Giantess Tara
by Rune

"Shit! I'm late!" A male voice came from the second story of a house. "Damnit!" The male yelled as he tumbled down the stairs, crashing into the door. "ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGG!!!!!" He yelled before running clean out the door and grabbing his bag. His name was TJ. He grumbled softly as he ran to the local bakery where he worked. "TJ! Your late!" A female voice came as he rushed through the door. "Don't remind me Tara!" He sighed, looking at the 21 year old woman. Now TJ wasn't by any means a small guy, he was 6'3"...But Tara was amazing. 7 foot on the button, Size DD breasts, and a nice big ass. It wasn't fat, no no, She had a nice 30 inch shaped butt, mostly from a mixture of the gym and Friday nights with TJ, watching movies and eating cheese nips. He blushed a bit once he looked at what she was wearing: A Mr. Ken Kennedy wrestling T-Shirt that fit snug against her chest and a pair of tight jean shorts. Tara looked at TJ then at her outfit. "I know, I know, It was the only thing clean..." she grinned softly and grabbed TJ by his hair, dragging him into the stock room. "You have to sort everything in here since you were late!" TJ yelped and groaned. "Tara! You amazon! Lemme go!" He groaned. Tara just looked at him with a glare. "Don't make me hurt you!" TJ swallowed hard and looked away, grumbling. Tara soon left TJ to do his work and grumble in peace, leaving the back room and going over to the work computer in the lounge. "Hmmmm...Lets see what TJ was doing before..." She laughed softly and logged in under TJ's name. Her eyes widened once she saw the wallpaper. It was a picture of a woman sitting on a man's face, smothering him with her massive ass. She blushed a little but grinned. "So-ho! TJ is a kinky bastard...hehehe..." She grinned and checked the internet history, checking every porn site he had gone to. She logged off about 20 minutes later, streched and smirked to herself. 'So...TJ likes the thought of a woman sitting on his face and ripping a SBD...? Perfect...' She thought before walking back in the store-room where TJ was, locking the door. TJ sighed. "Tara, Back off....I'm doing what you asked!" Tara just smirked more, sliding her shorts off to show a red lacey thong that was much too tight for a woman of her size. He turned around and picked up another box to put away and looked at Tara. His jaw dropped open and the box fell from his grip to land on his foot. "MOTHER FUCKING PISS BUCKET IN HELL!" He yelled and fell over the box on the ground while holding his foot. Tara just blinked and snickered. "This is too easy..." She mumbled and squatted over his face with a devilish grin. "TJ, I know you like this, So shut up and lick my ass!" "W-What...?" TJ blushed hard and tried to get up. "You should have done what I asked..." Tara sighed and sat hard down on his face. It almost looked as it her ass was absorbing his head it was so massive. "Lick!" She commanded as TJ started to struggle for air. "Mmmmmprh!!" He sqwirmed before starting to slowly lick her ass crack up and down. Tara grinned and gave a soft moan, looking down at him. "Heh....This is fun TJ...You better just do what I say or...Well....You'll see..." She grinned softly. "Ohhh! Here TJ, You'll like this!" Tara smiled wide before letting loose a long stinky fart in his face. TJ sqwirmed more before bucking his hips. "Sniff it all TJ...Sniff it!" Tara growled before pressing down harder on his head. After a few seconds of her pressing down TJ finally gave in and started to sniff her fart deeply. Tara looked at TJ's raging hard-on with lust in her eyes and a small laugh escaped her lips. "Sorry bud...But we can do this here..." She grinned before unleashing a loud and extra powerful stinky garlic fart. "Ewwwwww!!" She laughed hard as TJ started to fade. "Sweet dreams fart slave..." she cackled as TJ soon passed out. Tara arose from his face and pulled her thong off. "Good...Now we can go to Jamie's house...With me and her...TJ will be in hell and heaven at the same time!" She grinned and started to drag him out the door.