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The IT Guy
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 29th, 2015

I swear she just hired me to make fun of me. I mean, yeah I help with computers around the office but she just seems to delight in making me squirm.

"Hey Martin, could you come in here?" Her voice comes in on the intercom.

Ugh...what could this be?

I walk over to her office and open the door.

"Martin, come in. I got a new computer for my office and I'd like you to hook it up for me."

Why can't she do anything herself?

"Sure, where's the old CPU?"

"The what?"

"The CPU...the tower?"

"Like where I turn it on?"

"Yeah, that."

"Under the desk."

Great, crawling around on my knees under her desk; another fucking great day!

"Okay, and this is the new one?" I say, pointing to the obviously new CPU.

"Yup, that's it, I can see you've done this before," she smiles at her own joke.

I half-smile, I'm so sick of her. Maybe I'm just being an asshole.

She rolls her seat back as I bring the new CPU to her desk; her old unit is set far back in her desk, so I crawl down and start to unhook the old unit's wires.

She sighs, and scoots down in her chair, extending her feet back under her desk; close to me but not invasive. But she didn't wear shoes at her desk, her pantyhose didn't smell fresh as a sour odor started to waft around. I can't get out of here soon enough.


A soft, rippling sound, I thought it was the leather of her chair at first until the smell hit me; a deep, cabbagy smell.

She farted! And while I'm stuck under her desk!

"Uhh.." I start to say...

"Are you almost finished?" She asks, a bit roughly.

"Yeah, I just need to get the new one..."

I start to come out towards her but she instead pushes the new CPU towards me, "Here," she says, roughly.

I take the CPU unit and start plugging in the wires.

"Oug, my stomach..."

"Um..." I start to stutter, fearfully.


Loudly now, almost like she didn't care, she farted; sliding closer to me. I was starting to question whether or not she was doing this on purpose or not.

Oh, god...the smell. I choke, gagging silently to avoid angering my boss...but this wasn't fair!

"Okay, I got it hooked up..."

I start to come out but she puts a foot on my face, holding me back, "Hold on, let me make sure everything works."

The smell of her foot was awful, like unwashed for god knows how long but thankfully she took it off my face and I was left with only the toxic gas that floated around under her desk.


Oh, fucking rotting eggs it smells like; "Uh...can I come out."

"No, something's wrong, the mouse doesn't seem to be working."

I turn, check the connection quickly while desperately breathing into my shirt as if that would do something to filter the air.

"Connection is fine, maybe the drivers; I can come out and..."

"I think I can figure it out, just tell me where to go."

Oh god..."Uh...well, okay, Control Panel."

"Oh, wait, where's that?"

"Uh...under Start, like on the bottom."

"Oh, okay, got it."


No, god...the smell; please...

"Okay, and Hardware."

"Uh....I don't....oh, there..."

"Please, just let me..."

"No, no I got it. So what am I looking for..."

"Uh...the mouse, like, should be listed under..."


"Oh god, please just let me out!"

"What was that?" She sounds shocked, she rolls her chair out; a waft of cool air floods in from what feels like a desert storm of rancid gas under the desk.

I start to get back up to my feet.

"I'm sorry, I just...needed out of there."

Her expression is clearly angered, "Excuse me?!"

I don't know quite what to can I say anything but the truth? " just stinks so bad...I couldn't..."

She stands, towering just a bit taller than me; I shrink back a bit. She grabs me by the throat and forces my head down to her chair. And she holds me there, struggling and kicking, choking, before she sits on my face.

Under her, the smell is like hell; a smell of pure sulfur and rotting vegetables, the seat of her pants wet with sweat that feels soaked in the rancid smell of her gas.


A burning hot fart bursts across my face with force as my eyelids flutter like in a windstorm; my face paralyzed before forced to take in the horrid smell of her farts.

"Please, no..." I beg under her, muffled and smashed under her ass.

She sits harder, all her weight on my face. PRRRRRRRrrrrrpppp!

I scream and cry, trying to throw her off but it's no use as she assaults my senses with the poison of her gas.

Then, she quickly stands, looking down at me; satisfied but not smiling, "Your job is to obey me, understand?! If you don't like how I'm treating you, or the work that you're doing here, you can give me your resignation right now. Got it?!"

I shudder in place, "'a.."

"Uh-uh, call me...Goddess from now on," she smiles.

I scramble to my feet, "Uh...what about the mouse...uh, Goddess?"

She smiles, "Oh, there was never anything wrong with the mouse."

She pats my shoulder as she walks back to her chair, staring at me and smiling; once again, her punching in the worst way.

I open the door to her office to leave.

"See you tomorrow, Martin," she says, tauntingly.

I nod, softly, obediently. I close her door behind me.

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