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Sneaky Stories 1
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 23rd, 2012

I ran down the hall and ducked into the janitor's closet. I wasn't quite sure what she'd do but I knew she was fucking pissed.

Heavy footfalls dart past the door. A wait a few seconds.


I gently push on the door but it doesn't budge. I try harder but it doesn't move at all.

Then, bright light beats into the closet as I'm face to face with Jenna, her gorgeous yet full bodied figure standing sweatily but proudly before me like a lioness staring down her prey, having cornered it at last, toying with it, not yet ready to strike.

"I knew you'd pick somewhere stupid because that's what you are you little dumbshit!" She yells as she unbuckles her pants in a way that made me think that this was consensual for us...or maybe she dug that kind of thing.

An apparent fold of flab pours over her jeans as she drops them to the ground; revealing her tight pink panties and large ass, orbs hanging just over the sides of her frame.

She starts to turn as she says, "You're gonna wish I killed you."

Her hand comes down and roughly grabs my hair, I whimper as she pulls be close to her. The freehand slips into her panties and pulls it aside from her crack.

"You ever eaten ass?! Eh, shitface?!"

Fighting, I enter her somewhat cavernous crack and am hit with smells indescribable; horrific odors that were not thought possible, combinations of egg and dairy.

"Stick your tongue out! Eat me you little cocksucker!"

I regretfully take a lap of her creamy cheeks and I nearly puke on the sour putrid taste of her ass.

She stiffens for a second, her butt protruding out towards me, pushing me further in. My nose touches her anus which pulses furiously. It presses out against my nostrils and injects a noxious emission straight into my brain that burns every sense in my head; I scream involuntarily, I think she giggled.

With a quick, unexpected jerk, I am able to free myself and I fall to the ground as I suck in precious life giving air greedily like I'd been deprived all my life.

A shadow cast over me, she stood in the light above me; I saw her devilish smile.

"Well, since you're shit at eating my ass, I guess I'll have to just make it easier on you."

I yelled when I watched her come down to sit on my face with all however many pounds of her but I was quickly silenced within her bowels.


I kick and buck and moan, hoping to slide out like a worm but I can't under all her wait and I watch the nearly visible gas float towards me, tormenting me, making me wait before stinging me with it's full, fermented power.

"Eat it! I don't care if I shit in your mouth, just eat my goddamn ass you fucking gaywad!"

She wiggled and jiggled triumphantly on my body which probably appeared to move in synchronization with her giddy excitement. She joyfully leaned to the right and blasted my face off with a tremendous, elephant-sized fart that rippled through my brain violently, vibrating it within my skull.

"Oh, Jenna...uh, oh gross! Fuck, I found your phone; what are you doing?!"

"Really?! Oh my God! I can't believe you found it, I thought Henry stole it."

"That's hilarious girl; you want to get some lunch?"

"Mmmmm, yeah, I'm starving," she said, a long silent fart left her body like a gas leak in her butt. I felt like I was seuizuring as I took in her toxic fart. "Haha, I almost forgot about him."

Her friend laughs, "Who is that?"

"It's Henry; I was getting him back."

Finally she gets up and I choke and gasp and sputter her shit air from my head as I aggressively inhale precious oxygen.

"It wasn't that bad, right Henry?" She asked as she laughed, leaving with her friend.

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