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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 11th, 2012

"I want you to be very sure about this."

"I want to, I'm sure," the young man says; he waits on his knees.

"No going back; this is your last chance to speak up."

"I'm ready."

Wendy smirks; she slowly approaches the untrained slave and begins to undo her jeans. As her minor folds spill outward, so does a rancid smell, now freed by her dropped trousers.

The boy crinkles his nose; holds back a gag. He's already regretting it; she can see it in his eyes. She gave him a chance; he chose unwisely.

Her panties came down next; she pulls them down against the slave's face so his nose can get a full whiff of her sourness. He gags finally.

"Something the matter?" Wendy asked, subtly rubbing her vagina over his face.

", I'm...," he couldn't even finish the sentence he was so disgusted.

"That's good slave; I guess you were right, you are ready."

He opens his mouth to speak but Wendy quickly spins around and shoves her butt in the slave's face. He immediately starts to cough when he gets a up close to her butt caverns.

"That's not going to do slave; here let me show you how," the Mistress says as she slowly brings her heel down on the man's balls.

A sharp inhale vacuums her anus as the man gets a full sniff of the Mistress' dirty, flatulence-soaked ass.

"There now; that's no so hard," she laughs as she lets up off his balls a little; he inhales quickly in her butt. "Now, the trick is for you to do this without me..."

The Mistress' groans a little; she steps down on the man's balls again as PRRRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFRRRRBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT!

She sighs with pleasure; "That's a good slave," she says as she massages his hair.

He can't help but inhale the Mistress' foul wind; he moans and whines as the gas fills his orifices.


Wendy's puckered anus blasts it's noxious gas against the man's face; he throws his head back to free himself. His head pops out with a disgusting smack and he falls to the floor; the Mistress wobbles and falls, ass first onto the slave's face.

"You bitch! You said you were fucking sure."


An airy fart blasts against the young man's face; his eyes watering from the foul stench.

Wendy clutches her grumbling stomach, "Oh, toilet, I'm not feeling so good."

The moaning slave is frightened by the name change.

She smiles slyly as the brown log presses its way, tauntingly, out from her butthole; it smashes softly against the slave's face. He begins to panic but the Mistress steps down on his balls and he audibly screams. She pushes a little harder to fire her shit spear down the toilet's throat.

"Mmmmmm, that's good toilet; very good, now keep it up, I've got plenty...ugh...more."

Another log forces it's way into the man's mouth as he begins to cry, his tears run down the Mistress' butt cheeks and fill her with a cooling tickle that she enjoys. More shit fires forward and his cries are stifled under a brown mass. The Mistress laughs evilly as the boy swallows her waste.

© Closet Fetishist, All Rights Reserved.