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Skunked! II: Operation Repopulation
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 19th, 2009

The skunk-woman is less than a foot away from my face with her own; their breath at such range is almost as bad as their, I take that back.

“What is it you want with me exactly?”

The skunk-woman laughs and begins to pace the small, closet sized room, “Honestly,” she turns and looks at me dramatically, “I don’t have a clue.” She scoffs, amused. “All I do know, is it’s important...or believe me, I’d have killed you myself; long ago.”


“It’s really...for the best though; we get to take you to that edge...take you to the edge and make you wish you were dead and push you to the point where you are nearly gone and then...we stop. We are your tormentors and your saviors, you hate us and then you want to love us, you want to kill us and then you want to kiss us...”

I have a feeling this isn’t going to end anytime soon; this one enjoys monologuing. She obviously loves the sound of her own voice and, admittedly, it is sexy; very slow, deliberate, sensual...almost as if she has just a touch of smokers lung to deepen her voice just enough past her age which seemed about twenty but I really have no idea how skunk-women age; possibly like dogs?

“...You should be thankful...thankful that you get to be on your knees and serve women that you aren’t even truly worth looking upon!”

“Yes, yes, very thankful,” I said, hurriedly, uncaring.

I know I’m asking for trouble but I would rather suck some noxious gas for a few minutes than sit through another minute of this self-righteous shit. The angrier I got her...the quicker she would put me out. I learned this about them and it’s helped me survive thus far.

“Why you little bitch!”

She quickly approaches and turns her back to me, her tail flipping into the air as erect as my member would be...should this be a normal girl in front of me. I started to think then; of what I had at home...a loving family, a beautiful albeit flawed girlfriend. I missed those things and I started to wonder if I would ever return to enjoy them again. I wanted to cry but I kept myself inattentiveness though was already getting me in trouble.

A hand appears out of nowhere and smacks me hard right on the face. I am bleeding a little; I think she got me with just a bit of her claw.


“Why don’t you fart on stupid bitch!”

She is enraged. The skunk-woman grabs the back of my head and shoves it far up her ass; my nose has pierced a part of the way into her asshole. There would be no mercy, especially at this range.

Then, the smell hit; there was no sound of a fart, no nothing. I am a living, but more importantly for her, breathing butt plug shoved up her asshole. The air is never ‘released’ it merely leaves her ‘plumbing’ and enters mine. The hot, putrid air burns my nose and leaves me instantly lightheaded; I can’t think straight at all...I can’t even full process where I am anymore. And then...blankness.


“This is a mistake your highness!”

“I see no other choice! It has been decided.”

I wake up in what feels like a drug induced haze; voices around me. My vision is still a blur when I am picked up and dragged out from one bright room into a slightly darker room.

“Where am I?”

“Shut up!”

“Tell me!”

“Just shut the fuck up!”

I am thrown, literally, into a room and a cage is shut behind me, locking me in; a prison cell.

“Where are you going?! Where am I?! Please! Tell me! I’m frightened.”

“What?! What is it you wish to know?!”

“Where am I?”

“Skunkette home planet; Flatuna 47.”

“Why was I brought here?”

“As our prisoner.”

“Obviously...but for what?”

The skunkette’s expression reads as disappointed, “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter! What are you going to do with me?”

She sighs, “Her highness would like to buff up her armies for the Earthen invasion.”

“I don’t follow.”

“There are no males on this planet.”

“Um...still missing it.”

Angrily, she shouts, “You’re going to be fucked by every skunkette of reproducing age.”

I can’t help a sly smile from crossing my face.

“See! I told her you’d enjoy this too much. This is not punishment, this is not torture...this is you’re fucking fantasy.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

“You will.”

She walks off finally.


And then it begins; over the next several months I am fucked by hundreds of skunk women. Most are really good, skilled in their craft and, because they need my seed, I am always allowed to finish. It is a dream come true. After a while, even the massive and terrible farts many of the skunettes release during intercourse didn’t bother me; I learn to time them and absorb them...enjoy them even. I never thought that day would come but I suppose it was inevitable purely out of the sheer amount I was forced to intake.


At last, three months later, all the viable women are impregnated.

“My child, please come closer.”

I walk closer to the queen’s throne; the air gets heavier and smellier as I approach but it is a heavenly delight for me, I take big, greedy whiffs of the air.

The queen smiles, “Glad to see you are enjoying yourself.”

“Indeed, your highness.”

“Greg, we thank you for your service. Unfortunately, we must bid you farewell as we birth and train our armies for invasion.”

“I understand.”

“I must repay you kindly for your service, however.”

“It’s not necessary my queen; being here, experiencing all I have experienced is more than enough.”

“Fair enough,” she smiles, “But I would not think you’d want to miss out on one last encounter, an encounter with the Queen of the Skunkettes.”

I smile so widely that I’m assured my mouth will fall right off.

“Approach my child.”

I walk up to the throne and the queen rises, allowing me to place my head in a groove on her throne.

With no words, she sits on my face; my nose going deep between her cheeks.


“Ahhhhhh, yes...yes!” She exclaims as she runs her fingers aggressively though my hair.

I breathe heavily through my nose as soon as the gas shoots out of her; I ensure ever last drop enters my nostrils and becomes apart of my very being. I want to live it!


“Oh, a nice one for my kind subject.”

It was, it really was a nice one; smelled like old cabbage. I inhaled deeply.

“One more I think, one more...” The queen says as she arches her back, raising her hands.


I am overwhelmed with her wonderfully potent gas as it takes over. Unfortunately, the human in me needs oxygen and not methane...I pass out.


I wake up. I notice a very familiar ceiling above me; it’s my ceiling. I turn and I find myself lying on my couch.

“What the hell?” I whisper.

Juliet walks in from the kitchen; she’s plump as ever.

“Hey! You’re finally up!”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Silly, what do you mean?”

“I’m not even sure.”

“I saved you some lunch.”

“Thanks sweetie.”

She smiles and starts to walk away but I stop her; I find myself horny as fuck and I hanker for something I’ve never had before...or maybe I have.


“Yeah?” She says as she stops and turns to face me.

“Could I ask you to do something?”

“Anything dear.”

“Could fart on my face?”

She just stares at me.

“Sorry, never mind.”

She smiles as she comes closer.

“I knew if I kept farting on you in your sleep that eventually you’d crave them!”

She laughed heartily as she sat down on my face; my face disappearing between her massive cheeks.

“Smell my anal perfume!” She exclaimed excitedly as she fumigates him with a long, loud fart.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.