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The Cost of Forgiveness
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 22nd, 2007

After 2 very happy years, Mike and Karen 's relationship started to go south. They two lived together but they rarely saw each other. Karen had to work exhaustive hours at the hospital and Mike had just landed an assistant directing job for a new television series giving him weird and highly inconsistent hours.

"Where are you going?" Karen asked, sleepily.

"They are doing a fucking re-shoot again because this airhead director doesn 't know what the fuck he wants!"

Karen sighed angrily.

"What Karen? What do you want me to do? Huh?!"

"Nothing, just go."

Mike, already running late, didn 't bother trying to delve deeper into Karen 's anger. He knew what was wrong but there was nothing he could do about it. As he sat in the car, he paused. Karen stared down at him from the bedroom window, her expression blank. Mike rose his hand in a weak wave and pulled into the street, driving off.


"What do you want me to say Kar?" Faye asked.

Karen and Faye sat in the hospital cafeteria.

"Why can 't you just say I 'm right?"

"Because I don 't think you are right, at least not entirely. I mean he has a job that forces him to work weird hours and so do you, this was bound to happen."

"But it 's not just that?"

"Then what is it?"

"We seem to be disconnected, we don 't agree on anything, and we seem to fight all the time."

"I think you are both just very stressed out by your jobs and what they are doing to your relationship. Once Mike 's show premiers he shouldn 't have to be in work as often as he does now."

"You think so?"

"I do, just wait it out girl, you two will be happy again very soon."

"Nurse Dunn?" A timid intern stood at the side of the table.

"Yes?" Faye answered.

"Doctor Richards is asking for you."

"Alright, thank you." Faye turned to Karen, "I guess my break is over. See you later."

Karen nodded. She remained there for the remainder of her break, thinking about how great things would be soon...very soon. She smiled her first smile in weeks.


Weeks passed and Karen and Mike 's problems just seemed to intensify. The relationship seemed like it was very close to its end.

"Hey," Mike said, totally unemotionally.

"Hiya Mike. I thought I 'd stop by and see how you were doing."

Mike said nothing, he just weakly rose his arm lead Faye in. He returned to his original position on the couch.

Faye walked in and took a seat near him.

"So what you been up to."

Mike had no response.

"I see. Hey! How 's production on that show coming?"

Still nothing.

"That good huh? Anything on TV?"

"Look, is there something you want?!" Mike snapped.

"Jeez Mike, no need to get upset. I 'm just trying to make sure you are okay. You know, Karen is really upset by this whole thing and I fear that it might be over between you guys."

After some thought, Mike replied. "Maybe it is."

"Don 't say that, you don 't want to break up with you?"

"No I don 't but, this...this just isn 't working out."

"Come on now, you two belong together, you are like two peas in a pod."

"Yeah we 'll one of these peas is getting ready to leave this pod."


"Yes. I mean fuck, I'm practically back to being single any ways. I haven't had real sex in months."

Faye looked at Mike for a long time, as if she were studying him. After about a minute, Mike got freaked out.

"What are doing?"

"Just thinking. You know, I have been attracted to you ever since I met you," Faye said as she started to undo her blouse.

"Really? I wasn 't aware." Mike said as he watched Faye undress, his eyes wide. He too thought Faye was quite good looking but he would never think of getting with her while he was with Karen, now his feeling of needing to be faithful started to waver.

"Oh yes, I have. I 've wanted to get into your pants for a long time."

"What 's stopping you?" Mike said, smiling.

Faye smiled in return and walked over and helped Mike remove his clothing. She then pleasured him for a short while.

This continued for a few weeks. Faye would come over on her day off and the two would play around. As the sexual romps went on Mike considered leaving Karen for Faye, after all she did seem to make him happier.

On week four of their encounters, the two met for their usual thing and were getting particularly hot and heavy. The two were having so much fun on this day that they didn't hear the front door open.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Karen asked, angrily.

The two jumped and Faye backed away from Mike and took a place on the couch, trying to look inconspicuous, however, this point was moot since they were both sitting there in the nude.

"Well!" Either of you have anything to say?

"Um..." Faye started to say, thinking carefully, "Mike...he uh...said he hurt his penis and I...uh...was just checking it, making sure it was okay."

"Oh I see, and you do this with your mouth? Very's no wonder why all the male patients ask for you by name."

Faye just sat there, knowing she was busted. She was distraught by her betrayal.

"And what about you Mike? She fall on your dick with her mouth open? Is that gonna be your story?"

Mike had nothing to say. He kept his eyes on the floor. He was embarrassed by being caught in this situation but he wasn't as upset as Faye; he no longer really cared about his relationship with Karen.

"Why would you do this to me, Faye?"

"I...I'm sorry Karen. I have always had a thing for Mike and I guess I just lost control."

"And Mike, what about you? We had all these plans for the future and you decide to just blow them all? Look at me Mike!"

Mike opened his mouth to give an angry response about his needs when he paused and looked up at Karen. He started to tear up. Mike had let his sexual tension and the frustration of his demanding job forget why he had chosen Karen in the first place, why he took this job and why he stayed in this relationship. He loved Karen with all his heart.

"My god Karen, I don't know what came over me...I am so sorry. I still want all the things we planned, I still want to be with you till the day I die."

"That's hard to tell from your previous position."

"That was a mistake...a terrible mistake. Faye means nothing to me"

"Hey!" Faye interjected.

"Shut up!" Mike snapped at her.

"I don't know if I can forgive either of you."

"Please Karen, I don't want it to be over. We have our problems but I'd rather have problems with you than a perfect life with anyone else."

"Yeah Karen, don't let this stupid mistake break up our friendship."

"You two betrayed me, what makes you think I can just forget this?"

The two just sat there. They really didn't have an answer.

Karen sighed, "You guys really want my forgiveness?"

"Yes," they both answered.

Without pause, Karen walked out of the room and into the bedroom. She returned with a good size box of stuff and walked outside. Mike and Faye just looked at each other, puzzled. Karen walked back into the house and then back to the bedroom and returned this time with a pair of thin strips of cloth and handcuffs.

"Um...dear?" Mike asked.

"We three are gonna go on a little trip."

"Can I at least put on some clothes?" Mike asked.

"No, you cannot." Karen answered as she cuffed her boyfriend and her friend and blindfolded them. She led them to the car and seated them both in the back seat.

Before Karen got into the driver's seat, Faye asked, "What do you think she is gonna do to us?"

"I haven't got a clue," Mike answered. The fear in his voice was apparent.


The drive seemed to last for hours.

"Alright we're here," Karen said.

Mike had fallen asleep during the ride but Karen woke him up and unloaded them both from the car. The trio walked through the forest around them. The sounds to Mike and Faye were very strange to both of them. There were none. Faye and Mike had always been in the city hearing at the very least cars driving by but here there was nothing; just the occasional bird caw and the leaves crunching under their feet.

"Fuck!" Mike yelled. He has stepped on a stone in his bare feet.

"Oh you big baby, get over it." Karen replied as she continued to pull the two along.

"Where are we?" Faye asked.

"Don 't worry about it!" Karen snapped.

After several more minutes of walking, Faye and Mike heard the sound of a door opening and then closing behind them. The feel of the wood finished floor was comforting on their feet after walking barefoot in the forest.

Karen grabbed the two and laid them on the floor, shackling their arms and legs, spread apart in the eagle style. The pair felt their heads touch closely together, their legs extended in opposite directions away from each other.

"Are you gonna take these off?" Mike asked, referring to the blindfolds.

"No, I 'm not. You two are going to stay blind until tomorrow morning. That 's when the fun will begin."

The two remained quiet on the floor for several hours, unable to see anything that was going on but they heard what sounded like cooking going on and a faint sound of eating following this.

"What 's that smell?" Faye asked in a whisper.

"I don 't know...I know I smell garlic and onions for sure but other than that I don 't know."


"Yeah, I 'm pretty sure...I swore Karen didn 't like garlic though."

This cooking and eating went on for many more hours until the house fell silent. Mike believed Faye had fallen asleep a while ago. Several minutes later, he followed suit.


Mike was awakened by a bright light in his eyes and Karen talking loudly in his face.

"There 's my man, did you sleep well?"

"No. Where are we?"

"We are in a small cabin I bought a number of years ago. I used to come up here to stay a few days for picture taking but I haven 't been up here in a number of years."

Karen moved over to Faye and woke her up.

"Hey there, sleepy head. Time to wake up!" She waited for Faye to come to for just a moment. "Well, now that you both are awake, I guess it 's time to begin."

"Begin what?" Faye asked, sleepily.

"You two betrayed me and now you both seek my forgiveness, correct?"

"Yes," Mike replied, "It would be great if everything could go back to the way it was before we started fighting."

"Yes, it would. I would like that as well," Karen responded with a smile. "However," her smile quickly faded, "For you guys ' betrayal you must be punished in a way I see fit and for as long as I deem suitable for the crime."

The two nodded gently in agreement, slightly scared of what Karen had in mind.

"Good, good. Glad to hear you are on board. Let 's begin slowly shall we. I 'm gonna stay clothed so you two can get used to..."

"Wait! What are you planning on doing?"

"Patience, Faye. You 're about to see first hand."

And with that, Karen sat her nicely sized, denim clad bottom over Faye and Mike 's face, sitting sideways.

"Ah, there now, I 'm starting to feel forgiving already..."

Faye and Mike started to panic. They had no idea what was going on other than Karen was now sitting on their faces. Suddenly, their concerns were cut off by a loud fart that emanated from Karen. BRRRRRRRRAPPPPPPPP!!!

"Ahhhhhhhh...but not that forgiving," Karen said, finishing her sentence. She laughing heartily.

Mike and Faye had no choice to breathe in Karen 's fart gas but Faye decided to try to breathe through her mouth but Karen immediately noticed this.

"Oh, what kind of friend are you? You can 't even sniff one itty bitty little fart?!"

" 's just..."

"Shut up! I wanted to go easy on you two but you, Faye, have forced me to get nasty early."

Karen got up and retrieved some duct tape out of a nearby drawer and sealed both Mike 's and Faye 's mouths shut.

"There, now you are forced to take in the worst of my farts and because you decided to cheat your way to my forgiveness, Faye, I 'm going to start with a solo on you."

Faye 's eyes went wide with fear as Karen 's butt came crashing down on her head.

"So where was I? Oh yes, I remember."

Karen, on perfect cue, let go of a terrible fart right in the face of her best friend. BPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTT!

"Sniff it all up, Faye! Breathe in my gas deeply!"

Faye had no choice in the matter but she did attempt to fight and trash around but the shackles held her tight, there would be no escape.

Mike also sniffed some of Karen 's latest attack but he was sure it was nothing like taking it right in the face, even through jeans.

Mike looked over at Faye and Karen on her. This was a mistake.

"Oh sorry, Mike. I didn 't mean to leave you out. Here!"

Karen leaned far to the left, presenting her ass in Mike 's direction, and blew a nasty fart. PPPPPPPPPPPPRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT!

"Ahhhhhh! There you are Mike, a nice one for you to enjoy for a while," she said as she reassumed a sitting position on Faye.

Faye moaned loudly against the tape but only received another fart in her face despite her obvious yet mumbled pleas to Karen. PPPPPPPPPPRRRRAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!

"Oh boy, I should not have had all those beans," Karen said while patting her stomach. She leaned slightly to the side a blew another fart into Faye 's face. BRRRPPP!

After a few seconds of inhaling the gas, Faye faded into unconsciousness. Karen lifted Faye 's arm and let it go. It ' hit the floor with a loud smack.

"Well, Mike, my boy, you 're girlfriend is out like a light. Now it 's your turn."

Mike pleaded with Karen with his eyes, showing extreme fear, but she just smiled at him as she turned and sat on his face. The fart stench clinging to her jeans was already more than potent enough to kill a small mammal but it was about to get worse for him.

BRRRAAAAAPPP! A short but sweet fart exploded out of Karen 's ass and right up Mike 's nostrils. Mike thrashed to get away but his fight was useless against the iron shackles. Karen laughed at his terrible plight as she blew another fart in his face. A few seconds of the tainted air and Mike was out.


Mike was immediately awakened by a kick to his groin. He yelled against the tape that covered his mouth.

"Good, you 're awake. Why didn 't you remind me to bring a change of clothes?"

Mike just looked at her, eyes menacing; tears visible from the searing pain in his testicles.

"Oh well, I 'll just have to endure the wonderful stink of me..."

Karen walked to Mike and hovered over him. She had ditched the jeans today and was wearing panties in leopard print.

"...and so will you."

She quickly lowered her ass to Mike 's face and he quickly got a strong whiff of yesterday 's blasts. Mike struggled a bit but his fight was minimal.

"Oh boy Mike, if you think those are bad then you just wait. Today feels like another gassy day!"

Karen patted her stomach and after the third pat a short fart rang out. PRRRPP!

"Whoa, looks like anything will set me off today, probably should not have had that tenth helping of Bean soup but what can I say, I love my beans!"

Karen strained and pressed her stomach in to produce another nice fart in Mike 's face. PRRRRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP!

"Ahhhhh" Karen sighed, laughing.

Faye stirred a bit.

"Oh look! The little princess is waking up. Sorry Mikey but we have to share my wonderful emissions."

Karen got up off Mike and hovered her ass over Faye. Mike inhaled the fresher air around him as he peered over to watch what was going to happen to Faye.

Faye 's eyes slowly opened and just as she caught a glimpse of Karen 's ass over her, the ass quickly came down and met her face.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Karen said to the already struggling Faye. She was caught off guard by Karen 's timing and Karen knew this.

BRRRRRRRAPPAAAAPPPPP! Karen fired a nice size fart that rushed into Faye 's nostrils.

Karen just laughed manically and then, just as she felt Faye start to fade, she rose up and let her breathe fresher air. The smell that was contained between Karen 's ass and Faye 's face filled the room. It hit Mike hard and he began to gag.

"Oh Mike, poor baby, too much for you? I guess it 's a good thing I let Faye take the full force, huh?" Karen smiled evilly.

Karen sat down again on Faye 's face and soon farted once more. BRRRRPPPPPP! And after a few seconds, again, she rose up and allowed Faye the chance to breathe.

"You know what, guys? This is a waste. There are two of you and your both close enough together and my butt is a good size so why don 't I got back to doing the both of you at once, just for today?"

Mike and Faye did not respond. Karen rose up, completely, off Faye and looked at both of them. Their eyes pleaded for the end of this torture but Karen wasn 't done, not yet.

"Yeah, okay. That 's what I 'm gonna do."

Karen situated herself between Faye 's and Mike 's heads and sat on them; her arms back behind her in a crab-walk style.

"Oh yeah, this is nice, I like this. I can lay back and just.....PRRRRPPPPP!....let 'em fly."

Mike and Faye both reluctantly inhaled her gas.

Between the smells in the panties and the constant farting, Faye and Mike were in an utter hell but each new blast rose up the bar.


"Oh yeah, this is great. Keep sniffing my little pets."

And, Mike and Faye did just that, for hours more.

Finally, Karen, at one point, said, "You know, I 'm tired of this. Let me just squeeze a nice one out and....BBBBBBBFFFFFGGGGGGPPPPPPPPTFTTTTTTT! two will be out in a just a few seconds."

And like clockwork, Mike and Faye soon faded, almost simultaneously.


A rip from Mike 's face was his alarm clock for this morning. The joints in his mouth were suddenly friend from the tape but they were sore, he stretched them a bit to alleviate some of the tension but it wasn 't all that helpful.

"Hey Mike! You 'll never guess what I found."

"I don 't care!" Mike yelled. "So is it finally over? Are we done? Can you undo me now?"

"What? Done? Mike, a handful of butt bombs hardly constitutes full forgiveness, wouldn 't you agree?"

"Maybe if the scent was human but your 's...I just..." Mike trailed off.

"Well, Mike. This is my punishment and I will say when it ends!" Karen said, sternly.

"Then why the fuck did you remove the tape?"

"Well I could put it back if you 'd like but I think you 'd prefer it be off."

"Oh and why 's that?" Mike asked, angrily.

Faye woke up during the confrontation and was now listening intently. Her tape was still affixed.

"Well, if you had let me finish I would have said that I found a bag of sauerkraut in the back of the cupboard."

"And what does that have to do with me?"

Faye knew all too well what was going to happen now.

"See that, Karen knows. I guess it will just have to be a surprise for you."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean Karen?!" Mike screamed.

Karen just smiled and completely disrobed till she was totally nude. It had been a while since Mike saw Karen 's perfect body naked so he could not help but get hard and Karen noticed this.

"Ah yes you love me now I see but, will you still love me tomorrow?" Karen asked, laughing as she walked over to Mike.

Without another moments hesitation, Mike breathed in deep and Karen sat on his face.

"You know, Mike, that can only work for so long. I can hold my gas a lot longer than you can hold your breath."

After a few more seconds, Karen became impatient and pressed hard on Mike 's stomach forcing him to exhale into her ass and right on time she farted, just as he began to inhale deeply. BBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!

"Oh my god, what a blast!"

After a few seconds of the worst gas Mike has every breathed in his life, he forcibly turned his head to the side and breathed in as much as he could before Karen grabbed him and rose up slightly, pulling Mike with her and holding his face up against her ass.

"What a bad boy, and you know what bad boys get?"

Mike moaned loudly.


A sizeable fart was taken in by Mike as he was being held against Karen 's ass for a few seconds. It seemed like a short period but quickly and suddenly, Mike faded into unconsciousness.

"What?! One fart and he 's out?" Karen laughed, "If the Germans only knew what they had their hands on, it seems possible that they might have won the war."

Karen let go of Mike and his head his the wooden floor with a loud smack.

"I guess I gotta be more careful with you, huh?"

Karen reached down and peeled off Faye 's tape.

"Wait, please Karen! This is a mistake. I 'm sorry but no one should have to deal with this."

"And what, people should deal with their boyfriends cheating on them with their best friends?"

Faye opened her mouth by Karen wouldn 't let her speak.

"There is nothing you can say to make me change my mind. You and Mike hurt me bad and I 'm making sure I return the favor."

And with that, Karen walked over and immediately took a seat on Faye 's head. She sat for a long time as Faye breathed relatively normally into her bare ass. Then, slowly, she rose up just a bit and farted a mighty blow in Faye 's face. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Ahhhhh, yeah! That 's nice. Sniff that up for me, would ya?"

Karen maintained this hovering position as Faye used he mouth to avoid some of the stink but it wasn 't all that helpful.

"Now how about one for that big mouth, huh?"

"No, please Karen! I 've learned my lesson I..."

Karen cut her off by grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them to force open Faye 's mouth over her asshole. Karen grunted and fired a nice fart right down the throat of her friend. BRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Oh! If I do that again, this may just turn into an even worse punishment for you."

Karen released Faye and her head hit the floorboards with a smack. Karen rose up and looked down at her friend.

"You know, it 's a shame Mike didn 't stay with us longer. What a jerk, leaving you to deal with all my farty gas."

Faye coughed and wheezed as she tried to speak. It didn 't really matter, she had nothing to say that Karen would listen to anyway. Karen grabbed a pot from the stove and sat down on the floor right next to Faye, her thighs touching Faye 's cheek. She then grabbed Faye 's head and turned it sideways. She moved slightly a sat one ass cheek on Faye 's cheek, creating a sort of pocket between Karen 's ass and Faye 's face.

Karen greedily ate the contents of the pot.

"Oh my, I ate way too fast. Gotta release...some of...this...PRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! AHHHHHHH!...pressure. Much better. How about you Faye?"

Faye was struggling, this was becoming way too much to handle but Karen always seemed to prevent her from passing out and after several seconds of breathing in the tainted air, Karen got up just as Faye began to fall.

"You 're not going that easy. I 'm sure it was you that seduced Mike away and while I still blame him, I blame you most of all for putting him up to it."

"That 's not true," Faye managed to choke out. "Mike said he was...unhappy."

"Yeah?! And so was I! But you said stick with it, it 'll all work out and then suddenly you got you lips around his dick."

Karen didn 't wait for a response; she was pissed. She immediately took a squatting position a few inches over Faye 's face and farted a nasty blow almost instantly. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Then she assumed a seated position on her face.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Faye mumbled from under Karen 's ass.

"I 'm sorry, what was that?" Karen said as she rose up and off Faye 's face, once again letting her continue to linger consciously.

Faye gagged and coughed violently, "You are gonna kill me you know!"

Karen gave her an evil smirk that only the devil could pull off. "You should be so lucky."

By this time the cabin was full of Karen 's terrible smelling gas and it did not seem to be airing out. Karen let Faye rest for a while but she still would periodically gag, inhaling the highly tainted air around her. Karen was eating some of her leftovers from last nights big meal, she was determined to be gassy for quite some time.


It was about an hour later that Karen felt ready to perform again.

"You know, I 've kinda forgone my exercises for the past few days. Maybe I should do some and Faye you can help."

Faye didn 't respond, she didn 't feel the need to.

Karen assumed a reverse face down position on Faye, as if she was going to do sixty-nine on her and Faye got slightly aroused to the fact that she might but she would soon find her assumptions where incorrect. Karen backed up a bit, placing her ass a little higher than Faye 's breasts and wrapped her legs around Faye 's head.

"I call these, Scissor Ups. Stupid name, I know but they really tone the legs."

Karen, not needing her hands, placed them under her body, pressed against her stomach. This would help ensure she could fart as necessary. Karen lifted the head and shoulders of an unsuspecting Faye and placed her as close to her ass as she could, which wound up to be only about an inch away. Karen then pressed on her stomach and fired off a decent sized fart. PRRRPP!

"One..." Karen started counting.

Then Karen, after a few seconds, unwrapped her legs and Faye 's head fell backwards and hit the hardwood floor with a loud bang.

"Fuck! What the fuck Karen?!"

Karen ignored her as she wrapped her legs around Faye 's head again and lifted but this time Faye used any strength she could muster up to fight Karen 's leg lift. Eventually, Karen won and Faye 's face was up against Karen 's ass again. No pushing was required this time, Karen was already ready to blow a silent fart in her friend 's face. She knew it would be a nice one so she kept Faye there a few seconds longer than usual, making sure she got the worst of it, before finally releasing her head, producing another loud bang.

"I should do more reps of that but you have already made me really tired so I guess I 'll move on to something else."

Karen got up off Faye and continued her exercises in another part of the cabin, farting periodically, especially during the stretching. This lasted about thirty minutes.

"Alright, that was a good work out but now what should I do with ya?"

"Just kill me and get it over with."

"Oh come on, you want that to be in your obituary? 'She died from massive gas inhalation. '"

"At this point, I really couldn 't care. I just want this to be over."

Karen smiled a bit at Faye 's depressed attitude. She had done a good job, apparently, at making her sorry but it couldn 't end like this, that would be too easy. One final and brutal attack would take care of Faye for good. She started to walk over toward her when Karen noticed Mike starting to stir. She walked over to him instead and sat on his face hard. After a few seconds, he woke up fully and fighting for air but Karen remained on his face until he slowly fell back into unconsciousness. The smell sealed between her cheeks was enough for him to go under again without her needing to fart again. Karen rose up off Mike and adjusted herself so she was standing over Faye.

"Wait, I take back what I said...I don 't wanna die...not like this!"

Karen had no intention of killing her but she didn 't mind Faye thinking she would. She smiled and said nothing. Then, Karen reached behind her and placed a hand on each of her butt cheeks and spread them as far apart as she could, exposing her naked asshole to Faye.

"No...please! I 'll die! You can 't, please!" Faye begged and pleaded but it was to no avail.

Karen slowly lowered herself down until her asshole made contact with Faye 's nose and the she released her cheeks, creating a tight seal.

Faye panicked. Her breathing was already hurried, Karen knew she wouldn 't have long to do this. She took both hands and in Heimlich fashion she pressed on Faye 's stomach, forcing her to expel all her air against Karen 's asshole, a sensation that tickled her a bit. She held this for a few seconds and then.....


Karen released an enormous fart directly into the nose of Faye as she released her stomach, allowing her, forcing her, to breathe in all of Karen 's nasty gas. Karen laughed evilly as Faye sucked in the air and tried, useless, to fight her way out of her binds. The smell was indescribable and it was all entering Faye 's nasal passages as she inhaled it. She tried to breathe with her mouth but Karen 's ass cheeks sealed it closed, there would be no escape from the smell. A minute later, Faye started to fade and in no time she was out like a light. This of course, didn 't stop Karen, who knew full well Faye was out. She farted a few more, smaller blasts, into her friends face before finally getting releasing Faye 's tortured face from her ass prison.

Karen quickly got dressed and dragged Mike and Faye, one at a time, to the road nearby. She had no reason to dress them up so they would remain out there in the buff. Karen then packed up her stuff, got in her car and took off. During the drive, she called 911.

"911 Emergency, what is your emergency?"

"Yeah, I was just driving near Red Wood Lane and I noticed there was two bodies there. They seem to be alive but in bad condition, you may want to send an ambulance there right away."

"Alright, that 's Red Wood Lane, the ambulance has been dispatched. Do you have a cross street on that?"

"Yeah, I believe it 's Hazelnut Court."

"Alright, Red Wood and Hazelnut, the driver has been informed. May I get your name please?"

Karen hung up the phone and continued her drive home. She would need to shower before going to work in a few hours.


Faye 's eyes slowly opened as she recognized the familiar surroundings around her. She was in a hospital and not just any hospital, her hospital.

She felt very comfortable for the first time in days as she laid there. The doctor soon came in.

"Well hello, it 's good to see you Faye."

"Oh, hi Doctor Richards. How am I doing?"

"You are doing well, very well. I just got your tests back and you seem to be okay. That 's quite a mess you got into up in the hills. They found you and this gentleman naked up there," The doctor said, gesturing to Faye 's right.

Faye looked over to see Mike in the bed beside her, still out of it.

"Is he gonna be okay?"

"Oh yeah, he 'll be fine, same as you. You both can leave tonight. I talked to Bob, he said you could have the week off and be back helping people on Monday."

"Alright, thank you Doctor Richards."

"No problem, sweetie. You know, since your awake, maybe you could help me figuring something out."

"Anything, shoot."

"Well, take a look at your forehead." Doctor Richards grabbed a mirror and handed it to Faye.

Faye looked and saw the letters ' U EVIGROF I. ' It took her only a moment to figure out what they said. She dropped the mirror onto her lap and stared off.

"I forgive you...what could it mean? You have any idea?" Doctor Richards asked.

Faye didn 't respond, she didn 't even hear him. She just started into space and laughed slightly.


Faye 's laughing grew louder and slightly more demented.

"Faye, are you alright?" The doctor asked, shaking her.

Soon Faye was in full hysterics.

"Nurse!" Doctor Richards screamed, "I need 20 milligrams of tranquilizer now!"

The nurse ran in with the injection prepped for Faye. Another doctor, upon hearing the commotion walked in to see if she could assist but by the time she had gotten there Faye had already been injected and she was now starting to fall unconscious. As Doctor Richards and the nurse exited, she walked to the foot of the bed. She looked at her friend lying there and smiled a truly devilish smile as she turned and walked out of the room.

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