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Rent (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 2010

Mindlessly, I watch Family Guy as I stuff pizza into my face.

There is a knock at the door.

I lazily rise from the couch and answer it. It's Danielle, the building manager.

"Your check bounced prick!" She yelled, obviously not looking to talk.

"I know," I say, "My paycheck bounced; I'll take care of it."

"No you fucking deadbeat, your time is up," she says as she pushes her way into my apartment.

"Were you gonna eat this?" She asks as she squats over my pizza.


"Ah, nothing like fresh gas to top a pizza," she says, laughing cruelly.

I cover my nose as the smell drifts to me.

"Oh, poor baby. Too stinky for you," she says as she approaches. "Well that's just too bad." She grabs me and quickly drops me to my knees with a kick to the groin and then she floors me with a knee to my face.

She smiles as her shadow covers the light from shining in my eyes. Them she turned and presented her butt to me and sat; my nose fitting snuggly between her big, soft cheeks. As beautiful as she is, it could not deter from the putrid stench which oozed from her crack.


I watch her asshole pucker then release it's horrid air across my features as it hovers in it's prison waiting to be inhaled.

She laughs, "I'm just getting started; I had refried beans for dinner.


"Your such a bad boy, not paying your rent on time

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