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Till Death Do Us Part
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

Richard was a successful man. He, unlike so many, had succeeded with his small business and was now the head of a small but hugely profitable corporation. He had a secretary and a large staff, and he rarely had to be in the office. He paid his employees well and was well liked by almost everyone. Richard was also a handsome man and the heartthrob of many women but he chose to live a life of celibacy. Richard had never dated, he never had a girlfriend, not that he couldn’t have but he chose not to. He could not be bothered by relationships. His time was his own and that is all that mattered to him. Not that he didn’t like people but he just preferred to be alone. He hung around with people when it was on his time or when it was convenient for him and finding people was no problem, everyone wanted to hang out with Richard.

This was to be a day like any other. Richard would wake at 10:00 a.m. as normal, shower, and then have a light breakfast. Then he would hang out around the house all day in his bathrobe, either playing video games, surfing the net, or watching television. It was around 4 when Rich was hungry for lunch or dinner, whichever you want to call it. He threw on some clothes and opened his door to find a woman standing there looking as if she was getting ready to knock on the door.

“Yes?” Richard asked, flatly.

“Hi, I’m Christy. You may not remember me but we went to high school together.”

“I see, and what did you want…uh… Chelsea was it?”

“The name is Christy actually.”

“Ok, well what did you want?”

“Well, I happened to be in town and I wanted to visit one of my high school peers.”

“Well, here you are and that brings us to you leaving.”

“Jeez man. So hostile. I remember in high school you at least semi-hid your hatred of people.”

He rubbed his head tiredly and sighed. “You know what, you’re right. I’m sorry, come on in, have a seat,” Richard had finally said. He thought to himself that she wouldn’t be here long. She would be out of here within a few minutes when she found he really had nothing to talk about.

“So I hear you are a successful CEO, you really did well but then who was surprised with that you were one of the best students in high school.”

“College too,” Richard added.

“So tell me how you did it?”

“Did what?”

“Became so successful. Went from a struggling small businessman to the head of a major corporation.”

Richard’s life was Richard’s favorite subject and he told his whole life story just as Christy had predicted she would. She nodded and added meaningless words every so often to make it appear as if she was listening but she wasn’t. She was busy thinking about her plan. She had planned it for years, ever since she had read that article about Richard’s success in The Times. Her plan was fool proof and she knew it would work from the moment she had been allowed into Rich’s house. That was the only part of her plan that was questionable and the key point in its success or failure but now that she had been allowed in the rest of the plan was sure to be a success. 15 minutes later, Richard had finally stopped talking.

“Wow that is very interesting.” Christy looked at her watch. “Oh, my! It’s getting late, I better get going.”

“Oh? Alright, well it was nice talking to you.” Yea right, he said to himself.

“I agree, we should do it again sometime.”

“Sure, sure yea,” Richard said quickly. Christy got up and walked sexily towards the door. It had no affect on Richard so she decided it was time for plan B. She let loose a wicked SBD as she walked in front of Richard as she showed her the door. She did not look back until he heard his body hit the floor. Richard was unconscious. Perfect, she thought to herself.

Richard woke up to the sight of Christy looking down at him.

“You took quite a fall there.”

“Yea, I guess so. Thanks for staying and helping.”

“Oh, don’t think anything of it. You’ll pay me back someday.” Richard and Christy laughed but as Christy continued, Richard abruptly stopped. Richard had noticed he could not move his hands or legs. He looked down and saw both were tied and quite tightly.

“What the hell is this?” Richard demanded.

“Why they appear to be ropes Richard,” Christy answered cleverly. Before Richard could say more, Christy pulled a piece of duct tape from the roll and quickly placed it over Rich’s mouth. He screamed against the tape loudly but everything came out barely audible. “There now, much better.” Richard’s eyes quickly turned from anger to fear as he realized it was pointless to get angry at this point. He only hoped someone would hear his faint cries and contact police but that was unlikely to happen. Meanwhile, while Rich mulled the situation over in his head, Christy grabbed her video camera she had brought with her and set up to start recording. She hit the record button and went to work. Richard yelled muffled cries of help to the camera but that too was part of Christy’s plan. She had thought of everything and she would not fail. She got on camera and smacked Rich lightly to shut him up.

“Quiet down now, you asked for this and now you are going to get it.” Richard replied with more muffled words as Christy began to remove her pants and panties. She then stepped onto the couch and began to lower her ass near Richard’s face. His eyes glowed with fear. Hovering a few feet from his face she let go of a mild fart, PRRRIIIIP!

“Oh, excuse me. I had some gassy foods earlier.” Richard was forced to sniff the air and the pungent aromas filled his nostrils. He fought against his ties but it was useless. Oh poor baby, you want some of this, don’t you? You want my farts in your face, don’t you?” His muffled groans and cries were right on cue. Christy lowered her ass onto his face and blasted a few small farts, BRRAPP, PPPPPRRRRTTT, FSSSSTTTTT! Richard’s nose was bombarded with horrid smelling emissions. He moaned and cried loudly and Christy knew to rise up a bit if her plan was to work out correctly. Richard breathed in deeply the fresh air and after a few big breaths Christy lowered herself to begin farting again.

This went on for another 10 minutes before Richard had finally passed out from the gas and lack of real oxygen. Christy then quickly went to work on Richard’s computer. She uploaded the video file and edited it. When she finished the video needed 10 minutes to finalize. She used this time to change the computer’s clock and put Richard’s IP address as having visited numerous fart fetish websites at different times and dates up to today. When the video was finished and the websites visited, she deleted the soft copy and hard copy of the unedited video and placed the edited DVD she had made in Rich’s DVD shelf. She laughed to herself as she took a seat on the chair near where Richard lay. In a while it would be time to untie him but first she had one final thing to do. She placed headphones over Richard’s ears and pressed play on the tape player.

Rich woke up dizzy, confused, and feeling very odd. He looked at the chair and saw Christy sitting there.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, very well. Thank you.”

“So honey, you remember what today is right?”

“Of course, dear. It’s our wedding day. I’ll be down at the chapel at 5.”

“Sounds good,” Christy had ended the conversation with. Christy always loved to have a man in the palm of her hands. She loved possessing a power over men and this time it was going to pay off and big!

The wedding was small and no one attended, or even knew about it, except the bride and groom of course. Afterwards, the couple returned to Rich’s home.

“So Rich? Do you think its time to take out that insurance policy?”

“Whatever you say mistress.” He called his insurance office immediately and took out a huge policy putting both his and Christy’s name on it. Everything Christy had planned was working our perfectly, now it was time to wait a while. In a month, Christy’s smell….err…spell...over Richard would wear off and then that would be the time to strike. Until then, Christy worked hard at making them look like a normal, happy couple in public but in private a couple of fetishist, who taped their sick-o culture of her farting on his face for sexual pleasure. She taped 3 more videos of this ritual during their first month of marriage.

A month later, Christy knew it was time to complete the plan. Rich would no longer be a mindless zombie. Before he woke up she tied him up tightly and left in the bedroom. She had prepared for this day and she was ready to put it into action tonight.

It was about 6 p.m. when Christy entered the bedroom where Richard lay, tied up and scared.

“I know what you are trying to do,” he said, with a quivering voice.

“Oh and what is that?”

“You are trying to steal my money. You put some kinda voodoo shit on me and forced me to marry you and now you are going to extort money from me.

“Honey, I have no idea what you are talking about.” She came closer and closer to him and his eyes got bigger and bigger with each step.

“Okay, okay!! Take it; take all the money just leave me alone. I don’t wanna be apart of your bizarre fart fetish. Just take the money and leave!”

“Honey, please, I would never do that.”

“Yes you would! You are...” His sentence ended abruptly. Christy had sat on his face, her naked ass muffling his words. A ‘beep beep’ went off in the corner as the camera turned on.

“Now then, you are going to sniff my farts, fart slave!” BRRROOOOOOTTTTT! The horrid fart blew into Richards nostrils and he began to fight and struggle under Christy but it was no use, her weight was too much and his binds were too tight. Eventually, he stopped struggling, it was useless to resist. “There now you see, my farts are wonderful. Now take in those wonderful butt bombs.” She dropped two more farts in his face and then a third a few seconds later. Richard breathed in the horrid gasses, without struggle or protest; he knew this was going to be it. Two more farts erupted from the ass above him, BRRRRRRRRPPPPPP! FFFFFFFRRRRRIRIIPP! With the scent of the last two hovering around his nose, Richard’s hands balled up as fists and then his open palms fell to the bed as another fart blasted across his face, PIIIISSSSBBBRRRPPP!. Richard was dead. Christy had sensed something was wrong and quickly got off his face and tried to rush to his aid but she knew it was too late. She ran to the kitchen and called the police and reported her husband was dead. When she hung up the phone, she returned to the bedroom and after muttering a few, “Oh my god’s” turned off the camera and smiled. She had done it. The whole plan had gone off perfectly. Only one thing remained....the trial.

“All rise!” The Bailiff had barked the command in warm court room. The ceiling fans spun fast but offered no real relief from the August heat. “You may be seated.” The courtroom sat in near perfect unison.

“Mrs. Christy Johnson? Are you aware of the charges against you?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Alright then we shall hear the lawyers opening statements.” The court listened to both sides’ arguments, the plaintiff saying that Christy had killed Richard Johnson for his money. The defense argued that Christy is a victim here, forced to comply to her husbands odd sexual requests. The prosecutor had no evidence that would prove Christy to be a killer; she had a completely clean record with not even a single suspicion of anything. Then finally it was time for the defense to present their case which had a wealth of evidence proving Christy innocent. They had numerous fart fetish website records with Richard’s IP address all over them both before and after meeting Christy.

“The defense would also like to bring these tapes before the court.” The four video tapes where played, full for the court. Snickers could be heard throughout the court when Christy said things, on tape like, ‘sniff all my farts, fart slave.’ The tapes showed, semi-clearly that Richard was enjoying himself by obvious signs. Then the final tape was played the one where the death had actually occurred and Christy watched as the jury gave empathetic faces as Christy muttered “oh my god.” That was good judgment, she thought to herself.

A month later Christy was found innocent of all charges, lack of evidence and the crime was declared an accidental death by sexual act. She was now free with millions of dollars of Richard’s money not to mention the large amount given to her by the insurance company. Christy returned to the apartment that day and sat on the couch, preparing to live a rich and happy life. She turned on the TV and then walked to the bedroom. There she found a headshot picture of Richard. She picked it up, looked at it, and then stuck it behind her rear-end and farted loudly and for a long time. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She said, relieved. She threw the picture against the wall and it landed in the waste bin.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.