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Pool Side, Back Side
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 1st, 2009

"Man, this is just what I need. A nice relaxing swim to clear my head," Dan says, a little frustration detectable in his voice.

I swipe our room card through the reader and the door to the hotel pool unlocks. Dan opens the door.

"No worries man. It aught to be awesome all around."

The pool area is completely barren on this night; the only person around is a larger woman who appears to be swimming laps. She sees us finally, taking a break from her task. I nod friendly like to her, she smiles meaninglessly at me.

Dan and I enter the pool. It is wonderful, not too hot, not too cold; just perfect. The woman ascends the pool steps, grabs a towel, and makes a slow walk towards the door. As she passes we catch a clear glimpse of her. Her ass is grotesquely large, like two large moons shoved together; barely hidden by her bikini. It might as well be a G-string with as much coverage as she is getting out of it. We silently turn away, covering our eyes, acting outrageously disgusted.

"See, I know those hot girls at the club are turning me away but I just cannot get with...that," Dan says quietly, gesturing in the woman's direction.

She has her back to us. She is near the exit.

I jokingly try to shush him. He doesn't listen.

"I know I say I want ANYONE but that shit is ridiculous. I'd die under her. And that swimsuit; she needs a tent to cover that lard ass. I'm sure she's desperate and I am sorta but never will I be desperate enough to get with a cow like her."

He laughs out loud. I smile towards Dan and then I look to the woman. She's turns back towards us; she walks close by. I consider this a coincidence, she probably forgot something.

Dan is still facing me, he doesn't notice the large woman has stopped right above him. I try to warn him but he laughs too loudly, too uncontrollably. I can't signal him before she reaches down and grabs his scrawny body from the pool and tosses his carelessly on the hard cement.

"What the fuck?!" He yells, clutching the back of his head.

The woman wastes no words. She removes her bikini and spreads her cheeks, showing her anal region to him. I can't see anything but the look on Dan's face is of pure terror; it must be grotesque because Dan will fuck just about anything. For him to be disgusted it must be pretty nasty.

Then she lowers herself down and sits on his head. His face and most of his upper body has disappeared under her and her 'moons' lay comfortably on the ground as if there were nothing impeding them. Dan's head must be lodged far up her.

I am stunned, I can say nothing. I only find myself able to stare at the sight, mouth agape.

The woman finally speaks, "There we go, a perfect place for an asshole; right next to mine."

Dan screams incoherently under her and pounds his fists weakly against her cheeks creating minor ripples in her skin that leave her unfazed.

"Ah yes, here comes something for you. Exactly what you deserve."

Her face turns to concentration. She puts her hands on Dan's stomach and pushes down. As she releases his stomach...


"Oh! How unlady like of me! Sniff it asshole! Sniff it all up. Sniff all of my fatty, gassy, farts."

I am horrified. I finally speak, "Stop! He's had enough."

She looks at me as if I've disturbed her gorging on rack of ribs. "You want some of this?"

I shake my head no emphatically.

"Then I suggest you shut the fuck up!"

I did. I just continued to look on, unable to help my friend. His fight has weakened substantially; he is suffocating under her no doubt. He was right when he said he'd die under her, I'm sure he didn't mean like this however.

"See now, your friend got me all worked up and tight. I'll have to work at this next one."

She concentrates. She grunts and groans loudly, unattractively. She clenches and tenses up her body.

"Oh God!!"


"Oh fuck! That one was wet for sure!" The woman exclaimed happily.

She enjoys her position on my friend for another minute, making sure, no doubt, that he takes in all of her scent.

Finally, she rises off him, his head going with her ass for a moment before falling to the hard ground. He appears unconscious. Brown liquid is sprayed against his face.

I start to get out of the pool to help him but the lady pushes me back in.

"Hang on there! He's gotta clean up his mess."

She picks up the lifeless body of my friend and presses his cheeks, forcing his tongue out. She then shoves his face up her ass crack and uses Dan's face as toilet paper. When she is satisfied she carelessly throws him towards me and into the pool.

"You boys have a good night now, ya hear?"

She laughs heartily as she finally leaves the pool area. I drag my friend out of the pool. I feel for a pulse. It's present but I am reluctant to give him mouth to mouth. I run to the emergency phone and dial 911.

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