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Schooled Out
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: April 5th, 2019

At 2:58 P.M., Ms. Jennifer Kelly smirks and flips open her brown notebook; inside are a list of names of her students, many of them with their names crossed out. Like Jeremy, she subtly looks at him at his desk; his body still shakes from the terrible treatment Ms. Kelly had put him through just twenty-four hours before.

Jennifer grins as she looks down under his name to see who is next; she looks up at the clock, watching the few seconds tick away before the bell rings loudly. “Okay class, that’s all for today; make sure you do your homework, or else many of you know what I’ll do to you.” She smiles sweetly but the affected students’ eyes go wide with fear, they shudder in place, staring fearfully at Jennifer as they pack up their supplies and back their way out the door, hoping to never experience horrors like that again. “Erika, please stay after,” Jennifer adds.

Erika looks up from her packing in shock; she pushes her reddish brown hair from her face, displaying her dark green eyes. She’s not sure what she’d done to deserve to stay after but hopes it’s just a misunderstanding or something.

As the last of the students shuffle out, Jennifer leans against the front of her desk and a silence permeates the room, “So you’re probably wondering why you’re here.”

“Um, yeah, Ms. Kelly, did I do something wrong?”

“No, no, unfortunately; I like to have all my students stay after at least once but you’ve been a model student so I haven’t had an excuse to make you stay,” she smirks.

“ is this about?” Erika asks, a bit confused.

Jennifer just grins, “Come up here please.”

Erika gets up from behind her desk and steps to the front of the room, Jennifer turns and practically lies down against her desk, showing off her wide hips and prominent booty.

“On your knees, Erika,” Jennifer says with a hint of force.

Erika looks at her a bit confused but does as she is asked, getting down onto her knees in front of her teacher’s big butt that’s splayed out over the desk.

“Have you ever sniffed someone else’s fart before?” Jennifer asks, getting a bit turned on by the question.

“I…no…” Erika responds nervously.

“Well, then this will be all new to you,” Jennifer smirks as she puts a gentle hand on the top of Erika’s head and pushes her into the seat of her cream colored slacks. Erika can smell the pungent sweaty aromas coming from her teacher’s backside but she finds them intoxicating, alluring.

Jennifer sighs, “Sniff hard, dear; you want to ensure you get the best of it.”

And, surprisingly, Erika does; she inhales deeply against the smelly fabric of her teacher’s pants and pleasurably shudders, seeking to take more and more deep breaths until the smell is all but vanished.

Jennifer is perturbed by this but passes it off as a fluke.

She fires off another long, rancid fart but Erika dutifully and greedily inhales as soon as the sound hits; she buries her nose into Jennifer’s crack like a dog searching for a bone in the ground. But how could that be? Not one student had tolerated more than a single fart from Jennifer’s backside. That was the fun for her, to force a student to inhale her gas and then punish them severely for being unable to take its horrific potency.

But Erika was withstanding it with ease, enjoying it even.

Jennifer is somewhat incensed by this development; she scowls in concentration, straining to push out as nasty a fart as she can muster.

The powerful blast blows back Erika’s hair but he face remains unmoved, firmly plastered against her teacher’s bum and inhale like the smell was a pleasant bouquet of flowers.

“Are you seriously enjoying this?” Jennifer asks in angry disbelief.
Erika takes a last long inhale before pulling her head back with a slight smile on her face which disappears when she see’s Jennifer’s expression, “Yu…yes, Ms. Kelly.” She gives a chastened look.

“ is that…well, maybe we should try something harder with you,” Jennifer says as she aggressively slips down her pants and panties, revealing her nude butt to Erika. “Usually I save this for the students that gag but, since you seem to have no problem inhaling my farts so well, maybe you should try eating my shit.”

Erika’s eyes go wide a bit in surprise but it’s quickly covered when Jennifer’s ass comes down over and sits on her face. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrruuupppp!

A loud, putrid fart signals the nasty load that’s waiting inside Jennifer’s bowels; Erika inhales the rank air with just a slight twitch of her body.
Jennifer smiles as she notices this; she closes her eyes and turns her head up to the ceiling as she feels the shit beating down at her back door, ready to release. And then, with just a gentle push, she releases the first log that smears past Erika’s lips and down her throat; it slides disgustingly down her esophagus and into her stomach. Erika cringes a bit on the bitter taste but mostly finds herself enjoying the slimy waste that slides down from her teacher’s ass.

Jennifer is enraged but also somewhat intrigued. She strains a bit more to push out all she can from her colon; like a train, log after log barrels from her asshole and Erika chews through each and swallows them easily like scarfing down wieners in at a hog dog eating contest.

She finally concedes and gets off Erika whose face is smeared with brown stains around her lips but has a wide smile on her face as she smacks the shit around her mouth like disgusting chocolate.
Jennifer playfully scoffs, “You really like that, huh?”

“Yeah,” Erika says, a bit shamed.

“Did you know you liked it?”

“Um…not really, it just sort of…I don’t know.”

Jennifer ponders for a moment, “Maybe you’d like to have a little fun with me today, there’s more shit in it for you if you do.”

“Fuck yes,” Erika replies without a moments hesitation.

Jennifer laughs, caught a bit off guard by the ordinarily quiet girl’s boisterous curse, “Great! We just need one thing first.”


In the science lab, Mr. Jacob Sanders is tidying up his workstation, his messenger bag is already slung over one shoulder in preparation to leave for the day when the hallway door opens and in walks Jennifer with Erika close behind.

Jacob barely looks up from his cleaning, “Oh, hello Jennifer. Rarely see you outside the staff room.”

“Hi Jacob, yeah I thought I’d stop by; actually, I wanted to borrow Experiment 451 from you.”

Jacob stops to think a moment, “Jenkins’ Growth Ray? Why? Why would you need that for an English class?”

“You know, it’s probably better if you don’t ask too many questions, Jacob.”

“You can’t just barge in here and expect me to hand over highly volatile experimental prototypes without knowing what for, do you?”

“I suppose not. And yet, here I am. So will you hand it over or do I need to tear this place apart looking for it?”

Jacob’s expression turns very serious, “You can’t strong arm me, Jennifer.”

Jennifer smirks, looking equally as serious, if not sadistic, to Jacob, “Oh, I have no intention of using my arms at all.” She grabs him and pushes him into the walk-in incubator, she seals the door shut with the clamp and turns it off. “This could have been very easy, Jacob; you could have just given me what I wanted.”

“Why are you doing this? You’re not going to get away with whatever it is you’re doing here!” Jacob insists.

“Are you sure? Because it certainly seems like I’m getting away with it,” Jennifer boats arrogantly.

Erika watches near the doorway with a smirk permanently plastered on her face. She lustfully stares at Ms. Kelly as she lower her pants again and shoves her ample bum over the open viewing porthole, completely sealing it off from the air outside the incubator.

“Wha....what are you doing?” Jacob asks, panicked.

Jennifer grins widely, “Say good night, Jacob.” BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppp!

“Oh god, no no!” He cries out, retreating to the farthest corner of the chamber but within seconds the gas reaches him there. His head is blown back by the impossible noxiousness of her flatulence; his hands instinctively go up to block the gases but it’s no relief at all.
“You can’t run from my fumes!” Jennifer cruelly laughs. RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrpppppppp!

Jacob’s heaves dryly as his body weakly slides down the stainless steel walls of the incubator; his body spasms slightly as the gas gathers thickly, potently and seems to hang ceaselessly in the air around him. Another small twitch and Jacob’s body slumps completely lifeless onto the floor.
Jennifer removes her butt from the porthole and closes the tempered glass cover, sealing her farts inside with Jacob’s body. She turns and looks through the porthole at Jacob on the ground, she chuckles. “That’s what you get for crossing me,” she proclaims proudly, she looks over to Erika who is smiling wide.

“So now what do we do,” Erika asks excitedly.

“He has to have the growth ray somewhere in that lab. Why don’t you start at the back of the room, try those cupboards. I look at his desk.”
Erika races to the back of the room and starts tearing through the cupboards, leaving no planetary model or paper-mâché volcano unturned. Jennifer shuffles junk and candy wrappers around Jacob’s disheveled desk.

At the back of the room, Erika reaches for the handle on a closet-sized cupboard. She opens it to find a cage with multiple shelves; on each shelf are odd-looking devices with small paper labels underneath. She spots one that reads, ‘Experiment 451.’

“I think I got it!” She calls out.

Jennifer looks up from the desk drawers and grins widely, “Perfect.”
“It’s locked though,” Erika adds, rattling the lock against the metal bars.
Jennifer turns her attention back to the drawer, “I think I saw...yes, here we go,” she says as she pulls a padlock key from the clutter. She heads over to the cage where the key slides in perfectly and turns with a satisfying click, Jennifer and Erika share an excited squeal. The cage door opens with a squeak of the old rusty hinges.

Jennifer grabs the gold-plated growth ray from the cage and admires it; she’s surprised by how heavy it is in stark contrast to its small size.
“What’s that supposed to do?” Erika asks.

Jennifer continues to stare at the ray gun, “Jenkins’ Growth Ray was found among the wreckage of the Saugus Sewage Disaster. No one knows exactly what happened and they haven’t been able to clean up the mess so concrete answers are few but it’s widely believed this little device is the reason that town was destroyed. In theory, this ray gun is supposed to make a person grow to thirty times their original size.”
“Whoa, really?” Erika asks intrigued.

“We’re gonna find out,” Jennifer responds, extending her hand out to Erika.

Erika grabs her teacher’s hand and closes her eyes as Jennifer aims the ray gun at her student. With just a moment’s hesitation, she pulls the trigger and amber waves emanate from the device into their bodies setting off a slight tingling sensation within them. They feel their bodies creak as their bones grow several times beyond their normal size, their skin following immediately after to keep pace with the rapid change. As their bodies grow taller, their heads burst easily through the ceiling of the science lab and they find themselves looking over the entire campus.
“Holy shit!” Erika exclaims.

“Quite the invention, isn’t it?” Jennifer asks as she squats over the large hole her body made in the ceiling. “Watch this...” she says to Erika; Jennifer scrunches her face up as if straining to push something out.

Jennifer’s massive fart explodes out the walls of the tiny classroom, sending debris all over the school as huge chunks of the building smash with great force against other nearby classrooms. She sighs in relief, looking down upon the methane-smoking crater where Sanders' classroom used to be.

Erika laughs, “I wanna try!” She stomps over the campus to another building and pokes her giant finger through the door, breaking a normal person sized hole in the concrete. Erika, with one giant eye, peers inside the classroom to find Mr. Hennessey huddled near the far corner of the room, his eyes wide with fright. “Oh, hi Mr. Hennessey, I’m glad you’re still here, I could use your help with something...”

“Erika?” Mr. Hennessey’s voice shaken; he sits up slightly, trying to get a better look.

Suddenly Erika slams her nude butt down over the opening, causing a small earthquake as she plops all her weight down with her legs spread out fully to either side of her body.

Erika looks over her shoulder, cupping her hand over her mouth like a megaphone to ensure Mr. Hennessey can hear her, “Can you tell me what Plato would have to say about this allegory?”

Mr. Hennessey watches in horror as he watches the young student’s crack split, revealing her massive asshole, large enough that it could swallow his entire body effortlessly. His eyes go wide as her anus puckers out like a volcano ready to explode.

Jennifer looks on with a satisfied smirk, impressed by Erika’s pure viciousness. She feels her own flatulent discomfort building; she peers around the campus for a good target for her gassy expulsions.

BBBRRRRRRRRRRoooooooooooorrruuufffffpptttt! Erika’s ass explodes mightily with a deafening boom as if from some massive deflating balloon filled with fragrant gas. Mr. Hennessey clutches his neck as he gurgles and chokes from the noxious air filling his classroom, the walls around him start to bend and crumble from the force of the wind blasting through the classroom. He tries to grab hold of his desk as he desperately tries not to breathe in but it’s impossible to escape the wretched odor.

Erika shifts her butt slightly against what remains of the door frame and firmly pushes her hand against her stomach.

BRRRRRRRRRRrrrppppppppppppp! Her fart bellows out of her asshole with a force like a hurricane. Hennessey starts to fade from the fatal blast and his fingers slip from his heavy verawood desk and he flies several yards along with fragments of his destroyed classroom. He lands with a thud in a lifeless heap; his reeking body grates for a few feet against the warm asphalt of the student parking lot.

Erika lets out a satisfied sigh as she stands up, kicking her foot back purposefully to knock down the only remaining section of the classroom wall left standing. She chuckles to herself as she looks around for Jennifer. Erika finally spots her sitting on top of the gym building in full concentration, her eyes closed and face turned to the sky as her blonde hair cascades down her back, glowing from the bright, late afternoon sun shining through it.

Inside the gym, it’s dark and quiet, other than the occasional patter of building materials hitting the precisely polished floor and the streams of light sneaking in past Jennifer’s ample posterior hovering above. Towards the back of the gym, in the girl’s locker room, a squeaky male’s voice can be heard exhaustedly trying to shout, “Help!”

From across the campus, Erika can be heard laughing, “Is there anyone in there?”

“I don’t think so,” Jennifer’s voice booms from above.

“I’m here! I’m stuck in a locker!” The voice calls out, louder this time.

“Just me and my beautiful ass,” Jennifer continues, shouting over to Erika with a big smile on her face.

“Please! They locked me in here!” The boy pleads.

Jennifer looks back up to the sky again, letting the sun lick her face as her anus opens up wide. FFFRRRrrrrrruuuuuupppppppppppppp! Her asshole bellows out with a loud flapping fart that pushes out a massive log that splatters against the gym floor like a semi-truck.

“Oh god, that feels so much better!” Jennifer exclaims as the massive shit leaves her ass crack. BRRRRrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp! She farts again, much drier this time but horrendously rotten.

The odors disperse throughout the gym and waft their way into the girl’s locker room. The boy’s nose twitches as the smell starts to hit him, he pinches his nose and cups the same hand over his mouth in a vain attempt to avoid the rank aroma, “No...not again, please!” The boy’s muffled voice begs as tears flow like rivers from his eyes.

As his vision starts to blur, he takes a shallow, cautious breath that only burns his senses with the vicious fart smell; he dry heaves as his head falls heavily against the locker door. The boy continues to try to hold his breath to the point of suffocation but his body forces him to let go, finally allowing the full blast of Jennifer’s gas fill him as his body convulses in the tiny locker.

Jennifer gruffly grunts and pushes her butt down harder on the already crumpling structure, the ceiling bows inward under her weight but the building maintains its overall integrity.

FFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRrrruuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppp! Her asshole explodes with a torrential flood of thick diarrhea that quickly floods the gym and locker room under at least two inches of soppy, dark brown waste.

In his tiny prison, the boy is huddled into a tight ball at the bottom of the locker; he sobs in between periodic seizes from the atrocious smell surrounding him. The liquid crap slowly starts to seep in just under the locker door but he doesn’t notice anything beyond the growing aroma all around him.

On the roof, Jennifer scrunches her face up and flexes her asshole to force the waste out of her body. Her anus puckers wide and blasts out like a fire hose of runny shit; Jennifer groans joyfully as she stomps her feet in euphoric delight as her ass continues to pour out gallon after gallon of wet waste from her ass.

The boy notices the growing darkness in his cell as the shit begins to flood in right on top of him from the three ventilation slits at the bottom of the locker; he takes labored, painful breaths as he desperately tries to stand back up but his body is trapped in the thick muck. He hoarsely screams as the crap starts to rise around his head, reaching his chin as he frantically tries to keep his head above the growing pool of shit. His eyes practically bulge from his head as the waste overtakes his mouth and then nose; he tries to wiggle his body free but his head is immediately buried under a disgusting brown mass. A large, lone bubble rises from the shit pile before the waste sits calmly with an impossible stillness but for the soft, careless drips of shit from the ceiling.

Seconds later, the crap breaks free through a collapsed wall and a massive flood of shit rolls through the campus, shoving through rogue bungalows as it passed over the entire west end of the school. The gym quickly crumbled into a pile of shit-caked bricks; banks of lockers fallen face down into the remaining waste and pinned down under massive support beams.

Jennifer laughs cruelly, “I really needed that, as you can see,” she says to Erika.

Erika nods with a half-smile, trying hard to mask her disappointment in not being asked to eat Jennifer’s crap. She could feel the craving for it inside her, still recalling the taste of it from earlier. She licks her lips in some futile hope that a speck of shit was left over.

Jennifer notices Erika’s eyes full of wanton desire but she stays quiet, smiling to herself in pure satisfaction, realizing that Erika is her loyal, needy puppy now. She steps over the rubble of the gym towards Erika.
“So what’s next,” Erika asks.

Jennifer looks out over the landscape; she puts her hands on Erika’s shoulders and gently turns her around towards the city, “I see a town full of toilets just waiting to be punished, don’t you?”

Erika beams widely.

“And...if you do a good job, I might even let you have some more of my shit.”

Erika shifts nervously, instantly excited by the prospect.

“You want that, don’t you? To eat more of my shit?” Jennifer sensually teases.

Erika nods enthusiastically and quickly, as if to avoid notice but unable to control herself and politely decline the offer; she wanted more of Jennifer’s shit like nothing else in the world.

Jennifer smiles, looking over the destruction and the river of her shit flowing down the paths of the campus. Then her eyes fall to the huge ray gun, apparently it had also grown in size with them. She reaches into the ruins of the school building and pulls out the gun; she tucks it into her waistband, “We might need this,” she says to Erika as she nods in agreement.

Together they take thoughtlessly step through the campus, destroying any remaining buildings in their path as they stomp their way out into the parking lot and down the quiet street, making their way to the city.


On the twelfth floor of a very modest apartment building, Paul and Carol sit down to a nice dinner with their son, Marc. They laugh together joyfully over Marc’s retelling of a humorous encounter that occurred to him at school today. Paul smiles, looking over his family with pride; he uses a napkin politely over his lips and mouth though there’s nothing to clean off. Carol smiles softly as she looks admiringly at her husband and her son.

Then suddenly, there’s a rumble outside.

The family pauses at the table and peers over towards the direction of the sound. But they see nothing.

Another rumble, louder and closer this time; it clatters the dishes in the cupboard.

“What is that?” Marc asks in a panic.

“Relax, I’m sure it’s nothing. Earthquake maybe.”

“I’ve never heard an earthquake like that,” Carol nudges.

Paul respectfully shushes her; he reaches over to put a reassuring hand on her wrist.

The family freezes as silence washes over the room and the world outside, as if everything had simply disappeared. They breathe their first sigh of relief as the seconds pass and the danger seems averted. Their attention turns back to their meals as they dip their fork into sour cream laden baked potatoes and perfectly seasoned slices of ham.

Carol lifts her fork from the plate towards her mouth as her eyes drift over to the window. She pauses for a moment as her mind registers the sight before her, her eyes grow several sizes as she stares at a massive, bare butt coming with wrecking ball speed towards her apartment. She opens her mouth to scream but it’s too late as the glass windows shatter from the force of this buttocks.

A giant airy fart comes blasting out at full force from the ass plastered over the family’s apartment; the force blows like hurricane winds, knocking Carol and Marc from their chairs. Then the smell became more apparent, a rich, rotten cheesy smell that hangs over the apartment like an unattended kitchen trash can.

Paul covers his mouth as best he can as he rushes to the aid of his wife and son; both are fine overall though finding it difficult to cope with the toxic smell lingering around their home.

Outside the apartment building, Jennifer squats like a offensive lineman with her butt pushed out over the building; her ass comfortably covers at least thirty apartments and her farts were sure to reach every floor through the air ducts anyways. She grins hearing the screams and panic of hundreds of people all suffering her gas throughout the building.

"They don't seem to be enjoying it," Jennifer says to Erika who is standing in admiration of her teacher. She giggles as she watches Jennifer push her butt deeper into the building, the glass and steel frames bend to her body weight. The apartment building moans out as it breaks and slides forward slightly, slipping under the strain of the destruction.

Paul and his family scramble for the door, trying to escape their hellish smelling prison but, as the apartment starts to lean, Carol finds herself falling backwards onto the floor and sliding down, closer to Jennifer's gaping wide butt crack. She manages to grab hold of the kitchen island to keep herself from falling in but her grip is slipping.

"I'm coming!" Paul shouts.

"Okay...hurry..." Carol says in a clear panic, holding on for dear life above the massive pulsing anus below her. Marc grips the door frame with one hand and holds onto his father with the other as Paul works his way down to his wife.

Paul reaches out for her, "Grab my hand!"

Carol looks up, "I...I can't reach it!"

"You have to grab my hand!" Paul yells.

Carol struggles and reaches up but her fingers, slick with sweat, slip from the wooden island. She screams as her body falls down into Jennifer's butt crack.

"Carol!" Paul shouts out but he's helpless now as he watches Carol's body plop flat against Jennifer's butthole with great force. She lifts her head weakly but she's too weak from the fall and the pungent odor that surrounds her here.

Jennifer feels the woman smack right against her asshole and it makes her grin like a hungry shark. She adjusts her butt just a little.

Carol hears a grotesque grumble just below her from the butt crack that houses her. Her eyes go wide with fear but she barely has time to register anything else.

The smell leaked out of Jennifer's butt first to torment Carol with the awful smell of death inside Jennifer but soon the wind picked up and carried the poor victim, with the force of a stick caught in a hurricane, back through her apartment where she splattered lifelessly against the wall in a brown and red stain.

Paul and Marc never get to see her like that as they race through the emergency stairwell, containing their immense grief until they can get to some semblance of safety and away from this giant woman.

Jennifer continues to listen to the screams of the people desperately trying to escape her farts and she becomes playfully incensed at this. "I don't think they like my gas, Erika," she says to her companion. "We have to do something about that, don't we?"

Erika nods enthusiastically with a big grin on her face.

"Would you grab some bags from that corner store there, dear?" Jennifer asks of Erika.

Erika holds her hand behind her butt and PRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP!
She releases a long, low fart into her hand that she cups over her crack to try and collect the sulfury fart fumes. Then she quickly shoves it inside the corner store, ripping through the overcrowded shelves and counters. Her fart lingering on her hand knocks back the few people in the store as they become pinned under her arm. Erika finally finds the box of Ziploc bags and quickly retreats her rancid hand from the store; she tosses the tiny box over to Jennifer.

Jennifer grabs the ray gun from her waist and fires at the box, growing it to her size. Then she removes one of the bags. With her free hand, she reaches into the apartment building, crushing the walls with ease as she does and pulls out a small handful of people from the building. Her fingers pierce through the emergency stair well and her nail snags Paul in her clutches. Marc screams out for his father as he watches him be carried away with a few other panicked people as Jennifer pulls up the bag and stuffs the people inside it.

Paul watches in horror from inside his hot, plastic prison as Jennifer moves to bring her butt in line with the opening of the bag and it became obvious what she intended to do. But Paul had no real idea of what was to come.

Jennifer brings her ass even closer to the opening of the bag, until her asshole lined up right over it. Her anus pulses wildly and fiercely like it's ready to explode. She moans out in strain as her butthole opens up wide to release a flood of thick, yogurt-like shit that buries the people caught up inside it. FRRRRRrrrrrrpppppppp! A fart releases another splattering of shit all over the sides of the bag and pushes poor Paul and the others deeper into her shit pool filling half the Ziploc bag.

Jennifer then lifts the bag up, shuffling the people inside to the rocking sloshing of her shit, and brings the top of the bag to between her thumb and forefinger. The people inside scream for mercy as she begins to seal the bag with her inside, bringing the blue and yellow strips together to make the tight, leak-less green seal. Jennifer turns the bag upside, sending everyone inside flying towards the seal with a hope that somehow, maybe, she hadn't closed the bag totally.

But those hopes were assuaged when they come crashing down back into the pool of Jennifer's shit that's waiting comfortably for them collected in the top of the fully sealed bag.

"See, no leaks," Jennifer shows the bag to Erika who finds some amusement in the sight of the people sloshing around inside the bag like a shit filled snow globe.

Jennifer takes the bag in both hands and shakes it around, sending her shit and everyone flying around in a vomit inducing rhythm as they bounce from putrid air to splattering into shit with continuous frequency. Then she takes the bag in one hand and spins it quickly around her head, the force of which mostly keeps her shit contained in one corner of the Ziploc but that also plasters all the heavier people deep within her waste and struggling to get free of it. Jennifer suddenly drops the bag onto the ground, sending the people flying as it makes contact with the hard cement.

Jennifer and Erika gather around the bag to watch the fumes inside become more and more intense, slowing staining the bag a deep greenish-brown as Paul and the others inside desperately try to plea for their lives. But the two evil girls just smile and wave at the poor souls trapped in Jennifer's airtight plastic prison. Slowly, the people's eyes start to roll back in their head as they slip down beneath the pool of shit, unable to tread the wastewater any longer and forced to succumb to Jennifer's special chocolate.

Erika's eyes glow with delight, watching every drop of Jennifer's shit roll down the inside of the bag. She doubly enjoys it in the moments when the shit falls right on a poor fellow inside and tries to sink him below her teacher's wastes. She licks her lips wantingly, hungry for more of what Jennifer had fed her but she didn't dare try to eat without Ms. Kelly's permission.

Jennifer glances over to Erika and sees her clear desire for her shit, she smirks. She has this girl in the crack of her ass just waiting and begging for her to give her any little anything from there. She enjoys that feeling, enjoying watching Erika's depravity towards her grow. But she can't feed it yet.

Off in the distance, the sound of an air balloon catches Jennifer's attention. She stands and looks around, finally spotting the balloon floating above the park. There's bound to be thousands of people there, the thought makes her grin, "I think I found our next target."


Everyone is all smiles at the colorful Balloon Festival in McCarthy Park, families, neighbors, and friends from far and wide gather to watch and ride in the bright balloons floating over the cityscape. The sun is shining brightly on this cloudless and beautiful day.

But suddenly, a shadow is cast over the park. The people strain their eyes, unacclimated to the newly dark, before they can make out the giant silhouette of a woman. Jennifer stands before them all like a Goddess, her hair blowing in the breeze like a majestic flag of pride. She begins to kneel down, bringing her butt down closer to the people who are all confused and sharing glances, a few begin to run but they are far from any park exit.

Jennifer's massive anus puckers deeply just a few hundred feet above the crowd before it pushes out a nice, long BRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrraaiipppp!

The poor people start to go flying under the force of Jennifer's fart blast, they try to hold on to something, anything for dear life but there's little that doesn't get blown away save for a few trees that some where fortunate enough to be near, though now they are tormented by the lingering odor that hangs like a putrid cloud of fog that won't dissipate. They scream and choke in agony, and the rest try to run but Erika uses her butt to block one of the entrances and she PRRRRRRrrrrruuuuuuooopppppppp! Her gas blows several people back into the center of the park. At the other end, Jennifer stomps out a few tiny ants that try to escape before the remainders corral themselves into the center where it seems safer.

Jennifer lifts her head away from the tiny people and notices a balloon in the sky near her, she grabs it forcefully, sending the people inside hurtling down to their deaths on the hard ground below. She pulls the large inflated balloon to her asshole and strains a bit, she shows her face to all the terrified people to ensure they knew what is coming for them.

Her anus opens and fills the large balloon with her hot, smelly diarrhea as she sighs in great relief, "This is all yours," she says to the people as if it were some desired gift. The balloon is misshapen once she's finished with it, her shit steaming out the top which she pinches closed as best she can but it's overfilled. She then lifts the balloon up over her head and smashes it down into the center of the crowd of people. "Eat my homemade chocolate!" She demands.

The people below are doused and drowning in a massive pool of Jennifer's liquid shit that carried a smell like a backed up sewer. None of them seem too keen on the idea of eating her shit willingly, most seemed to have swallowed any of it quite accidentally and were now attempting to purge it away.

"You're all ungrateful!" Jennifer shouts down to the people as she grabs a handful of them. "I'll show you what grateful looks like!" She taunts as she grunts and groans grotesquely.

Then, from behind her back, she pulls out a massive solid log of shit that she plunges the hand full of people into, forcing them inside like little nuts in a chocolate bar. "Here, you can eat this," she says, handing the shit bar off to Erika.

Erika's eyes explode with delight as she greedily snatches the bar and takes long, heaping bites as the unfortunate souls inside scream. One man gets bitten in two as his blood splatters into Erika's mouth like a raspberry filling. Jennifer feels her loins tingle to the sounds of them screaming and begging but within seconds, Erika has inhaled the entire log and the screams were gone.

"Wow, you were really hungry for it, huh?" Jennifer chuckles knowingly.

"Uh-huh," Erika replies like a child that got her way.

Jennifer and Erika watch the few remaining bodies struggle to keep their head above her waste as the shit begins to leak beyond the park and into the city surrounding. The cries of panic quickly begin to ensue in nearly every corner of the city. The devilish duo giggle to themselves as they prance away to follow Jennifer's river of shit.


About thirty miles down the road, Jennifer's shit meets another older flow of waste coming from the opposite direction. Jennifer is baffled by this and Erika shares a look of disbelief. Together they continue deeper into a town already completely demolished by waste,

"This is amazing!" Jennifer finally says, "But how..."

Erika shrugs, her attention immediately turning to a big corn kernel dug in to the sea of waste. She rushes over and grabs it, as she does she notices two people hidden away under the kernel. She takes a bite of the corn and yells for Jennifer.

"Ms. Kelly! I found two tiny people here!" She looks down at them and notices one of them lift their arm, "They're alive!" She screams in amazement.

Jennifer rushes over in confusion, she's sure Erika must be mistaken until she sees the two tiny girls down in the hovel of shit. "How is that possible?"

"We've been living on our own waste for months," Hannah shouts up to her.

"Can you tell me what happened here?" Jennifer asks.

Jana pipes up, "We did this, we shit all over the town."

"You expect me to believe that?" Jennifer asks incredulously.

"It's true," Hannah reassures.

"Uh-huh, and how did you get so small?" Jennifer interrogates.

"I don't know! We shrunk! First we were giants and then we shrunk! We found this ray gun..."

"Ray gun?" Jennifer interrupts. "Perhaps you are telling the truth."

"We made fun of this nerd all the time, and we found the growth ray she had been working on so we thought we could get her in a big way, you know?" Hannah explains.

"We killed her family and her friends, it was super cool," Jana adds.

"She begged us to kill her when she found us killing her parents, so we made her lick our asses and we shat on her until she suffocated. Then all of a sudden we shrunk down to this size," Hannah relays.

"Well that's quite a story," Jennifer replies, seeming to not believe their tale.

"But it's all true."

"There is another body here, Ms. Kelly. She looks geeky and lame, fuck even I want to fart on her face." Erika squats her massive booty over the tiny brown stained body of the deceased Haley Jenkins. BRRRRrrrppp!

"That's enough, Erika," Jennifer lectures. Erika quickly stands back up while still admiring the heat and odor coming off her already dead fart victim. "Well, what you two have done is quite impressive," Jennifer admits to Hannah and Jana.

"We're just starving and would love to be normal size again, you know?" Hannah finally admits.

"I don't know how feasible that is going to be after Erika and I are done, won't be many towns left at your normal size," Jennifer matter-of-factly delivers.

"Can we stay with you guys?" Jana asks with a slight desperation.

"Hmm...perhaps you can...if you...I don't know, clean my butthole? I've been using it an awful lot and it could use a good tongue cleaning." Jennifer teases them.

Hannah and Jana share a cringe.

"That's really all I have use for at my size, right, Erika?"

Erika chuckles, "Right."

"I can tell from your faces that you're quite eager to get started. And well, with two of you it should go twice as fast, right?" Jennifer says as she scoops up the tiny Hannah and Jana and shoves them into her butt crack.


"Oh and do try to work around my gas, dearies," Jennifer taunts.

Hannah and Jana fight to stay conscious as they dig their tongues into deep cakes of Jennifer's shit all around her ass crack, desperate to finish and gain her favor so they could travel with Jennifer and Erika on their destructive journey.

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