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The Disciplinarian
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 17th, 2007

"Ugh," Vince said, as he sluggishly exited his car. He was definitely among one of those who were not ready to go back to school. The summer was great; he got to sit around, do nothing, and sleep in but alas, it was over and he had to return to school. The only relief he could hope for now was easy classes and cool teachers.

Vince was pleased, when he got his class schedule, to see he got at least two known "cool" teachers who didn 't give much work. Those classes would likely be smooth sailing which is good, especially since the classes were Math and Science, his two worst subjects. The other two teachers were neutral as far as anyone knew; pretty okay personality wise and gave a medium amount of work, nothing a smart guy like him couldn 't handle. His final teacher, who taught English, was a Ms. Rosendale.

No one had known much about Ms. Jean Rosendale and those who had her refused to talk about their experiences for whatever reason. She had only been teaching here for about two years but somehow she struck fear in every student who was ever her pupil but the administrative staff all seem to love her and proclaim she is the nicest teacher at the school, however, the fear of everyone who has had her as a teacher seems to paint a different picture. Vince was a little frightened that he too would not be having this teacher, however, he was smart and he was sure he would stay on her good side.

Vince had never seen Ms. Rosendale but judging by her reputation he pictured her as a mean, old-bitty type who had kids and hated her job but for some reason was always teaching young high school students and never did anything but. Vince 's opinions on Ms. Rosendale were shattered when he entered her class in the period right after lunch. Vince got to class a few minutes early, just to set a good tone with his teachers for the rest of the school year but back to Ms. Rosendale 's looks. She was knock out gorgeous the features like a super model which were greatly accentuated by her low cut top and extra tight blue jeans. Vince was immediately aroused but he hid his "excitement" as best he could, luckily Ms. Rosendale did not see. She put down her hardcover novel as he approached her.


"Hello there, young man. I take it you are in my next class?"

He could not speak so he just nodded stupidly in response.

She laughed politely at his stupidity. "Well, what 's your name?"

Vince breathed in and out deeply, trying to calm his body. When he finally had control he said, "Vince...Vince Fasano."

"Well Vince, you are about five minutes early so go ahead and take a seat anywhere and we 'll wait for your classmates to arrive."

He nodded again and inaudibly whispered, "Alright." He grabbed a desk in the middle of the room and seat in the middle of the row, a perfect seat to remain neutral in. The close seats were for teacher 's pets and nerds and the far seats were for slackers and those who hated school in general but the middle of the row those seats generally meant the middle ground between the two although Vince definitely could have probably "qualified" for a nerd seat.

Ms. Rosendale went back to reading her book and Vince proceeded to unpack his goods for this class. He would no doubt need a pencil, a pen, and a spiral notebook and he usually always picked up these items during the summer before classes began. He organized the items on his desk and then sat, waiting and thinking about the whole "bad aura" that was supposedly surrounding Ms. Rosendale. There is no way she could have been that bad at all, I mean she was as sweet as can be but why were seemingly all her students afraid of her? Something didn 't add up but before I could figure out what it was, five more students entered the classroom and took seats; Ms. Rosendale did not look up from her book this time.

As the minutes passed, more and more students filed into the small bungalow classroom and when the starting bell rung at 1:00 p.m. Vince looked around to see that every seat was filled, well except for one.

Ms. Rosendale closed her book softly and pushed it to the bottom, right corner of her desk. She rose up from her chair with a smile and spoke.

"Hello class, I want to welcome you all to English 12. In this class we will work to develop your writing and critical reading skills in preparation for college. First things, first, however, let me give you my syllabus.

Ms. Rosendale pulled out a large pile of papers from her messenger bag and passed them out, row by row. After that, she read the syllabus with us to make sure we all understood and did not have any questions.

"Alright, so you can skim the beginning part or read it on your own time as it is just numbers you can reach me at and my email address which is the preferred method of contact. But from there let 's move on to the section on attendance and tardiness. Much like a college course, I could care less if you don 't show up, just do not come crying to me when you have an F in this class. If you think you can handle not coming to class except for tests and stuff, go for it; that is what I would do if I thought I had a firm grasp on a class. No sense in you coming here and being bored out of your mind so please, by all means, feel free. One thing, however, I will not tolerate..."

And just then, as if it was a movie or something, a student walked in 5 minutes late. I watched as Ms. Rosendale 's eyes became harsh with anger as she gazed at the student. The student, however, could not see her sordid look and said, "Sorry, I was just..."

"Sit down and shut up! I don 't want to hear anything that comes out of your mouth!" shouted Ms. Rosendale. "As I was just saying, I will not tolerate tardiness of any kind so I suggest, next time you are late, just go home or wait somewhere for your next class because there will be severe consequences starting tomorrow for all those who are late."

The student, quite frightened now, nodded softly and quietly took the only empty chair in the room, right in the front row, directly in front of the teacher.

Ms. Rosendale 's tone became less harsh as she returned to address the whole class, "And that goes for all of you too. Do not be late, ever! Or there will be harsh consequences." She sighed deeply and then continued, "Alright, let 's move on. Test and quizzes that is all pretty standard stuff so read that when you get a chance. Homework, standard too, just do it or you will be punished."

A student raised his hand to ask a question. "Yes?" Mr. Rosendale asked, addressing the student.

"What kind of punishment?"

Ms. Rosendale walked over to the student, smiling, and put her face about an inch from his and said, "You really want to find out? Then don 't do your homework tonight and you will surely find out tomorrow." She backed away from the student and returned to the center of the room, "Any other questions?"

If there were any, people were keeping them to themselves because no other hands went up and no one said a word.

"Good, now class is just about to end here in a few minutes so let me tell you the homework. For tonight, I want you to write a one page paper introducing you to me and also telling me what you hope to learn from this class. Please type the paper, double spaced, twelve point font, no freaky and unreadable colors, you all have been in school a long time so you should know all this. I guess that is it. Be sure to do the homework and be on time tomorrow, alright?"

The classes replied in the affirmative.

"Okay, you are dismissed, see you tomorrow."


The next day the students returned to Ms. Rosendale's class to find her in even sexier attire than the day before. Today, she wore a business shirt, which she buttoned very low, with a tight business-like short skirt that had Vince aroused even more quickly than the day before and as he looked around he could tell a lot of the other boys in the class were lusting her as well. As the students entered, Ms. Rosendale was writing the day's lecture on the white board; it looked like pretty standard stuff as far as English was concerned. Vince prepared himself for a nice relaxing day but this day would be anything but a kick-back day.

As soon as the bell rang, Ms. Rosendale turned around and started class.

"Alright, first off let me collect the homework. Do not pass it to the front, I will come up your row and take it from you personally, that way I can know if you did it or not."

Ms. Rosendale came up and down the rows collecting each and every student's paper until she got to the student who had asked about punishments yesterday.

"Do you have your homework?" she asked, politely.

"No, no I don't," the student responded, proudly and boldly.

"Oh you don't, huh?"

"That's right, I do not."

"Fair enough, please stand up."


"Because I am your teacher and I am telling you to stand up."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then I'm afraid you fail this course, in addition to getting what is coming to you."

This seemed to shake the student a little as he finally rose from his chair and met eye to eye with the teacher.

"Thank you, now please walk over to my desk and wait there while I finish collecting the homework."

The student complied. All the other students had their homework but no doubt they were anxious to see what was going to happen if they did not but none were bold enough to try it.

"Now, lay down on the desk."

"Excuse me?"

"Did I stutter; lie down, face up, on my desk."

The student, a little weirded out now, hesitantly did as he was told. Ms. Rosendale put a small pillow behind his head which was just lying on the hard desk.

"Wha...what...what are you gonna do to me?" the student asked, his voice trembling.

"Well you wanted to know and now you are about to find out," Ms. Rosendale said as she smiled, evilly.

The teacher ascended the desk and stood there for a moment, towering over the now quite fearful student. Then, she turned her back to the student and lowered herself onto the student, planting her butt directly on his face.

The entire class was totally in shock of what was going on in front of them. None of them had seen anything like this before in their entire lives; a teacher sitting on the face of her student? Not one of them could have seen this coming. No one said a word, each student just sat there in surprise, most students ' mouths hanging agape.

While staying planted on the perch she had made on this poor young student 's face, she reached over and pulled something out of the top drawer of her desk; it was a stopwatch. She tossed it to the nearest student in the front row. The student, completely engrossed in what was going on, failed to realize something was being thrown to him and the stopwatch hit him in the face before he finally got out of his trance. He picked up the watch and looked up, cautiously, at the teacher.

"Start it now and tell me when thirty seconds are up, alright?"

The student nodded gently and then hit the start button on the stopwatch. It toned once, softly, to indicate the count had started.

Ms. Rosendale adjusted herself for comfort and then sat full weight on the student 's face. For the first few seconds everything was calm and Ms. Rosendale 's face was completely neutral as if this whole thing was just a natural everyday thing. After ten seconds, the student began to squirm under the ass but Ms. Rosendale held tight and did not budge even an inch. After 20 seconds, the boy fought like mad to get free even attempting to push the teacher off him but she grabbed his arms and held them down. She smiled a wide smile as she did this, pleased with her control over the helpless student trapped under her ass.

"25 seconds...," the student in the first row said.

"How disappointing that I could not muster up a fart for your poor little face. Oh well, next time...unless..."

"30!" The timekeeper yelled.

Ms. Rosendale remained on the boys face for a second or two more. By this time, the student under her ass was thrashing around violently as he had been without oxygen for a full thirty plus seconds. Finally, the teacher rose up slightly and the student immediately turned his head to the side and away from his teacher 's ass which was still in front of him. He gasped and wheezed desperately, trying to replenish his suffering lungs.

Then, like the devil she was, Ms. Rosendale smiled like a Cheshire cat. She grabbed hold of the student, who was still trying to catch his breath, and shoved his face deeply into her ass and held it there. PPPPPPRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB! All the jaws dropped in the room as the students ' minds worked to grasp exactly what was going on here. The teacher farted in a students face right in front of them and now she was forcing him to smell it at point blank range after already been stuck under her ass for half a minute.

Ms. Rosendale 's smile evolved to a laugh as she held tight the students head tight against her ass.

"Oh boy! That was a good one huh?"

The student screamed but his yells were muffled within the teacher 's ass. The other student 's watched in horror as the tortured student fought hard for his freedom but could never gain it.

By this time, the other students began to smell the retched fart that Ms. Rosendale had released and by god was it rank. Many stuck their noses in their shirts to try and avoid the stink but even that didn 't help much. As Ms. Rosendale looked about the room and saw this she laughed.

The teacher kept the student 's face right in her ass and after about a minute his fighting slowed and weakened. A few seconds later, his fight halted altogether. The student was knocked out.

Ms. Rosendale finally released the student 's head and it immediately hit the pillow she had set out for him. The teacher rose from her position and stood over the incapacitated student. "Now you know what happens, you stupid bastard. I trust you 'll have your homework tomorrow?"

The student did not and could not answer.

"I 'll take that as a yes. Now get off my desk!" Ms. Rosendale got off the desk and returned to her seat. She then pushed the unconscious student off her desk and he landed on the floor with a loud thump.

"Someone be sure to give him the homework, he 'll be out for the better half of this period and more than likely well into the next," Ms. Rosendale said, laughing. "Now, are we ready to begin class?" she asked.

The entire class was speechless, having seen what just went down in front of them. What was even more surprising was the fact that Ms. Rosendale went from being this evil, sadistic, bitch of a teacher to the kind and nice teacher that everyone loved.

Ms. Rosendale took the silence as a sign of the affirmative. "Alright then, now let 's begin."

And then, just like that class began like normal. The only thing that was amiss was an insensible student lying on the floor in the front of the room. Other than that, class was normal and the students were taking notes on proper sentence formation and the correct use of semi-colons. This, however, was about to change.

Five minutes into the period, the door opened and in walked the very same student who was late yesterday. The student nearest to him tried to signal him to get out but he didn 't understand; he continued towards his front row seat.

Ms. Rosendale, oddly, smiled wide as she saw this student walk towards his desk. It was especially odd since she exploded yesterday and chastised him for being late but today, she smiled.

"Well hello 's your name?"

"Jacob," the student replied, smiling back at the teacher. As he got to the front of the room he saw the unconscious student lying there. His face turned to fear and then he looked up at the teacher who quickly came up towards him and grabbed him.

"Well, Jacob, nice of you to join us and I am especially glad you volunteered for my very special job."

Jacob became a little more fearful now. "Wha...what job?"

"Well my boy, I believe I told you rather harshly yesterday that there would be severe consequences for being late and..."

"But, I was only late because I was finishing up a project for my computer teacher. We worked through lunch."

"Oh my, that does sound rather important but hey, since you love doing side tasks let me give you one of my own."

"Oh, what 's that?" Jacob asked.

"I 'm so glad you asked. Please walk over to my desk."

Jacob did as he was told. "Okay?"

"Now, get behind my desk and sit down in front of my chair, putting your head on the seat and your feet out in front of you."

"Excuse me, Ms. Rosendale?"

"Sit down on the floor and put your head on the seat."

"Um...I don 't know...what kind of..."

Before Jacob could finish, Ms. Rosendale walked up to him and kicked him hard in the groin. Jacob doubled over in pain and fell to the floor with a loud thump. The boy was completely helpless, distracted by his horrible pain, as Mr. Rosendale grabbed him and placed him in the position she had ordered him to assume just a few seconds ago. Then she, with one free hand, pulled two zip ties out of her desk and strapped Jacob's wrists to the armrests of her chair; each tie clicked tighter until she could tighten them no longer.

She stood up straight and looked down at the bound student; her evil smirk making the boy even more fearful of his new predicament.

"Did I not tell you there would be harsh penalties for being late?"

The student, looking up at the teacher, the fear apparent in his eyes, nodded softly. He no longer seemed to be in pain from Ms. Rosendale's kick to his gonads, however, it was highly possible that fear of what would happen next overpowered his pain.

"Oh my, with those puppy dog eyes one would think I would have to be merciful..."

The student's eyes slowly brightened with some hope.

"...but you, my little pupil, are not going to get off that easy," Ms. Rosendale said, finishing her sentence.

Jacob's eyes turned immediately back to fear and then he watched as his teacher turned her back to him and slowly began to proceed down, placing her skirted ass right square in the poor boy's face. Almost immediately the boy began to thrash about, clearly not ready to have his air cut off by his teacher's ass. Ms. Rosendale quickly removed her ass from his face slightly.

"Alright you stupid idiot, breathe your air. Do it! Now!"

Jacob, slightly out of it, did nothing.

Ms. Rosendale slapped him across the face and ordered him once again to breathe.

This time, the student did as he was told and took long, deep breaths before finally Ms. Rosendale sat on his face one again right as he had finished inhaling.

"There now, you should be a good for a full minute. Where is my timekeeper?"

The student in the front row with the stopwatch was slightly more alert this time and raised his hand soon after the teacher had called for him.

"Ah there you are. Okay, I need you to start the watch and stop me right at five minutes, okay?"

The timekeeper nodded and started the watch.

"Alright, now class, can anyone remind me of where we left off?"

The class, completely stunned and fearful, stayed absolutely quiet.

"No one?"

After a short period of silence, one unknown and untraceable voice softly yelled the word 'semi-colons.'

"Ah, yes, thank you...whoever you were," she said, smiling warmly. "Okay, who here actually knows what a semi-colon is?"

No one raised their hand.

"Alright, so I guess that means none of you know what a semi-colon is and additionally probably do not know how to use them. A semi-colon is...oh, excuse me a second."

Ms. Rosendale stopped and just sat there for a moment. Suddenly, her expression changed, she appeared as if she was trying with great force to push something out and all the students immediately knew what it was. Within seconds a loud butt bomb erupted from her ass and onto poor Jacob's face. PRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTT! She smiled wide as the gas escaped her, knowing her gas had to be torturing the unfortunate student under her ass. After a few seconds of inhaling Ms. Rosendale's horrid gas, the student began to thrash around violently but Ms. Rosendale kept her perch on the boy's face for another ten seconds before she rose up, slightly again, to allow him to breathe.

Jacob gasped rapidly and heavily at the air, as if he had been starved for air all his life and needed to catch up to get enough.

Ms. Rosendale stood up fully, as Jacob continued to recover and walked to the white board. She drew a dot on the board with a comma underneath it.

"That, my students," Ms. Rosendale said, pointing to her drawing, "is a semi-colon. The semi-colon is used to separate two complete thoughts or sentences without the use of a period."

The teacher proceeded back to her desk and, without any warming, placed her ass back on the boy's face.

"A good example of semi-colon use would be: 'Jacob is getting face farted as part of his punishment for being late; luckily for him, I am quite gassy today.'"

Jacob moaned loudly and desperately.

"Yes, Jacob, thank you, I was just getting to that. See, those two sentences would be fine on their own, however, since they are related we use a semi-colon to show the correlation where it may seem inappropriate to separate the thoughts by hard stops or periods."

Suddenly, Ms. Rosendale farted a loud and long blow; even she seemed caught off guard by this one. BPPPPPPPPPPPPPRRRR!

"Oh my, that was an unexpected surprise. What do you think of it, Jacob?"

The boy tried to wiggle free but it was useless; between his ties and the teacher's ass, he knew he wasn't going anywhere. This didn't stop him from trying however.

Ms. Rosendale smirked as she grinded her fart and ass into the poor boy's face before finally raising her ass from his face.

Jacob desperately gasped for air, inhaling and exhaling very rapidly as the teacher 's smelly ass hovered just a few feet above his face.

Ms. Rosendale peered slightly back at the boy and got her devilish smirk back on her face.

"How much time?" Ms. Rosendale asked the timekeeper.

"One minute and 45 seconds left."

"Excellent," she said. "We are coming down to the wire Jacob; pray that you survive this bad boy."

With that, the ass hovering over Jacob exploded with a massive fart that lasted a full three seconds. The euphoria from releasing it was apparent on the teacher 's face as she sat down hard on the poor boy 's face, sealing in the stink. She had no intention of getting up this time.

Jacob kicked and trashed under the stench but could not gain freedom from the horrid gas.

"30 seconds, Ms. Rosendale," the timekeeper called out, covering his nose from the wretched fart that the teacher had released.

Ms. Rosendale held tight on Jacob 's face as he squirmed and tried to remove himself from under her ass. After about fifteen seconds his fight started to diminish. After another ten, the class could tell the student had given up; Jacob was knocked out although some students feared that the kid was dead.

"Time!" The student with the stopwatch yelled and Ms. Rosendale immediately rose up but she knew Jacob was already out cold under her.

Well Jacob, I must say that was quite the punishment and I am sure you will be here on time from now on, however, you face is so comfortable on my ass, I 'm sure you would gladly give up your face for the rest of the period for my desires, right?"

Jacob could not and did not reply.

"I 'll take your silence as a yes," Ms. Rosendale said as she planted her ass back on the face of the anesthetized student. "Thank you for this, Jacob. You are really too kind."

And then, just like that, Ms. Rosendale continued the lesson like normal even though there was a sedated student under her ass and another at the front of the room. She did not fart again, at least not audibly, however, she remained planted on Jacob 's face for the duration.

Suddenly, the class all looked to the right as the bungalow door opened and in walked a girl student.

Ms. Rosendale just looked at her walk in, no expression on her face.

The girl looked at the teacher, "Oh, sorry I 'm late; I got caught up in..."

"Don 't worry about it," Ms. Rosendale said.

The girl recoiled a bit when she saw the student unconscious on the floor but she walked by and went to her seat. She shuffled in her backpack, "Damn, I think I left the homework at home, sorry Ms. Rosendale."

"Not a problem, just turn it in when you can, okay?"

The girl nodded and then sat at the ready.

Before Ms. Rosendale could continue with her lesson a hand from the middle of the room shot up.

"Yes, uh...Vince, correct?"

"That 's right."

"Well what is your question Vince?"

"It 's more of a comment really. I feel it is unfair that you have farted these male students into submission for being late and not having their homework but you did nothing to this girl who is guilty of both those transgressions," Vince fearfully sighed after saying all that, fearing it would be a big mistake.

"Is that so? Well you are quite brave for saying so and I respect that. Why don 't you see me at the end of class and we can talk about it with more depth," Ms. Rosendale said, in her kind, sweet voice. A genuine smile seemed to cross her face.

Vince, weary of the teacher 's cruel deception, said, "I 'm afraid I can 't, I have to get home and..."

"Home? I 'm sorry Vince but unless you have a class next period you have no excuse and even then I would write you a note, so you have no choice in this matter," she demanded, sternly but kindly.

Vince shivered in fear as he nodded his head gently.

"Now then, where was I?" Ms Rosendale asked.

The remained of class flew by and before Vince knew it the bell rang ending the period.

"Okay, I 'll see you all tomorrow; Vince, please stay where you are. Uh, I need four students to carry these two out and to the bathroom right next door," she said, gesturing to the two knocked out students. Ms. Rosendale randomly pointed out four boys from the class and then she cut the zip ties that still bound Jacob to her chair. Two boys carried each unconscious student. Ms. Rosendale followed them to the door and said, "Put them in separate stalls, alright?"

The students nodded as they carried the bodies out. Ms. Rosendale shut the door behind them and locked the door. She also closed the mini-blinds before returning to her desk chair.

"Please come up here Vince," she said.

Vince fearfully did as he was told and stood at the foot of her desk; his eyes staring down at his shoes.

"Look at me, Vince."

Slowly his eyes rolled upward and met the teacher 's.

"Good, now let 's talk. You think I am unfair in the way I deal out my punishments is that it?"

"Uh, well yes...actually"

"Please Vince, speak freely, I want to hear your issues."

" I mean you just totally dominated those two male students but then the girl came in and you did nothing, it just seems kinda...I don 't know...uh..."

"Sexist," Ms. Rosendale asked, interjecting?

"Well...well yeah."

"I see, so you think I am sexist against men?"

"I don 't know about that, I just think your severe punishments should be dealt out regardless of sex, you know," Vince said, feeling slightly more comfortable now.

"That is interesting, Vince. You know what is even more interesting Vince?" The teacher asked, standing up and approaching the student.

"Um...wha...what is that, Ms. Rosendale?"

"It 's interesting that you have the balls to stop my class and tell me your stupid opinion on how I run my classroom, as if it is any fucking business of yours."

"Bu...but...but you said...," Vince stammered.

"Shut up! I 'm sick of hearing your voice! You know what you need, a nice fart ripped in your big mouth! How 's that sound, Vince? Sound pretty yummy?"

Vince bolted towards the door, the terror on his face more than apparent, but Ms. Rosendale grabbed him as he tried to pass her.

"You wouldn 't be trying to leave now would you? That wouldn 't be very fun now would it?"

The teacher held her student tight, even as he tried to wiggle out of her clutches. With one free hand, she reached into the top drawer of her desk and pulled out some rope. She immediately began tying Vince 's wrists and ankles so he could not move. Then she forced the bound student to sit on the floor with his head up against the side of her desk.

"Please don 't do this Ms. Rosendale, I 'm sorry, I should have never questioned you or your methods. Please...please, let me go."

Ms. Rosendale stared into the eyes of the frightened boy with the evil smirk on her face Vince had seen a number of times now.

"Please...I 'm begging you!"

"You are just saying that because you are facing harsh punishment."

"No, no, I mean it," pleaded Vince, desperately.

"I 'm afraid you have to be punished just like everyone else..."


"No no, no more talking. It 's time for you to get what 's coming to you."

And with that, Ms. Rosendale presented her ample bottom near Vince face and pulled down her skirt and panties, exposing her beautiful bare ass. Then, with one hand she grabbed Vince 's chin and squeezed his cheeks, forcing his mouth open, and planted her butt right on Vince 's face, her asshole in axis with his open mouth. In less than a few seconds, Ms. Rosendale was ready to fire a blast. BBBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAPPPPPPP! A sizable fart entered poor Vince 's mouth and he immediately began to squirm about, trying to get away from the awful taste that was now filling his mouth and terribly smell that was invading his nostrils.

"Oh boy, that was a pretty good one. How does it taste, Vince?"

Vince didn 't reply and Ms. Rosendale didn 't care if he did as she pushed harder backwards forcing Vince 's face to get nearer to the source of her potent farts. PPPPPPPPPPPRRRRRRRRTTTTTT! Another good blast filled Vince 's senses and almost made him throw up but he held it down, fearing what would happen if he didn 't.

"That one was much better I think," Ms. Rosendale said, quite pleased with her 'performance ' so far.

After a few more seconds, the teacher released the boy from her butt prison and his head immediately hit the floor as he gasped desperately for breath.

Ms. Rosendale laughed ecstatically watching Vince 's predicament. "And that is just the beginning, my dear. I feel sorry for you, this will not be pleasant."

"Wh...why?" Vince managed to choke out between breaths.

"You know why you are here...oh why this brand of discipline? It 's just a gift I always had and when I became I teacher I quickly learned it could be used to correct student 's discipline problems. So far it has been the most effective technique I have ever used."

Ms. Rosendale then went to her desk and pulled out a roll of duct tape and walked over to where Vince lay.

"But that is more than enough out of you," she said as she placed a piece of tape over the student 's mouth.

Then she sat her naked butt on Vince 's face and farted immediately as she sat down. BBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRAPPPP! Vince fought for freedom but he was completely helpless under his teacher 's smelly bum. His fight lessened slightly and he reluctantly breathed in the terrible gas.

"That 's right," Ms. Rosendale said, patting Vince 's stomach. "No sense in fighting it, just take it like a man."

BRRRP! She farted once more, a small one. Her devilish smile crossed her face as Vince began to fight again, harder than he had previously.

This is how things went for the next hour, with Ms. Rosendale raising her ass slightly for a few seconds to keep Vince from passing out from her wretched gas. Eventually, however, Vince did pass. Ms. Rosendale got up off the boy 's face and headed out of her classroom.

Slowly, Vince began to come out of his fart induced coma. It was about 8:00 p.m. and Vince was slightly worried when his eyes opened in the dark classroom. The only light that penetrated into the room was the moon light coming through the closed mini-blinds. Vince, still bound by his ankles and wrists, worked to get to his feet and finally he had succeeded. He slowly hopped towards the classroom door and used his elbow to push down on the handle. Success! The handle turned and the door swung open but when Vince saw Ms. Rosendale standing on the other side he panicked and fell backwards onto the floor.

"You wouldn 't be thinking of leaving were you? Come on, we have made it to the final act. Don 't you want to see how this ends?"

Vince enthusiastically shook his head.

"Well I do," Ms. Rosendale said, as she flipped on the room light and grabbed Vince 's arm, pulling him back to the front of the room. She then redid his wrist ties so that his hands were tied behind his back, rendering him completely and utterly helpless.

Vince 's eyes went wide when he saw what she held behind her back. Ms. Rosendale noticed this and the evil smirk returned but she said nothing. She just put the gas mask over Vince 's face and tightened it so it would be airtight. Then Ms. Rosendale put on a tight, black latex body suit and attached a hose that lead from her ass right to the gas mask that Vince now wore.

Ms. Rosendale turned and pushed Vince on the floor. She towered over him and spoke, "This will surely be the end of you Vince so let me say it has been a pleasure to have you as my student." She smiled a seemingly genuine smile and then turned her back to the student and farted. PRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Vince thrashed about but there was no escaping it this time, the stink was forced into the mask and then up his nose.

"Breathe it all in boy, breathe it all in," the teacher said, as if Vince had a choice in the matter.

Ms. Rosendale farted once again. PPPPPPPPTTTTTTT!

"Oh boy, this Mexican food is just eating me up inside. I 'm so glad I have a student able and willing to sniff up my nasty gas."

Vince quickly began to fade and his fight lessened. Ms. Rosendale saw this and walked over to him and squatted down near him, wanting to see his end.

BRRRRAAAPPPPP! FFFFFFFRRRRRPPP! BBBBLLAAARRRP! Three farts quickly exploded out of Ms. Rosendale 's ass and into Vince 's tortured nostrils. The smell was unbearably but Vince was too weak to fight it. As his eyes closed for the last time he saw the wide smirk he had quickly learned to fear.

"Good bye, Mr. Fasano."

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