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The Little Guy: Part 5 - Revenge
Author: Closet Fetishist

Original Idea By: "No Name"

Written: May 18th, 2008

Based on The Little Guy: Parts 1 - 3 by No Name

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Rosa snored loudly. She lied on her stomach; an unconscious Walter tied to her ass with a belt around the back of his neck and buckled just below Rosa 's crotch.


The loud fart exploding from Rosa 's ass woke Walter up much to his displeasure as he was forced to smell the wretched stink that filled the air around his head.

Rosa grunted, in masculine fashion, and moved a bit before settling again.

Walter realized, this was perhaps, his only chance of escape and he would take it, no matter what the consequence should he fail. He shook off the thought, convincing to himself that this is going work.

Rosa never bothered to bind his wrists so carefully he reached under her large thighs on each side of her. His hands barely fit between her and the couch but eventually he got in and began to undo the belt.


Another fart rang out, the scent rushing straight up his nose. He kept working but his urge to pass out again was strong. Still, he fought it. Eventually, he felt the belt around his neck loosen enough for him to slip out of his prison.

Carefully, he slid off the couch and onto the hard cement floor, landing with a thud. Rosa stirred and Walter froze with fear, turning to watch her. She slipped back to sleep and Walter let out a silent sigh of relief. He slowly stood up and walked towards the basement steps only to nearly fall flat on his face. He looked back at his leg, the ball and chain.

Fuck, Walter thought to himself. He had forgotten all about that. How was he going to get out? He certainly couldn 't carry it. Fate, for the first time in his life, smiled upon Walter that day. Walter scoured the room, looking for something...anything to help him. He then noticed a single key, on a small ring, hung high up near the staircase. He, slowly, pulled the ball and chain with him towards the key, making sure not to make too much noise. When he finally reached where the key hung, he realized it was too high for him to reach. A broomstick near by provided the answer he was looking for. He grabbed it and prodded at the key till it finally fell to the ground, making a loud sound.

He turned to look at Rosa. No movement. He grabbed the key and went for the lock on the shackle. Within seconds he was free. The thought of it overwhelmed him as he, excitedly but quietly, ascended the stairs and entered the house.

He listened. It was quiet, Carmen still wasn 't home it seemed. He grabbed a coat out of the coat closet, put on his tennis shoes (no socks) and opened the front door, the bright sunlight flooding him; hurting his eyes. He rubbed them as he broke into a run. He didn 't know where he was going, he didn 't care, he just ran. The suburban community paid him no mind as he speedily passed house after house.


Carmen returned home, an hour or so later, to find the front door slightly ajar. She entered.

"Mom?" She called.

No answer.

She continued through the house finding the basement door wide open. She had never been allowed to go down there, it was always locked, but she was worried something was wrong. She slowly descended the stairs to find Rosa, face down on a couch.


Rosa stirred before groggily answering, "What?"

"What are you doing down here?"

"Me? Oh I was just keeping him warm for you?"


"What do you mean who? Walter." She looked down to her ass to find no one there. Walter was gone. "What the fuck!?"

"He escaped?!" Carmen asked, angrily.


"You idiot!"

"Hey, don 't call me an idiot; I 'm still your mother."

"Well you let him escape didn 't you?"

"He could not have gotten far," Rosa said as she stood up and walked towards Carmen.

"That 's what you think, the front door was open. He 's probably long gone by now."

Rosa just stared at Carmen in amazement.

"Well, what should we do?"

"Nothing. There 's nothing we can do."

"So what, we 're just going to act like he was never here?"


"But if he goes to the police or something, won 't they track it to us?"

"No. I faked all the documents; there is no link to us at all."

Carmen nodded. "So, what am I supposed to do for a slave?"

"I don 't know, you 'll have to worry about that yourself, I guess."

"Well great! This sucks."

"I know but blame Walter, he 's the one that didn 't know his place."

"If I ever see him again, I 'm going to torture him so bad he 's gonna wish he was dead."

"I think you 've done that at least once daily any ways," Rosa said, smiling at her daughter.

Carmen smiled too. They both reached over and hugged each other.


"So what, the little puke just ran away?" Tiffany asked.

"Yeah, he was gone when I got back."

"That sucks, what are we gonna do for a fart filter now?" Lena asked.

"I 'm not sure," Carmen answered.

The three of them sat quietly, in Lena 's bedroom, thinking.

After a few minutes of silence, "Well, the only thing I can think of..." Tiffany started, " to just start hitting random guys at school."

"Yeah, we could but there is no one at school that 's as much of a weak loser as Walter was."

"True but, you know, going after stronger prey will show our strength and soon, we 'll rule the school!"

The girls sat and thought about it. It wasn 't a bad idea. The three of them could easily have the school under there thumb...or under their ass rather.


Brandon sat, barely listening, with his friends. He had a lot on his mind right now and it was difficult for him to let go of it and relax but he tried. His friends were his best distraction even though he didn 't always see eye to eye with them. He laughed occasionally at things he didn 't find particularly funny and he became a Yes Man for the 'leader ' of his friends; he hated doing it but he never stood up, not to any of them.

A tap on his shoulder diverted him from his thoughts. He turned to find the beautiful Tiffany behind him.

"" Brandon finally managed to spit out. It was no secret that he had a crush on Tiffany, hell, it was hard to find a boy that didn 't; she was the prized girl at that school.

"Hey, Brad!" Tiffany said, in her best ditzy dame tone.

"Hey, Tif....Ti....Tiffany...uh...the name 's Brandon actually," he said and quickly finished with, "but you can call me Brad if you want."

"Oh...oh yes of course it is; silly, of course I know your name is Brandon but Brad is my name for you."


"So, what I wanted to tell you was, meet me in the girl 's gym bathroom after school today."

"Uh...why?" Brandon asked.

"I wanna show you something, something special and just for you."

Brandon ' s friend 's exchanged looks with each other.


"Great! See you then," she said, as she grabbed Brandon 's chin, lifting his head, and kissed him, with a quick peck, on the lips.

As she walked away, her tight jeans gave the cafeteria a perfect view of her magnificent ass.

"Dude, I am so jealous!" Henry shouted.

"Yeah man, what the fuck did you do to get so lucky?"

Brandon just smiled, awkwardly, at his friends. He hated talking about this stuff. He considered himself more respectful when it came to girls while his friends were not, or at least that was their outward persona. But then, he was getting ahead of himself, he started to think. This could all be some dirty trick but Tiffany seemed sincere; and hell, even if it was a trick he could build up the rumors that it was something else.


The last two classes went by fast for Brandon, as he hyped himself up for his meeting with Tiffany later. He exploded with excitement when the bell rang at three. He was tempted to run to the gym but he decided to play it cool; he casually strolled in that direction. He opened the door to the gym slowly and peered inside; no one was there. He entered and walked across the empty basketball court to the girl 's bathroom.

He took a deep breath to relax his nerves before walking in.

The bathroom was empty upon first look. He walked a little deeper into the large bathroom which doubled as the girl 's showers. He saw no one here. In one way he was relieved and in another, disappointed. Brandon headed back towards the door only to find Tiffany standing there.

"Oh, hey...uh...Tiffany, I was wondering where you were."

"Yeah, sorry, my teacher made me stay a little late."

"Ah." He paused. " was it you wanted to show me?"

She didn 't say anything; she just smiled as Carmen appeared in the doorway and suddenly rushed at Brandon, tackling him to the ground. His head hit the hard concrete with a thud. The pain was excruciating; he grabbed his head and massaged it while softly speaking some obscenities.

"Oh, I 'm sorry, Brad," Tiffany started to say. "Carmen just gets excited, that 's all."

"," he managed to say while gritting his teeth.

"Aww, you 're sweet," Tiffany said.

Brandon managed to smile.

"What I wanted to show you was..." Tiffany trailed off as she undid her jeans and pulled them off her legs. Her pink thong stared him in the face, or was he staring at it? He found it hard to be logical with a hurt head and a hot girl is standing there in her panties.

"Well...what do you think?"

" are we referring to here?"

"My underwear, silly; what do you think of it?"

" 's great. Looks good."

Tiffany blushed, "Thanks. I 'm glad you like it, your opinion on it really matters to me."

Brandon started to feel the pain in his head subside a bit; he sat up, "Oh yeah? Why 's that?"

"Because they 're gonna be on your face!" Tiffany said, excitedly.

"Oh yeah?" Brandon asked, excited.

"Yeah!" Tiffany said as she 'lovingly ' pushed Brandon back on the floor.

Brandon was already hard but this had taken him over the edge. He was extremely turned on by all this, he didn 't even give a shit if Carmen watched; he figured he 'd be too preoccupied to worry about it any ways.

He was right.

Lena walked in, her photography class camera lazily dangling on the side of her. It was then that Brandon started to get a bit of a strange feeling but he let it pass as Tiffany stood over him, her hands on her hips looking down at him.

He smiled at her; she smiled back before turning her back to him and quickly descended onto him, as if she was going to sit on his face. Brandon was stunned for a moment as he had this gorgeous, near naked ass hovering just a few inches off his face. He didn 't know what to feel or what was going on but he didn 't mind it.

Lena appeared on the right side of Brandon, her camera in her face. Brandon looked over, and the shutter clicked and the flash went off, blinding him for a second.

"What the fuck are you..." he managed to yell out before Tiffany took a seat on his face with all her weight. The pain on Brandon 's head that had subsided just a few seconds ago was back in full force.

Everything went dark but Brandon still heard the camera shutter go off every so often. When he thought that this meeting might be a trick, he had nothing like this in mind...and now they were taking pictures! Brandon bucked around, trying to get free and just get out of there but Tiffany was heavy enough to hold him down by herself. That, of course, wouldn 't stop her from enlisting some help.

"Carmen, sit on his stomach; he clearly doesn 't want to be a good boy."

"My pleasure," Carmen said as she walked over and sat, side-saddle, on Brandon 's stomach. The air rushed out of him and up Tiffany 's butt. She giggled softly.

The pain for Brandon was terrible; to have two girls sitting on him with all their weight was too much for him, hell, too much for any man. To make matters worse, Carmen 's weight on his stomach it made it very difficult to breathe. He was almost certain they were going to kill him like this.

Carmen, getting bored as a minute or so passed, started punching Brandon hard in the groin every so often. She enjoyed hear him cry in pain each time she made contact. The camera continued to click away.

"Ah, yes...and now, for the main event!" Tiffany shouted.


Brandon was stunned, momentarily, as hot air rushed over his face. Tiffany had blown a fart right in his face.

"Ooooh, yes!" Tiffany said, relieved. "How was that?"

If Brandon could have answered he would have told her it was awful but he was too busy struggling to stay alive as he inhaled the fart. It was the only air he 'd had in minutes. He heard the girls praising Tiffany for her 'performance ' as they seemed to refer to it as.

"Oh, oh, oh, wait..."


Another fart rushed out of Tiffany 's ass and up Brandon 's nostrils for him to sniff. The smell was so bad that Brandon 's eyes started to water; Tiffany didn 't express any compassion as the tears ran down her ass cheeks.

"Ha, I think the poor baby is crying," Tiffany said, excitedly to the other girls.

The girls laughed together. It was an evil laugh that sent chills down Brandon 's spine; the laughter so cold, so uncaring, so...sadistic. The camera shutter continued to snap on.


A fart, again...but oddly nothing rushed to Brandon; no, this fart was felt on his stomach.

"Sorry," Carmen said, feigning embarrassment.

"You wanna take a turn?" Tiffany asked.

"You know I do."

Tiffany got up, slowly, off Brandon 's face and Carmen also rose off Brandon. As soon as he was free from her ass he began breathing heavily, sucking in the air around him like a vacuum. He started to sit up and then, suddenly, positioned himself to quickly crawl out of there but he couldn 't move an inch before Carmen kicked his side and he went down hard, his face planted against the unforgiving concrete.

"Stay down, bitch!" Carmen yelled.

Brandon turned his head and looked at Tiffany, tears in his eyes. "Why?" He managed to get out.

Tiffany just looked down at him while kicking him over, back onto his back, before taking her place on his stomach. Carmen 's red panties appeared in Brandon 's face before everything went dark again. She wiggled herself on him, forcing him farther up her already fart stained butt. The smell was strong, as if Carmen had been farting nasty farts all day long...and she was.

"Like it down there?!"

Brandon shook his head no.

"Good, cause it 's about to get worse."

Carmen grunted loudly in an extremely unladylike fashion.


"Ahhhh, Walter doesn 't know what he 's missing. Sniff that up!"

Brandon was powerless to do otherwise as he breathed in the noxious odors that emanated from Carmen 's butt. It was amazing, Brandon had thought Tiffany 's gas was bad but Carmen 's was otherworldly and not in a good way. He coughed and gagged under her and her only reply was another fart.


"Maybe that 'll shut you up!"

Brandon moaned loudly, he was about ready to pass out at this point. There was no way he could take much more of this torture.

"Let me get a turn girls," Lena said.


Carmen farted once more, enjoying her position for another few seconds before getting up. Tiffany remained on Brandon 's stomach, making sure he didn 't try to get away again. The ground nearly shook as Lena stepped toward her seat. Brandon then cried out as he saw Lena 's fat, naked ass standing above him.

"Please! No! Don 't! I 'll do anything!"

She didn 't listen, Lena just lowered herself down and sat on Brandon 's head; her ass so big that her cheeks rested comfortably on the bathroom floor; Brandon 's head packed very tightly somewhere between them. With his head completely enveloped by Lena 's prodigious backside it was difficult to hear anything except the sounds that came from Lena 's ass and the gurgling was severely off-putting. Brandon suddenly felt a small bit of weight off him, Tiffany had gotten off his stomach; Lena was more than capable of keeping him bound by herself.

Carmen took a few shots with Lena 's camera.

"What do you think?" Carmen asked Tiffany.

"Let me see," Tiffany said as she peered over Carmen 's shoulder, looking at the small LCD screen on the camera. "Oh, come on...give me that," she said as she snatched the camera. "If anyone needs to take a photography class it 's you."

"Piss off! Estúpida gringa!" Carmen said in a huff.

Tiffany just looked at her and started to laugh; Carmen eventually did as well giving Tiffany a playful punch in the shoulder. Tiffany put her attention back to taking pictures.


A big, stinky fart blew with incredible force across Brandon 's face. He wanted to die as he caught whiff of the terrible gas.

"Ahhhhhh," Lena exclaimed in relief.

Brandon kicked his legs around, trying to get free but his upper body did not move one inch under the two-hundred pound girl.

"Stop moving, you make me..."


Lena sighed before angrily punching Brandon in the stomach, "Now see what you made me do!"

The girls all laughed as Brandon sputtered and coughed from having the wind knocked out of him.

" Lena..." Tiffany trailed off; she didn 't seem to say anything else.

"Okay," Lena said, "Just a second...," she said, straining. She pushed down on Brandon 's, now bruised, stomach.

Then, showing her true cruelty, let go as she blew perhaps the biggest fart known to man.


Brandon moaned and thrashed and Lena sighed, looking up to the heavens as the wretch gas escaped her asshole and traveled, quickly, up Brandon 's nose and mouth. Things became desperate for Brandon, he felt himself fading, fading away. Another few seconds went by and dozens of camera shutter clicks before Brandon lay there, lifeless. He wasn 't dead, but he wished he was.

Lena split her cheeks and pulled Brandon 's head out from the giant crevice that was her ass. She and the other girls grabbed their underwear and pants and left the gym, leaving Brandon lying there on the floor.

It was about 10:00 p.m. when Brandon woke up. He didn 't want to think about what had just happened to him, he just wanted to forget it. He, nervously, walked out of the gym and to the parking lot. His car sat there, alone. He got in and drove off, heading for home.


Brandon walked up the sidewalk, heading in the front entrance of the school. He heard slight snickers and laughter around him but that was nothing unusual. He wasn 't paranoid so stuff like that never bothered him. He opened the door to see a crowd of people around the bulletin board; he smiled as he walked over. He peered over the shoulders of some other students. When he caught a good glimpse of what everyone was looking at his heart sank. Slowly, he backed away from the group. He backed down the hall, his lip quivering. Eventually, he turned and ran. He ran and ran until he was out of sight from anyone at the school.

Brandon eventually stopped at a park, tears in his eyes. He wasn 't supposed to cry, seventeen year old guys never cried but he couldn 't help it. As hard as he tried to shake it off, the image of him on that poster with Lena on his face was burned into his mind.


Brandon never showed up to school again. There were rumors that he had killed himself but nobody knew anything for sure. The fear of God was put into the entire student body. No one dared cross Tiffany, Lena, or Carmen; the message was clear. Even faculty members fell in line to the ludicrous demands of these three girls. They had the power and they used it; they ruled the school.


Months went by slowly for the students at school but, finally, summer came and everyone was relieved to be out from under the control of the girls.

The girls met at Carmen 's house, planning for next semester.

"That 's a good idea," Tiffany said.

"Yeah, it will really cement our position as Goddesses of the school," Lena added.

"Exactly," Carmen said. "You know...we could use more girls though."

"I don 't," Tiffany began, "I mean, why do we want a lot of people in on this?"

"Not a lot, just a few more. The way I see it, the more people we have, the more control we can have."

"Hey, has anyone met the new neighbors?" Lena asked.

The girls looked at her, strangely. To them, it seemed like a digression.

"What? I heard there are three girls living over there, maybe they 'd like to get in on it."

"That 's not a bad idea," Carmen said.

"I still don 't like it," Tiffany interjected.

"Oh shut up and come on," Carmen said, pulling her to her feet.


"Yes?" A seemingly shy girl said, answering the door. She wore a short jean skirt and a butterfly tank top.

"Hey," Carmen said, moving forward and offering the girl her hand; they shook. "We saw you had just moved into the neighborhood and we wanted to come meet you. These are my friends, Tiffany and Lena, and I 'm Carmen."

The girl nodded and waved, before pausing and saying nothing else.

" what 's your name?" Carmen asked.

"I 'm....Terry," the girl replied.

"Well, hello Terry. I heard you had sisters, may we meet them?"

"Sure, come in."

The girls followed Terry through the house.

"This one may be a little hard to convince," Carmen said in a whisper to Lena.

"Yeah, but she 'll probably come around, after she sees how fun it is."

Carmen nodded.

Terry led them to the couch and told them to take a seat.

"Would you like a drink?"

Water is what they all agreed on. Terry disappeared into the kitchen and returned with glasses of ice water. The girls sipped their water, noticing a strange taste to it. They looked at each other but figured it was nothing. Before they knew it, all three of them were out like a light.


Carmen 's eyes were foggy as she slowly came out of her haze.

"Wha...what happened?" She asked. She felt her hands, tied behind her back and her ankles bound as well.

"Interesting question," a voice answered.

"Who the hell is that?!" Carmen yelled, trying to show she was not afraid to the strange voice. This woke up the other girls. Her eyes slowly focused and saw a young guy standing there. He was younger than her but he didn 't look it; he was tall and muscular.

"I 'm surprised you don 't remember. Maybe this will jog you memory..."

The guy went down to the floor and stuck his hands in the air and in the highest voice he could manage said, "Oh no! Please, Carmen, stop!"

"Wa...Walter?" Carmen said in disbelief.

The guy laughed heartily, "I knew you 'd remember."

"How did you...what are you...I...uh..." Carmen babbled before trailing off.

"It 's actually quite miraculous really. After I escaped from you and Rosa 's shithole, I ran into a nice woman who put me up for a few days while I looked for my real family."

"Your real family?" Lena asked, not fully understanding what was going on.

"Don 't interrupt me. Yes, I was looking for my real family and eventually I found them. They quickly took me in and I told them of my adventures. We moved out here and that 's the long and short of it."

"So, what are you gonna do now?" Carmen asked. She still showed no fear; she wasn 't worried about anything this slightly stronger Walter could dish out.

"Me? Nothing. See, I forgive. I don 't give a shit about what you guys did to me anymore. I 'm over it but, you see my sisters..."

Terry and two other girls, wearing jean shorts, walked in as if they were waiting for their cue.

"...they aren 't so forgiving. They want to pay you back for all the lovely hospitality you ladies gave me for all those years."

The three sisters just stood there, menacingly. They didn 't say a word.

"Well, I guess that 's it. I 'll just get out of their way and hopefully never see you guys again. Have a nice life."

Walter left the room and went upstairs. Terry and her sisters, Mara and Dana, helped each other carry the three girls down to the basement. They were lined up, side-by-side, and their binds were checked to make sure they were still secure.

Each of the sisters picked their first target and, in near perfect synchronicity sat on their faces. The girls underneath them fought with all their strength, confident that they could free themselves from this predicament that they inflicted so many times before but they couldn 't; they were stuck.

The sisters just sat casually but heavily on their victims. It was not long before Mara farted; she was the gassiest one in the family by far.


"Smell that one!" Mara demanded of her victim, Lena. She pushed, repeatedly, on Lena 's stomach to disrupt her breathing before farting again, bigger this time.


"Oh man! I just can 't seem to control myself today."

"Today?" Terry interjected, "You never control yourself!"

"How about I bring this ass over to your face, huh?" Mara said, aggressively.

"Both of you, shut up, I got a good one coming."

Dana made faces like she was in pain and experiencing great pleasure at the same time before she finally produced her attack.


A slight smile could be seen on her open mouth. Dana enjoyed farting a lot; it sometimes gave her sisters the creeps.

Carmen trashed under Dana. Her fart was inhuman and almost paralyzing.

"What about you Terry, you haven 't done one yet." Mara said.

"Who says, I haven 't?" she said with a sly smile.

This torture went on for several minutes. The girls were forced to see their torturous behavior first hand and in the worst way until they finally passed out.


Walter slowly opened his eyes. A smile crossed his face for the first time in years as he raised his head from his soft pillow only to find he could not. He jerked and struggled but he couldn 't get free. His eyes finally cleared to see...he was tied to Rosa 's ass! His whole wonderful vision was nothing more than his mind 's imagination; he was still very much a prisoner in his adopted home. He started to sob, being interrupted only by Rosa 's loud snoring.


A fart brushed over his face but he couldn 't give a shit, not anymore. All he wanted to do was die now. Then it came to him, his dream...maybe it was a vision. Yes, he soon realized his wrists were free so he slowly reached under Rosa to try to undo the belt.


Another fart but he was immune, his adrenaline made sure he finished the job uninterrupted. Quickly he worked and soon the belt was free from his neck. He quietly slipped out. He dragged his ball and chain to the stairs, knocked the key off the hook with the broom, and undid the shackles. Slowly, he went up the steps and out of the basement. He breathed a sigh of relief as he closed the door behind him. He grabbed a coat and some shoes and headed towards the front door. He opened it only to come face to face with Carmen standing there, her mouth wide.

"What the fuck, you little puke!"

Walter ignores her and races past, sprinting down the street. Rosa runs after him and several blocks down the street she grabs his leg sending him stumbling forward, face first into the sidewalk. Walter went out like a light.


Walter was slowly awakened by the quiet but noticeable beep of machines. He looked around; he was in a hospital. The door to his room opened and Rosa walked in. Walter recoiled as she came towards him.

"Oh my sweet boy, I 'm so glad you 're alright."

"Get away from me, Rosa!"

"Oh please don 't say that, I worried so much about you," she said, grabbing his head and kissing his cheek.

"What are you doing?"

"Can a mother not show love for her son?"

"Son? You said I was adopted!"

"Adopted? My, that hit must have been worse than I thought. Don 't worry, Wally, we 'll take care of you."


"Please, just rest now."

Carmen opened the door to the room and Rosa walked towards her. They talked in hushed tones, occasionally looking at Walter. Carmen soon walked off and Rosa looked at Walter and smiled.

"Don 't worry, everything will be back to normal soon," she winked at him and shut the door.

Walter stared, blankly, at the door of his empty room.


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