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Skunk Women Attack!
(Originally Titled: Inspired by a Picture)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 10th, 2007

“TGIF!” I said out loud, not caring who heard me. It was finally Friday and I was damn happy about it. Work had been hell that week and I was glad to see it come to end if only for just a little while. I hopped in my car and drove away from that office as fast as I could. I had gotten the mail earlier that day but I had not had a chance to look at it. At a stop light, I began flipping though. Most of it was junk and bills but one postcard caught my attention in particular. It announced a private showing of a fan created episode of Star Wars and it was for men only. Most of the fan created stuff is crap but this director was a pretty reputable one and for men only? That ought to be pretty hot, I thought to myself. I decided I would go, just as a great way to start off this awesome Friday.

I arrived to find the usual huge line of people but the showing was in a rather larger warehouse looking place so it would probably accommodate us all. We all entered the “theater” and took our hard metal seats and waited. After 30 minutes of nothing people began to get a bit suspicious of the validity of this showing. Sudden for no reason at all people began falling unconscious one by one. The crowd panicked as they raced for the exits but they were all locked from the outside. A few minutes later I fell into the same sleep as the rest had or would be soon.

I woke up feeling odd and, after my eyes focused, I could no longer see the makeshift theater. Now I was in what looked like a small booth. I was truly dazed and confused and wondered where the others were. I looked around but noticed nothing really out of the ordinary but it was still odd that I was now in some small room and alone. I called out for someone but no one seemed to be anywhere near. I felt to see what I was on it appeared to be a hard surface of some kind but quite short in relation to the ground, like a coffee table or something. Suddenly I heard the door, seemingly to my room, open with a creak. I tiled my head upward to see who it was but within seconds my eyes had watered from a horrid stench. I soon began coughing violently and gagging as the figure which I could barely see came closer and closer. The figure was right above me, looking down on my face as I slowly closed my eyes and passed out.

I woke up in a sort of drunken haze. I tried to move my arms but I soon found out they were bound to my sides. My legs were also tied up. I screamed out but noticed the sound was muffled and mostly inaudible. My mouth was shut with tape. I trashed about trying to free myself of the binds but it was no help. The door opened again and a figure walked in. I almost expected the smell again but there was nothing. I started up at the woman who now stood over me. She said something but I could not hear it. I lifted my head up as she walked toward the far wall and my eyes went wide at what I saw. This woman had a tail! And not just any tail, it was the tail of a skunk. She turned back around to face me. She was incredibly sexy looking and seemed her only defect was the tail. She walked back toward me, giggling softly to herself. She raised herself onto the surface on which I laid. She giggled more as she turned her backside to me and lowered her ass onto my face. My eyes went wide as I watched in horror, that ass come down on me. Within seconds I was encased in the “ass chamber” and a powerful stench ran through my nostrils. I coughed and gagged against the tape as the smell of wretched farts filled the small space between this woman’s ass and my face. She wiggled herself into a comfortable position and sat, roughly, on my head. I tried to kick and shake myself free of the stench but it was no use, I was stuck at the mercy of this skunk woman. I remained in this position for what seemed like hours and eventually I became used to it, at least a little bit but nothing could prepare me for the hell that was about to come.

The “creature” had stopped shuffling about like she had been doing for hours, grinding my face in her ass. She sat very still, not making a sound. I wondered if this was the end and she was going to let me go but I was wrong. Dead wrong! Time slowed as I watched her raise herself forward slightly off my face. I was thankful that I was able to breathe again and took in huge inhales. It was little to my knowledge that this was her plan. I breathed deep and hard for what must have been 5 seconds when I hear an earth shattering blast escaping from the ass of the skunk woman. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFBBBBBBBBTTTTTT! Time returned at normal pace as she repositioned herself on my face and I was forced to breathe this noxious odor. I knew it was hopeless but my body trashed violently in an attempt to throw the creature off me but just like before it was no use, she held me down tight in this hellish prison. The smell was awful but I could no nothing else but subject my nose to its horrid stench. I screamed out in anguish but it was lost within the woman. Almost in reply to my pleas, she let out another sizable fart into my unwilling face. Mt head tried to move side to side but she held it tight. I wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t going to get anything but wretched fart blasts to my face. During periods of “calm” I thought about home and how great it would be to be there and not there. My “pleasure cruises” were often interrupted by BRRRAPPT! s from above as I began to fight for my life once again. This pattern went on for hours and I was just wanted to pass out and be done with it but the creature would have none of that. After a gigantic blast, I felt unconsciousness approach quickly but the she always made sure I had air, especially after the really bad ones. I don’t know what time or even day it was when she finally released her final blow but it was a sneaky killer, making sure I had taken in its entire noxious stench before allowing me to finally pass out.

I awoke in what appeared to be the setting of a Beatles movie as everything was technicolored and quite beautiful but also quite odd and “groovy” if I may say so. I got up, brushed myself off, and strolled into a grassy meadow covered in flowers. I was at totally peace and nothing of the events that happened hours earlier were in my mind. I wondered if it had all been some crazy dream, never once thinking that I was dreaming now, well until…

I woke up in a sweaty fright. I tried to remember what I had seen in the dream that had scared me so much but it was gone and I probably would never be able to remember. But now I was confused about where I was. I had no idea and it was too dark to see anything at all. I was apparently on my knees for some reason and I tried to move my hands and my legs but both were bound. Suddenly a bright light flickered on and my dire situation became evident. I looked next to me, seeing another man next to me. He too was bound and gagged and he looked straight ahead, fear in his eyes. He began to tear up, I wanted to comfort him but I could not for I had no hope for us either anymore. The room was apparently filled with all those that came to the movie showing thought I didn’t know it then. We all watched the door waiting for our impending doom to walk in. It finally did, hours later. Line by line, skunk women filed into the medium sized room. One, who appeared to be the leader, conducted them all into rows 3 long rows with 3 in each column. We didn’t know what was going to happen until the next command came. We all looked on in horror as the women turned their backsides to us and came closer and closer to us. The one in the first row of my column came and sat on my face in this position. I assume the rest did the same to the other men. I heard a large fart escape one of the skunk women somewhere in the room but no one could really know where. Farts exploded one after another everywhere. I soon got my gift from above and soon learned how this process was going to occur. The woman would fart once then pass on and let the other one come and fart and this would occur until everyone in the room was dead. The second farter let a mighty blow go on my head and I was ready to pass out but she quickly ended that when she got off my face immediately. Men all over the room where falling unconscious, or at least from what I heard and soon after I followed suit. I was unconscious and back in my dream I had seen the night before. I could no longer hear the sounds of the farts that still occur on my unconscious face. I was back in my technicolor paradise. I came up to a garden of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. I quickly picked one up and placed it against my nose and sniffed hard. I caught the aromatic aromas of the flower for a second and it was wonderful. Just then, the flower had turned into an ass with a skunk tail and I could not pull it away from my nose! I pulled hard but it would not budge. The flower blew a horrid and long fart into my nose and I eventually fell to the ground and would never dream again.

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