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The Rest Stop
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 21st, 2013

Lauren and Kelly sit in the car as Lauren drives down a particularly long and boring stretch of roadway; there's nothing around for miles, just pristine green hills tainted only by the long tar road.

Lauren leans a bit towards Kelly but she doesn't notice until...


What starts as airy quickly evolves into a long, flapping fart which immediately grabs Kelly's attention; her eyes dart between the sexy pose of Lauren's fart lean and her sexy face. Kelly flared her nostrils involuntarily, as if second nature, to absorb all the thick, potent gas she could into her nostrils; savoring it like a connoisseur of fine farts.

Lauren clutches her stomach in pain; she squeezes just a little and her face turns from strain to pure euphoria as thick, wet gas oozes freely from her asshole. Her rancid fart fills the car with a strong, shitty stench which Kelly sniffs up like a vacuum, seeking out the pockets the smell may hide; ensuring to sniff all of it.

"Mmm, I could use a clean up..." Lauren giggled to herself.

Kelly's loins tingled with excitement; her legs shook in anticipation.

Lauren pulls the car off into a rest stop and quickly pushes Kelly down until just her head is on the seat; then, without hesitation, she sat on Kelly's face. As soon as Lauren parted the panties to the side, Kelly's eager tongue, like a door buster, plunged through Lauren's grimy hole and licked up everything it could grab; and kept going back for more. Kelly greedily eats all the wet gas remnants from Lauren's ass as she shudders with delight above.


A wet, flappy fart blasted against Kelly's face; but most it squirted into her open mouth which she was eager to savor and swallow down before returning to cleaning Lauren's asshole region.

When it was finally clean and Lauren felt a little less gassy, she stood and looked down at the brown stained Kelly. Lauren couldn't help but laugh at the sight but covered her mouth to stop herself but Kelly smiled in good spirits. Lauren began to exit the car out Kelly's passenger door; she turned back to her.

"Next rest stop is about fifty miles from here. Maybe you wanna drive some?" Lauren asked, smiling.

Kelly's face beamed. Her stomach painfully roared with anticipation.

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