tara found this utterly hilarious especially as the woman sat back on the guy 's face right after farting, no doubt with the full stink on her still.

"So this is what Curt likes, women sitting on his face and blowing farts up his nose." Tara sat thinking for a bit. "Let 's see if I can 't give Curt what he wants," she said, a wide smile crossing her face.


Curt continued to move heavy boxes back and forth about the room. He had made some headway but the room was still a disaster. The door to the store room opened.

"Hey Curt, I 've locked up. There 's no point in sitting here all day, no one is coming."

"How are you going to explain it to Joe if he happens to come by and check in?"

"Please," Tara scoffed, "Joe hasn 't stopped by in months. He only shows up to pick up his money and he isn 't expecting any today. Don 't worry about him."

"So what are we gonna do?"

"Well, maybe we could go to my place? Hang out a bit?"

"Sure, whatever." Curt put down the box he had been holding, right at his feet. "Let me just grab my stuff."

Curt turned to get his wallet and keys off the boxes in the corner. He quickly turned around and tripped over the box he had just set down.

"What an idiot," Tara said to herself as she locked the storeroom door behind her.

"What are you doing?" Asked Curt from the floor.

Tara ignored him and walked toward his laid out body. He held out a hand for her, apparently wanting her to help him up but, instead, she smacked his hand away and assumed a squatting position, her sizable ass hovering inches away from Curt 's face.

"What the fuck, Tara?!" Curt asked, from under the shadow of Tara 's ass.

"I know you like this, so shut your mouth and start sniffing."

"Wha...sniffing? What do you mean? Get up!"

Tara sighed, disappointedly, "Oh Curt, you should have just done what I 'd asked you."


Curt was cut off when Tara 's ass descended onto his face with the full weight of this big woman, all pressing now on his head.

"Now sniff!" Tara commanded.

Curt wiggled around under the large woman above him trying to get free but, eventually he realized had no choice but to breathe and wait this out.

Tara laughed contently, "That 's nice. Keep doing...Oh!" Tara suddenly exclaimed with glee, "Curt, you are gonna love this."

Tara ' s face turned to struggle as she grunted, softly, to produce a long, stinky fart right in Curt 's face. PRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

As the putrid air escaped her cheeks, she smiled a truly devilish smile.

"Sniff it! Sniff it all!" Tara growled, before sitting even harder on Curt 's face.

Curt squirmed about, trying to buck his way out of his predicament but Tara would have none of it. Eventually, he started sniffing the fart deeply. Tara watched as Curt 's johnson sprung, rapidly, into the upright position. She laughed at this as she continued to feel him inhaling her farty gas.

"Whoa buddy, we can 't do that here. You 're gonna have to wait," she said, giggling.

Tara bent forward slightly and with minimal effort she unleashed a loud and extra stinky fart, courtesy of the garlic-cheese bites she had been snacking on earlier. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Ahhh! That 's a nice one, eh Curt?"

Curt was already starting to fade and within another few seconds he was out.

"Sweet dreams, fart slave," Tara said, sweetly, to the unconscious Curt.

Tara unlocked the store room door and the front door and then returned to drag Curt out of the bookstore and into her car.


Curt open his eyes to find two large figures staring back at him

"Holy shit! What the..." Curt exclaimed, startled.

He tried to back up away from them but he soon realized his wrists were handcuffed in front of him and his feet bound as well. He also soon found out he was in nothing but his boxers.

"Hey there, sleepy head. Look who dropped by." Tara said to Curt, from about seven feet away, vertically, from his position on the floor.

Curt took a closer look at the other figure. It was Samantha, Tara's best friend. Amazingly, Sam was also large in stature, standing at about six foot nine inches.

"Hey Sam, I 'd wave but I seem to be a bit tied up at the moment," Curt said, trying to make light of what was no doubt going to be very painful even if he didn 't fully understand it yet.

"That's good, make jokes because in a few seconds you are gonna wish this was all just one big joke."

"What is it then?"

Tara ignored him and talked to Sam instead, "I've had one go already, you go ahead."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure, go for it."

Samantha took a standing position above Curt's head but she still wavered.

"Don't you think I'm gonna hurt him."

"No, you're not. Don't worry, just sit," Tara said and with a push to her friend, Sam came down, squarely on Curt's face, like a ton of bricks.

"Ohhhh," Curt could be heard, faintly, from under Sam's ass.

"See, he's fine."

Sam started laughing, "This is fun. I can feel him breathing in my ass."

"Yeah, it's a great feeling! You know what's even better though?"

"What?" Sam asked, excited.

"Ripping a nice, big fart in his face!"

Sam laughed with Tara for a few seconds and then suddenly became very serious, "Really?"

"Oh yeah, it's tons of fun."

Curt issued some mumbles of protest as he was quickly running out of air.

"See, even he agrees."

"I don't know, what if he dies?"

"Don't be ridiculous, he can't's just a little gas. Worst thing that will happen is he'll pass out."

"Well, if you're sure."

"I am. Let those baby's fly right up his nose."

Sam wasted no time, she leaned slightly a let go of a huge fart. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP!

Tara laughed out loud and Sam did too.

Curt was forced to sniff the terrible fart. It smelled something like cauliflower and beans and soon Curt was kicking around. Soon after he did, Sam got up off his face.

"Oh come on! You let him go during the best part."

"I got scared, he was kicking around. I thought you said he likes this."

"He does, he just likes to pretend he doesn't. You're denying him of his greatest pleasure," Tara said, sincerely, winking at Curt. She turned her head back towards Sam, "I guess I'll have to show you how it's done."

Tara wasted no time in walking over and sitting her ass on Curt's face. Curt wiggled around furiously as the full weight of Tara crushed him.

"Now see, I 'm sitting here, perfectly comfortable and...PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP...ready to produce some killer gas for him to enjoy." Tara said to Sam, sighing deeply and laughing sensually. She had held that one in for a while.

Curt trashed harder but to no avail as the fart streamed into his nostrils, filling them with Tara's noxious ass aroma.

"The harder he fights, the more he likes it, remember that."

"Okay," Sam said, timidly.

"Stop this!" Curt yelled out, which sounded unusually clear.

"Did you hear him?! He 's had enough?"

PRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Tara farted again and Curt moaned as the gas streamed up his nostrils.

"I didn 't hear anything like that." Tara said, innocently as she snuggled my face deeper into her ass.

"Ask him! He could be dying under there!"

"Okay, one second."

Tara blew a massive fart in Curt 's tormented face. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! As the terrible smell hit him he fought and continued to fight but quickly, his fight faded and slowed until he stopped moving completely. It was at this point that Tara, slowly, rose up off Curt 's face. His face was slightly stuck in her ass so she pushed his head away a little and it hit the carpet with a thump. He was unconscious.

"Is he dead?!" Sam asked, frantically.

"Of course not, look," she said as Sam walked to Tara 's side," He 's smiling, see."

Curt had a nearly completely expressionless face, however, the sides of his mouth were slightly curved upwardly, as if he was grinning ever so slightly.

"I guess I see it but, still, this seems dangerous."

"Not at all, just let me show you a few things. When he comes back around you 'll be ready."


Curt woke up, his eyes in a haze. As his vision cleared he quickly noticed he was still in Tara 's house but didn 't see either of the girls. He quickly pushed himself up only to be grabbed and pulled back to the couch.

"Where do you think you 're going?" Tara asked.

"Please, Tara, whatever you have planned, please...don 't."

"But you love this Curt," Samantha piped in.

Curt turned to her with fear in his eyes.

"You can 't try that shit on me. Tara showed me those sites. Queen of Farts? Little Miss Toots? You 're a fucking pervert and you are gonna get exactly what you 've been waiting for."

Sam grabbed Curt and pulled him into a laying position on the couch. She raised her ass slightly and then settled her butt back on Curt 's face, getting quite comfortable with her side saddle position.

"Comfy?" She asked, patronizingly.

Curt mumbled something inaudibly and then moaned loudly as the silent fart became apparent to him. Sam had release a wicked SBD, apparently, soon after she sat down.

"Sorry, should have warned you," she said, laughing. "NOT!"

Tara laughed.

After a few seconds, Sam got up and Curt breathed in the fresh air heavily. Tara grabbed his head and stuffed it under her ass.

"Miss me?" She asked.

PRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! She released a loud fart right up Curt 's tortured nose.

"Ahhhh, oh boy, I should not have eaten all those beans."

"I told you not to," Sam said, playfully.

The pair laughed and Tara farted again, just a little one this time. PRRRPPP!

"Oops, wasn 't expecting that one."

"Now you owe me two." Sam said


Tara finally released Curt and pushed him toward Sam.

"You know, I 'm not quite ready yet. Let him relax for a bit."

Curt was allowed to sit there, between the two girls on the relatively small loveseat. His breathing was labored but quickly it became normal, just as Sam grabbed him and shoved him under her ass.

"Eat this, pervert."

BRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOMPPPPPPPPPP! An extremely loud and potent fart rushed out of Sam 's ass and into Curt 's face.

He kicked and yelled as he smelled the monster fart.

"Oh boy, that was killer wasn 't it?" Sam said, laughing. "I can only imagine what it must be like under me."

"Hey, I have an idea," Tara chimed in with.


PRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Sam farted again, seemingly without one care for the man struggling under her smelly ass.

Tara gave her a cockeyed look, as if she were mad, and a smile.

"Excuse me, didn 't mean to interrupt. It was very rude of me. Go ahead," she said, smiling back at her.

"Alright, let 's stick him between the two cushions and then we can both get him at once."

"That 's a great idea. Let me just make sure he gets the last of those panty burners."

After a few more torturous seconds, Curt started to feel woozy. Sam lifted herself off him and placed his near lifeless body between the two couch cushions, wedging his face in tightly.

"I think the slave is ready, Mistress Tara," Sam said, very obediently.

"Very good, Mistress Samantha. Shall we take our seats then?"

"But of course."

Curt watched both ladies descend on his face. They couldn 't both get a place on his face so they leaned a bit towards each other, making somewhat of a "cave area" near Curt 's face. Both of their assholes were pointed squarely at him.

"You ready for this, slave?"

"No," Curt said, muted slightly by the two cushions pressing on his head.

"That 's too bad, cause we are, right, Sam?"

"Oh yeah."

"Well then let 's not hold this gas in another second."


The two produced two terrible farts at almost the exact same time. No telling who 's was bigger but, one this was sure, they were both equally reeked of something terrible. Curt screamed out as the dual fart rushed to his face. The two girls sighed and laughed as they lowered there asses, sealing the smell with Curt.

"One more?" Sam asked.

"One more should finish the job."

Both girls raised up a bit again, pointing there asses right at Curt.

"Please, Tara, Sam, don 't..."


They cut him off with their farts. The both sat down fully and Curt tried to fight his way out from under their combined asses. The laughed as they watched his clenched fist relax as he slowly faded into oblivion.


A loud crash outside awoke Curt.

"What...where..." Curt asked himself, stunned and out of it. "I 'm home? What time is it?"

He looked over at his clock, it read 3:32. It was still dark outside, it must have been three in the morning, he thought. He had wondered what had happened, it all seemed a blur to him. He clicked on the bedside lamp and noticed a note by his alarm clock. He had to rub the sleep from his eyes before he could focus on the words written on the piece paper.

The letter read:


Tonight was great, we had tons of fun and I know you did too. We 'll have to do it again sometime.

Tara & Sam


Curt smiled. He definitely would be on time tomorrow.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.