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The Love of a Giantess
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 5th, 2019

The sun peers just over the horizon on Hove Beach. Only one person occupies the tiny shoreline at this hour but her out-sized proportions dominate the entire landmass.

The beams of light harshly shoot over the water and pierce their way into Miss Jennifer Kelly's eyes, they flutter softly before tightly trying to seal out any possible sunlight. But she found her efforts in vain, stirring now as she turns her nude body away from the beach and towards the small outcropping of palm trees behind her near the small dirt road. She lets the sun slowly warm her back as it rises.

She stretches in place, her leg extending out brings her foot to the base of a small grouping of trees. She stretches out fully with a long, satisfied groan. Her toes press against the thick base of the tree trunk, bending and creaking before finally breaking off in half with a satisfying crack that sounded more like stalks of celery snapping easily.

Jennifer smirks, rubbing her soft feet against the remaining hard bark of the tree. She taps her toes back and forth as if listening to a song no one else could hear, she admires the soft pink polish that adorns her perfectly pedicured toe nails. She shakes her flowing brown locks as she sits up slightly, freeing some of the sand from her disheveled doo but it did nothing to diminish her glowing beauty haloed by the sunrise at her back.

Her eyes glow and she smiles genuinely. This moment on the beach is unlike anything she'd experienced in some time, she just never had the time for it before now. She puts a soft hand on Jenkins' Growth Ray that hangs at her waist, almost as if to assure herself it's still there. She used the ray gun to grow herself and terrorize city after city with her former student Erika.

But now Jennifer is alone, Erika choose to stay back when they came across the Vercetti Sewage Treatment Plant. Ms. Kelly is still a little sore over Erika choosing a hole she made in untreated shit tank over Jennifer's perfect and productive asshole. She does her best to put her former protégé out of her head.

Jennifer glances back towards the outcropping of trees near the road. She notices a tiny man seemingly approaching her with apparently no real hesitation. His only real struggle seems to be his ankles being swallowed up by the soft sand, making each step a struggle. The thought of him being swallowed up makes Jennifer a little hungry, she grins at the thought.

The man keeps coming towards Jennifer. He's perfectly dressed for the beach in khaki boating shorts and a white button up shirt that is only buttoned about half way. He wears a natural colored Panama hat to complete the look. Jennifer is almost disgusted by his tailored appearance but something about him is intriguing.

He's fifty yards away now and she questions if he could really be this stupid. Jennifer could effortlessly crush him with her pinky finger. She wonders if he perhaps has a death wish but he seems to walk with confidence and joy in his steps, despite the sand.

She concocts an idea to warn the tiny man of his impending destruction and that'll send him running. And when he does, she'll drop a log on him that'll suffocate him in her shit long before it will crush him to death. She laughs at the image she pictures in her head of him struggling underneath her massive turd. Her stomach gurgles and churns as if responding in kind to her desires to be shitting soon.

The man smiles cleverly as he takes his last few steps, bringing him within inches of Jennifer's arm resting on the sand. "Hello Ms. Kelly," the man suavely shouts out from the ground, it comes out like a tiny squeak but Jennifer is just able to make it out over the relatively calm ocean.

"Do I know you?" She growls out, a little irritated. She's vastly befuddled by this man's suicidal behavior but she conceals that from him. Did he see her rampaging on the local news or something? How did he know her name?

The man removes his hat and extends his arms out as if it was the punchline of a big reveal but he's too tiny at this size, Jennifer can't make out his face even as she squints before frustratingly realizing it's useless. Instead she roughly shovels the sand under the man and lifts him up to her face. Her eyes soften as she recognizes the tiny man on island of sand in her palm.

"Hugo!" She exclaims delightedly.

"The very same!" Hugo confirms as he bows to Jennifer with his hat in his hand like a Lord to his Queen.

"What are you doing out here?" She asks surprised.

"Well I live right up the street there. I saw it was you on the news and then I heard you coming into the beach here in the middle of the night."

"Okay it was like 1 AM at the latest, dad!" Jennifer quips and they both laugh easily. She continues, "Really you live here? It's beautiful."

Hugo's eyes sparkle just a little bit in the sunlight rising over Jennifer's shoulder. "It is beautiful, especially with you here as part of the view." Hugo sweetly proclaims.

Jennifer lets an embarrassed smile slip before she playfully knocks him down, "Yeah alright, Romeo." Jennifer rolls her eyes but they couldn't hide her clear attraction to the man. Not just his look but his mind.

She'd met Hugo a week before the whole thing with the Growth Ray. They went on a date and Jennifer found herself very taken with his charm and his poetic manner of speaking. It didn't hurt that he's rather handsome as well with the body of a recreational runner, his dirty blonde hair thick and luscious like something straight out of a shampoo commercial. Hugo sports just the right amount of beard stubble to look like he's just started ducking the whole clean cut look.

"Shouldn't you be running to somewhere safe?" Jennifer asks confused. In her mind she wonders if maybe Hugo maybe just wants to save himself from her destruction, like giantess nepotism. It's who you know that will get you saved from fecal destruction, Jennifer chuckles at the thought in her head.

Hugo smiles, "I couldn't think of any place safer than with you, Jennifer. I can't think of any place I'd rather be than with you."

Jennifer tears up a little, "Do you mean that or are you just trying to not be pinned under a shit loaf?" She stares at Hugo with all seriousness.

He smiles sincerely, "I do mean it. I've wanted to confess it to you from the moment we met but I knew that wasn't what I was supposed to do and I didn't want to scare you away." Hugo's tone changes, "Then when I saw you destroying towns with your shit and your farts..."

Jennifer works to maintain her positive expression but in the back of her mind she fears there's been a change in his opinion in light of her recent wide-scale municipal destruction.

"...and honestly I became even more enthralled with you. I can't even explain why but watching you shit all over those people made me love you even more," Hugo finally admits, hanging his head a little as if ashamed.

Jennifer puts a soft finger on Hugo's chin and lifts his face a little to bring his eyes back to her face, "No one has ever said anything more perfect to me in my life." Her eyes light up as they both smile and giggle giddily for a moment, admiring each other and their newly proclaimed affection.

But then a thought hits Jennifer as her face turns a bit to concern. Hugo is so tiny, he'd be real easy to lose while doing city destruction. What could she do, she pondered. The reflection of the ray gun caught in the rising sunlight graces Jennifer's eye and she gets an idea. She pulls the gun from her waist band and points it Hugo who is understandably concerned.

"Trust me," Jennifer says peering from behind the gun that she aims right at Hugo. She pulls the trigger lightly with just a quick tap and a tiny beam shoots out of the Growth Ray and disappears just as quickly.

In Jennifer's hand, Hugo is rapidly growing to the point she has to use both hands to hold him under the armpits until he grows to about half of Jennifer's size, a relative toddler height in comparison to her.

Hugo hangs like dead-weight in Jennifer's hands, "I wish you would have asked before turning me into a giant baby," he remarks smugly.

"You love it," Jennifer fires back with a playful glare and shake of her long locks. She sets the somewhat larger Hugo on the sand near her.

Hugo smirks, "So now what?"

"Now I have to make a carrier for the baby," she belabors the joke. Hugo rolls his eyes. Directly behind Jennifer's head is a tiny dock with a few small fishing boats tied to it. She reaches behind her and pulls a bale of rope off one of the decks. She begins to fashion it into a makeshift little basket that's the perfect size for Hugo.

Jennifer picks Hugo up and softly lowers him into the baby carrier, his legs go in around the center netting that holds him like a saddle just above her stomach.

He can hear the rumbling and churning inside Jennifer's stomach, it excites him to think of all the damage those gurgling loads will do. Hugo grins, his eyes closed in concentration on Jennifer's perfect ass cheeks hovering over building after building and flattening them under her waste as they people panic and suffer before finally yielding to their merciful demise.

"Are you ready, my love?" Jennifer asks enamored, batting her sweet lashes at Hugo.

"Of course, my darling. Your fecal pleasure is my aphrodisiac," Hugo declares, his perfection in complimenting her almost suspect but his genuine demeanor quelled any fear she had of disingenuousness. Hugo is just a man above reproach when it comes to trusting him, it's something you can tell right away about how it carries himself.

"Any suggestions?" Jennifer asks the toddler sized adult.

Hugo thinks a moment and then a big smile crosses his face, "There's a big Blue Sox game on right now."

Jennifer smirks as she stands up from her resting spot in the sand, her stomach gurgles and churns loudly like the swishing of mouthwash and the effervescence of Diet Coke.


At Jenkees Stadium, Matthew holds a corn dog up almost unthinkingly as his eyes remain glued to the rather unremarkable game. But for him it's special because it is his first ever baseball game, a sport he has played himself since he was four years old. To the see the professionals play, however, was something else entirely and Matthew couldn't look away for a second, even taking careless bites of his snack after missing his mouth several times but he doesn't care.

His father, Martin, sits right next to him and switches his attention between the game and admiring his son's glowing eyes as they practically bulge from his head.

Soft, puffy clouds roll by the open stadium roof, almost demanding more attention than the game happening on the field. They were of far more visual interest, especially up in the nose bleed seats like Martin and Matthew.

"You enjoying the game, Matthew?" Martin asks his son warmly.

"Yeah!" Matthew says quickly, clearly too involved with the Hombres' batter unceremoniously taking his base after the Blue Sox pitcher throws a fourth Ball. "This is a great game!" He announces.

Martin smiles as he looks around to other faces in the stands. Clearly everyone else was bored by this slow play action and lack of real excitement but not Matthew, he just loves the game. Right now he knows his son hopes to go pro one day but who is to say if that's just a youthful fantasy or something he'll actually pursue in his young adulthood. The odds aren't good for him ever making it but that's not a concern for him at this point in his life, his only concern now should be enjoying the game of baseball for as long as he likes.

A shadow floats over the seats around Martin and Matthew though he doesn't seem to notice. Martin looks up expecting a larger than usual cloud blocking the sunshine. Instead, his skin turns pale white at the sight directly above him and his only son.

"Oh my god..." he whispers out just loud enough for Matthew to hear in the now deafeningly silent stadium.

Matthew looks up right as Jennifer's butt cheek crashes down right over him and squishes him into a red paste, his bulging eyes now exploding from his head as her Titanic-like weight presses him into nothingness like he never even existed.

Martin, caught in the edge curve of her crack, looks at the red stain that was his son. He sobs for a moment, unable to control the rush of emotion of watching his only child crushed into a temporary tattoo. Then Martin growls, regaining his masculine composure in an revenge-fueled attempt to bring the killer of his boy to justice but how to proceed with that, from here, was unclear to him.

"Ahhh, sorry to interrupt your little game but you guys have been in this toilet forever and it's my turn now," Jennifer punctuates her sentence with a laugh and grinds the seats around her butt into oblivion. Her asshole vibrates with anxious delight, ready to unleash hell on this bowl-shaped structure.

Screams echo throughout the stadium as panic sets in among the tiny patrons and they all scramble for the only main exit which Jennifer has already blocked with the heels of her feet locked together. Her slender, nude body sits comfortable over the side of the stadium with her butt pushing down over ten or so rows of the cheap seats.

Hugo beams down at the destruction from his perfect perch just under Jennifer's breasts. It felt powerful to him be with someone like Jennifer, especially as she rampages her way through the city and he alone is spared her wrath. That is a pretty special connection, to be that one person she wants to save in all this waste.

Jennifer notices Hugo admiring her handiwork, or perhaps he was just admiring her ass. She smiles. Either way, it didn't matter as she is wildly taken by this debonair man, appearing like something out of a magazine; he's too perfect to possibly exist and yet here he is, sitting in a carrier for a baby just below her sternum.

"I want you on my lap for this," Jennifer says as she carefully picks up Hugo and brings him to her face first so the pair can share an extended peck on the lips before she lowers him onto her lap. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him tightly against her body. "You're gonna love this," she whispers to him with a giggle.

Jennifer puffs out her butt just a little forcing Martin and a few others to slip from her crack back onto the cracked floor beneath them. A loud, rumbling gurgle makes a disgusting sound right behind Jennifer's puckering anus. Martin cringes right before it hits, "No..." His voice in disbelief of what was to come.


Martin is blown back by the tremendous blast but only to the far end of Jennifer's crack where the rest of the poor souls were blown. Then, the smell hits and Martin's senses are rocked by an odor so foul that it makes his head spin. He moans out loudly but each exhale is accompanied by a painful, toxic inhale. Back and forth he shakes his head as if trying to fan away the fumes with his face but it's no use as he soon finds himself writhing and convulsing flat on the floor, his body desperately trying to find relief from the noxious aroma.


Salvation comes for Martin in the form of a dark brown flood of shit blasting like a sprinkler from Jennifer's pulsating anus and burying him deep in a pool of thick waste that would mercifully fill his lungs and free him from this putrid hell.

With just a single blast, Jennifer turns the baseball stadium into an Olympic sized pool of her shit. Her waste floods the lower levels where the trapped fans try to squeeze past Jennifer's massive feet but are instead washed away in a torrent of thick diarrhea. A few hopelessly try to tread the wastes but quickly find themselves succumbing to its disgusting depths with their last gurgling breaths.

"Hrrrrr!" Jennifer pushes and strains as her anus puckers out to volcanic proportions in preparation for a big blast. Hugo listens to her ailing stomach and gently massages it to soothe her; Jennifer smiles through the intense concentration on her rear door. With a soft touch in just the right spot, Jennifer's face slips into a slow satisfied smile as her anus opens up like the gates of hell.


She chuckles a bit with such relief as her butt unloads a veritable hurricane of soft shit down into the stadium, quickly rising around the stands where the people futilely try to climb to the highest end of the stadium and the furthest away from Jennifer's perfectly massive ass crushing the East side of the structure.

"Did you think you could escape me there?" Jennifer asks the unfortunate tinies. She picks up Hugo as she stands just a bit, "Hold on a second, my love," she says as she puts him back into his carrier. He hugs her body there, showing his love and support to her.

The people are terrified and lightheaded from the rising fumes. Hundreds of lifeless bodies bob like buoys in and out of the festering pool of shit collecting over the bottom two-thirds of the baseball stadium.

Jennifer positions herself into a squat and uses both hands to pull apart her ass cheeks, exposing her eager anus pushing out like a cannon aimed right at those taking cover in the upper stands. She looks over her shoulder and smirks. "You're about to find out why they call them the 'nose-bleed' seats," she says mockingly, her anus wildly pulsating in and out. Hugo giggles to himself as they share a cute glance with each other.


Her liquid shit sprays with hydrant like force across the stadium, it pins a few people directly against the wall until they were crushed or were unfortunate enough to open their mouth and have their bodies filled to bursting with Jennifer's soupy shit.

"Ahhh...that's much better," Jennifer says as she softly rubs her stomach. Behind her, the stadium is in total ruins, buried under at least fifty feet of liquid crap in various consistencies. Bodies are scattered and splattered everywhere, not a survivor in sight as an otherwise impossible quiet sets in over the stadium. "It's a beautiful sound, isn't it?"

Hugo listens to only the serene sound of the pleasant breeze, "Absolutely darling, you bring peace everywhere your booty touches," Hugo praises.

"You flatter me, my dear Hugo," she beams warmly as she stands up finally, the edges of the building crumbling as she pulls away from her seat over the bowl-shaped building. She pulls her feet away from the main entrance and her shit comes pouring out as if flushed from a toilet.

Jennifer and Hugo laugh easily together as they watch body after body float by in the thick, dark piles of waste flowing down the streets like hot molasses. She pets Hugo softly, lovingly as they both revel in the sight of her destruction before Jennifer sets off deeper into the city.

Just fifty yards from the epicenter, residents are compelled from their homes to investigate the source of a atrocious odor that seems to be growing stronger. One of the neighbors notices something large approaching, he signals everyone's attention to watch an avalanche of Jennifer's shit crowning over the hillside and down into Yakker Place, the first cul-de-sac leading into a ten thousand tract housing development just below Jenkees Stadium.

The residents panic and try to run down the hill, a few try to run to their cars, but the ocean of shit swallows them all effortlessly as they sputter and gurgle before their lungs choke on Jennifer's waste. Some people run back into their homes but the destructive shit levels almost everything in its path and carry the neighbors with it. It flows easily down perfectly paved streets right to and through the front doors of the suburbanites unfortunate enough to be caught in its wake.


In the older part of the city, just across the walking bridge from the gentrified Downtown, a fresh high rise sits among mostly abandoned store fronts and warehouses. It's the only building on this side of the bridge to have regular visits from Ubers and Lyfts dropping off or picking up before speeding off into the more lucrative Chinatown.

The offices for Urbanize sit on the top floor of the luxury skyrise. It's a startup looking to decentralize home realty by forcing realtors to bid on homes direct from potential sellers. Simply, and like everything else in technology these days, it's the Uber of home realty.

Inside, the employees celebrate with champaign and hors d'oeuvre over a recent major milestone. The company successfully won its bid to have the Urbanize company logo appear on the building just below the Hancock Savings logo.

While most of the other employees are partying, Kim and a few others find themselves in the break room glued to the TV news coverage of Jennifer's fecal rampage at Jenkees Stadium. Each looped cell phone video, even without audio, is more horrifying than the last, all of them ending abruptly under a flood of dark brown.

Kim is a relatively new employee at Urbanize. She was hired on as an independent contractor so she isn't really reaping the rewards of the company's newfound success like the W2 employees are.

"What about this craziness, huh?" Marc says to Kim. He wears a full gray suit and pastel pink tie. It stands in stark contrast to Kim's light blue button down and dark blue jeans. Marc has a tendency to position himself right next to Kim, just as he is right now. He makes it painfully obvious he's trying to gain her attention but she's politely brushed him off every time they've interacted.

"Yeah,'s unbelievable," Kim replies, too shocked by the images to realize she'd said more than two words to Marc.

"Well this is definitely the safest place to be," Marc declares confidently.

"Why do you think so?" She questions.

He struggles to come up with an answer, "Well...because the news says it's best to stay indoors."

"But what if this building is a target?"

Marc scoffs, "Yeah, I doubt it. There's a hundred buildings just like this one. Now, if you're looking for a real special 'Cock, I might have a structure of interest?" He makes a clear thrust gesture with his parts below the waist.

Kim raises her eyebrow and smirks with a transparent annoyance towards Marc. Her expression reads like she's sad for him and what must go on in his tiny little mind. Of course he's completely oblivious to this and that makes Kim feel powerful over the otherwise superior full-time employee.

A loud. sudden creaking noise from above quickly gives way to a tremendous crash as the ceiling crumbles under Jennifer's massive weight falling like a wrecking ball through the roof. Knocked sideways amongst the rubble of plaster and fluorescent light housings, the TV plays LIVE helicopter footage of Jennifer sitting on top of the Hancock Building just before the screen flickers to darkness with the rest of the upper floors' power.

"I'm sorry, did my ass break up your little corporate party?" Jennifer chuckles down at the battered tinies. She looks over to Hugo in his carrier. He smiles widely to her, confirming her destructive deeds and encouraging her to do more. It felt amazing to be accepted as the giantess she is, especially by a charming man who knew her before she was big.

Jennifer reaches down under Hugo's arms and lifts him up, "Upsy-daisy," she says playful as she plops him down on her lap.

Hugo smirks, "You are amazing, my love. I can already hear their screams for mercy."

She smiles and hugs Hugo closely, tightly. "You haven't seen anything yet," she whispers in his ear sensually. A wide grin forms on Hugo's face.

Back inside, Kim is knocked back from Jennifer's ass crashing down but she fortunately found herself in the crack between the cheeks. Marc isn't as fortunate, pinned down under a cheek with only his arms and head exposed.

"Help me!" Marc desperately calls out to Kim, his arms flail wildly.

At the butt end of the crack, Jennifer's anus gurgles and groans loudly. Kim swallows hard, well aware of what that must mean. She looks to the other end and notices a tiny bit of sunlight behind an opening she could probably just barely squeeze through.

"Please! Kim! You have to help me!" Marc pleads to her, scrambling to try to free himself and grab out to Kim like a person drowning.

She looks back to Marc, and then the ass opening once more. She closes her eyes and exhales in a frustrated huff, realizing she couldn't live with herself if he died and she didn't try to save him. Kim, reluctant but dutiful, runs over to Marc.

"Oh thank you, thank you!" He frantically repeats, overjoyed as Kim grabs him by the wrists and proceeds to try to pull him free.

"Will you shut up with that!" She shouts to him, pulling with all the strength she has but Marc's body barely budges.

They both fall quiet when Jennifer's asshole makes an audible bubbling moan as if it's churning up deep in her gut, the sound makes Kim shutter.

Marc quickly regains and heightens his sense of panic.

"Can you try to wiggle your body free?" Kim tries to ease him despite her own sense of terror setting in.

"I...I can't really move it..." Marc admits dejectedly, realizing at this very moment that his predicament is entirely hopeless.

Kim tries one big final pull, heaving and yanking as hard as she can but it's no use. She drops Marc's wrists but, in a last ditch frenzy, he grabs her ankle. His fingers wrap around it like he's holding on to the cliff's edge for his dear life.

"You have to keep trying! You have to keep trying!" He stammers wildly like a man overwrought in the moments before his execution.

"...there's nothing..." Kim hesitates to say to him, trying to pull away from his grip.

Jennifer's butthole makes no further audible warning as it releases a small wispy puff of air silently into the crevice where Marc madly hangs on to Kim's ankles. She tries to break free of his grip but his adrenal strength is more than she can overcome.

"No! No! Don't leave me!" Marc screams as he clutches her ankles tighter.

"Let go! Please!" Kim desperately cries, she grabs on to Marc's arms to try to pry him free. Peering back over to Jennifer's anus, Kim's eyes widen in horror as she watches the hole open up. The soft ridges of the asshole crackle like a biological door making way for something large and unpleasant.

Kim shakes her head slowly in disbelief of her impending fate.


Marc's eyes roll back in his head almost immediately as the sulfury aroma hits him, his upper body convulses and his muscles contract tightly which only further intensifies his grip on Kim's ankle.

Kim's head is spinning, she's knocked off her feet by the potent aroma. She weakly tries to kick Marc's hand off her leg but by the time she does she only has enough strength to crawl. She struggles on her back towards the opening but her grip slips and she tumbles flat to the floor. Weakly she tries to get back onto her wrists but she falls back again, she can't even summon the strength to roll over onto her stomach. She's caught like a turtle on its back, waiting for her doom.

She sputters, trying to spit the taste of wretched flatulence from her mouth. But it's worse as her nostrils try to process a smell so unbelievably toxic. She can feel the odor inside her head, frying parts of her mind as her eyes dart back and forth like she's in a deep sleep.

She weakly lifts her hands to grip her face. Her nails try to dig into her skin near her nose but they barely can pierce the epidermis. Kim then feebly begins to pull at her nose as if it was some novelty toy. Desperate to try anything, she's hoping removing her nose is a reasonable means of ending this gaseous torture.

Jennifer squeezes Hugo tightly. Tight enough that he presses against her upset and rumbling tummy just enough to make things flow again. "I love you, my dearest Hugo."

"You are my love as well, my darling Jennifer," Hugo delivers in just the right way and not a moment before a subtle grunt gives way to her ass opening up loudly and without remorse.


Kim is hit with the smell first, a horrid eggy scent that hangs heavily like the worst kind of humidity. She coughs violently for just a moment before the spray thick liquid crap comes pouring out like an open dam.

It happens in slow motion for her, each millisecond of agony feeling like an eternity until her face is buried under a festering flood of Jennifer's waste. A smile crosses Kim's lips as she opens her mouth to end it all in a single, pained gulp.

The truckload of shit sloshes warmly out of Jennifer's asshole and sweeps the top floor of any outlier employees that didn't get squashed under her ass.

One employee, Benjamin, took refuge under his desk after the initial crash but now the flow of shit is quickly rising towards him. He's a bit disgusted by the waste, from its putrid smell and seeing small pieces of undigested things in the liquid. He hesitates before finally scrambling to crawl out but by then it's too late and he is forced into a panicked retreat back under the desk.

The shit accumulates around his neck, and then up around his chin. He lifts his head up straight just a moment before the soft shit fills up the space under the desk and buries his head. His body forces him to hold his breath for as long as he can, he flails wildly in a renewed desperation to escape but the brown rises quicker than he can traverse it. In a single moment, his mouth opens and his lungs breathe in a great big load of Jennifer's shit. His body falls peacefully still as her waste grinds his internal functions to an immediate halt.

"That was an amazing blast!" Hugo sincerely praises Jennifer, he soothingly rubs her belly in wide strokes like a window washer trying to get it all in one swipe.

She compliments Hugo's assist, "Well you helped me with it by pushing on my stomach."

"It was all you, darling, but I am happy to have had some small part in making you go," Hugo chuckles cleverly.

Jennifer smiles at him admiringly. Her pussy throbs in rhythm with her asshole as it continues to pour out of her like the late night effects of Mexican food. Hugo notices her expression of wanton desire and slowly begins to rub against her privates. With his touch, Jennifer's expression turns almost instantly euphoric and her anus dilates wide.

On the sixth floor, a single candle flickers against the walls in Apartment 604 where Debbie and her young son, Ron, huddle together on the floor in front of the couch. They stare at the ceiling, startled by each and every creak of the building. She softly shushes her son's whimpering and holds him closer to her and tightly, Ron buries his head in her chest as she looks at the ceiling again. Debbie reveals just one brief moment of fear to the empty room before returning her attention to soothing her son.

Just under Urbanize's offices is Carrington Labs, an up-and-coming technology company on the nineteenth floor. The white shirted and black panted employees stand in front of their chairs like Geek Squad penguins gawking aimlessly as the ceiling bows deeply into the room, nearly touching the floor. The tech workers all share a glance of total disbelief, almost admiring the sight like an undiscovered glitch in a video game.

A final loud groan of the ceiling finally gives way to the many tons of heavy waste now pouring into the office and drowning everyone in reach under a massive flow of creamed crap. There is barely time for anyone of them to scream before their throats are filled with more shit than they could possibly handle.

Ajay, a mechanical engineer, finds himself unfortunately pinned up against the thick office glass by Jennifer's increasingly heavy flow of poop. His cheek is pressed up against the window as he softly moans in pain.

The window holding him begins to bow out slightly, then a little more as the stress of the shit pushes hard. The glass begins to creak, and then crack before finally shattering and forcing Ajay out the window in front of a waterfall of Jennifer's shit.

Ajay screams as he falls quicker than he'd ever imaged, headed straight for another building just below the Hancock. He cringes, closing his eyes just before his body is impaled over a stiff antenna on the radio building below. Seconds later, his seizing body is coated like chocolate syrup with Jennifer's shit pouring out of his office's window.


Jennifer grunts and groans loudly as she tries to force herself to shit as much as possible, then releases with a loud powerful exhale as her anus pulses wildly in between. She and Hugo share a delightful laugh though Jennifer's is notably subdued, she has the energy of a woman giving birth to a massive sewage plant worth of shit.

The accumulated shit around her asshole makes a soft mushy sound splattering against her crack. She breathes heavily, psyching herself up again. Then pushes with all her might.

Her asshole opens up to a veritable ocean of her waste pouring into this broken and battered building. Jennifer's shit is already pouring out of busted out windows on the top six floors, each already filled to the brim with her shit.

Floor after floor collapse into themselves with the force of a freight train under the weight of Jennifer's load. The lukewarm mixture of old and fresh waste bubbles up over the eight floor where the destruction stops over a particularly heavy set of support beams added for a vault that used to occupy that space. The reinforced floor still moans under the weight of the gallons of putrid shit Jennifer's anus continues to blow in sporadic, heavy bursts to coincide with their joyful laughter on the roof.

Through the ventilation system, the disgusting odor of Jennifer's increasingly large toilet begins to waft into Apartment 604. Ron cringes first when he notices it, he begins to gag from the potent flatulent air that continues to intensify as it is forced further and further down into the building.

Debbie holds her son's shirt over his mouth and nose like a filter to try to protect him from the terrible odor that makes her own eyes water. It is of little real help to Ron but it's effective enough to keep him from a coughing fit.

With a sudden slow inhale, Debbie feels her eyes roll back in her head for a moment. Unable to protect her own senses, she begins to succumb to the noxious odors surrounding her and her son. She looks down weakly at Ron, looking right in his eyes.

"I love you, mom," he says to her, muffled slightly by the shirt over his face.

Debbie smiles, she parts her tired, crusted lips, "I lo..."

A sudden loud crash sends the floor above hurdling down on top of Debbie and Ron, they are crushed instantly under the heavy steel beams and stone rubble. The mother and son, though dead, are spared the brunt of Jennifer's wretchedly destructive waste inside their bodies.

With a loud snap at its base and a loud rumble, the Hancock Savings Building begins to fold in on itself, sending a flood of shit hurling down into the streets like an erupting oil well. Jennifer's thick waste flows down the roads carrying people, cars, and anything in its path along with it. The festering flood of shit flows past porches, trapping entire families inside their homes. Her butt bile buries entire boroughs in crap, leaving people stranded for hundreds of blocks in any direction.

Jennifer and Hugo look down and admire all the destruction and panic, they feel their loins burn with each blood curdling scream stifled under six feet of Jennifer's prime dark sludge.


In the upscale Victory Park, the people go about their play and business as if untouched by the destruction wreaking havoc downtown. The somewhat higher income earners with their higher brows tended to never feel the real effects of anything.

A young man named Peter sits near the empty performers stage in the center of the park. He wears a respectable green sweater that covers his white button down shirt and pastel blue tie. A cheap pair of eye glasses wrap around his face. He takes a bite of his plain bologna sandwich as he admires the setting evening sun just over the high rises surrounding the park. Peter smiles as he watches the parents chasing after their rambunctious kids and the crazy bicyclists waging turf wars over the sidewalk space. It's the perfect end to a perfect day.

Suddenly, a shadow covers Peter completely. He looks around but sees nothing until he looks up and sees Jennifer's massive ass hovering just six feet away from him. His body starts to shake in terror.

Jennifer smiles, "Here's an end for ya!" She savagely slams her butt cheek down over Peter. His body almost instantly smashes into nothing like mallet to a watermelon, and with similarly messy results. His head, on the other hand, snaps from his body and flies like it was never even attached. The sight of the decapitated man under butt delights Hugo and it gives Jennifer an evil idea as she sees the petrified faces of the ten or fifteen people nearby that just saw a man's head pop off like a toothpaste cap.

"I know you all saw what can happen, and it will happen to each and every one of you unless you do what I say, is that understood?" Jennifer demands, shouting down to the tiny people.

The people nod submissively in near unison, unable to contemplate anything else in the moment. Jennifer grinds her ass a little which produces a disgusting squelching sound where Peter used to be as the last of his muscles are mashed into a growing red splatter on the concrete.

Jennifer looks down in acknowledgment and then back to the people who look on stunned. "Oops," she says insincerely. "Now after all that shitting downtown and at the big game, my ass is probably really dirty by now. Isn't that right, my dear Hugo?" She asks him.

"Though still perfect, it certainly is, my sweet," Hugo replies sweetly and subordinately. Just watching him makes Jennifer lick her lips lustfully.

Jennifer turns back with a grin to the small people, "I certainly appreciate you all volunteering for the privilege of cleaning my shitty ass crack for me." She grabs Hugo from his holder and sits him on her lap like a child, they two rub their noses together cutely. "I love you," Hugo mouths to her with a tremendous smile on his face. She blows him a kiss in return.

The people share confused and fearful glances, they're too afraid to step forward and too cowardly to run. Jennifer doesn't let that stop them however as she wraps her arms around them. One of the men slip her grasp and tries to make a break for it but she quickly nabs him and crushes him into a puff of red dust between her fingers.

"Anyone else want to try that?" Jennifer taunts earnestly as she corrals the now slightly more accommodating people to her ass crack. "And I want it to be a good job," she clarifies. Jennifer reaches back and splits her cheeks wide, exposing the poor folks to her wretched fermenting cabbage-shit aroma coming from in and around her anus.

She looks to Hugo and winks. "Come on, we don't have all day!" She barks to the tinies while still smiling sweetly to Hugo.

The startled people hop into action, they fight through the dry heaves to enter Jennifer's shit-caked crack. Unsure of how to really proceed effectively, they begin to use their arms like scrapers to pull off as much shit as possible and hurl it to the ground without hurling themselves.

Hugo and Jennifer share flirtatious glances as the tiny people shovel chunks of shit from her ass crack, the sensation ticking Jennifer's anus a bit. Back and forth, she can feel the sexual energy building inside her. In a sudden burst of excitement Jennifer blurts out, "I want to really feel your tongues!" Jennifer says as seriously as she can while holding back a chuckle with Hugo.

She releases her ass cheeks which smack closed with the tinies stuffed inside, plastered against shit both old and new. Her hands instead move to caress Hugo and huddle him close to her. She leans in to him and they share a long, passionate kiss on the lips as he wraps his arms around her back as far as he can make them go. He gently rubs her and squeezes her ensuring she can actually feel his love her as their lips continue to smack fiercely.

The tinies try to glance to each other but they can each barely see a few feet in front of them and none of them can move more than a wiggle.

Suddenly Jennifer's ass hole burbles out loud and the people's eyes go wide for what's to come.

FFFFRRRRRAAAAUUUBBBBBB! The ass cleaners are blasted out of her crack into a sloppy shit pile. The poor people are stuck flailing and drowning within the viscous diarrhea pie.

"Oops, too late," Jennifer giggles with faux concern. She stands up with Hugo in between her hands and proceeds to squat down over the gooey blob of her shit and tinies. BRRRRRrrrrraaaauuuppppppp!

Hugo laughs like an innocent child as she unloads a ripe eggy fart just to assault them further. Only one partially buried man really bears the brunt of her gaseous explosion. His head darts from side to side in a panicked attempt to escape the odor but it's no use and eventually, through choked gasps, his head slumps forward just like all his other fellows.

In an instant, loud sirens, horns, and bright lights flood Jennifer's face from all angles. The entirety of the city police force and National Guard surround her and Hugo with their guns drawn, even full on M1A3 military tanks are pointed directly at this former respected educator turned feared giantess.

"Miss Kelly, we must demand that you cease and desist your destructive actions and submit yourself for military questioning," one of the commanders barks out through a squeaking megaphone. "Do you understand? If you do not cease and desist immediately then we have the full force and authority to fire upon you until the threat is eliminated."

Jennifer scoffs to Hugo and they both share an incredulously look, she quickly stuffs Hugo back into his carrier. "You really think you can stop me?" Jennifer asks the literal army before her. She chuckles as she turns her back to a section of cops nearest to her, their expressions quickly turn from determination to terror as they watch her massive booty aim right at them.

Jennifer bends all the way over and hugs Hugo as she does to ensure he doesn't fall out. She whispers in his ear sensually, "You might want to hold on for this one."

Her anus pulsates wildly against one unfortunate person that didn't get blasted into the shit pie on the ground. She whimpers and tries to push her way out but it's far too late as Jennifer's asshole opens up, almost swallowing the girl, before it explodes out like a rocket launch.


Jennifer moans in pure and utter delight as her anus blasts out shit with such force that it pushes her forward just a bit. The powerful shit splatter wipes out an entire platoon of police officers going back at least a half mile.

The brass are stunned shitless and the rank and file soldiers have no idea what to do, what could they even really do? Jennifer stands again and finds the next biggest cluster of troops, she squats down just over them.

"Please! No! Have mercy!" Their tiny voices cry out to her for leniency. She looks to Hugo who shakes his head without any empathy for them. This makes Jennifer grin.

"It has been decided," Jennifer announces as her anus opens up and flushes the tinies awash in a flatulent blast reminiscent of rotting red meat.

The unfortunate victims of her gas all fall to the ground and claw at the asphalt as if it offered some relief from her poisonous ass gas. Those that try to run are chased closed behind by a gaseous green cloud that quickly overtakes them before long, ensuring they all suffer her farts.

"Time to say goodnight," Jennifer says with finality as the last of the sunlight disappears behind the horizon. Her butthole fires off a massive thick diarrhea spread all over the police and military forces, drowning them all under gallons of pure unadulterated feces.

Relentlessly and remorselessly, Jennifer pulls her ass cheeks apart and spreads her shit spray all around the park so no officer or soldier is left uncovered. When she's finally done, she releases her butt cheeks and puts a soft hand to petting Hugo.

Finally relaxed, Jennifer and Hugo share laughs together as they watch each and every one one of them forced to give in to her poop and gurgle it down right before they die.

"I want this to be forever," Jennifer says to Hugo as the rising moonlight twinkles off the shiny shit that has overtaken the ground as far as the eye can see. But the city is deathly dark and quiet, not even the sound of crickets graces the night sky.

Hugo smiles, "Who says it can't be?"

Jennifer smirks.

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