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The Cyber Relationship
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

I am sorry if this story reads a little…confusingly. I tried to get both perspectives because I thought it just sounded better that way.

It was back in 2004 when my friend had told me he was moving away.

“Wait, wait, wait….so you met her on the internet?”

“Yea! Sarah is great.” He seemed very excited.

“And where are you going again?”

“ Georgia.”

“ Georgia?!” I asked. “Isn’t that the state by Florida?”

“Uh…ya,” he replied. I paused to think. After a small while I talked again.

“I don’t know man. Are you sure about this? You know those internet things aren’t always safe. I mean how well do you really know her?”

“Well, I have pictures.” I rolled my eyes. “And she does seem nice.”

“Yea…but who knows…she might not even be a girl?”

“But I have….”

“I know, pictures,” I said, interrupting him. “Well man, you seemed to have made up your mind so I will just wish you the best of luck.”

“Thanks man, I will miss you.”

“I will miss you too. Instant message me sometime will ya?”

“Definitely.” We turned and went our separate ways. Then I stopped and turned around.

“Hey Jack?” I yelled from the short distance.


“Take care of yourself.” He nodded and that was the last I saw of him.

Many, many months passed and I had not heard one peep from Jack. I figured he was busy with his new girlfriend and going to school over there, getting into the groove of things. Eventually a whole year had passed and I began to not think about Jack, that is until I saw his username come online on AOL Instant Messenger. Oddly, after 5 minutes of waiting, he didn’t message me so I finally messaged him.

“Hey Jack! What’s going on man?” I typed, asking him.

“Mike, you gotta help me man!”

“Help you? What do you mean?”

“Look there is no time, just get over here!”

“But Jack, what’s going on?”

“LOL, I am just kidding you. Got to take off, bye.”

Just as quickly as the conversation had begun it was over. What did Jack mean by “you gotta help me?” Was he in some kind of danger? But he said he was kidding, right? But Jack was never much of a kidder was he? I didn’t recall him really ever telling a joke or anything in the 10 years I had known him. And why did he sign off so fast? Was he busy? That seemed likely; he was in a new state, with a new girlfriend, in a new school. But then, maybe someone signed off for him. No, no, I must just be paranoid. I was about to close the instant message window when something caught my eye. Jack had used “gotta” but then at the end had said “got to.” Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Ya, it must be. Or was it? These thoughts rattled my brain. Maybe I’d call Jack tomorrow, make sure everything was ok. Ya that is what I would do.


I remained on the floor where I had landed when Sarah had pushed me off the chair. I had learned quickly that when she did something you did not resist, that is unless she wants you to resist. I heard her typing on the keyboard and then she shut off the computer.

“Well, looks like you caused some trouble, didn’t you Jack?” She paused. “I can’t trust you at all, can I?” I had no idea what to say, I didn’t know what she wanted to hear. “Well are you going to speak or just lay there like an idiot?” I again stayed silent though I knew it would not be a good idea. She immediately kicked me in the side of the chest with her thick, leather boots. I doubled over in pain. She then bent down and grabbed me by the neck. She lifted me and brought my face to hers. “This better be the last time I hear from this Mike or you will face worse from me. You are mine Jack! You are mine till I say you aren’t so you better get used to it!” Sarah then threw me to the ground where I landed with a loud thump. She stepped on my back with her heavy boots on her way to her room. The pain was tremendous. Right then, I prayed Mike would actually get the message and come and save me from this torture. “Jack! Get in here now!” Sarah yelled from her room. I got up quick, walked into her room and shut the door behind me.


The next day, I picked up the phone but I quickly realized I didn’t have a number. I decided to call the school.

“Thank you for calling State University Georgia. This is the operator speaking, how may I direct your call?”

“Hi, I am looking for a student, Jack Ryans?”

“Hold please.” After about 5 minutes the lady came back on the line. “Uh, sir there is no one here by that name.”

I started to become a little concerned. “Are…are you sure?”

“I’ll check again.” She came back a few moments later with the same results.

“Alright, um…do you have a Sarah on campus?”

“Yes. There are 25, sir.”

“Oh, sorry. I believe the last name is Peters.”

“Please hold, I’ll connect you.”

“Thank you.” After a few seconds a female voice had answered.


“Yea, hi. This is Mike, I was wondering if Jack was there.”

“Uh…no sorry. There is no Jack here.”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, good bye.” Just before the line hung up I swore I heard someone yell “Mike!” Was it in my head? Did I image it? Maybe I would go to make sure everything was ok with Jack. This whole thing was just a little too weird.


Sarah slammed the phone down in a rage and turned her evil eyes and her menacing grin towards me. “You are almost asking for this Jack. What did you think you were doing?” I stared up at her fearfully. I could not speak, she had a gag in my mouth but nothing I could have said would have gotten me away from the punishment I was about to endure. She quickly retrieved her short horse’s whip and came at me with it. I raised my hands up to block her and perhaps plead for forgiveness but she would not listen. As the whip came down hard on my body I yelped and screamed in pain. “Mike, please hurry.” I cried to myself. “Please save me.”

I don’t know what made Sarah stop, maybe I fell unconscious from all the pain I had inflicted or maybe she just got tired of it. Either way, I was still on the couch just as I had been left during the whipping. My whole body ached and hurt like I had just been hit by a semi-truck. I tried to sit up but I could not, I was in too much pain. I turned my head to see Sarah walk to her kitchen. She talked to me from there, “So, I guess Mike could very well be joining us soon? That’s good; I could always use more slaves. You can bet I’ll be ready for him if and when he gets here, just got to start my special diet.” She chuckled. “You two are going to be in for a real treat, this type of torture is my specialty. I didn’t want to use it on you but since you like misbehaving so much, I figured you deserved it.” She kept talking but after a while I dosed off.


It was about a week later that I finally arrived in Georgia. I had to clear my schedule and book tickets and pack. I hoped this would be a happy reunion but I had feared it wouldn’t. Something about Sarah and the whole phone and instant message thing was amiss and I feared for Jack’s safety. I hoped my assumptions were totally wrong. I rented a car, got directions, and drove the half an hour trip to The State University of Georgia. After getting lost a few times I had arrived on the very prodigious looking campus, surrounded by an equally good looking little town. It was about 6 o’ clock when I had finally found a place to park and had found out where the residence halls where. Sarah was in the residence block P, room 34. I had found the P building and finally reached room 34. I sighed and knocked on the door. I waited and there was no answer. I knocked again, this time a little louder. “Hello?” I yelled. No reply. I finally tried the door knob and surprisingly the door opened. I stepped in the room and immediately saw Jack chained to the wall, looking in the worst condition I had ever seen him. He was quite skinny and appeared very weak. He looked at me but it seemed he could not even mussel up a smile.

“Jack, what has happened to you?” I asked as I approached him, examining his chains.

Very weakly he answered, “You were right, Mike. Sarah was not what she appeared to be.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing, don’t worry about it. It’s too late any ways. You shouldn’t have come, now she has you too.”

“No Jack! We are getting out of here.”

“Mike! We can’t, she has the only key to the chains.”

“Well then, I’ll go get help.”

“It’s too late, Mike! She never leaves for very long. She will be back any second.”

“I am freeing you from here, Jack! Mark my words.” I turned around and made a dash for the door, when I got into the hall I was confronted by a rather large but petite figure.

“Well, hello there.” She said, and then she whacked me over the head with something heavy. I hit the floor, unconscious.


I saw Mike lying there, unconscious as Sarah dragged him in from the hall way and chained him up next to me. I could not help feel guilty. This was all my fault. I should not have brought Mike into this. I cried silently to myself.

“You know Jack; he’s much cuter than you. I think I should quite enjoy torturing him.” Her stomach growled loudly. She patted her stomach. “Ooooooo…good thing he got here when he did, it’s about time to begin.” She laughed as she walked to her room, locking the door behind her. I immediately began to whisper to Mike. “Mike, wake up.” He did not respond. I kicked him gently near his ankle.

“Wha…what happened?” He said groggily, beginning to sit up.

“You were hit in the head.”

“Oh? Yea…I think I remember that.” He smiled a bit which quickly turned back to sorrow. Then for hours we talked about my situation here and about the good old days. Who knows how long we talked for but it wasn’t enough time, I could have talked with Mike for days.


It was about 9:00 a.m. when he heard stirring from Sarah’s room. A few seconds later she exited her room. “Hey boys, I trust you had a nice night?” I could not get over how beautiful Sarah was, it was no wonder Jack fell for her so quickly. She seemed to be so sweet too, well besides the chains, but then I had only been with her for less than 2 minutes. No matter, I had to figure out how to get me and Jack out of here and soon. I tried to think but nothing came to me. I was thinking the phone but I doubted Sarah would have of both free at one time so that would not be a possibility. I thought until I noticed Sarah had come up and stood right next to me. “Are you ready for hell?” I didn’t say a word. “Answer me you bastard!” She slapped my hard across the face.

“Sarah, Mike just got here. Do me instead.”

“No way Jack, this one needs to learn his place and fast. You two are going to be here a while, after all. I watched as Sarah undid my chains and picked me up by the neck. She brought me to her face and smiled. Then she dragged me to her room shutting and locking the door behind her. Briefly I scanned the room looking for something that could help us but I found nothing, it was just a standard bedroom with a bed and dressers. Before I could think, Sarah pushed me onto the bed and hopped on as well. She hastily tied ropes around my arms and tied them to the bed posts; she left my feet and legs alone. I kicked and fought her and tried to loosen the ropes but it was all to no avail. She stepped off the bed and went to her drawer. She turned around to produce a whip which she proceeded to hit me with continually. “See, this is what we do here Mike. I tell you to do something and you do it. If you disobey me, you get this…,” she held up the whip, “or worse. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but…,” Before I could say more she raised the whip and smacked it down hard on my leg.

“You will not question me! Got it?!” I whimpered slightly under the extreme pain but I managed to nod. “Good. Oh and I almost forgot.” She turned back around and produced a roll of duck tape with which she walked over and placed on my mouth. “There now much better. No need for the neighbors to hear you scream.” She smiled a bit and then got back onto the bed. She came and laid on top of me like she was going to kiss me but then she rose back to her knees, turned around and placed her sweat panted bottom on my face. “That’s it; stick your nose deep within my cheeks. Doesn’t it smell good in there? I have been waiting and waiting and now I can finally release all my pressure. Better sniff it all up or there will be worse for you.” Sarah settled on my face and after a few minutes, BRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP! A large fart escaped her and ran straight into my sniffing nostrils. The smell was not of this world, a combination of rotten cabbage, beans, and a million other horrible things. “Ugh, that smells awful. I thought I told you to smell all of it!” I felt the whip hit hard on my leg again. I screeched in pain and Sarah farted in response. “Now smell it all!” She yelled, farting once more. Against my will, I sniffed as much gas as I could and it must have been alright because I was not whipped like before. Instead Sarah began to stroke my head and run her fingers through my hair. “There now, that’s a good slave. You like my smell don’t you?” She raised her ass a bit for my response and I nodded, knowing it was the answer she wanted. “Good, have some more.” She hovered over my face for a few seconds more than let loose a mighty blow. PBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTT! She then sat back down again and wiggled back into position. “Ahhhhh!! That feels so good!” I moaned in displeasure but kept on sniffing. This went on for hours until finally everything went dark, I was unconscious.


I waited hours for Sarah to bring Mike back out. I sat waiting and listening to her taunts and his occasional moans of displeasure.

I don’t know what time it was when Sarah dragged Mike out and chained him back up but I assumed it was late because she went straight back to her room and I soon heard her snoring. I looked next to me, I wanted to talk to Mike but I guessed I should not disturb him after all he had been through. I too eventually fell asleep.

We both awoke in the morning around the same time. Jack was saying he had enough and he was getting out of her but I told him it just wasn’t possible. He refused to listen. Sarah exited her room later that morning. “Well boys, who’s it going to be today huh?” She asked as she walked to the kitchen. “I am thinking of doing Mike again today, he is so good at sniffing my farts. What do you say Mike?” He didn’t reply and I knew that would anger her. Just as I expected she ran to Mike and began to choke him. “I asked you a question!” I could not stand to see Mike like this, not after I put him in this situation. Enough was enough. I worked my leg around Sarah’s and retracted it, tripping her and making her fall to the floor. She rose back up, slightly dazed but she soon recovered. “Oh? Can’t watch your friend suffer Jack? Maybe it’s time I take care of you….permanently!” Her stomach growled loudly. “Ohhh and I know just the way. I watched her strip her pajama bottoms and panties. She then came at my face, bare assed. She pressed my head into the hard wall and did not stop. The pain was intense but what was to come was worse. Her stomach growled again and then POOOOOOOORRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTT! A fart escaped her like nothing one could describe. The sound was inhuman and the smell was worse. Then she farted again and then once more and I was soon gapping for breath and choking but she held her ass hard against that wall, forcing me to take in her awful stench.


I watched in horror as Sarah pressed my best friend's face into the wall, farting her horrid butt bombs on him. She showed no mercy what so ever and I watched as his tense hands fell limp and as she rose a bit his head drooped to the side. I didn’t know what to make of it but I didn’t have time to anyway. “Now, it’s your turn!” She turned her ass to my face and slowly backed up. She had pressed my head to the wall, hard. “Ohh, here it comes!” BRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Just then the door to her room made a sound like cracking and then I heard shouts. The smell of the fart was still on me but I noticed Sarah was moving away. I choked and gagged for the fresh air that was now flooding my nostrils. My eyes were watery but I did see figures in black all around the room. They undid my chains and I rubbed my eyes, clearing them, to see cops all over the room. I also saw Sarah being taken out of the room in handcuffs. Then the cop nearest talked to me but I can’t remember what he said, it didn’t really matter any ways. What mattered was we were getting out of here. I looked to Jack to see he had not moved. The paramedic was feeling for a pulse. I then watched as the paramedic’s facial expression turned to dismay and he shook his head. I could tell by his expression, Jack was dead. I could not help crying. He was my best friend, he didn’t deserve this. Sure he made a mistake but he didn’t need to die for it. The cops helped me to my feet and I walked out of the dorm room.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.