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The Lyft
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 26th, 2019

I wake up hearing a phone ring. For a moment, I think it's just a dream but then my phone blares audibly again with the stupid default ringtone I never remember to change.

"Hello?" I try to reply as cheery as possible, not knowing who's on the other end.

"Hello Mr. Michael this is Susan calling from Lyft Driver Support, how are you today, sir?" She had a slight accent and though she spoke English quite well she didn't speak colloquially.

"I'm doing okay, how are you?" I take the phone away from my face and try to yawn as quietly as possible. I bring the phone back and look at the top corner for the time. 8:37 AM

"I'm doing fine sir. Unfortunately, this call is to tell you that, at this time, you've been suspended from the Driver Program due to recent negative feedback." Susan says so matter-of-factly, with neither glee nor sympathy.

"That...that is indeed unfortunate...uh..." I stumble, completely caught off guard. "Um...wha...I wasn't really made aware of any negative feedback from any riders in particular."

"Well sir, the recent feedback has lowered your Driver Rating below acceptable standards for Lyft as per the Driver Agreement."

" there any appeal process for this decision?" I say as I rub the sleep from one eye and breathe with quiet frustration.

"Mr. Michael, if you feel the decision has been made in error you may contact the Appeals Department by email. Typically they take from two to four weeks to review the case and make a final determination."

"I really can't wait that long, I mean I was hoping to go out in about two hours from now. I really need the money today, my car payment is next week and Saturday is always my big day." I stay calm but try to appeal to some human side in Susan over the phone.

"Sir there's really nothing I can do." She answers.

"Please." I firmly beg, desperate now. "This job has been a lifesaver to me. It's gotten me almost out of debt, pays my rent, and my car payment which is my biggest expense each month. I'm asking you, please, let me go out and make the money I need today. Please."

The line goes quiet to the point where I think she's hung up.

"Mr. Michael, I can overlook this file at the present moment but if there's another report of negative feedback then I will not be able to do that again. Okay sir?"

"Oh my god that's incredible, thank you so much. Yes, I understand completely, not a single thing negative." I say overjoyed.

"No problem sir, that concludes my reason for the call. Thank you for being a Driver Partner with Lyft and have a good day sir."

"Thanks, you too," I say as I quickly hang up the phone.

I stare off for a moment, grateful that I wasn't getting suspended and confused as to why this happened in the first place. I'm always courteous, polite, and accommodating. Maybe it's just people having bad days and taking it out on the driver as Yelp reviewers do with restaurants. But enough to suspend me?

I shake off the thoughts and head for the shower.


It's about 11 AM when I get out the door with a Coke Zero in my hand as I brave the mild 80-degree heat on the brief trek to my car, parked on the street about two blocks from my apartment.

I actually hate this job but the fact that I almost lost the thing that makes near the entirety of my income gives me a little skip to my step. I've sucked at getting any other type of job so when I found Lyft I was pretty happy to have found something I could start working at so quickly and easily.

I hop in the driver's seat and start the engine. The air blasts hot for a second before I turn the knob to off, the vents left on high from yesterday's scorching hot day. My steering wheel is too hot to grab so I wait and load my phone into the car mount on the window. I start up the Lyft Driver app and my mileage tracker that I use to get an accurate mileage count for my work hours. For tax purposes.

I take a look at the map in the Lyft app. Definitely some surges around but not near me.

I check to see if any cars are coming and slowly pull out into the street. I head North up Hoover Street towards Silver Lake but I'll get a ping well before I get there, I'm right next to USC. I roll down each of the windows a little and enjoy the rare cool summer breeze as I cruise past all the corner stores and little retail shops.


And just like that, I get a rider by the name of Jessica, she's less than a mile away. I tap to accept the ride and navigate over to her location. It's the college playing field, soccer practice it looks like. Her and her friend wave me down as I get close. I turn on my hazard lights and pull off as close as I can to the sidewalk but there's not really a shoulder for me. I unlock the doors and one of the girls opens it.

"Hi, for Jess?" I ask as I always do.

"Yup, that's me," the girl says as she enters and crawls over to the other side of the back seat. I see her dirty cleats spreading flecks of mud over my cloth seats as she does but I pretend that I don't; she doesn't seem to notice or she didn't care either way.

"Hi," the other girl says quietly as she takes a seat and closes the door behind her.

"Hello," I reply with a smile and just a brief glance over my shoulder to be polite. Once I hear the door close I shift into drive, signal my lane change, and merge slowly and smoothly into traffic.

"How's your day going?" I ask. I always ask that because I feel it's polite but also it says I'm open to conversation if desired. It's not really preferred by me to talk, I like listening to music but I will if a passenger wants to.

"Pretty good, how about yours," Jess answers and asks.

"Not too bad, just getting started today."

"Cool," she answers genuinely but at a loss for a more compelling response.

I take a look at the navigation. Looks like we're headed to Santa Monica which is going to take about twenty-five minutes on the 10 Freeway.

"We just got done with practice, sorry if we're a little smelly," Jess adds.

"I hadn't noticed anything," I reply. And I hadn't, though the windows are down.

"Oh okay," Jess says with a slight giggle in her voice.

From the backseat, I hear somewhat aggressively shuffling followed a few seconds later by an overwhelming stench of moist sweat and foot odor. I gulp, swallowing my own spit to try to keep my stomach from turning like I can feel it wanting to. I work hard to maintain my neutral expression so they are not offended but I try to lean my face towards the window to try to get bursts of fresh air.

The smell is like old socks pulled from the bottom of the hamper smelling of rotten milk and long since crusted with floor dirt and shoved into musty shoes at least a dozen times.

"Are you sure you don't notice anything?" The other girl asks me, almost taunting in tone.

", not really." I lie but I try to sound as convincing as possible. I think they bought it though I have to imagine they know better anyway, no way they could be that naive.

"Hm...that's impressive because it stinks pretty bad to me," she chuckles. I do the same, brushing it off while continuing to use the window as my snorkel to the outside air.

The other girl returns to whispering and giggling with Jess. I can't make out anything they're saying but I don't really care to eavesdrop anyway, I've gotten pretty good at blocking out people's conversations as I drive.

"Uh, sir? I'd like to pick up my friend Amanda, can I just add a stop to her dorm?" Jess asks.

"Sure absolutely," I say warmly.

"Thanks," she replies as she gets on her phone to add a stop to her ride.

"Do you mind closing the windows?" The other girl asks.

I inhale slightly, almost as if my body was trying to get its last fresh breath. "Absolutely no problem."

I pull the window buttons up and listen to the slow whir of them closing, sealing the foot aroma in with me in the car.

"Thank you," she says sincerely.

I turn on the air vents to let a little cool air enter the car without being too much like the window, I presume the other girl was cold. I get the ping for Jess' ride changes a moment later, apparently adding another twenty minutes onto our trip.

"No problem; and I got the update," I say to Jess.

"Okay great," she answers.

I return my attention to driving but the concentrated aroma is so bad that it's making my head hurt. I try to breathe just through my mouth but the swampy aroma still finds its way into my senses. I stifle a gag that I feel coming up on me as I try to speed up just a tad more, anything to cut the time to the next stop and an open door. Even if just for a moment.


We do finally pull up on Amanda's apartment she comes out rather quickly, her brown hair bouncing with her excited steps to the car.

She opens the passenger door and takes a seat next to me. "Hey," she says politely to me before turning to her friends.

"What up, bitches!" She jokes. "I'm starving, are we eating?"

"I could eat," Jess replies. The other girl nods in clear approval.

Amanda has a revelation, "Oh shit, we should go to Fatburger!"

The other girl lights up, "Okay!" It was the most emotion she'd shown thus far.

"Em's excited! Didn't you devour like a five stack cheeseburger?" Amanda asks.

"Only four. But maybe today I could do five!" She laughs.

Food appears to be Em's preferred area of topical interest. I wonder if "Em" is for Emily or if her name starts with the letter M.

"Mr. Driver..."

"Amanda!" Jess interjects to try to correct her friend.

"It's okay," I say. I really could care less, I'm in the job for the money so as long as people are respectful they can call me whatever.

"Could you take us to the Fatburger on Wilshire?" Amanda finishes asking.

"Sure, good choice," I say fluffing them up. Though I do enjoy a good Fatburger. I change the stop on my app to the Fatburger which is actually on the route to Jess' destination. I realize too that I can barely notice the smell of feet anymore.

I glance over with just my eyes and notice that Amanda is kicking off her shoes and letting her bare feet out to breathe. And as she does I notice a new powerful aroma that reeks like sour cheese shoved against my face. She wiggles her toes freely and looks over to me but I keep my attention to driving.


We pull up to the Fatburger and it's not a moment too soon as I feel lightheaded from the collective foot odor. Amanda and Em get out quickly, excited to get inside.

"Thanks very much," Jess says. "We'll be right back, would you like anything?"

", thank you very much though," I answer.

"Are you sure?" She asks.

"Positive but thank you," I insist.

"Okay," she says as she closes the door and joins her friends inside. As she disappears behind the door, I open up my window wide and finally breathe fresh air again. I wonder if my car will ever air out from this smell. I guess nothing a little Fabreeze can't handle. Should I Fabreeze now? No that's stupid and could be offensive that I'm covering up their smell. Better just deal with this naturally with the window.

I sit back, turn my music up a little louder and chill while I wait for them to return.


Ten minutes later I see them coming out with food bags and sodas in hand. I close my window to return the car to the way they expressed enjoying it. They approach the car and get their the respective seats that they arrived in.

"What did you get, Em?" Amanda asks incredulously with a laugh.

"I always wanted to try a Fatburger with egg on it but I didn't know they'd give me an egg for each patty," Em replies.

"That's a lot," Jess adds.

"I know," Em says with feigned disappointment.

"You don't mind if we eat in your car, do you?" Amanda asks me, already digging for her burger in the bag.

"No of course not, enjoy," I say. I am a little irritated about that one with those greasy, drippy burgers in my car but I can't risk them rating me poorly.

"Thanks," Amanda says, increasing the intensity of crinkling on the paper bag as she dives in for her sandwich.

"Yes thank you," Jess adds. "Thank you," Em also says.

"No worries," I reply.

The smell of burgers is a welcome change to the last thirty minutes or so. And it's twenty more minutes to Jess' destination in Santa Monica. I see and faintly hear Amanda and the girls practically inhaling their burgers like they hadn't eaten in a year. They seem intently focused on devouring their sandwiches with brief, intermittent moments to sip ice cool soda to wash the big bites down with.


The minutes pass fairly easily without the tormentous aroma of stinky feet hanging in the air. We're about twelve minutes out from Jess' destination.

The girls seem nearly comatose from their burger binge. Em against the headrest on the back of her seat. Jess lies her head against the window, staring out blankly. Amanda still nibbles a few fries from the grease soaked bag on the floor between her legs.

"Oh god, I need to fart real bad!" Em sits up and announces, a slight smile on her face.

The whole world shuts out for a moment, the slow rumble of the wheels on the asphalt is all but disappeared as my eyes expand and I bite my lip tries to retreat back into my mouth with the thought. With her greasy egg cheeseburger, her farts are sure to be...

It happens practically in slow motion. Em's eyes close, her butt lifts and hovers off the seat just a little bit. I feel my mouth open as if to scream out but no sound ever comes out. And then...


Her fart ripples through the seat like a bubbly jackhammer and I can see the great expression of relief on her face in the rearview mirror. She even looks like she stares me down cruelly as she sighs but I look away quickly, too nervous to maintain extended eye contact. Maybe I just imagined it. There's no way they planned this, why would they?

"You did not just..." Jess trails off.

"I think I just did," Em says very bluntly.

The smell of Em's fart hits me and I have to work hard to maintain composure because it is truly something rotten, like a sun-soaked dumpster behind a breakfast restaurant. I consciously work to remember to breathe through my mouth but her gas seems to find a way into my nostrils all the same. My head darts, instinctively looking for a patch of fresh air but her odor seems to hang around the car like a putrid hotbox.

"Guys," Amanda pops in after an oddly long time of being silent. "I have to fart too."

"What is wrong with you two?" Jess is clearly upset. "Can't you two hold it in?"

Amanda and Em share a glance and smile with each other. I see Em lean in towards Jess and start whispering something that makes Jess roll her eyes...


I'm startled by the loud ripping fart unleashed from the seat next to me. I glance over with a fake smile and jokingly incredulously look plastered on my face, my teeth grind behind my lips.

Amanda laughs, "Sorry it had to come out."

"Oh no doubt," I force myself to say warmly. It's the first thing that comes to my mind in my customer service auto-pilot mode. What else am I supposed to say? I have to just grin and bear this for another...fuck, nine minutes. How did we go nowhere? Was that only three minutes?

Amanda's fart doesn't smell nearly as bad as Em's but it hits like a boxing glove, wafting over my face like the desert heat. I try to calm my breathing. It's so putrid in the car but I can't show it, I can't gag, I can't offend them. Oh god, I just took another inhale through my nose. How many more minutes? I watch the nine turn into an eight on the minutes remaining to destination.

"There's an accident on your route. You are still on the fastest route despite heavier than usual traffic," the Google Maps voice announces.

I watch the yellow eight turn into a red twenty-one. Twenty-one minutes remaining in this ride.

"That sucks!" Amanda announces. "You wanna go somewhere else?" She asks the girls.

"Where would we go?" Jess asks, holding her finger in front of her nose.

"Let's go to Long Beach!" Em shouts out.

"Is that alright, sir?" Jess leans forward and asks me.

Amanda and Em burst out laughing as Jess has a look of utter shock on her face, she clearly wasn't expecting to do that. "I am so sorry about that," she insists genuinely.

I let out a soft chuckle to be respectful and brush it off, "Definitely, no problem. Just plug it in the app for me if you could," I say like the professional I try to be, in my car that now smells like a used porta potty.

Once the address updates on my app, I see that I'm in for another forty minutes with these girls. And then Jess' gas hits me like a punch to the stomach, I can't help but gag a little but I don't think any of the girls noticed. They seem more preoccupied with enjoying the fact that Jess farted with them.

"Hey, we should have a fart contest!" Amanda suggests.

I stare blankly at the road ahead, still processing the road traffic and making the necessary brakes for other cars but otherwise my mind was gone. How could she suggest a fart contest? Like seriously. Like I'm not even here having to sniff their shit fumes. And now they are gonna have a fucking contest?

"No fucking way," Jess says, still embarrassed and tucked in on herself.

"I say we do!" Em pipes in.

"Are you gonna participate, Jess?" Amanda asks.

"No," she answers plainly.

"Your loss, Em you wanna go first? Mr. Driver, you can be the judge."

"Oh...I wouldn..." I trail off with a slight chuckle, not sure what else to say or how to stop this from happening without being rude. I can still smell the lingering farts from before and I didn't need a refresher in this lifetime or the next.

I see Em in the backseat concentrating so hard I'm concerned she might shit on my seats. At least then I'd have evidence for a Cleaning Fee. But then I'd have shit on my seats.

Em smiles just a bit, almost a full second before it makes a sound.
bbbbbrrrRRRRRRRPPPPPPP! She sighs afterward and looks to me expectantly. "Well?" She finally asks.

", that was good. Uh very good," I correct myself to ensure I said her farts were given a positive enough assessment for her. I have no fucking idea what I'm grading on here and honestly I want it to stop.

"What about the smell?" Em probes.

"Uh..." I take a soft inhale of the air around me and cringe a little, I think it was small enough for them not to see though Amanda is leaned forward watching me. She's trying to see every expression I have. I have to be stone-faced, I can't...this...

"Are you saying it left you speechless?" Em interrupts with a giggle.

"I guess so yeah," I try to force a chuckle like I'm having fun too. Just one of the girls...sniffing and judging farts for some reason.

"My turn!" Amanda announces as she lifts her butt up towards me. My mind can't help but admire it for a moment, between stolen glances from the road. Her cheeks press tightly against her light blue jeans, showing off each bun prominently like little mounds around a crevice. A crevice that's about to...


Amanda sighs in great relief and honestly, I couldn't blame her in that brief moment. Objectively, it was an impressive fart. Subjectively, these girls are fucking bitches and I need to get them out of my car! With all due respect that is due to a paying customer. How do I do this?

My head goes back as Amanda's fart hits me. It smelled like it had been brewing and fermenting for a long while inside her and only was just unleashed like hell upon the air around me. I could tell what her next meaty shit was going to smell like and that is disgusting that I have to know that now. Will I ever fucking forget? Any of them, will I forget what the fuck their gas smells like? I hope so.

I gag a bit too visibly, I can feel it, but I can only envision them all shitting now, loudly echoing farts into the toilet bowl as the shit leaves's horrifying! Why can't this be over? How much longer? Thirty-three minutes. Fuck.

"Are you choking on that?" Amanda asks with an almost taunting tone.

"No no, of course not."

"So what did you think?"

" was...impressive. To say the least."

"What about to say the most?" Amanda digs further. "You said Em's was 'very good' so what's mine?"

"Um..." I stammer nervously, " very good."

Em sits up, "You think her fart was on the same level as mine?!" She asks with a clear distaste for my equivocating.

"Uh no no...I think...well they are both so''s hard to pick, ya know?" My hand is shaking, I'm worried that I'm going to offend them or say something wrong or I don't know...but I'm scared now. I try to focus on driving. Doesn't anyone out there realize what's happening in here? Somebody save me.

"Well, you need to pick," Em insists forcefully.

"I..." I can feel the sweat collecting at my brow. I mistakingly take a sniff of the air and get a nasty waft of combined fart now aging to the ripest perfection in my car.

"Wait!" Amanda interjects.

Oh thank god, I breathe a sigh of relief through my mouth.

"Jess needs to go."

God no. Why couldn't have been, 'this is stupid, we should stop and let Mr. Driver open the window.' That would have been nice to hear. But of course, Jess needs to fart now. Of course!

"I'm not going to," Jess is adamant, her arms folded across her stomach.

"You have to, just once. Please?" Amanda begs, batting her eyes like a cute puppy dog.

"I did one already," Jess replies with aggravation.

I can only hope the girls consider that good enough, I'd be glad to tell her fart from earlier was magnificent if it meant we could put a stop to this. I just have to wait for...

"No! The judge needs a fresh sample, right?" Amanda asks me, clearly rhetorically.

"Uh..." is really the only thing I say before Amanda tries to sell that to Jess as an agreement that I do indeed need a fresh sample of Jess' fart. I don't. I never needed any of their farts to invade my nostrils but that ship has fucking sailed. But if this could stop right here, that'd be fantastic.

"Come on!" Em encourages Jess, she softly shoves her which seems to irritate her even more.

"Stop!" Jess whines out.

"What's wrong?" Em whispers just loud enough for me to hear.

Jess indicates something but I can't see what. Then I realize...she was probably clutching her stomach. Meaning...


Jess' fart rumbles almost silently against the cloth of my seats, I could almost picture the visible shit particles getting forever blasted into the fabric like a glaze of what her waste smells like.

"See, isn't that much better?" Em nudges Jess supportively. "Oh my god...that's..." Em trails off with laughter as she puts her shirt over her nose. "I feel sorry for you," she says muffled by the shirt, clearly looking at me.

"..." I utter a sound in the moment before Jess' fart wafted to me. It makes my eyes well up from a burning sensation. My breathing feels almost paralyzed by its smell as it blows through me, I feel frozen in place before I finally remember I have to breathe but it comes out as an audible gag that I can't stop myself from emitting.

"Okay that was definitely you choking," Amanda laughs.

"No no..." I insist. ""

"Don't lie," Amanda lightheartedly insists. "You made him choke, Jess!" She says to Jess as if that's supposed to be a badge of honor. Let's make the Lyft Driver choke on our farts, oh what a fun game that is. That's fucked.

And yet, I can see Jess in the backseat beaming. Proud of herself clearly. Em whispers to her but I can't hear them over the sounds of the wheels rumbling over the highway. First time in a year that I've ever wanted to know what was being said in the backseat.

Amanda sighs loudly to punctuate her gassy expulsion.

"Amanda!" Em chastises. Jess chuckles quietly.

"What? Are we still doing the contest? I thought Jess won. I had to fart, sorry," she says sincerely. She leans towards me asking, "So what'd you think of that one?"

"Well...uh..." I start to say but the smell of her fart reaches me and I can barely keep my stomach from turning as her invisible cloud seems to hover over me like I'm some methane Eeyore.

"Uh-huh come on, spit it out," Amanda pushes with a grin on her face.

"I...erm..." I try to speak without opening my mouth, just sucking air through my teeth, "Your farts have definitely" I figured she'd like to hear that and it was the truest thing I can think of right now about her farts. I hope I never have to think about them again after this.

Amanda laughs out loud, "Powerful. Really? Aren't you...uh...gonna breathe it in though? You know, so you can really judge it?" She asks like a boss telling you to do something without actually telling you. But you know it would be good for your health if you followed orders. With what's floating around the air here though I'd say the opposite is true for my health.

"Of...of course," I cringe as I bite my lip and take a very soft inhale of her gas around me and that was all I really needed because it rushes in like a river through a broken dam.

I hear Amanda chuckle to herself but my brain is too focused on maintaining the vehicle and finding some way for my senses to process this stench without passing out. I could feel it. The urge to pass out but I had to get these girls to their destination safely.

"What a good Lyft Driver you are," Amanda says to me like I'm her fucking bitch boy. "You're probably the best driver we've had, don't you think?" She asks the girls in the backseat.

"Definitely," Em chimes in.

"Oh well, I'm very glad to hear that, thank you," I say with my usual cheery tone that comes out like I'm possessed by the spirit of the friendliest ghost. I just want this to end. Now. Just sixteen more minutes. Just sixteen more...

Suddenly I get an update on the Lyft Driver app, Jess has changed the destination to Los Feliz, another forty miles away.

"I've changed my mind and we're gonna go to LA, okay?" Jess rudely tells me after the fact, no longer keen on giving me the appearance of a choice. I would have said yes anyway. I head towards the right side of the freeway to take the next exit and head back the way we came.

I glance at Jess in the rearview and she looks right at me too. My eyes go wide as she lifts her butt off the seat prominently, more than clear enough for me to see, and BRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

She never blinks once during the blast and then asks me, "What'd you think of that one?" Her tone so blunt and cruel, like I was nothing to her now.

"Uh...oh wow, yeah...that...that" I stammer through trying to play along with a game I'm not sure I follow anymore.

The aroma of Jess' fart pushes through and joins the rest of the gang around my nose like a rambunctious leader of the flatulence. My tries to crane upward like I am trying to keep my head above water but there is no relief from the methane pool collecting in my car. There's no thin layer of fresh air at the roof of the car to sustain me. I could drown in this gas.

"Not gag worthy anymore?" Jess pushes me with an evil grin on her face.

"I...oh...I'd say...probably it is, yeah." I try to think of the right things to say instead of all the things I actually want to say.

"But you didn't actually gag," she nudges more.

I feel like she's trying to get me angry but I won't. Not while they're still in my car as riders. "I...suppose not." I happen to notice a quicker route open up on the map so I click it and head off the congested 110 freeway.

"Okay Jess, we get it," Em says. "Anyway, I'm overdue a turn!"

"Who's stopping you?" Amanda calls out from the front. "Right?" She nudges me like I'm her best bud.

That pisses me off. Almost more than anything else. Okay, well not more than the farting but that...fuck these girls. Just remember, eventually, this ride will end. Just keep repeating it. Eventually, this ride will end. Eventually, this ride will end. Eventually, this ride will...


Em's expression is almost angelic despite the context like she's passing a great mass with the utmost grace and delicacy.

"Whooo..." she exhales deeply, "I think I may have passed the baby, guys. Oh, wait..." PRRrrrpp! She sighs from her straining and relaxes back into her seat as Jess and Amanda praise her effort.

And I can almost time it now as the gas floats up from the backseat to me and for me to enjoy for the delight of these girls. Em's eggs are still firing off full force as it remains the most prominent smell in her gas, it's like driving through a sulfur mine.

I glance over at Amanda who grins in silence as we pull up to a red light. I brake softly so as to not jerk any of the passengers from their seats, another thing I do as a professional doing this job. Come on light. Change. Change. Their fart odors are burning my nostrils and making them raw. Please change. I'm begging you. Change.

Then, suddenly, a tight grip on my forehead with fingers clutched around my hair. My body goes down to the right, my face pressed against Amanda's perfect but sweat soaked seat of her pants where I got a strong whiff of her ass crack smell and the last fart baked deep into the fabric of her jeans. I figured that wouldn't be where it ended though.


Her fart gas bubbles like thick, hot tar against my face and she holds me there despite my attempts to pull away. I fought the urge to just remain in place like a good, subservient independent contractor but I still worried about being seen as rude or non-accommodating. This was really pushing it though.

No, actually they've pushed it since they've gotten in my car but this was a final straw. Though I really had no means to retaliate. I'll give Jess a one-star rating for sure. That'll ensure I never see them again.

"It's green!" Jess calls out from the back.

Amanda finally releases my head and I pop back up ready to drive as if nothing had happened. I wipe the water from my eyes so I can see again and rub my nose as if in some vain attempt to wipe the smell away. If only it was that easy and I was so close this time. I smelled her fucking asshole. That's...

"So what'd you think of that?" Amanda interrupts my inner rant.

"Oh that was...I'm not...I'm not sure what to say. Strong. Very strong. And hot."

Amanda cracks up, "You're so cute, you sound like a fucking caveman. Very strong. Very hot." She makes a deep caveman voice to mock me as she and the other girls laugh out loud.

"Did you like her farting right in your face?" Em taunts me even further.

I chuckle along as I try to keep my mind on driving. I can feel myself almost crying now. But why? Why the fuck do I care what these fucking girls think? I did what they asked, more than they asked, and now they fucking make fun of me! I fucking hate this! Now my fucking face smells like Amanda's ass like I'm fucking wearing it for her, her gassy perfume on my face for her.

"Say you liked it and maybe she'll give you another one," Jess floats the idea from the backseat.

"Of course I would, I'd hate to deprive our favorite driver," Amanda accepts as she rubs her tummy. "I can get one ready for you right now."

"Um..." I start to say. I certainly don't fucking want to say I liked it and I certainly don't fucking want another fart to the face. But what is it they want me to do? What would make them not complain about my service to Lyft?

"We're waiting..." Em nudges.

"Uh...I...I like...liked it," I stumble through, hanging my head after uttering those words.

Amanda gets excited but Jess interrupts, "What specifically do you like?"

I gulp, she can't...she can't really want me to...say it. But she does. Clearly, she does in that sick brain of hers. She's getting some sick satisfaction out of this. And I fucking believed for a second that she was the good one. But they're all fucking demons.

"I...heh...I like farts," I chuckle through it as if to make it deniable later, even if only to myself.

They all get excited to hear it and laugh. "What a good boy," Em says while patting me on the shoulder though I barely noticed. To say their words felt like to let them peel back my skin, shit inside my body, and then sew it all back up with their waste sitting inside me.

I am their plaything. But only for as long as this ride lasts. How long is that now? Six minutes. Oh, thank god. But Jess might fuck with the ride again so best be calm. Obey. And get through this. Just get through it.

"Oh and right on time..." Amanda says as we pull up smoothly to a red light. She leans her butt to the side, showing it off to me. "Go ahead, dive in if you like farts so much."

I want to fucking scream. But I can't. And this light is only so long. And they're only going to be so patient. And it's only going to be a few seconds. And I need this job. So I quickly lean my face straight towards her ass but not quick enough to miss her wide grin as I demean myself further for their amusement. They are loving it.

"Oooh here comes..." Amanda declares.

"Yes! Smell that one really good!" She says as her cold hand grips around the back of my neck and holds me there.

I fighting like crazy to get free from the deep veggie stench that blasts effortlessly from her ass but I can't break free from her grasp.

Em chuckles, "Oh this is a long light." Jess laughs as well.

"That's no problem since he likes farts, right?" Amanda taunts. She readjusts her butt to my face and PRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbb!

Amanda sighs exaggeratedly, "It's wonderful, isn't it?"

"Green!" Jess announces.

When finally released my head pops back up as quickly as I can but I can't help panting like a fish out of water. I slowly start to roll the car forward as I recover from Amanda's ass. I was happy to be amongst the older fart air again, sadly that is its own sick relief in my life now.

"So...I asked you if it's wonderful," Amanda reminds me.

"Uh...yuh...yes, of course. Wonderful." I repeat back to her almost like a parrot. I'll say anything to get these girls out of my car in good spirits and no ill-will aimed towards my livelihood. I cringe in part from the smell but also a headache like I'd never experienced before. Maybe the lack of fresh air in the car? I'll take an Advil when they leave.

"That's good to know, maybe we'll ride with you again sometime," Amanda smiles genuinely.

"Oh, I hope so," I say unable to really lie beyond that. My finger is so ready to hit one star on this ride. The thought fills me with a little bit of glee. Fuck Jess! I hope she gets kicked off Lyft because of me.

"Right here on that next corner is fine," Jess says sweetly as if nothing had happened for the past...what was that, two hours?!

"You got it," I say in my cheerful usual way, accepting this farce. I know it happened because I can fucking still smell the farts on my face and in my nose! And in my fucking car!

I softly turn off onto the shoulder with my hazard lights on. I unlock the doors and the girls shuffle out just as quickly as they came in, without another word other than a "Thanks, have a good night" from Jess.

As they disappear around the corner I open my windows wide and finally enjoy something other than the smell of three girls' burger farts. I take big deep inhales of the nice LA air. Well, it's nice in comparison to what I've been smelling. I lean my head out to get a little more fresh air. Finally free from those bitches.

I'm so excited that I notice I forgot to end the ride. I smile to myself, finally a chance to get back at them. Confirm end ride. And one star. Explanation? Um...'very difficult rider' should cover it I think.

Done. Nice.

And how much did I make on this ride from hell? I take a look at the app. $42. Forty-two dollars. Forty-two fucking dollars for all that shit!


God damn it! But another ride is more money so fuck it! I tap the phone aggressively and accept the ride. I grab the Fabreeze bottle and spray it liberally around the car, front seat and back. The windows down will help it dissipate so it won't be so strong when the passenger gets in. Passenger's name is Beth.

After about four minutes, I am close to the pickup location. I see a woman standing on the curb alone, clearly looking for something right at about the exact spot I'm headed. But maybe it's not for her. Hopefully, it's not for her.

Then she waves me down as she sees my car get close.

" no...not her..." I whisper to myself as I get close to her and bring the car to a stop.

She opens the passenger door next to me.

I tremble a little, "H...hi, for Beth?"

"Hi, yes!" She replies enthusiastically.

She starts to get in, a massive woman in a sunflower sundress and white hat that can barely fit in the seat. I feel my car tilted slightly towards her as she sits all her weight down, she has to pull in some of her girth in order to close the door.

Then I noticed in her hand was a steaming hot chili dog piled high with cheese. My eyes glanced from her chili dog to her face.

"You don't mind if I eat this in the car, do you?" Beth asks politely.

"No...certainly not, please enjoy," I whimper out.

"Thank you," she replies. "I will warn you though, chili tends to make me a little gassy, I hope you don't mind. They don't smell too badly."

I freeze. And I gulp as discreetly as possible. " ma'am. No problem." I say through clenched teeth. "Would you like the windows down?" I glance to her with a smile, praying that she does.

Beth grins and sweetly says, "Oh no, thank you for asking."

I whimper silently as I turn my head back to the road and pull on the window buttons to close them. I turn off my hazard lights and signal my turn. Beth takes a big bite of her dog, munching and chewing just loud enough for me to hear in the silence of the car. I am probably more tuned into it than most anyways, especially after...that last ride.

Once it's safe I merge into the traffic lane for what looks to be another thirty-minute ride. I turn up my music just a tad bit, just enough to hear it and enjoy it before the inevitable switch to Beth's tuba music.

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