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The Psychiatrist
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2007

This story begins a few years ago. I had known for a long time, since about 6, that I had enjoyed farts and fantasize about them in various…uh…situations, usually captivity and torture. I thought myself extremely weird because of this and quickly became a loner person in fear that my secret would be exposed somehow. When I got to about my teens, I became extremely interested and after a few online searches I found it wasn’t as taboo as I had once thought. It was actually something other people experienced as well and I was not the only one. Even with this new development, I still felt very strange having it and decided that I would see a psychiatrist about it, to talk it over. I had beaten myself up many times after I had made the appointment, thinking about how stupid the doctor would think I am or how strange. He’ll probably laugh me out of his office, I thought to myself horrified.

The day finally came and all throughout I picked up the phone to cancel only to slam it back down again. I had to do this. The time came and I drove to the doctor’s office. The door read, Dr. Jane Thomas. Oh dear. It’s a she?! She might think I am a freak or a pervert or something if I tell her all this stuff. I better just leave. I turned to leave when the door opened. Another patient walked out and the secretary, thought the opened door, caught a glimpse of me standing there wearing an extremely worried expression on my face and sweating to high heaven.

“Uh sir…?” Damn, I thought to myself. I had been spotted and what’s more talked to. I decided to gather my composure and walk in. I walked to the secretary’s desk and she said, rather cheerfully.

“Yes, can I help you?

“Uh...ya, I’d like to see the psychiatrist?” I managed to mumble out, I was sure I would have to say it again.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Um…ya, It should be Ben Richardson.”

“Ah yes, there you are Mr. Richardson. Go right ahead the doctor is free.” She gestured at a door to her side. I knocked on the door and was called in. I closed the door behind me and when my eyes rose to the doctor I was awestruck by a beautiful creature. She wore a tight business type suit with a skirt to match. I stared at her gorgeous figure for a long while.

“Hi….,” the doctor looked at her clipboard. “Ben, is it?”

“Ydesa...,” I said, stupidly. What the hell did I say, I thought to myself. I shook my head out of my stupor and replied properly. “Uh…ya, I’m Ben and you must be Dr. Thomas?”

“Please call me, Jane.”

“If you insist.”

“So why have you come to see me today?”

“Well…,” I started to laugh a bit to myself. The doctor looked at me, smiling as well in a very kind and respectful way not like she was making fun of me. “Um…well, I really don’t know where to start.”

“Alright, well you must have a reason for coming here. Just say it.”

“Well, what I have to say have been a secret from everyone for many years. I have never told a soul.”

“I see and understand. Remember, I am not here to judge you; I am just here to help you. What you say will not leave this office.”

“Um….uh….well…,” I began to sweat again, profusely. She saw this and came over to comfort me.

“Please relax Ben.” I felt better with her comfort. She sat me on the couch and she returned to her chair across from me.

“Felling better?” She asked.

“Yes, thanks.”

“Well, let’s start at the beginning then….what d…”

I interrupted her. “No, that’s ok…I’ll tell you.”

“Alright go ahead.”

‘I….I…I…I think I am a fetishist.” I felt a load lift off my shoulders with the letting go of those words.”

“Oh my, that is quite a mighty kettle of fish.” I found the phrase odd but I understood what she meant.


“Well, what is the problem you are having with this?”

“Well, it’s the kind of fetishist.”

“And what kind may that be, Ben?”


“Excuse me?” She asked, quite surprised.

“I have a fetish of female farts and what’s more…,” I continued to blurt out, “I like to fantasize about domination with farts.” I realized I had said a bit to much and decided to look at the floor, embarrassed, and did not look up until she finally talked again and even then only my eyes peered at her as she spoke.

“I see and, lemme guess, you think you are weird because of this?”

“Ya, kinda.”

“Well, I am not going to lie to you Ben. That is not a normal fetish but then fetishes in general aren’t really that normal, now are they?”

“I suppose not, no.” I felt better that she told me the truth instead of some phony baloney shit about fart fetishes being normal. I knew they weren’t, even most “sufferers” knew they weren’t mainstream in the fetish community or any community for that matter. I was worried though since Jane did not seem to know much about the topic that she could not help me in any real way. She spoke again.

“As far as domination goes that usually, and of course not in all cases, goes hand in hand with fetishes. In any case, what did you come to me accomplish with this…uh…fart fetish.” It seemed awkward for her to say those words.

“Well, you know I am not really sure. Perhaps you could start by telling me how fetishes come about?”

“I am hardly an expert on the subject,” smiling a bit as she said this, “but it has been my experience that fart fetishes come about due to some childhood experience, both good and bad.”

“So your saying, someone farted in my face as a child?”

“Well that is a possibility but it may have just been a fondness you had or got for the smell or the sound that developed this fetish in you. A person didn’t have to fart in your face for you to develop a fart fetish.” I watched Jane struggle to say fart, almost to a faking degree but I believed she was getting uncomfortable with the topic.

“Are you alright talking about this ma’am?”

“Yes, yes, I am fine. Please allow me too…” An electronic alarm sound cut the doctor off as Jane pulled a PDA out of her pocket. She looked at it with the utmost seriousness and a bit surprised as well.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry Ben. I am going to have to cut this session short. I have an important matter to take care of. I will see you again tomorrow, around the same time. Is that ok for you?”

“Uh...sure, ya should be ok.”

“Great, see you then.” I shook her hand and walked out.

I returned home felling a bit vulnerable. My deepest darkest secret was now out there in the world with someone I hardly knew. I had a hard time sleeping that night with all the worry but I finally gave into sleep around at about 2:00 a.m.

I awoke just about time to go back to the psychiatrist. I opened the door to the office and the secretary waved at me and told me the doctor was waiting now to see me. I opened the door, without knocking, and silently closed the door. I then realized my mistake when I opened the door and saw the doctor with her chair back to me. She appeared to be eating something, but I could not see any of her body, the chair was too large. I was about to speak when I saw the chair shift a bit and then a large fart sound resulted followed by a sigh of relief. I noticed I was turned on but I quickly tried to conceal it. I finally was satisfied with my cover-up and decided I would retry that entrance. I opened the door silently and closed it a bit harder. The chair swung around and showed clearly the doctor.

“Well hello, Ben. Welcome back. Please take a seat.” I became scared when she got up and I fully noticed her ensemble. She wore a latex suit which dominatrixes wear for S+M stuff, the kinda stuff I liked but I feared I would be a bit to close to the action. Jane continued to speak.

“Like my attire, Ben? Does it turn you on?” Oh shit! I had no idea what to say so I continued to stare at her fearfully. I was hella turned on but I was also horribly scared. I attempted to get up and leave but she came and placed a forceful hand on my shoulder.

“Where do you think you are going Ben? This is your dream, to be dominated by a forceful woman. If my clothes don’t turn you on, I sure know what will. She bent forward, she was amazingly flexible, and placed her wonderfully perfect ass in my face pressing it into the back of the couch. She grunted and strained until a rather large fart escaped her.

“Ohhh...doesn’t that smell good Ben? Sniff it all up, Ben! I don’t want to smell a thing.” I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to do. I just knew for sure that I did not want to sniff this gas blast that was now forced into my face. I breathed through my mouth but pretended I was doing it with the nose and loved every second of it.

“Oh boy, that smells rank but I love it!” Wow, that didn’t sound fake at all Ben, nice going, I said to myself, sarcastically. She turned her head and saw clearly that I was breathing through the mouth.

“Oh, no no no! We must have any mouth breathing. She reached for a roll of duct tape, which I noticed was oddly nearby, and placed a piece over my mouth. I fought her as best as I could as she pulled two more pieces and proceeded to tape my hands together as well as my legs. I struggled to get free but it was no use, I had little mobility.

“There now, much better! Now you won’t miss one lovely scent of my ass. But I can’t let your naughty mouth breathing go unpunished.” I watched in sheer horror and yelled out as she pulled down the zipper in the ass part of her suit, displaying a completely bare backside. She shifted me so my legs hung off the back of the couch and my head was in the seat part. She then sat on my face and farted relentlessly. POOOOTT! PFFFFFFFTTTT! BPPPPTTT! BFFFFFTTTTTTTT!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sighed out in relief. “Isn’t it great Ben, that you can get your fetish needs meet right here in my office? Aren’t you so glad you came here, now you can smell my wonderful ass smells and I don’t have to. Thanks.” She laughed hysterically as she farted another one into my face, PSSSSSSSSSSSFFFFTTT! The smell was so rank and I could do nothing but take it all in. I prayed for death, unconsciousness, anything that would end this horrid torture. Jane continued to fart and did not allow me to breathe anything else. My eyes began to water from the horrid smell and I soon felt unconsciousness approach me. I was nearly out when I heard a door open. I heard talking but I could not make out any of the conversation. I thought I was in heaven when that first burst of fresh air came in as Jane removed her ass from my face. I attempted to get out of my position but Jane quickly held me as I was as I watched a flowered skirt approach the couch. Oh no….the secretary! She must have asked to get in on the action. Oh dear, I thought as the skirt lifted and my face was put in this cell of doom. The underweared ass came down to my face and the secretary farted a SBD right into my unwilling nostrils. The smell was god awful but smelling it was my only choice. She appeared to be straining to produce another one but she could not. The skirt prison was lifted and fresh air blew in again. I took in as much as I could, as fast as I could because I knew Jane would be right back on my face in a few seconds. She was back and farting in no time. PFFFFFFFFFFFTTT! FPPPPPPTTT! PBBBTT! They would not end and I could not take this torture. I thrashed my body but she only increased the weight with which she held me. A break in the farting occurred but I was still forced to smell Jane’s rank ass.

“Well that’s breakfast, now lunch should be workin’ its way in any time now. Enjoy this break while it lasts.” She crossed her legs and continued to sit on my face, full weight allowing me to breathe occasionally. During this time I though only of how wrong I was about my supposed fetish and I wondered how people could bare to do this even if they did like the smell of farts but I guess that was the key, they enjoyed the smell. I had never had anyone fart on my face; I only fantasized about scenarios which played in my head with various people I was attracted to but usually, in most cases, famous stars. I knew one thing for sure, I would not be returning here to face this again. I was at that office enduring farts for another 5 hours which began about 10 minutes after my ‘break; had started. Jane became ruthless, holding down my stomach and then letting it go just as she farted so I would get the ‘full effect’ needless to say, I finally fell into blissful unconsciousness.

I awoke in my bedroom, no longer bound or gagged. It was almost sunny outside, about dawn it must have been. The clock confirmed it. I had noticed a white piece of paper on my chest. I turned on my mini-lamp and looked at it. My eyes shifted to the change in light slowly but I finally saw it was a bill. It read…


Dr. Jane Thomas
Psychiatrist Services
1000 Hillview Way
Reno, NV 15784

Mr. Ben Richardson
57458 Chestnut Lane
Reno, NV 15784


Session with the Doctor…

Anti-fetish therapy/Fetish session ……………….………$1,000.00


I noticed nothing else except something in the comments section.



Well, Ben you are either cured of your “problem” or you wish to see me again, either way…I am happy if you are happy and I get my money of course.



I laughed a bit as I got up to get my checkbook, I would not be getting back to sleep now anyhow.

And that’s my story and here I am at home getting serviced by Dr…uh…excuse me she prefers Mistress Jane. Seems not many people who went to her for fetish ‘problems’ were ever cured.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.