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Short Fantasies with Sharon
Author: Closet Fetishist

Updated: January 4, 2023

I imagine myself tied immovable to a big easy chair for you, I open my eyes to only be greeted by the shadow of your looming ass, right before I get sealed between your cheeks for a long, smelly time of sulfury egg farts that make me want to thrash but my entire arms and legs are bound together behind my back, wrapped around the cushion like a log. So I can only scream but that just makes you laugh at my predicament as you look down between your legs to watch my eyes react to your butt bombs, repeatedly filling my senses.


Monica had nearly killed me in the fart box so I was eager to get a break when she finally let up, I could see the hot air leaving the top of the small tight box closed in darkly around my head. Then your shadow appears over my panting and heaving body, my eyes go wide first..."No no..." I plead!

You just grin and nod, assure me it's going to happen and rubbing your belly tauntingly at me.

"NO PLEASE!" I scream sincerely, begging for mercy, ensure I'm going to die if you sit over that hole right now and let loose. "PLEASE!!"

As if mercifully, your shadow and figure leaves sight for a moment. And I'm relieved, still huffing in Monica's latent gas from the chamber.

Then, without warning, all light is shut out from under your butt as you laugh heartily and open up your asshole for everything you wanted to release. BRRRRRRRRUUUPPPP! PRRRAAAAAUUUPPPP! FRRRRRRrrraaaaubbbb!

You sigh in great relief as my legs kick and squirm, my mouth screaming for dear life as my nose gets the first whiff of the terrible monster sour dairy fart you laid and sealed in with your putrid smelling ass. "Please Sharon!" I gasp between breaths..."No..."

"I'm sorry but I'm just so gassy right now! And what am I supposed to do? Not use the box?" You split your cheeks over the hole, widening your asshole as it pulses wildly before BRRRRRUUPPPPP! FRRRrraaaaaauuuuuppp! "Ahhhhh that's so much better, how's it for you?" You laugh as you say the words.


I'd try to back out and leave but Monica would head me off and grab me. "You don't want to disappoint my mom, do you?" she says while dragging me towards your chair. I beg, " had chili! Please!!! Not chili farts! I can't...!" I'd be pressed down against the comfy, overstuffed easy chair and you'd hold me down just as you readied your butt to sit. "You can...and you will!" You say forcefully as your hefty butt comes crashing down, sealing out any possibility of the outside world before a loud trumpeting fart sealed my fate, a breathless scream I tried to let out before my nostrils are flooded with such nasty gas like a rushing wave suffocating me in sulfur.


I imagine being kept underwater until I needed breath desperately, choking and gurgling on the air when finally I'm allowed to the surface into a small bubble no bigger than my head, clear glass. I look in horror as fogging up the glass near small butt sized holes were you and Monica's butts pressed tightly over the holes. With a deep smirk and a rumbling gurgling, you'd both blast nasty gas into the tiny chamber as I try to draw oxygen for the first time in what feels like minutes only to be assaulted by the rank aromas of eggs and beans filling my air bubble. I'd choke and scream and beg with what little strength I could muster as you both watch and laugh and prepare your next blow.


I can imagine, a hole blown away through the slave's face and the floor even melted away underneath you as you chuckle in surprise with feigned "Oops" as the headless slave's body falls away into the hole as you saunter your way to the cage to grab another festive slave, forced to wear santa hats, before he's plucked out and thrown against your armchair kicking and screaming before silenced by your ass...and all quiet sits in until BRRRRUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!


I think about you while horny, close my eyes, and start to touch myself but when my eyes flutter open between self-strokes, I see you standing there somehow. I fall onto my back and you smirk, "You like what you see, huh?"

"No no no no..." I start to plead out.

"Oh you don't?!" You act insulted.

"No no no, not, it's not..."

"You best shut up now," you say as you butt flop your ass over my face and let loose a fart as your balloon like cheeks deflate against the floor, compressed against my face.

I scream but it's a muffled, pathetic scream that you chuckle at as you lean to the side and grab one cheek, making sure there's a clear path to gas. "Why don't you touch yourself now, bitch boy." BRRRRRRRRrraaaauupppppp!


I imagine an air tight chamber almost exactly my size and I feel the oxygen light and thin but right near my face is a small hole which I see you appear over immediately and I know my fate is sealed but I try begging anyway, I can't help myself fearing for my very life as your knees bend and you lower your butt over the whole with a wicked fire in your eyes as if easily covers the hole and your grumbling stomach knows just what time it is...right as your asshole opens up and unleashes a hellauous dairy filled assault to my entire fiber of my being. I scream out like bloody murder but no one is there to hear it but your deafening laughter and gas pumping into my airless chamber over and over with careless abandon.


I'm horny so I gravitate more towards the idea of you sitting on me, your ass coming at me as the shadow blocks out the light and my excited, perverted smile turns into a look of horror as the first whiff reach my nose. I shake my head no but you don't see it or more likely you don't care as your ass smothers my face beneath it. "You horny means my face in your ass, maybe you should control yourself more..." You tease as you lift your cheek up a little, not enough for me to breath as I scream against the tape on my mouth. But it opens up your anal passages to blast a disgusting bomb of dairy decay that pumps and pumps out with seemingly no end as my body convulses and I dryly choke on your rancid gas.

I open the door one evening and there you are standing there. "Well hello" you say in a tone and voice instantly recognizable to me. "Hi uh..wha..."

You interrupt, "I thought I'd just drop in," you advance forward into the apartment.

"Uh but..."

"Yes exactly..." Brrrrrruuuuup! "That's another reason why I'm here." You shut the door behind you as you enter.

"No...but..." I stumble backwards, trying to keep distance from you as you keep approaching. I trip over my shoes on the floor and land on my back.

You smile sinisterly, "Thank you for getting into position for me."

I try to scramble away but you grab me and pin me down under you before spinning your tight yoga pant covered butt over my face. It's so much bigger than I remember, maybe it was just all the time away.

PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPPPPPP! You sigh deeply as you laugh, "You had to have missed this at least a little." You slam your butt over my head and seal me deep between your cheeks with your smelly asshole, only separated by a sweaty thin fabric.

I buck and try to scream but all my air is nearly gone from being pinned by you and suffocated out with your fart. My legs slide and kick but ultimately I go nowhere, looking like a dying fish under your giant ass.

"I want you to tell me how it smells," you say, lifting your butt up just an inch or less off my face, the heat and sweat still filling every sense I have.

I try to stammer something out but you just FRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"There," you sigh, "a fresh sample," you chuckle as you seal off my face again from the outside world.


I woke up somewhere unfamiliar. And yet oddly it was vaguely, as if somewhere I'd been before...staring up at a familiar ceiling...and...I can't move. I can't move at all, I feel bound around my wrists and near my thighs with my neck pulled back with limited movement to the sides, I can only see up. What is this?!

I hear the buzz of a TV turn on and footsteps approaching. And that's when I finally see you, towering over me. You take a moment to look at me, ensuring I know its you which already fills me with a knowing fear but I see the big bowl of mac and cheese in your grasp with a glass of milk. You see my face turn to white in pure terror as you chuckle down at me while showing your butt to me, protruding from your house dress but even that is too kind for me as you lift the skirt revealing your bear butt, just as I open my mouth to scream but not before taking your place over my face and burying it in 50 or more pounds of ass flesh.

"I hope you don't mind watching some TV with me," I hear muffled from above as I can only watch your butt shake and jiggle with each movement. I notice you tilt your cheek a little and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! You sigh with great relief as if you'd been holding that for a while and it smells like that as well as the burning gas blasts over my face. I scream aloud but it's just a muffled yell in your ass crack. "Oh come now, it's not that bad. Besides, you want to spend time with me, right?" PRRRRrrrrpppppp! A smaller, meatier fart pushes it way flapping past your cheeks to assault my nose. I try to shake my head for some relief, it's a involuntary action as I struggle to breathe anything but your fart filled air under the chair.


I'd whimper and cry at your declaration which just makes the smirk on your face even bigger as you lean your ass to one side and press my face deeper in your crack like some sadistic pleasure, the hot of your asshole caressing me now before flapping loudly. BBRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPPPP! "Oh yeah," you say with relief of such a gaseous pass, "im glad I don't have to smell that," you say knowingly down to me as my body shakes from the putrid assault. I try to take big inhales to make the smell go away but it never seems to get any lesser in potency, each sniff is as gag worthy as the last and there's no relief as I watch you lean over my mind I scream out no please but my body is too weak to do anything but raise my eyebrows in terror of another hellish blast from your ass.


I'd wake in darkness but you could feel me stir under you. "Perfect timing, I'm about to go to bed." I still can't see anything but I start to understand when I hear the familiar gurgling behind your asshole. PRRRRRUUUPPPPPP! You sigh as I begin to panic, the thought of more farts all night makes me freak out. "Please no....I'll take your morning farts, I'll eat your shit...just please not all night." My words muffled but your laughter is a clear sign I know you heard me, but you sinch the belt around your waist and my neck tighter, forcing my nose deeper in your ass crack. "Quiet! You're going to smell my farts tonight and eat my shit in the morning, thanks for volunteering. Now stop acting like you're gonna die, it's just a little gas." Your asshole moans and your cheeks rippled loudly and flap against my face. BRRRRRRRFFFFFFFRRRUUPPPPPPPP! You laugh as you sigh, "I bet you wish my farts could kill your right now. But if my kids are still here, you have no hope of dying tonight. Now, inhale my farts quietly or I will roll over and pin you under all of my weight while I sleep."


You come home one night with several heavier women, my eyes already wide with worry and when you see me you smile with such evil intent. "Hey! So I started a club of big farting women and it's our first meeting. I knew you wouldn't mind so I said the can all share you today, until we get some more slaves, you know."

Before I can even try to run or scream, one of your friends has me by the neck and is pulling me to you. You slip down your pants, showing your big white rear, as they bring me closer and closer and closer, laughing all the while. "I'm still first of course," your butt jiggles just as I am shoved between your bare ass cheeks. BRRRRAAAUUUPPPPPPPP! FRRRRRRUUUBBB! Your incredible relieved to get that out as my body bucks and kicks and tries to get free from the noxious dairy laden fart assaulting me. Finally I drop to the ground panting and heaving but suddenly several asses, bare, asses surround my head. "no please...." I beg weakly before a barrage of gas fills ever orifice of my face with a smell like nothing on this earth. I scream as you all just laugh and fart some more, holding me down and watching me suffer your worst gas.


Pinned under your chair, taped mouth, farting silently but viciously down my nostrils as you talk to other people without them knowing, or them maybe knowing a little when I scream out against the tape from an especially heinous blast. But you just respond with a quick peel back of your work pants to blast my face with a bare ass fart as punishment. You get up to go to the bathroom and I get relief for a moment until another ass smashes my face and farts. Your friend you sent to keep my face warm until you get back. You both laugh about me when you get back and assume your ass over my face again, a familiar horror for my nose.


After the fart club has their way with my face over and over and over again, I lie lifeless on the floor. You chuckle to yourself as you lift me up and I panic a little. "Please, not tonight..." I plead with you.

"Shut up, yes tonight! Yes every night or else you're going to get too used to breathing air when you should only be breathing farts." You hold my face against your ass and BRRRUUURRRFFFRRRRPPPPPP! "Ahhh, I was eating cheese in the kitchen and waiting for that one," you laugh as you hold me against my fighting will pressed up in your ass crack. You chuck me onto one side of your bed and then quickly sit on my face as the rest of my body is sitting on the floor. You lean to one side, pulling an ass cheek with you as you RRRRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPPPTTTTTT! "That seems a little wet," you proclaim. "At least your in the right spot for it," you laugh out loud as I scream a muffled scream into your asshole. You pull my body up onto the bed but remain sitting on it. "You're getting my full weight tonight, you're so lucky. Now say good night slave." I whimper to open my mouth but instead you just blast a big fart right into it as I do. "Ahhh....Good night, fart face."


I wake up startled and in a familiar daze on the couch where you last left me. My eyes dart around until they see you just above me. "Oh God no..." I whisper weakly. "Sorry I couldn't sleep," you giggle. I cringe when I see your ass but instead you grab a fist full of my hair and pull me along to the kitchen as I crawl in desperation to keep up with you. You discard me onto a kitchen chair, my head against a flattened pillow barely keeping the hard wood from pressing into my head.

Then a moment later you return with a slight rattle of the spoon in your cereal bowl before you bare naked ass comes crushing down on my head.

The smell is already so strong coming from your asshole but that doesn't stop you from leaning onto your right cheek and BRRRRAAAUUUPPPPPPPP! "Ahhh," you exclaim loudly before returning to your munching of crunchy cereal and milk. Below you, my body thrashes and desperately tries to free myself from such an ungodly stench but there's no escaping from under your butt pinning me down. You lean forward a bit and I can see the dim light through my watery red eyes but this is short lived as another blast rings out through my face. PPPPPRRRRUUUUUPPPPPPPP!


I passed out again but woke up with something like a fishbowl on the my head. As I started to gain my senses I noticed a short tube at the end of the bowl near my face. And following the tube, it seemed inevitable that yes, the other end was deep between your cheeks. "I don't think youre smelling my farts nearly enough so this should help." I scream out loud as you chuckle and send your first gross fart down the tube to explode it's potent gas against my face. I yell and feel my nostrils burning with the putrid dairy-heavy odor of your gas. "Pleas...." I beg. "Oh you want more, sure thing," you say cutely cruely. Another disgusting fart explodes through the tube and blasts through my face. I claw at the the bowl helplessly, trying to get it off my face but it's sealed in around my neck, trapping me in here with just your fart smell. "I hope you can survive this," you say rubbing your gurgling tummy. "Either way im not stopping until I get all this nasty gas out" you pull me along onto the couch where you plop down and point me to the floor at your feet. Another fart blasts out grossly as my eyes roll back in my head from the smell and i weakly sob in a hell of your ass smell.


I open my door to find you there. "oh no..." I whisper as you smirk. "Thanks for inviting me over," you say pushing your way in. "But I didn't..." I start to say. You ignore me and continue dropping your stuff as you return to me, "and you know what hosting me entails right?" You ask, running my hair playfully. I shake my head no, terrified.

Your grip tightens as your smile does and you pull me by the hair straight to your ass. I beg and plea but it's already too late as the gurgling guts explode a disgusting fart against my face and you hold me there with sadistic pleasure.

"Yeah I've had that one loaded since I left the house. I saved it just for you," you drag me over to the couch and throw me down before turning your butt to me. You slip down your form fitting jeans and I stammmer..."no no no please.." but it does nothing to stop your ass from crushing down on my head again. Bbbrrrrrrrpppppp! Another toxic fart blasts against my face as I hear you sigh and turn the TV on.

"I'm gonna order a pizza, extra cheese so we can keep enjoying the after affects all night long. Won't that be fun?" You tease down to me. brrrrrppppppppppppp! "Not that I need any more help mind you," PPPPPPRRRRPPPP!

"Please let me go..." I whisper under your ass cheeks.

"Let you be my full toilet too?!" You deliberately mishear, "that's so sweet of you to offer, I'm sure I'll take you up on that after this extra large cheesy pizza is inside me. I hope you don't regret that decision." You laugh and blast out another long, punishing fart through my face.


I'm laughing and having a good time at a small restaurant with this girl I really like. Suddenly a large shadow looms over. I look to see who it is and it's you!

"Oh no..." I say as my eyes go wide.

You smirk, "well what are you doing here. You know you're my fart slave, right?" You say emphasising the words and looking at my date while you do.

"Fart slave?" She asks, tone of being grossed out.

I try to stammer some explanation but you interrupt, "that's right, I'll demonstrate."

You push my head down into the seat of the wicker chair and sit down on it. "See this is where he belongs, doesn't he look so comfy?"

My date chuckles a little.

"But that's not the best part..." You start to say, feeling a big bubble forming in your gut. You lean your ass forward a little bit, giving me eyes a prime view of your massive ass cheeks planted on my face. BRRRRRRUUUUPPPPPPPPPP! the hot, dairy rich fart disgusting explodes over my face like putrid bubbles into my nostrils. I scream out in agony and my body kicks and scrapes to be freed but it's no use as I'm assaulted by such terrible gas, so heavy around my face that it feels toxic just to be around it.

"Dont worry, he loves it!" You say to my date who is a bit curiously horrified.


Squeezed between your legs as you lay on your side on your bed, my nose is forced to inhale your fragrant asshole as you duct taped my mouth hours before after enjoying a cheese burger and several scoops of ice cream for dessert. You moan in pain as you rub your tummy, sending the rumbling down your gut as you try to ease your built up gas. I whimper weakly as I hear the grotesque gurgling coming closer and closer. "God I have to try not to kill you with this one..." you moan playfully. "Here it comes...oouuuhhhhh...." BRRRRUUUPPPPPPPPPPP! You grab your right ass cheek hurriedly, "oh God..." FFFRRRRRRUUUUPPPPPPP! My head reels as the pure poison gas assaults my nostrils with such a thick smell that no oxygen could possibly exist inside such a cloud of flatulence, it was pure dairy stink blowing through my face. I scream through the tape from such a horrific, ungodly odor as you just chuckle. "That was barely anything, stop whining." You say as you lock your legs around my neck, suffocating me from all air, a bitter sweet blessing for a moment but soon i find myself on the verge of passing out as my vision blurs. I start to feel your legs loosen just a little, "if you're gonna pass out, it's gonna be to my farts!" You announce as you pull my head deeper into your ass and PPPPRRRRRRRRFFFFFFRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPPPP! My body paralyzes momentarily before my hopeless fight begins with my head shaking back and forth, a fruitless but instinctual reaction.

Suddenly you start to stir quickly, "I gotta take a shit, you're coming," you announce as you grab a tuft of my hair and yank the tape off my mouth. I cough and choke violently as you drag me off the bed with you.

"Please..."I beg through exhausted, dry breath. "Please Sharon!" I cry out as we enter the bathroom and you flick on the light. You stop and turn to me, looking at me with a slight look of sympathy. "Awww I do so love it when you think I'd treat you like a person." You say pretty matter of factly as you drag my body into the toilet harness, locking me underneath.

From above, your massive ass dances back and forth as you tease me with the gurgling sounds of your ass ready to explode. Then, quickly, you sit down and let rip a massive, wet fart that blasts my entire face with a goopy shit spray. I see you through the shit spray, look down into the bowl and laugh. "Looks like I got you with my chocolate sauce," you joke cruelly. "Plenty more where that came from," you moan painfully as a shit begins to crown from your asshole. My eyes wide as I watch it quickly decend down to me until finally falling and coiling around my mouth and giving my nose a full load of the worst stench imaginable. I hear you grab a magazine and settle your ass down harder on the seat with a load creak. Brrrrrrrrppppppppp! A big airy fart rings an echo through the toilet bowl and blasts me with a deep, pungent shit smell that knocks me out immediately.


I'd imagine being hogtied with my face up your butt like that. A putrid blast would ring out and I'd try to lift my head but my head would be too deep in your ass to escape the horrible smell.

"Hey mom is..." Monica starts to stay before stopping herself, noticing you napping with my head up your ass. Her foot steps retreat away slowly but not before evilly snickering and thankful it wasn't her this time.


You drag me out to your car and load me into your driver's seat. You pull down your pants just a little as you slide in to sit down. I try to beg but you've taped my mouth shut before we left. "Alright, let's go to dinner," you say as you lean hard to one side and BRRRRRRUUUUPPPPPPPPPP! I scream a muffled terror scream as your hot, putrid gas comes over my face with such powerful force. "Oh shut up, it's not that bad," you say chuckling as you start the car.

For 30 agonizing minutes endured your ass roughly softly off my and such wretched farts with no relief from your smelly ass pinning me down. A deep rotten egg and spoiled spinach smell was all I knew for what felt like an eternity.

Finally we park and you peel yourself from my face and rip the tape from my mouth. You drag me, panting and heaving, close behind you as well head into a Mexican restaurant. This is not going to be good for me later...but at least there's food now.

When we get seated, I take a seat and you smirk before pushing my head down into the seat and holding it there.

"No, not here Sharon, please..."

"It's actually every where I want and I want your face in my ass here." You say authoritatively as you take your place on my face again. "Just for that..." FRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Now breathe that so none of these nice people have to." You demand.

The waitress comes and pauses a moment, "can I take your order?"

"Yes I'll have the cheese enchilada and the cheese quesadilla, and can you bring a queso dip for the chips please?"

"Right away, anything else..." The waitress asks, no doubt wondering about me.

"No that'll do it for now, he'll be eating later." You reassured her.

"I'll go put in your order and be right back with that dip."


I hear her walk away and you sigh, shifting a bit, "that was like two whole minutes that I didn't fart." You lean forward and BRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! "That's better," you declare laughing.

Down below, I weakly buck and kick out of panic as my senses are brutally pummeled by your punishing gas and ass smothering me.

"I don't want to smell it slave, I don't care how bad it is, do your job."

I take a big dutiful whiff to please you but it just makes me nauseous and feel like passing out but good forbid I did that here. I struggle to stay conscious with slow, even sniffs of toxic fumes.

"Take another big breath," you demand. I do so to please you but as I started to inhale again you cover my mouth with your hand and giggle a little. BRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPP! you laugh as my renewed fight for air is panicked and frantic and you love seeing me squirm helplessly under you.


I wake up startled to a familiar shallow echo that's unmistakable, back the bottom of your toilet. You ass comes down quickly and without comment over the seat of the toilet.

"Oh God, I have to fart so bad but it might be messy." You groan painfully.

Brrrrrrrrrrpp! FFRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUPPPPPP! A hot airy fart blows like a hurricane through toilet carrying a disgusting cheesy smell that never gets better, a vomit inducing odor that I'm made to endure regularly, so much that I struggle to remember what real air smells like without the stink of your ass covering it.

"Oohh...." You clutch your stomach and moan.... FRRRRRRRRUUUUUPPPSSSHHHHHHHHHH!

A wet splatter sprays the toilet and mostly my face as I can't help but scream out.

"Awww, poor baby," you fake concern as you lean your cheek to one side. BRRRRRUUUUUUPPPPPPP! "Eat that, bitch!"

The new fart blows dries the shit splatter like a blow dryer of stink, and my body shudders and shakes from the poison gas forced into my nose and lungs.

"Now lean up and lick my ass. You can help work the farts out."

I start to cry involuntarily as I stretch my neck painfully to reach your asshole and take a quick, hesitant lick of your ass only to taste the grotesque shit splattered around your rim.

"Come on, you've had your head in there for days on end sometimes, get your tongue out and lick!" You order firmly.

I lap again and immediately recoil and gag. "Please...have mercy." I beg to you weakly.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry did I go too far?" You say with some concern.


"You should have said something, the last thing id want to do is make you uncomfortable." You continue sincerely.

I smile a little but It slowly fades as I watch you use both hands to pull your ass cheeks apart, revealing your dirty asshole.

"Don't you know how much I love accommodating for you?" You say, allowing your words to become a bit sarcastic now.

Your stomach gurgles grossly. It's a familiar sound of all hell about to be unleashed from you ass.

"To show how serious I am, I should feed you, right?"

"I don't think.,."

"Nonsense... I have a big meal cooked up just for you."

"Please no..."

"Oh you can't deny this. I made it special," you say as you groan and push a little on your insides.

Your shit starts to crown out of your ass as i go into full on panic mode.

You laugh as the log snakes it's way down to me horrifyingly, "eat up!" You growl as the shit finally hits my face and starts to coil around. I gurgle and sputter to the disgusting shit burying me quickly. You sigh I'm great relief, clearly you needed this shit and so much the better delivering it straight to my face.


I squirm and writhe beneath your big butt crushing down on my head and eclipsing most of my body under you as you casually shake your booty to a more comfortable position. "Hi, I just wanted to call you and let you know he isn't coming in today."

There's a murmur over the phone that I can't make out, and my face is too immersed in ass stink to focus too much on it as I softly moan out weakly.

"Well honestly, his face is in my butt right now and I'm really gassy so he needs to stay here."

Unmistakably, I hear laughter over the phone, tormenting me.

"Yes...of course," I hear you groaning a little as you pull an ass cheek to one side.

I shake my head involuntarily, I can't help but try to beg you, even with my mouth taped shut but it never works in granting mercy. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

You audibly sigh and no doubt my boss heard the gargantuan fart that rushes up my nostrils with toxic force.

"I'm sure he'd love to do it for you as well. In fact, if you order him to, I know for a fact he'll do it whether he wants to or not." You laugh and your butt jiggles with you as you do, dancing up and down tormentingly on my face already brutally beaten by your farts. "Oh yeah, the worse they smell the better."

You wrap up on the phone soon after and my boss seems appeased for me missing the day, though the cost to me now is hauntingly immeasurable. I can only imagine what horrors my sadistic boss would cook up but right now I have your sadisitc horrors to endure.

"You boss seems really nice," you finally say to me chuckling, "Though probably not to you." FRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrraaaappppppppppp! "God this diet is making my farts so much worse, I can barely breathe!"

Screaming through duct tape, my legs and arms pinned helplessly but that doesn't stop them from trying to free myself from this noxious terror you unleash.


In the middle of the night, you stir with a yawn. In the moonlight, you see me asleep on the bed near your ass; my face frozen in a tweaked expression from your last gas attack you joyfully subjected me to. You smirk and grab me by the hair, startling me awake. My face pulled into your ass before I can even process a protest. "Eat my ass," you mumble sleepily. You push your butt out a little over my face and RRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaaauuuuupppppppppp! You sigh with a relieved feeling.

I cry out and try to pull out my head from your ass to escape the wretched smell but it's no use. You unconsciously pat the back of my head and murmur "Good boy" with a snicker.


You're driving with Monica in the passenger seat and me in the back when you hit a large patch of traffic, an accident stopping cars for miles. Your stomach starts to gurgle deeply in your belly. "Oh god, I need to use the bathroom soon."

"Oh god mom, now?"

"It's either you or..." You both look back at me as I gulp... "And since he's not insured on this car, I guess it's him." You say as you crawl over the center console towards me. Monica runs around the car to get into the driver's seat.

"Sharon please...don't..."

"Sorry sweetie, it's not personal. But you are the designated toilet."

"Please don't say..." I start to speak but you've already pulled down your tight yoga pants to your lower calvs. I can smell the hot sweaty, shitty asshole hovering over me as you push me down and lower your butt with force over me, ensuring my head is way up your ass crack.

"Don't be a baby, you love this!" You say, giggling and wiggling your smelly butt over my face proudly.

Monica laughs too, "I'm just glad it's not me this time."

"Yup, it's gonna be a bad one, keep the windows up, I want him to get all of it and then some!"

"Oh god, it's gonna stink so bad," Monica chuckles.

BRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp! "AHhhhhhhh yeah, that's the point," you split your cheeks over my face and bounce your ass up and down on it, "Smell it, get all of it in your nose, slave!"

"pppppLease, no...more..."

"More?! That's good because we got...40 more minutes it looks like."


I look up at you with fearful, teary eyes, begging. "Please" My face is only visible, the rest of my body restrained and hidden under the overstuffed and worn easy chair, the hole for my head rotten smelling already from the repeated fart impact of your gasses on a constant basis. "You ate nothing but eggs all day long..." I plead to you.

You smirk, evilly. "I did, didn't I?" You say knowingly, you pull another egg from the plate on the table and chew it mouthfully in front of me, dripping the pieces of egg onto my face. "Almost like it was intentional," you relay.

My eyes, already wide, go wider as you lean in, shadowing my face as you bring your face to mine. "I'm gonna burn your face off." You whisper sinisterly as you slowly turn and present your big bare butt to my face now.

"Please n...." I cry out only to get a mouthful of ass flesh as you press yourself down on me with all your weight, ensuring my head is aligned and deep in your crack, near the source of all that is unholy. Your asshole pulses and pushes back and forth until BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Oh my god, the horrific smell rushing up my nostrils as you laugh at the grotesque sounding fart ripping through my skull. "It's a good thing you like this. Otherwise, people might think this is cruel." PRRRRrrppppppp! "'re enjoying this, right?" You ask hypothetically, I knew you didn't care.

You lift up just slightly, not enough to clear my mouth of your flesh but I manage to scream out in terror. The smell so noxious that it causes pain in my forehead, like a massive migraine to accompany the toxic assault.

"See, screams of satisfaction," you chuckle loudly. "Such a shame I can't hear those while you're eating my shit but it's understandable, you're quite busy at that time." The smile on your face is clear in your words, you love this, you love tormenting me and hearing me scream to your treatment. I wish, for once, it became tolerable but that has yet to grace me; each experience is as horrific and noxious as the last.

I hear the door open, "Hey baby, how was your day," I hear Sharon ask.

Monica answers, "Meh..."

"You want to keep him quiet while I get some milk?"

I scream out loudly.

Monica laughs, "Sure, I could use a good ass cleaning. I ran out of toilet paper at work."

Sharon rises and I enjoy a brief second of air before Monica is unzipping her jeans and plopping her dirty ass on my face. I can smell her last shit and feel the unwiped particles against my face, it's fucking disgusting.

"Lick it up, bitch!" Monica demands, she rises up slightly which I see as my chance to beg her to let me go.

"Monica, please. Help me get out of here...I can't take the farts anymore, it's too much..."

Monica laughs sympathetically, "Awww, I hear you. But why would I want to help you? I mean you take the pressure off me which is great and I get to use you when mom isn' what's my advantage to help you?"

I look at her blankly, in total shock.

"See, you got nothing. Nothing but a....rrrrhhh...BRRRrrraaaauuuuppppp! Ahhhh...fart to the face." Monica chuckles as she sits back down. "Now clean my ass!"


Monica opens the door to my dark closet in a rush. "Mom's coming home and she's about to explode. Are you getting in the toilet willingly or do I have to make you?"

" bad is it...?" I whimper weakly.

"I didn't ask but she's almost here so..."

I hesitate for a second.

"Okay times up," Monica grabs me by the hair and drags me along to your bathroom where she locks my face beneath your toilet. "Good luck," she chuckles as she leaves and sprays a little air freshener as a taunt. That fresh floral scent will be killed before Sharon even sits down. If I had to be put in the toilet BEFORE she gets home...

A slam of the door punctuates your arrival as your heavy footfalls approach and waste no time in pleasantries as your big, ass quickly covers the toilet bowl. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Oh god, I almost didn't make it!" You proclaim as the airy, putrid fart fills the tiny bowl. The putrid, eggy and dairy smell sends my senses reeling with audible moans from the toxic gas. You laugh, "It's bad I know, I really had a lunch that made me so gassy, I was clutching my stomach all day." You groan out in pain and your asshole squelches FRRRRRRRRRRRUUSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!

A splatter of shit sprays the bowl and my face with disgusting dark brown, putrid shit. I scream and you just laugh, "Now now, come on, this is how I show my love to you, right?" PRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrraaaabbbbbbbbb! "Ahhhh and see how much I love you! I don't even think Monica gets this much love from me so you should feel lucky!"

I wake up in your fart box but it's different today. Lit up bright by LEDs and a camera sits in front of me, just under the rim of the box.


"Hey fartface!" You exclaim happily down to me, startling me with how quickly your appeared. You giggle, "I saw right when you woke up. I thought it might be fun to watch your face while I gas you for a while, I had some deviled eggs for the occassion in fact." You laugh cruelly as you turn your butt to me.


"Oh shut up," you say, sitting down fully over the box and sealing it tight beneath your ass cheeks. No air was getting in or out unless it was from you. "You know what you're here for so why whine about it?" BRRRRrrrrrrraaaaaaaaauuuuuuuupppppppppppppp!

As you sigh in relief and chuckle, my head darts back and forth in terror. There's no smell yet but it's sure to come sooner than I would ever want. A huge smell of deep sulfury fart blows over my face and I shudder admist the stench. I try to scream out but it just comes out as a quiet series of gurgles as my body twitches from the horrific smell.

Above me, you watch on your phone ever little reaction of my face and feel yourself getting excited watching my suffering in HD. "Oh this is amazing! I love this so much! It makes me want to do my worst just to see how you'll react." You laugh before stopping yourself, "In fact..."

Gasping and heaving, I pant, "Please...have mercy..."


"Ahhhhhhhh, how's that for mercy?" You laugh and shake your butt over the top of the box tauntingly as I making desperate, breathless gasps like a fish dying on land. My nose wrinkes painfully, giving myself a headache in addition to the one from the gas surronding my head. "When you can stop reacting so hilariously to my gas, then I'll stop. Deal?" PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPP!

My head twitches again, involuntarily trying to protect me from your fart but it's no use, there's no where to escape to, no where to get relief until you released my head from your putrid prison.

"Try taking a big whiff when I fart, I want to see what that does to you," you laugh with total disregard for my comfort, like I'm your faithful test subject for your sadistic whims.

"Please don't make me do that," I manage to say weakly.

You ignore me, "Breathe out..."

"Please don't Sharon..."

"Breathe. Out." You demand sternly.

I hesitate.

I see your butt clench a bit as you raise your foot and stomp it down hard on my stomach. I squeal out in pain and, of course, breathe out completely all my oxygen.

"Thank you," you say politely, innocently before unleashing hell into my tiny box prison. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRUUUU

I barely notice your long, laughing sigh as I choke on what feels like pure shit in gaseous form surronding me, penetrating my every open orifice with such a terrible stink like a years uncleaned outhouse. I puke a bit which just dribbles disgustingly over my own face as you laugh uprourously which accidentally drops a few loud, smelly bombs as well into my already potent hell.

"Oh god, that's so fucking funny! We're gonna keep going with this, I've got a lot more gas I think. What do you think, Monica?" I hear you yell up to her upstairs.

I hear Monica laughing outloud uncontrollably. "Yes....hahah, fuck yes."

I close my eyes slowly and pray for one of these farts to finally kill me, to free me from this hell. But I'll likely fall short of such luck.


I wake up in your bed, completely tied to the point where I can't move a muscle. And I'm gagged too I find, which isn't typical but has happened before.

You slide into view, wearing your small tight panties that only just covered your vagina and really nothing else, and a worn but still sexy silk bra. You smile sweetly, " time for bed," you declare, sliding next to me. You look down as me as you big butt slides in near my face. I shake my head in a customary plea for mercy, I had to try in case it worked for once.

You reach down and caress my face, "you're so cute like this..." Within the same breath, you shift your butt crack towards me and RRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP!

You sigh, relieved as I suddenly react to the sound and then the horrific smelling hitting me with an odor like rotting veggies, sending my head reeling backwards but there's no where to go.

You laugh at me trying to squirm away. "Awww we haven't even started yet.. " you say sighing as you roll your butt over my face and lay all of your weight on top of my body. I sink into the mattress some but not enough to relieve me of your massive weight on me, especially your butt pressing deeper against my face.

You lift your cheek just a little, not enough for me to see light or get air of course. BRRRRRRRRRPUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP!

You moan peacefully, "good night my butt slave," prrrbbbb! Ffrrrrbbbb!

Some gross rippling farts that feel wet against my face sloppily smack as the pure shit aroma stuffs my nostrils. I scream out in agony, I don't even remember wanting to scream I just was suddenly screaming.

And you softly chuckle, sadistically enjoying the painful suffering I was being made to endure underneath you.


"Can you come into the bathroom please?" I hear you call to me from there.

I enter hesitantly to see you holding up an empty toilet paper roll angrily. "I assume you put the new toilet paper you bought somewhere else?"

My eyes go wide, I totally forgot the one thing Sharon asked me to do with my free pass to leave the house was buy toilet paper and didn't...

"You forgot?" You ask irritated, realizing why I'm so quiet.

I nod sheepishly.

You smirk, "oh well, there's simple solution to that." You say as you get up off the toilet and swing your dirty ass to my face. Prrrriiiiiooooppp! "Now you can clean it instead."

"Sharon I..." I start to back out of the bathroom but you slam the door, sealing me in with you as I stumble to the ground, sliding to a sit against the door on my back. You smile.

"Perfect." You say jamming your ass in my face. Frrrrppoppp! You ripple a disgusting bubbly fart in my face that splatters some of your unwiped waste in my face. "you can start licking now," you say expectantly.

I heave and moan, dying from such a grotesque blast. I rub my face up and down on your ass first, trying to clean the worst of it just with that before I had to taste the shit with a deep tongue clean. I pant hurriedly, just trying to get out of this butt stink hell.

You chuckle evilly as you split your ass cheeks and push your pulsing anus right against my mouth. "Ooouh I think I need to shit again, and since you're right here..." You laugh while I scream in terror. "Open your mouth." You demand.

I sob softly as I reluctantly open to your command. You giggle and your anus pushes harder and faster, crackling as the log pushes it's way past and crosses my lips that tremble from the horrid bitter taste of it. I try to vomit but there's no where for it to go with a shit cork stuffing my mouth, I work the log down my throat with my tongue and cry when my throat is finally free of it as it falls into my stomach. "No more....please..." I beg through bated gulps of your ass tainted air.

Suddenly you pull your ass from my face and I feel a glorious blast of fresh air around me. Oh what joy! But then I see your face, angrier than I've ever seen you before as you growl, grabbing my hair and pulling my face to yours. "it's enough when I tell you it's enough, toilet." You calmly, scarily say to me before chucking me to the hard floor.

You squat over my head with your ass inches from my face which I'm too afraid to move now.

"Eat up, shit face!" You split your cheeks and your ass unleashes a torrent of shit in a rush right on top of my face, quickly and heavily burying it in a pile under your massive shit.

You sigh, relieved. "Good. Now you clean all this up and then you'll be going in my smother box again. I'm sure I'll be gassy by the time you're done here." You laugh as you leaving, flicking the light off loudly as you do.


You silently move in behind me in the hallway and tackle me easily, "I'm bored," you announce.

"Um...alright..what do you wan..." I start to say before you slap my face.

"Shut up," you giggle, "I'm gonna watch porn while you eat my ass."

I can't help but sigh, exhausted, "But I just got done eating your mom's ass for the past..."

"First of all gross, don't tell me that. Second, yeah you smell like her ass haha! And third, that's good because you're all warmed up then."

I moan weakly as you drag me to your room and hurl me carelessly to the floor, grabbing your laptop and doing a split down until sitting on my face and readjusting for comfort. "Get to work, buttboy!" You meanly tease as you jab your heel into my hard privates. My mind couldn't help but want you, obey your every command as your object and willing to submit to your whims to be around you.

BRRRRRRRRrrrrrrraaaaaaauuuuuupppppppppppp! You sigh and laugh, shattering me from my more hopeful thoughts, "Does it smell like my shit I'm about to take?"


I'm tied up in your bedroom, mouth taped when both you and your mom come in menacingly. I see a small tube in your mom's hand and that never is good for me. You take the tubing and stuff it into my nostrils before ripping the tape off my mouth roughly.

"Whatever this is...would you please reconsider?" I ask, shaking so much it was like I was shivering.

"Awww youre so afraid. That's good. You're gonna eat my ass while my mom farts up your nose."

I practically cry while asking, "why?"

You laugh loudly right in my face, "why not, loser?" You punch me in my gut forcing me to breathe out and your mom wastes no opportunity to fill my nose tubes with her gas. FFFRRRRRRRRRRUUUUPPPPP!

You both laugh as I writhe painfully on the bed from the noxious smell. You slide into your place on the bed, shoving your soft pussy in my feels like a dream in my face, smooth and wet. But you quickly, cruelly, turn and present your butt instead, you split your cheeks to me and FRRRPPPPP! Sharon also blasts my nose with some of her farts as well, prrrpppppp! BRROOOOOOUUOPP!

You cant help but laugh as you grab a tuft of my hair and force my face into your asshole, "'come on, get going!"

I'm already exhausted, I just started but my nose is assaulted by gas and my mouth too is splattered with your moist farts and dirty ass I'm forced to lick.

You start to melt a bit into the bed, grabbing handfuls of sheet as if to get leverage, and shoving your ass deeper into my face to get my tongue deeper into your asshole. You were using me at this point, my tongue extended, you rode it like you're own dildo for me to provide you.

Frrrraaaapppppppppp! Sharon casually reads on her phone as she rips a hellacious blast into my nose, making my face shake and recoil from the horrific smell but this seems to only please you more as you moan out loudly. I try to find some strength to rim your asshole but it feels far weaker, far less useful, than your own humping on my tongue. You groan, grabbing yourself as you speed your pace against my face. "EAT IT, you piece of shit!" you growl angrily.

Another moment, a slick lick and I feel you tremble and convulse in pure pleasure before panting and sighing, relaxing back onto your bed for a moment.

I take the time to rest as well, but then your face appears above me as you smile, lovingly, and take the tubes from my nose.

"All done?" I ask exhausted.

You wink.

And your mom says, "almost," as she drags me towards the bathroom.

"" you hear me scream from the other room. And then the sound of a thunderstorm of farts and shit splattering the toilet and his poor face, capped by a long, satisfying sigh from your mom.

You laugh to yourself and get ready to settle into bed.


I'm laying on your bed, a brief calm between sittings but I hear your heavy footsteps coming quickly and your voice softly talking. You rush in, on the phone, and quickly sit up onto the bed. I see your big, vuluptious ass coming towards me in an all too familiar way. "Oh god..." I whimper and moan before you plant all your ass weight right on my face.

You pull your cheek to the side and slip my nose in deep to your crack, ensuring I get a nice whiff of your ass fresh off a long, smelly shit that lingers around your asshole like death to my nostrils. FRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

You rudely, brashly explode a wet, flapping fart in my face with no regard or care except to laugh a bit. "Oh it's nothing," I hear you say to the phone. "I just had to fart," you giggle cutely.

You press your ass down harder on my, your asshole mashing up against my mouth. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I yell out as you disgustingly splatter me with shit. It's so disgusting and thick, it's like tar on my face and smelling of rotting vegetables. You raise your leg up and smash it down over my crotch, I spit up and cough into your asshole. You growl "Yeah, yeah it's been a big change. I practically live on his face now since she left. And he better lick my ass clean if he knows what's good for him!" You say in a louder tone, clearly meant for me.

I lap out at your shit covered asshole once and recoil in horror, oh god, it's so putrid. Not that it's ever been good but this is especially gross, like deliberately disgusting and smelly. I lick again and it's so bad....I have to just do it...turn off my brain to my tastebuds and just lick...

"Oh hold on a sec..." you pull apart both cheeks as my eyes go wide...PRRRFFTTTT!

"MMmmhh mmmhmmmm!" I moan and cry out as you inject a shit log into my mouth.

You put your hand over the receiver, to try to cover it but you know they'll hear you anyways, "Eat it, you fucking pathetic piece of shit!" You growl at me as you pump your shit down my throat, really leaving me no choice in the matter of eating it.

"Yeah, I just shat in his mouth," you say straight before laughing as the woman on the phone does too. "No it's fine, he doesn't matter. This is literally why he exists." BRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrppppppppppppppp! "He just eats farts and shit until it inevitably kills him. But that's not my problem. Yeah of course, you can come over and use him. I'll give you some diet suggestions so you can really punish him."

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