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The Bar Girl (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 2009

I sigh as the car rolls to a stop. I am at the community mailbox on the cul-de-sac. I take a moment before dragging my sorry ass out of the car; I lay my head on the steering wheel for just a moment, defeated.

I hear a loud engine coming up behind me. I look up and see a big, dark colored Suburban drives by and up half of the street and turns around parking directly in front of me, facing me. Inside, the driver is Kate; she's in her 30's but she could pass for early 20's. She is, truly, the unattainable beauty for most, the bar girl if you will; the girls you see in bars or clubs shaking their ass, practically dry humping their boyfriend's or husband's leg to some shitty hip-hop song.

Ah, what am I saying...I like hip-hop some; T.I.'s Whatever You Like comes up on the iPod. It's a great song; has a special meaning for me. It played during a very important, very expensive lap-dance I had in Vegas. I also got with a prostitute on that beautiful she was and yet, our 'shit' together was so unfulfilling but that's all I'll ever get; I better get used to it I suppose.

Where was I? Oh yeah, everything on Kate's body is perfect; she's got wondrous tits, an incredible ass, and the body of a fit, sporty chick. So, of course, it's only fitting she get with the sporty, muscular guy and not the slightly overweight, intellectual, sexually repressed, socially inept, worthless excuse for a human being.

She exits the car and I watch her tight butt swing and sway in light pink flannel pajama bottoms with the words, 'JUICY' printed across the bum; God, would I like to find out how 'juicy' that ass was. She walks across the street to her house; she looks over her shoulder just slightly and I duck down for a moment but she no doubt saw me before, sitting in my car, so she 'sees' me ogling her lustfully now. I find my hand on my junk, gently rubbing; I realize it and pull away, disgusted with myself. I exit the car, retrieve the mail, and drive the rest of the way to my house.

The sad part of it is, I ogle Kate everyday. I want her...everyone wants her but she's got her hick, outdoorsy, handsome, muscle man and I doubt she is leaving him any time soon, nor he her. So me and the rest of the world, we ogle.


It is the next day; I get the mail again like always. The Suburban pulls up and parks in front of me; everything is routine. I don't even want to look at her today, I lay my head on my steering wheel and wait for this bout of depression to pass.

Suddenly, my driver side door is opening, I look and catch a glimpse of the blonde beauty before she grabs my hair and pulls me out of the car and onto the sidewalk. I yell and scream but it's the middle of the day, everyone is at work. She drags me across the street and into her house.

I am in the house before I know it and I find myself in what I presume is the master bedroom. Kate carelessly throws me on the bed and grabs a rope that, for some reason, happens to be nearby. I start to get the feeling that she planned this.

I fight as best I can but she ties me up pretty easily; each of my appendages to a bedpost.

Finally, Kate speaks, "There now; that's better."

God, even her voice is sexy.

"What the fuck?!" I yell out.

She smiles again, "I've seen you stare at my ass so I figured out a way to please myself and satisfy you as well."

"What's that?" I ask, truly interested.

"Well, little boy, I'm going to let you eat me out."

Seriously?! Did she just say that?

"See hubby only believes in one way oral and I wind up on the losing end so I figure I'll use you for my own oral pleasure. What'da think?"

I say nothing; I'm still in shock.

"I'll take that as a yes. Not that I was going to give you a choice in the matter of course," she laughs.

Before I know it, she stands before me in just a white T-shirt; no pants, no underwear. Her pussy is clean shaven like nothing I've ever seen if it was naturally hairless; truly stunning.

Another few seconds and it is on me; her pussy lips making contact with mine...face lips that is.

"Okay, kiddo, let's get to it; we ain't got all day."

Now, I've never pleasured a woman orally; I've never pleasured a woman in any fashion. I am a virgin; a virgin who's been girlfriendless all his life. That prostitute I mentioned earlier, she gave me a $500 hand job and I didn't even fucking cum. And now, here was this 30-something woman, practically sitting on me with her pussy in my face demanding oral satisfaction.

I prodded her lips once with my tongue and quickly pulled it out; the taste was sour and unpleasant.

"Come on, pussy it better!"

I try again but she quickly becomes enraged.

"What's wrong with you?! I'm sure you're girlfriends have demanded your ugly face in their cunt gotta be good at this by now."

She rises up off me, finally. I take a few deep breaths but it isn't long, she reverses her position and sticks her butt in my face.

"Well, it's for the best perhaps anyways," she says as she lowers her butt to my face.

She grunts a bit as she repositions herself.


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