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Sludge Science
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 16th, 2012

The Goddess watches her first students of the day trickle in; it's Biology 305, an advanced course. It's the first day back to school, the students' faces all belay a certain displeasure with being back in school; likely none of them did any studying over the break.

As a teacher, the Goddess takes pride in her abilities, and her teaching. Students come back from every break completely retarded, not even remembering the basics and she simply grew sick of teaching a remedial crash course for the first couple weeks. The Goddess smiles to herself; some students looking at the teacher smile back as if to respond politely. The students would quickly remember everything they had forgotten, the Goddess was sure of it.

The last few students file in as the bell rings; the classic right-at-the-bell student shows up looking slackerish then ever. God knows what he's doing in this class.

"Alright class, welcome back; this is Biology, if you thought this was Spanish, es not," the Goddess says, pulling a fake accent for humor.

A few attentive students laugh; one suck up laughs a little too much, now a lot.

"I'm not going to waste time with a syllabus; I'll print ‘em out and put them at the back, you can pick one up when you leave. I have a few rules you should know though; no leaving the classroom for any reason, you know that now so plan accordingly. No talking for any reason; only exception to that being if I ask you something, you will answer it. There will be no other legitimate reasons for you to talk in this classroom so don't do it. Only other rule is, you will obey me with no exception. Is that clear?"

The students trade frightful expressions; they'd never heard anything like this, so militaristic and controlling.

"Good! You all seem to understand." The Goddess turns to the white board to begin writing before stopping herself, she laughs innocently, "I almost forgot, in this classroom, you will address me as Goddess."

The students look terribly confused.

"And don't be thrown if I address you as toilet," the Goddess smiles, as if she were joking.

The Goddess writes quickly on the board as she outlines a scientific theory for the class; she happens to look back and sees a hand up. She turns and looks at the student; this, in his mind, gives him permission to speak.

"Goddess, please, may I use the restroom?"

"Excuse me?"

The student feels a cold chill run down his back with the words; they strike fear in him, as does the Goddess' harsh gaze. Her expression loosens as she stands from her chair; her booty rumbles stealthily.

"Mmmm, it's funny how quickly we forget the rules," the Goddess says as she walks slowly over to the student, "I only have a few and you've already broken two, that's not good is it?"

The student shakes his head no.

"That's right, it's not; at least you're not completely brain-dead."

The student hangs his head.

"But, you know what; I have to unload myself, that's what I call it, you're going to find out why."

The student is scared and confused; he doesn't know what she means by that but he will.

The Goddess unbuckles her jeans, never breaking eye contact with the pathetic student. The noxious smell, that was locked in by the tight jeans, now freely floats about the room and caresses every student with its putrid stench.

Quickly, the Goddess spins and turns her massive booty to the toilet student; it rumbles loudly before shooting a powerful spray of chunky sludge against the toilet-student's face. The initial blast knocks the student from his chair; he scrambles to the corner of the room and crouches there in a fetal position.

"Oh, are you scared of my booty toilet? Do you see now why it's important to obey the rules?"

Before the student can nod, the Goddess steps on his tiny balls with her thick boot heel, he screams silently in pain; she pivots on it as wedges her booty against the corner of the wall, she sits over the student's face like a mother bird to her young. She bunches herself up and sighs as a five gallon shower drizzles down over the toilet's pathetic face; within seconds, the student is covered in liquid sludge. A wide log crowns and breaks through the Goddess booty and begins to coil on the toilet's face; the never-ending logs bury the student in a sizable hill of shit.

The Goddess sees the other students are awestruck; she stands again, farts aggressively to the logged student and returns to the front of the class. Instead of going to the board, she stands in front of her desk.

"My booty is upset now so pop quiz! Don't worry, no grades for this one and you don't need a pencil; I'll go around the room."

The Goddess scans the room; finally she picks her next toilet.

"I still really need to unload; that's okay right?"

The student shakes his head frantically, as if it would spare him.

"No? Well, then you better get this right. Put your head down here on your seat."

The student just looks at the Goddess.

"Do," the Goddess says forcefully.

With a startled jump, the toilet quickly slumps down and puts his head on the chair. The Goddess manages to squeeze her big booty between the chair and the desk, hovering her dangerous booty above the student's face. He gags as he gets a nice whiff of the Goddess' pungent fragrance.

"So tell me what is the primary function of lysosomes in cells?"

"Assembling amino acids?" The student responds, fearfully.

The Goddess smiles, "And I thought it was an easy one," she says sadistically as she sits on the screaming toilet's face; stifling his cries.

"The answer, class, is...ugh..." the Goddess pauses, clutching her stomach.

What sounds like a loud fart blasts from the Goddess' booty as a hot spray of slushy diarrhea pours onto the toilet's pathetic face; only when the sludge begins to drip from the chair does anyone realize to the full extent of what is happening.

The Goddess sighs, a smile on her face, "...lysosomes...mmm...break down waste materials and cellular debris."

The toilet's legs kick around frantically as a log peeks from the Goddess' booty and then beats with great force against his face, coiling over and over, choking the poor student on several pounds of logs and liters of sludge.

With a disgusting smack, the Goddess rises from the student's face; his body lay convulsing at his desk, his face buried in a cream brown mass.

"Who's next?" The Goddess asks excitedly; she stops in front of another student. "What is the atomic weight of sodium?"

The student's eyes dart frantically but the answer is nowhere to be found; not in his head, nor in the room.

The bell sounds loudly and the students quickly begin shuffling their papers into their backpacks, hoping to leave before they too can be utilized by the Goddess.

The Goddess snaps quickly, "The bell does not dismiss you...oh..." She bites her lip, she turns slightly and spreads her booty wide before the student behind her, she smiles as a ten gallon blast forcefully beats against the toilet's face like a pressurized hose; the liquid dark brown sludge smacks against the student's face and flows down his large nose. Every speck of the young toilet is covered in the Goddess' unholy sludge; brown tears well up and drip down the boy's eyes.

She sighs happily and continues, "...I do. Or rather my booty does. Now," she says, turning to the student she originally addressed, "I asked you, what is the atomic weight of sodium; this should be easy."

The student shakes nervously, "24?"

The Goddess scoffs, "Was that a guess?"

The student nods.

"It's close, it's actually 22.99..."

The student breathes a sigh of relief.

"..close isn't actually correct, is it?" The Goddess asks the student, smiling slyly.

The student's eyes widen.

"Put your head down on your desk," the Goddess commands.

The student does as he is instructed and the Goddess hovers her massive booty inches above his head.

" comes toilet!"

The Goddess unleashes a mighty fart before being clogged by a six foot log; she pushes hard to squeeze the mighty log from her booty, it coiled lovingly on the side of the student's face before making its way, with its inhuman size, over his entire face until at least ten pounds of shit sat heavily on the student's head; it pins him to the desk and he tries to sit up but he cannot. He remains buried, with stifled screams, under a pile of massive logs.

"It's obvious that none of you did anything over the summer to keep your brains sharp," the Goddess says as she makes her way back to the front of the class. She steps onto her desk, towering several feet above her frightened students.

She bent over and split her mighty booty, showing the entire class her fiercely puckering hole. The Goddess closes her eyes and smiles as the sludge shoots from her booty and sprays with force against the toilet students in the first row as she uses her booty like a sprinkler. Slowly by slowly, in a never ending flow, the Goddess haphazardly fills each and every toilet's face with at least a pint of soupy diarrhea.

"I hope you all choose more wisely tomorrow!" The Goddess yells over her deafening storm of sludge; at least twenty gallons of putrid waste must have been expelled. When the Goddess is finally satisfied; she farts loudly before stepping down to the floor and recomposing herself in her chair.

She smiles innocently, "Class dismissed."

The students that remained conscious and alive, stood, their faces, their papers, everything dripping with shit, and walked to next period; there was only about two minutes left before the next class would begin, none would have any time to clean themselves.

The Goddess chuckles at the thought as the first student from the next period walks in; the face he makes, getting a full blast of the Goddess' putrid waste and seeing the spray all over the room; his expression is completely priceless; the Goddess tries hard to stifle her laughter.

"Please come in, take a seat anywhere; just watch out for the crap students," the Goddess says with a cheesy, teacher-like chuckle.

The student, cautiously, takes a seat near the back of the room, his rear squishes disgustingly against remnant sludge.

"Mmmmm, playing it safe huh?" The Goddess asks.

The student nods and smiles; he falls into a false sense of security with the Goddess' nurturing eyes. The student goes on to unpack his supplies.

The Goddess' booty, suddenly, rumbles loudly; the student looks up and meets eye with the sly smiled Goddess, she pats her belly. "I hope you did your reading," the Goddess says suggestively, winking at the student.

His eyes go wide as another student enters the classroom, then another; each student's face more horrified then the next.
The students finally finish filing into the room; some stand finding their chairs occupied by unconscious, possibly dead, students. The students looked at their lifeless bodies and each other with such terror; the Goddess felt a twinge of pleasure watching their faces, her booty rumbled menacingly.

"Toilets! That's what I'll be calling you all; I'm not going to waste time, you!" The Goddess says, pointing to one of the standing students; "Come here."

The student walks over to the Goddess, his head draws back as he catches the tainted air that surrounds her mighty booty.

"Toilet, put your head on my seat here."

"What?" the toilet asks.

"No response was required shit face; now put you head here now, my booty is waiting to unload and now you've just gone and upset it more."

The Goddess squats over her chair and blasts a thick green fog from her booty; "Now, get you head there now toilet!"

The student, already gagging on the poisoned air, crawls into position and lies his head on the teacher's chair.

"Good toilet!" The Goddess says aggressively, sitting full force on his pathetic face.

The Goddess lifts her leg just slightly, she scrunches half of her face. A soft rumble from her booty unloads a solid-slushy flow from her booty all over the toilet's face; the unending excess spills over the sides of the chair and down the convulsing boy's body.

"Mmmmm, it's feels so good toilet; you must have at least ten liters of my sludge all over your face! Oh...uh...not done yet, the Goddess strains.

She laughs as a loud spray of liquid diarrhea blasts against the toilet's shaking face; it was washed him in the Goddess' hot soupy sludge.

The Goddess lifts her booty with a disgusting smack as it separated from the loving mounts it had just unloaded all over this student's poor face. "Okay, we need to get started but I still need some help; how about you three," the Goddess says, addressing the remaining standing students, "You're not actively part of this class."

One of the stupid toilets opens his mouth to speak but the other two stop him before he utters a single sound; smart toilets, it was nice when they understand their place quickly.

The three boys shuffle hesitantly to the front of the room; "Good toilets; now get under my desk...oh wait," the Goddess stops them and squats at the opening of her desk; her giant booty nearly covers the entire hole. The Goddess lifts her head euphorically as she releases a heinous ten second fart that echoed grotesquely under her cold metal desk.

"There, now go," the Goddess says smiling wide, very proud of herself.

The students proceed, coughing as they enter the small, gas filled space. The Goddess wastes no time, she covers the small area under the desk once again with her big booty; "Now, class, last period, I discussed..." the Goddess parts her mighty booty and sprays the teen toilets in a wash of creamy sludge all over their faces. "...genetic determinism. Can anyone tell me what that is?" Two or three hands hesitantly go up, "Okay, ugh...go ahead," the Goddess says, gesturing to him.

"It' it the theory that says microorganisms..."

The Goddess, while listening to the student, is struck with a look of pure euphoria as a twenty gallon stream of liquid sludge beats aggressively against the toilet's faces and her metal desk; some other students gag out of disgust, perhaps empathy.

"...are the cause of many diseases."

The Goddess continues to unload a few seconds more; one toilet screams softly under the desk but he quickly loses the will, truly pathetic.

"Well, that is just completely wrong toilet. You've confused a genetic theory for germ theory but, you know what, that's what you are so why should I expect you to know any different.

The loser toilet begins to sob, his feelings hurt; the Goddess walks over to the student, the cavern beneath her desk is a drippy hell of dark brown sludge of all consistencies

The toilet at his desk, immediately stifles his crying as the Goddess lifts and splits her mighty booty; the student gets a covetable view of the Goddess' perfect, albeit toxic, booty. Closer and closer she comes to the student, he can't help but gag, his eyes locked on the Goddess' puckering bootyhole.

In a blink, a tidal wave of hot creamy sludge pours out at the toilet-student, immediately covering his face and most of his body in her smelly diarrhea.

"Mmmm, that feels better toilet; you may actually be somewhat useful, even if it's just being pathetic. On the floor!"

The student, slipping in sludge, lowers himself to a lying position on the floor.

The Goddess towers over him, menacingly before squatting over his trembling brown soaked face. She smiles cruelly as she feels the wide log crowning in her booty; she pushes it slow, letting the thick log snake its way into the toilet's frightful face. It coils over his shaking face before breaking and landing with bolder-like force against the toilet's face.

"Wrong answers will not be tolerated class; you are advanced students, I'm not wasting my time with this, do you understand?!"

The toilets all fearfully, quickly nod; understanding.

"That's good," the Goddess says as she returns to her desk; she covers the hole to her desk once more and looks to the classroom ceiling, concentrating.

She groans as she blasts a seven liter explosion of liquid sludge, it sprays like a fire sprinkler ensuring each and ever inch of the already caked shit had another layer; the Goddess smiled at the thought of her multi-layer desk sludge cake. She laughed inadvertently; the toilets looked horrified around the room.

"What's next? Cell theory; can anyone tell me what that is?"

A student, excited or stupid, answers, "Cell theory is the theory that cells are the basic unit of structure that makes up any living thing."

"That's correct; I can forgive you not waiting for me to call on you. You deserve a reward for that answer; though, I will say," the Goddess says as she walks over to the student, "it's a pretty remedial question. Put your head on the desk."

The toilet wants to shake his head no but doesn't as his head touches the cold desk, "Good toilet; I think you'll like the reward, I know I will."

The Goddess hovers her massive booty above the student's head; a fart rings out before unloading a five foot long that pours endlessly out of the Goddess like solid soft serve, it coils over and over the toilet's pathetic face.

"Mmmmm, that's some reward toilet; I'm feeling a lot better now but I think you're reward is probably only half done.

The Goddess grunts, her booty rumbles and gives way to a nine liter spray of soupy diarrhea; the force beats against the toilet's face like a fire hose.

"There we are toilet; very good work," the Goddess says, laughing.

The Goddess walks about the room, finally stopping in front of another toilet; she immediately turns her booty to him, "Tell me the elemental name for iron."

Her booty rumbles loudly, tauntingly.


The Goddess scoffs negatively, "That's not even a real one; you're completely pathetic."

The Goddess splits her massive booty and immediately showers the lowly student in a warm spray of slushy sludge; the diarrhea beats against his face with great force, the student screams pointlessly.

"Head down now!"

The toilet complies as the Goddess hovers her booty over him; she pushes hard and fires a five inch torpedo directly into the toilet's pathetic face, the log breaking aggressively as it makes contact; the Goddess chuckles sensually.

The Goddess looks at the clock; almost time to go.

"Okay, now a game. You two toilets, front of the room," the Goddess stands again and joins the two students at the front. "Lie down, put your heads together, one this way, one the other way."

The toilets comply and meet with the tops of their heads touching.

"Now, I will ask one of you a question; and if you get it wrong, I will unload on the other one," the Goddess smiles a evil smile as she ponders a good question. She positions herself, squatting inches over one of the toilet's faces while looking sadistically down at the other.

"What is the theory of biogenesis?"

Frantically, the scared student answers, "The theory that all cells make other cells?"

"That's sort of right," the Goddess replies; she subtly pushes and a three inch log pounds against the other student's face with tremendous force. The answering student cries out of fear, maybe out of remorse too.

"Okay, now it's you're turn."

The student wasn't stupid; he knew his classmate couldn't answer with a ten pound mass of logs sitting on his likely unconscious face; he twitched once, then again.

"What is Ohno's Law?"

The covered toilet remains silent and motionless.

"Not even a guess," the Goddess smiles, she feels a giant log beating against her booty; it rumbles angrily.

The student remains silent.

The bell rings as the log fires like a spear into the toilet's pathetic face, blasting him roughly against the hard carpeted floor. The Goddess is distracted, her eyes close; the look of pure pleasure on her face as she unloads a massive twenty foot log into the toilet's face. She giggles innocently as the pile builds higher and higher; the other student's sneak away, the Goddess' cruel laugh echoing tauntingly in their ears.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.