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Sharon & Summer
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 29th, 2018


BRRRRRUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP! I startle awake to a long, raunchy fart right in my face after a brief hour or so of nothing when I was finally able to fall asleep. The putrid eggy smell rushes over me as I try desperately to pull away but my head is still belted from the night before to Sharon's big ass, my mouth still duct taped shut. She stirs and yawns as another quick fart escapes her, Ppprrrpp!

“Ahhh...last nights dinner was amazing,” she finally says as she starts to roll off the bed, carrying me with her. My knees painfully hit the floor but she pays it no mind as she continues to walk with me struggling to keep up behind her at my head is held tightly within her ass.

At the top of the stairs, she pauses a moment and lifts one of her butt cheeks, FFFFFRRRRRUUUPPPPPP!

“Mmmm, much better,” she whispers to herself with a sigh. Then she descends the stairs with me flopping down behind her, even at my head holds fast, belted to her butt. “It’s a chore day today, slave. That means your with me and my sweaty butt all day long,” she laughs with her butt jiggling prominently as she does.

She continues walking with me dragged closely behind her as she goes for the closet and rolls out the vacuum, she bends over to reach for the hose and BRRRRRRRRrrroooooooofffff! A steamy wet fart blasts through my face as the agonizingly putrid liquid swirls around my face and up my nostrils from her moist anus. I scream out to try to get her attention but she just chuckles, “Aww did a wet one get you?” She reached behind her and rips the tape off roughly from my lips, I yelp out at it pulls more than a handful of hairs from my skin. “There, now you can clean me up,” he laughs.

“Please, not this, Sharon, not this!” I beg with her. She giggles and turns on the vacuum without so much as a second thought. She rolls it around the carpet as her butt wedges me closer and closer to her shit stained butthole. “Lick it, slave,” I barely hear her shout over the loud vacuuming.

I take a cautious lap of her shitty ass and immediately recoil and my body convulses, I'd never tasted anything so repulsive in my life. Sharon stops a moment and wiggles her butt up and down heavily, forcing my face to wipe her ass for her, jamming pieces of her shit deep in my nose and past my lips. I'm in pure agony as her shit smears all over my face and she laughs at my sounds of struggle, moans and groans, and vain attempts to escape from her.

Later she switches to dusting and with every bend over she lets out a massively eggy fart into my face, occasionally very wet as her shit splatters me over and over again for hours.

At one point she sighs and I feel my body push against a soft cushion, and for a split second it is a bliss of comfort until her big butt comes crashing down over my head. She quickly leans to the side, BBRRRRRRUUUUUUUPPPPPPP! She sighs as she rips a load of shit into my mouth, creamy and forceful as it pushes it's way down my throat. “Ahh..that's much better, I hope Monica doesn't mind if I toilet slave you regularly,” she laughs cruelly.

I scream but its muffled under her butt and garbled by the shit sitting in my mouth. Then I hear the Netflix tone on the TV and Sharon's weight increases at least three fold as her legs lift up to rest on mine. Brrrrrraaappppp!


Sharon drives me to go help on Summer's farm, thankfully I was not underneath her but that didn't stop her from farting freely the whole ride up with locked car windows; I only know because I tried to subtly hit the button without her noticing. But she did notice and she grinned at me before leaning her big ass towards me and blasting a huge raunchy fart right at me. I smile fakely, as if it was tolerable, but in my head I was going almost literally insane from the lack of oxygen in the car.

When we pull up, and she finally unlocks the car door, I open the door and fall to the ground weakly, gagging and choking on the dirt gravel ground outside Summer's farm. While I try to recover, Sharon revs and then peels the car away, kicking up gravel and dust painfully right at me. As I cough on the ground, I see a bare foot step right next to my head. I follow it up to Summer's smile before she kicks her foot right in my face and squeezes my nose with her toes, making me inhale her sweaty, dirty feet.

“Good to see you again, slave; Sharon told me you ate her shit today, so you're gonna be doing that for all of us from now on, right?” Summer laughs uproariously. I look at her in terror as she practically steps full weight with her bare foot in my face, rubbing it up and down with her awful stench, slipping my nose in between her toes.

Then she finally takes her foot off my face and offers me a hand up. I'm reluctant at first but I take her hand and she grips me tightly and lifts me up with ease until my face is right in her face. URRRRRRUUUPPP! She belches long and loud right in my face, smelling like a combination of eggs and beer. “Ahhh...doesn't that smell so good,” she taunts me, holding my nose inches away from her open mouth, making sure I got all of her disgusting burp.

She releases my head roughly and I fall back down onto the ground. She grins, “Oh how nice of you to offer, I'd love to fart right now,” she chuckles as she comes towards me. I try to put up my hands to block her but it's no use as she brushes them aside and lifts her dress, coming at my face with her beautiful ass. She sits forcefully, expecting me to hold her entire body up like a stool; she lifts her legs onto mine so I could feel her full weight on me.

BRRRRROOOooouuufffffff! A violent, explosive fart rips out of Summer's anus and right up my upturned nostrils. I groan out loudly as her rank beefy fart invades my nose like a deadly fog. Summer redistributes her weight on me and Ppprrrppppp!

“Ahhh...god I am so gassy today,” she snickers as she looks down at me to watch my eyes roll back in my head, my body seizing slightly underneath her butt. Then she, very suddenly, rises up off me, “But we can’t sit around all day being lazy like you, come on, we got work to do,” she says walking away while I recover for another moment or so on the hard ground before crawling up to my feet and following her onto the farm.

I meet her by the stables where she is giving orders to a farmhand that shovels shit; she picks up a small pile of horse shit and shoves it in his face, holding it there until the man begs for mercy. “I'll take care of you later,” she tells him with a slight growl in her voice. Then she turns to me and smiles, “So I'm guessing you've never done any farm work?”

I shake my head no.

“Figures. Okay then, you're going to be assisting me today,” she says, somewhat disappointed. She walks towards the barn and motions me to follow her. When we get there, she pulls a rope off the wall and comes towards me, “Down,” she orders coldly.

I get on my knees at she demands and she wraps the rope around the back of my neck and then around the front of her waist, then she pulls it taut so my face is pulled right between her ass cheeks, her anus still smelling of her last few farts that clung to my nose at well. Prrrrrrppppp! Other than a slight sigh, Summer ignores my struggle to her strong fart; she picks up a shovel and starts working around the barn, each move rubbing her ass cheeks against my face and building a thick layer of sweat everywhere, especially around her asshole.

Summer sighs in exhaustion, “Hey, be useful and lick the sweat off my asshole, slave.”

“I…” I hesitste.

“Do it!” Summer demands.

My body jumps slightly, startled by her sudden change in tone. I extend my tongue and lick at her moist asshole. BBRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP! She chuckles lightly, quietly so I didn't hear, “Hey, keep licking, no one said stop,” she turns her voice harsh again.

I try to keep my pace up but her last blast, flowing down my throat, chokes me and I struggle to keep going. Finally, mercifully, I feel the rope around my neck loosen and I slip out of her butt crack and onto the floor where I writhe and take deep heaving breaths.

Summer looks down at me with a smirk. She lifts her foot and smashes it down on my chest and lifts her dress. She comes near my head and squats down just inches from my face. I hear her grunting, pushing very hard, and then when I notice her anus, I see a little brown dot coming out. Then it grows in size quickly and I start to realize what it is, my eyes go huge and I beg her not to but she just grins down at me, then closes her eyes and pushes a huge log that splatters over my face. I cry and scream but she just unloads the rest of her shit until my face is buried under a pile of her steaming waste.

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