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Two Girls, One Love
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 4th, 2013

Lauren waited by the door in nothing but a tee-shirt and panties. She peered out the window to see Kelly shutting her car door and heading up the walkway.

Kelly's key jingled in the door as she pushed it open.

As soon as she crossed the threshold and shut the door behind her, Lauren lunged at her, pinning Kelly to the ground; she straddles her body around her stomach.

"Ow! Come on Lor, knock it off; I had a rough day," Kelly says, struggling to get free.

"Awww, well I can't think of a better cure then one of my home-brewed cures, can you?"

Lauren slid forward with a wide smile on her face that she kept glued on Kelly as she pleaded, "No, please! Not today."

Kelly wasn't listening. Soon her ass hovered above Kelly's face.


A small, flapping fart flew from Lauren's ass and then she sat down, full weight, on Kelly's face.

"MMMMPPPMMHHHH!" Kelly mumbled angrily

"Don't fight it, just breathe it baby!"

Lauren farted again, silent but long and penetrating; it burned Kelly's nostrils and she kicked and bucked around. Her mouth got free from Lauren's ass and she greedily sucked at the oxygen tainted by Lauren's butt.

Lauren, thinking quickly, removed her sock and jammed it forcefully into Kelly's mouth. She sat up off her face a moment, wanting to enjoy the water running down Kelly's eyes as she tastes and breathes that sweaty, disgusting sock now jammed in her mouth.

"Pretty rank, huh?" Lauren asks, looking down proudly at Kelly.

Then, without another word, Lauren leaned back on Kelly's stomach and shuffled her butt forward, again burying Kelly's face in her fleshy ass mounds.


"Oh God! That was a big one! You know you like it; inhale nice and deep. Sniff it all up."

Kelly was in hell as she sniffed her girlfriend's rancid, eggy gas; she slapped her hands against the tile floor, much to the annoyance of Lauren who angrily put her hands on top of Kelly's.

"That's enough!"


Kelly whined after that one then screamed inside Lauren's creamy butt as the rancid smell hit her. Then she sobbed pathetically.

Lauren was a bit concerned. She rolled off Kelly and onto the floor but Kelly played possum perfectly and wrapped her legs around Lauren's exposed head.

"You bitch!" Lauren exclaimed before her face was buried in Kelly's jeaned ass.


Kelly was euphoric with delight; "I told you not today, didn't I? See what you've got yourself into?"

Kelly laughed, her hair was wild from the earlier abuse and the putrid smell of Lauren's farts still stung her nose but she felt a sadistic, playful joy as she held Lauren's face to her stinky ass.

"Okay, you got me, let go!" Lauren choked out, between coughs.

"You're not getting off that easy! Take off my pants and panties!"

Lauren shook her head in horror.

"That wasn't a question; unless you're volunteering to be my toilet," Kelly said while tightening the squeeze of her legs on Lauren's neck.

Lauren immediately did as she was asked, carefully undoing and removing Kelly's pants and underwear.

"Now lick it."

Kelly reached back and separated her cheeks revealing a rank, sweaty asshole; Lauren recoiled back at first, gagging.

"Get in there!" Kelly ordered, pushing Lauren's face up against her asshole.

But Lauren was too slow for Kelly; she wrapped her hand around Lauren's face and squeezed, forcing out her tongue. Then she ran it up and down, 'manually,' over her asshole.

"This is what I want! Got it?!"

Lauren finally nodded, obediently, as she started to run her tongue, more of her own free will, over Kelly's dirty asshole.

"That's my good girl. If you do a good job, I may just make you my toilet anyways."

Lauren let out a muffled yell and Kelly laughed loudly, evilly.

Then, suddenly, Kelly stopped; she released Lauren's head and she quickly freed herself, gasping for air.

Kelly slid up next to her, repulsed just a bit by her putrid smelling face; she whispered, "How wet are you right now?"

Lauren whispered back, "Like down my leg."

"Me too."

Lauren lied back on the floor, more relaxed and Kelly took a place above her, with her pussy just above Lauren's mouth.

Kelly gently peeled the panties from Lauren to reveal her fine vagina which Kelly wasted no time in diving her face into.

But she quickly came up, briefly; "Wow, you weren't kidding!" Lauren smiled as Kelly dove back down on her. Lauren emitted a sharp inhale as Kelly's tongue drove deep into her clit.

"Yeah! Lick me out you bitch!" Lauren moaned as she too started to go to town on her girlfriend; nearly to the point of wrapping an arm around Kelly's hips and possessively making out with her pussy.

Kelly farted which Lauren took a moment to inhale the dank, strong aromas before continuing to eat out Kelly.

Lauren farted as well and Kelly deeply inhaled her potent gas.

They moaned, softly humping each other's face to orgasm just once more.

When their tongues could barely wag any further, Kelly rolled off Lauren and slowly crawled back to her face. Both girls panted with wide smiles on their face.

"What got into you?" Lauren asked.

"I don't know; I mean you always say I'm not forceful enough and you kinda pissed me off so..."

"I should piss you off more often."

"I wouldn't," Kelly said, with a devilish smile; "You don't know what might happen."

"I might want want to find out..."

Kelly strolled sexually away, still stark naked on her bottom with a wrinkled button up for a top; in the door way she looked back, "So I'll be seeing you in the toilet then?" She winked and disappeared into the other room.

Lauren, now sitting up on the floor, looked delighted, scared, and horny all at the same time; her pussy tingled with excitement.

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