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Simply a Nightmare
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 3rd, 2009

"Well girls, we've done it! In just one year of operation we have already reached millionaire status," Gloria says, holding up a glass of fine Champagne.

"Thanks, in no small part to my famous Oooey-Gooey Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter cookie recipe," says Sally.

"Hey! My shit I make is well as good!" Drew says, gesturing angrily. She is very drunk.

Anna takes the glass away from Drew, "I think you've had enough."

Drew takes a swing at Anna but falls to the ground. She bursts out in hysterical laughter. So do the other girls.

Sally looks at Anna mischievously and Anna smiles. Drew sits up on the floor and immediately Sally's jean-clad ass is in her face; Drew's nose in Sally's crack.


"Oh God!" Drew calls out, covering her nose.

The other three girls burst out into hysterical laughter as Drew slides down into a prone position; her hands drop from her nose. Drew is no longer moving.

"Check and make sure she didn't kill her," laughs Anna, talking to Gloria.

Gloria walks over to Drew and gently smacks her face a few times. Drew is unresponsive.

Sally comes with a glass of water, "This aughtta wake ya." She pours it on Drew's face. Nothing.

Gloria checks for a pulse on Drew. There is not one.

She turns to the other girls, "She's doesn't have a pulse."

Sally, laughing in disbelief, asks,"What?"

Gloria checks again, "Guys...she's dead."

"What?! You can't be serious!" Anna exclaims.

"She's dead damn it! She's fucking dead! What the fuck did you eat Sal?"

"Why do you think I did it? Maybe she had a heart attack or some shit!"

Sally is concerned.

"Whatever, I'm calling the police."

"Wait! Don't! I don't want to go to jail!" Sally yells.

"Don't worry," Gloria says, "I'm sure they'll understand; this was an accident. Anna and I will vouch for you."

Sally nods and Gloria heads for the phone. Sally looks at Anna and signals her.

"Hello, I'd like to report an incident," Gloria says into the phone.

Anna grabs Gloria and forces her to her knees.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Gloria demands.

Anna quickly places her ass in front of Gloria's face, making sure her nose is near her hole.


A loud and smelly fart bursts out from her butt. Gloria's body falls to the floor; she is dead.

"Okay, Ann, help me get them in the car."

Anna, afraid of what would happen to her if she disobeys, nods and does as she is asked.


It is difficult to load the bodies into the trunk of the small car but eventually the deed is done. Anna and Sally head out to the woods.

The pair is silent for the entirety of the trip.

The car stops in a particularly woody area.

Sally says, "I never thanked you...for helping me. You're my true best friend."

Anna nods.

They bury the bodies and begin the trip back.

"So what are we going to tell people? People are going to ask questions."

"We'll have to get our stories straight."


"Um, okay, there was a gas leak at the bakery, during the party. We went out for more alcohol and found Gloria and Drew dead when we came back."

Anna nods.

"I just realized..."

"What's that?" Anna asks.

"Gas leak. It's kinda funny, no?"

Sally looks at Anna and they both laugh. Anna's fears are starting to be eased. She falls asleep.


Anna is startled awake a few minutes later. The car has braked suddenly on the shoulder of a deserted freeway.

"What's going on?" Anna asks.

"I can't...I can't do this."

"Do what?"

"I'm sorry, Ann."

"For what?"

Sally pulls Anna's head down onto the seat and sits on her head but Anna puts up a struggle.


Anna, not in Sally's crack, is unaffected by the fart and her fight continues.

There is a tap on the window. It is a rather fat, female police officer.

Sally rolls down the window, "Is there a problem officer?"

Squeals are loudly and clearly heard under Sally.

"What's that ma'am?"


"Clearly it is something." The officer shines her flashlight into the car and sees the body of another woman with her head under Sally.

Sally releases Anna when she knows she's been caught.

"You mind telling me what this is ladies?"

Anna stays quiet.

Sally spills it all; the farts, the murders, everything.

The policewoman is unmoved. She says nothing; she smiles a smirky smile.

"Officer?" Anna asks.

The officer quickly undoes her pants and removes her panties. She sticks her large ass in the window, cheeks spread sealing the car. Her asshole is hairy and unclean. A hearty laugh is heard.


Sally and Anna scream in horror as the wretched scent takes them.


Sally sits up quickly in bed. It was a dream. She rubs her head; it's covered in cold sweat.

She is visibly shaken and can't get back to sleep, not until she knows for sure.

She hears her husband snoring next to her.

Carefully, she mounts his face and sticks his nose in her crack. He remains asleep.


He is immediately awoken and startled. He tries to throw her off but he cannot.

Sally is relieved. She evilly forces her husbands face farther up her ass. His nose is squished upward, pressed up against her asshole.


Sally laughs easily as her husband slowly passes out under her smelly ass.

She dismounts and kisses him on the cheek. She snuggles herself back under the covers and falls back asleep.

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