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The Line
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 2011

Waking up, in darkness; there's a pain on the side of my head. I want to reach for it but I can't; my arms are restrained. I wiggle my legs but they don't go far.

It's blank around me; view suggests I'm on the floor but I don't see any walls to confirm that. I feel like I'm on the floor; it's cold like the floor.

A woman comes into view; she's looks gigantic. And she's ugly, like perhaps she would want to be a sexy librarian but it just doesn't work. She appears more like theatrical version of a grandma for a high school play than anything else but, I don't see much of her; just her ugly mug behind men's eyeglasses. Her large breasts block much of her neckline but she seems to bewaring some kind of tank-top, her belly button shows a little. She wears only panties; a dark teal in color.

She stares down at me for a time; I hesitate to speak, something in her eyes telling me it wasn't my place. She turns. I watch her knees bend in disbelief; she's going to rape my mouth!

Closer she comes to my face; I see only panties, not dark teal but powder blue in fact. Then darkness. I feel her full weight rest from the top of her body onto my fragile face. The faint smell of urine clung to her underwear; it made me want to vomit. I hear faint footsteps.

I hear a soft grunt. BRRMMPP! I'm in shock but there's no time as my nostrils catch whiff of such abominable odor; my hands curl in useless fight as this woman sprays her gas in my face. She rises as the gas still dances around my face.

I see a flash of red and black; this woman wears a pant-suit, clearly a professional. I see her look down at me with arms crossed; as if I had, in some way, disappointed this woman I had never met. Maybe I had. I look at who approaches next with more concern; a fat woman in a skin tight belly shirt and purple short-shorts.

Black filled my vision as I was wedged in the crotch of the professional woman; I hope she's not gonna fart on me as well.

One of her fingers touch my hand and I grasp it affectionately; hoping to plead this woman to free me. I hear a laugh. PRRRROOOSSSHHHH! Her embarrassed reaction is involuntary; she clearly has no remorse. She departs.

The fat woman approaches; she smiles knowing her power over me. She turns and bends over, touching her toes. Then purple short-shorts come barreling down at top speed onto my face, squashing me. I hear angry grunting. BRAAAMMMP!

She allows me to savor hers before leaving but not before, showing off her sizable rump and farting one into the air for all to enjoy.

I barely notice the girl in the red bra and panties wearing the cowboy hat. She does the splits on my face. BBBBBPBPBPPBPBPPPPPHHHH!

A girl in gothic get-up comes up next; I look over and see a line of colorfully-charactered women all apparently waiting to come over here and blow a fart in my face.

Red panties hover over my face as a black laced hand puts my head straight into her butt and sits. BRRRRMMMMPPPPPPPPP!

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