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What College Gets You
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 1st, 2011

I sit on the floor in a small space between a circle of chairs; those chairs are empty right now.

An outside observer might think a child is merely playing with a Gameboy or something under the desk, amid the chairs but I am no child. I'm 24 and I'm wearing a suit; I'm a professional in a professional world. I believe one day, if I work hard I can make something of myself and be the CEO of my own company...but for now, I sit amongst the seats.

Everyone complains about their job and mine is no different. While admittedly simple, it can be quite taxing all the same. Interns always have the rear end jobs so I expected such and press on.

I watch the employees all slowly, yet contently, filing in from lunch. One of the seats near me becomes occupied. I see Dale, a fellow intern walk in; I nod to him. He reciprocates politely; I smile, to him, then to myself as I slowly transition back to a neutral expression. Another of the women who occupy the chairs around me returned.

I feel her sharp nails dig into the flesh on the backside of my head as I move myself more towards her chair. She presses my face against her tight pinstripe black pants.


I fight my, still natural instincts, to divert my face from her ass and instead I embrace her potent aroma of egg, as she so desires. Tears well up and fall from my eyes; she must have seen because she laughs and then throws me back into the center. Three more ladies had returned during my last project; reminding me of how much work I still have pending.

Another rough hand emerges from the pool and pulls me towards her; she rises and signals for my assistance under her.

I take my place on her and see the problem immediately; her panties are absent. Before I can warn her of this mishap, she sits.


She massages her cunt and my head in one motion; slowly, steadily.

Giving pause to her soft moaning, she clenches her cheeks. She bites her lip as she pushes.


I buck underneath her to no avail as she quickens her pace on my head. I'm fumigated in thick flatulence, which hovers around waiting only for my nostril vacuum. I feel a wetness on my head before I am pulled, forcibly, from her ass and pressed against another; I'm unsure who but I'd guess it would have to be her neighbor, she's very aggressive anyway.


She carelessly throws me away back into the center; I smack against the metal on another chair. I'm a little woozy and my area is already starting to stink of the noxious concoction of farts combining in a center. I have little time to think about it as the pretty one finally grabs me; this is the best part of my day.

She meets eyes with me as she hovers above my head on the seat; she smiles, perhaps condescendingly, but still perhaps genuinely, at me as she sits on my face. When she stops looking I know it's time to go to work; she likes cunnilingus.

I'd tell her, maybe when we got married but, every night, I try to go online and find out new and interesting ways to perform cunnilingus; I hope she realizes it one day...I don't know how I'd ever ask her out.


She looks at me with innocent eyes and I smile with mine.


She laughs as I feel wetness blow against my face; I work to maintain my smile as I keep on licking her. I hope she notices. She squirts.

Without another glance, she rises and I return to the middle. I sigh.

One day I'll be somebody. Another hand emerges from the pool.

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