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Pool Party
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 24th, 2011

I come in from the kitchen with two plates; one for me and one for her, I added a little salsa on the side to be fancy; as fancy as you can be with packaged frozen fajitas.

"Hey honey, how's it going?" I ask, handing her the paper plate of food.

"Oh, hey; thanks baby.'s alright, just getting a little frustrated is all."

"Aw, I'm sorry hon."

"I know you are, it's alr...," she starts, taking a bite of the fajita; she immediately spits it out, almost as if it was too hot. "Oh my God; this is awful! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She snaps quickly, standing from her chair.

I'm terrified, she'd never raised her voice like that before. I don't know what to do, what to say.

"You can't even warm up a fucking frozen thing; you're completely worthless baby!"

"Yes, dear," I say weakly; it's all I could think to say as I cower away slightly.

"Come here!" She demands as she roughly grabs me by the hair and pushes my head to her chair seat; the cushion soft, comfortable, but carrying a somewhat strong aroma. "I am sorry Henry but if you're just going to be pathetic then I don't have any other use for you," she says, seeming endlessly irritated at something I couldn't begin to understand.

I watched her turn her back to me; she sexily, tauntingly, pulled down her jeans to show me what I'd always see but never get, even after a year of marriage; three-hundred and sixty-five days of wedded bliss, or almost that many, I don't remember the anniversary. Fuck.

My eyes grow wide as I see my wife's perfect butt, not a mark, not a blemish; it fit her perfectly but it hid an evil she had been familiarizing me with lately. She isn't wearing panties, a habit she's taken to lately when she has wet gas.

She spreads her cheeks with a smile as she hovers her stinky hole over my face, knocking me aback if only there was somewhere to go. She sits her ass on my face, pressing my nose deep in her toxic crevice; as soon as I am in my body fights to free itself, I gag repeatedly.

"Oh, shut up you big baby; that's not even the worst of it."

I can imagine her smiling, proud of herself as she had been before the few times I had been unable to use the bathroom after she had used it; and the one time she made me, I vomited after two minutes. She made me clean it but that made sense, I made that mess; I didn't understand this.


A hot blast of wind blows against my face with the force of a summer breeze but it smelled like raw sewage as the fumes waft gingerly to my nose; I cough as I'm robbed of precious oxygen in favor of what darling graciously provides me. She strokes my hair softly, the gesture assures me I am loved, as the foul wind brings tears to my eyes; she chuckles softly, evilly, to herself.

"You know, these aren't bad actually; did you add cheese to these?"

Her butt rises just an inch off my face as I desperately inhale precious oxygen that surrounds her crack; it's putrid but I need it to survive. In the dim light, I see her hole pucker aggressively; her rim stained with drippings of brown.

PPPPRRRRRUUUUUMMMMMPPP! Small droplets of brown splattered against my face like getting splashed by a a puddle.

"I asked you a fucking question!"

"Yes!" I answer desperately, "Yes, I added cheese!"

"Tastes good but you know what cheese does to me baby," she says, sweetly; as if I wasn't underneath her.

She sits again, splitting her cheeks so my lips meet right against her anus; "Start licking honey; I wanna be clean for this party."

I had forgotten; a pool party today at the neighbors. Delightful. My frightened turtle of a tongue cautiously peeks out and runs against her grotesque hole; it's so disgusting, literally eating poo, but I can't deny her demand. I lap at it slowly, getting a taste for it, if that was even possible. She shudders, presumably happily.

"Oh yeah; that's good, eat the farts right out of my butt baby!"

I keep cleaning as she squirts a massive fart into my mouth; she giggles euphorically as the wet liquid sprays carelessly, sporadically down my throat. The texture reminded me of vomit but the taste was so distinctly shitty; I wanted to puke but why add to my pain. I swallow my darling's shit in the most stomachable portions I can before returning my tongue to her filthy butt hole.

"Enough licking; get your nose up there, I want you to really smell this one. I think eating your fajitas too may have been a little much but there were just so good; I couldn't help really, it's you who's to blame for...err...this..."


A loud, bellowing fart blasts against my face like a tornado of fajitas and eggs from the morning; a sulfuric combination that burns the tiny hairs in my nose. I sputter and cough; I feel lightheaded.


"Stop it! You're distracting me Henry; do your job like you're supposed to, if you're not going to make money than you'll assist me while I make it."

I hear the soft, consistent, patter on her keyboard before I start to fade and pass out.

I take another quick hit from the pipe before tossing it and the lighter into the center console of my car; I relax a moment, let my head brush gently against the headrest.

Life started to make sense again; I could do this, be there for my wife as she needed me to. Was it really that big of a thing? Not really and she did work so why couldn't I support her there? No, she was right; I'm lucky to have her. I open the car door, the smoke bellows out like a chimney; I walk towards the gate where my wife waits, she has the cutest smile on her face. She takes my hand as we enter; I love her so much.

The party is a blur of people and events; names I'll never remember and have no reason to remember. As I start to come down, however, things get weird.

"Yeah, he completely failed at some chicken fajitas; I mean, it was frozen. He's pretty pathetic," I hear my wife say; or I think I did. Why would she mention that though?

The woman laughs with my wife; she gives me a look of disgust. I feel like going back to the car and smoking some more.

I lean to my wife and whisper, "I'll be right back love."

"No, you're not going anywhere," she says in a normal tone of voice.

I'm about to ask what she means but she twists my wrist, sending me to my knees, and sits on my face. She lifts a little to use me as a stool.

"He makes a good seat though, I will tell you that."

More laughter as my wife's heavy weight presses into my face; I feel like more people have joined the conversation but maybe the laughter just echoes in my ears.


My wife's gas drifts carelessly from her butt and drops like a bomb on my face; I want to throw her off but I can't, if for no other reason than she'll make it worse for me. The gas oozes up my nose crushed up against tight jeans; I feel it fog my brain.

"Mind if I try him," I hear from the other woman.

"Sure," my wife says, happily.

Light and fresh air again before I see the other woman tower over me; my eyes look at her in pleading submission but then fall on deaf ears as her heels dig into my legs as the shorter woman climbs and sits on my pain-striken face.

She shuffles aggressively, "He is pretty comfortable."

A rush of hot wind blows silently against my face; I hear the woman sigh.

The woman and my wife talk some more.

"Hey Gina, come here a minute."

"Hey girls," Gina says as she walks up; the three exchange pleasantries.

"Gina, I want you to try this; he's Judy's wife but she's a good sharer. I wanted you to give him a whirl; see if he's worth it."

"I'll give him a try," Gina says as the woman gets off my face; I see Gina for the first time, she's an overweight, large butted woman, "I'll warn you though, little guy, I've been pretty gassy today."

They all share laugh as Gina sits her massive sitter on my face; as all her weight comes down on me, I start to wobble and I fall. Gina, of course, falls on me with her almost four-hundred pound weight.


The loud, ugly fart blew my hair around my face but before I could get a smell I was immediately back in the nightlight; Gina grabs my neck and shoves my head in the pool. She holds it there for some time, shouting things I can't make out as I'm being drowned.

She lifts me up out of the water and I look to my wife; she's smiling. She waves to me as I dip down again; struggling to breathe. Suddenly, my neck is released; from under the water, I watch the wavy figure of Gina walk away.

I try to lift my wet, heavy upper body from the pool but instead I feel hands on my shoulders as I'm pulled from the side of the deep end to the first step in the shallow end; some dark haired girl in a pink bikini has me.

"Since you're already wet, I'm sure you won't mind helping me out, would you?"

"Actually, I..."

"Great!" She exclaims, not hearing me as she places my head on the first step into the pool; my nose barely hovers above the water. Soon it's covered by a smelly pink bikinied ass as the girl continues her conversation.


Two farts blow out and bubble in the water over my face; my head dips underwater repeatedly as I take in this woman's horrid gas. It smells like bad Chinese food and it's almost a relief to partially drown my nose than to come up and smell such anal fumes. I come up for air again.


She farts again but I have no choice but to sniff the noxious gas; it sends my spiraling. I cough and water enters my mouth; I sputter under the woman but she holds tight with her ass on my face. I pass out.

I wake to a familiar sight, my ceiling; I'm home. I don't know how; think I woke up in the pool and finally escaped to the car, or something else. It doesn't matter because I'm home at last. My stomach growls loudly; a swift kick in my balls gives me the push I need to get off the bed. I tip-toe softly to the kitchen.

I take my time, wanting to savor this moment as I get so few to do so; after about ten minutes I have a worthy sandwich to feast upon as I relax these borrowed minutes.

But like that, with soft tapping footsteps, my time is owned again; "What'cha doing baby?"

"Oh, just getting something to eat hon; why don't you go back to bed, I'm sorry I disturbed you."

I see the smirk form on her face as she walks over, "You didn't hon, I just didn't want you to have a sandwich without your favorite condiment."

I want to tell her no, even politely, but I can't do that; saying anything would just change her target to me. I smile when I meet eyes with hers; she hikes her pink bathrobe up to expose her ass to my sandwich. She sits on it, it squishes grossly under her.


She sighs contently as the fumes blast from under the epicenter, my sandwich, outward into my face; the smell of dips and rotten cheeses massaging my face. I stifle a gag as she rises from my sandwich; the odor nearly visible like heat lines coming off the flatten mass of meat and bread.

"There you are," she says, roughly patting my face, as if to assure me I am owned; "Good night baby," she laughs as she saunters out of the kitchen.

I lie my head against the table, sobbing softly; eventually I fall asleep.

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