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Sneaky Stories 2
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 23rd, 2012

"Ms. Silvia,"

She looked up from her papers for a moment, "Yes Daniel, what did you want?"

"I...uh...I think I like you..."

"Well you're very sweet dear, thank you. Now go, or you'll be late to next class."

I went to turn but I stopped myself. "No, you don't understand. I really like you Ms. Silvia."

I finally got her attention, a smile in the corner of her mouth; she pulled off her glasses and sighed under her breath but she was good, nothing for her went unplanned.

"Okay Daniel, tell me when this started."

"Oh...well, that's the tough part see...I think think you might...have..."

"What dear?"

", I think you...."

She looked at me intently, her smile widened; I presumed because she was intrigued but more sinisterly, she likely wanted to watch me squirm, basically begging for it and she loved every second of it. Savored it; she licked her lips casually not particularly caring if I saw or not in this mind fuck she was taking me on as I stared at her eyes and they shouted at me to spill it.

"I think you may"

She paused, "Oh," she smiles innocently, "I don't know about that hun."

"I'm probably wrong, it's okay," I rushed to say, making a move to leave but she put a light hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me to my seat.

"Stay and talk, I enjoy speaking with you. So, why did you want to talk to me about my...let's say, phantom farts?" She beamed with cleverness and pleasure.

"'s just, you, I might them or something, I don't know, I'm just like...yeah...maybe."

She looked at me for a while, staring at me; looking through me seemingly.

"Daniel, come over here; stick you face in my skirt, I have something for you. I've been saving it."

I freeze with fear.

"Hey, it's okay; here, take my hand, I'll lead you. Are you a virgin sweetie?"

I nod.

"It's okay, don't worry. Now stick your face down here and I'll drape the skirt over you so you don't miss a thing," she said, pausing a moment. "You sure this is what you want."

I nod again.

She smiles, "Okay," as she adjusts herself into a lower, seated position, pointing her ass very near her students face.

She quietly moans as she starts to let go of a long, silent fart which she takes her time in letting it leave her body and enter my face as I sniffed deep and hard at her potent, thick gas. She massages my hair lovingly as he eagerly tries to suck up everything he can; his tongue licks he teacher's thigh and she pushes him away gently.

"Danny that's a little too much."

I can't help but look sad and disappointed, as if I'd failed her and blew my chances.

"It's okay, you can still do it; I've got more gas..."

I go back towards her, drape the skirt over myself; creating my own little dutch oven with her skirt.

It inflates almost fully when she lets out a magnificent fart which blows back my hair; I cough a little involuntarily.

"I'm sorry dear, my gas is kind of tough; I had a few too many chili dogs but they are just so good," she said, sneakily farting as she spoke.

I try to pull my head away but she playfully holds it for a few seconds before giggling and releasing me to casually gasp for air.

"Sorry dear, I couldn't resist but I'm guessing you don't mind being my little slave from time to time, am I right?"

Fear fills my eyes but I weakly nod.

"You don't have to dear, if you're not into it...just usually..."

"I am."

She smiles, "If you come every day after class, I'll be sure to have my gas waiting for you. I'll even toy with you, give you a little torturous preview in front of all the other students. Aren't you a lucky boy?" She asked laughing.

Truly I was.

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