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Police Goddess
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 18th, 2012

I saw the lights pull up close behind me as I turned onto the small, quiet street and pulled over. Casually, cautiously I took out my registration and insurance in prepration for the officer.

The officer's door shut and I hear the boots softly crunch under the loose dirt and stones on the pavement.

I looked over only once the officer shadowed the sun from my side of the car; she had an ass that extended beyond her body with astounding width, it jiggled a bit when she moved.

"License and registration sir,"

"Yes ma'am," I say, handing over the documents and reaching into my pocket for the wallet which held my license.

She looked at it for just a second or so; "Step out of the car please sir."

"I..I don't understand, why am I being detained officer?"

"Sir, please step out of the car."

I stood firm, "Please tell me why I'm being stopped offi..."

The officer lifted her leg and swung it accross my face. My nose felt broken as she grabbed my body from the car and dragged me to her vechile as I clutchd my face. My ass scrapes against the pavement.

She opens the back door and lays me down on a platform which runs underneath her seat. I look at her with perplexed, fearful eyes. She smiled hungrily.

She slammed my door and opened hers; I watched her massive ass come down on me but, with horror, I watched her drop her uniform pants putting my face between her cheeks, my crushed nose being pressed tight against heavy booty cheeks.

Panicing, I repeatedly yell, "What's going on officer?!" It muffles from underneath her but the words are clear.

The smell of sweat and faint old shit fill my nose as she adjusts.


She sighs delighted as the monster, almost visible fart pours down on me from her asshole inches away. I whine and moan from the noxious smell of her gas.


Another fart launches out, startling me as the hot spray quickly stung my eyes and tortured every perceiveable sense.

Her window rolled down a few minutes later as I dealt with gaseous blast, one after another.

"Uh, yeah, can I get a spicy bean burrito, a nacho cheese burrito, and a bean and cheese quesadilla."


She farted to torment me with what hell she could bring with her order; I screamed out but she reached back and squeezed my balls until they felt like they would pop. When she finally let go, and paid, she farted again a deadly silent fart which made me want to vomit as I held my toungue thorugh the drive-thru until I finally passed out.

I awoke sometime later hoping the entire experience had just been a nasty dream but I soon saw the bars only feet from me; I was in a jail cell.

I watched the officer come up to my cell with a wide smile. She unlocked the cell door and closed it behind her as she stood in front of me; then she stripped down completely giving me an unobstructed view of all of her.

"Take it in," she says approaching me, "it's the last time you'll see this side." She chuckles and her stomach gurgles and grumbles loudly, disgustingly.

"Just let me go; please, I won't say anything."

"You won't say anything because you're mouth will be full of my shit," she said without even batting an eye.

"You''re not..."

Interrupting me, she says, "Choose how you want it; the easy way, or the hard way?"

"Do I really get a choice?"

She smiles, understanding, "This time, yes."


"Good sweetie, so go stick your head in that toilet and wait for me."

I just stare at her. Her booty rumbles in antipation.

"Hurry! I need to unload!" She yells.

I remain still, afraid.

With an angered growl, she lays a hand on my neck and slams my head into the toilet. My head and neck bang against the toilet and disorentate me as I watch a fogged image of her massive ass coming down on me. I stick my hands up instictively to stop her but she, carelessly, sits on them, bending them in ways they aren't supposed to go before I liberate them from her ass; they are moist with booty juice.

"If you're not carefully you'll lose 'em hun," she says as she leans forward. She groans painfully; my head wedgd deep in her crack, "Open wide," she declares.

I don't but soon my face is covered in a pound of slushy sludge that continued to build up and up on my head with it's putrid quality and stink. I inadvertently open my nose as some solid logs force some down my throat as I gag and sputter on her waste.

She laughs heartily at my predicament; she pauses to unload another pound of shit as my body flails pathetically underneath her magicent ass.

"Oh, ohhh shit," she yells, strained. She yells masculinely as she explodes with a large jet stream of diahreea which repeatedly knocks my head back into the shit filled water of the toilet bowl.

"Why'd you let me get that quesadilla, you idiot?!" She says, berating her toilet.


Another huge fart starts dumping a sea of heavy, thick sludge all over my face and weighing it down in the overflowing toilet. My face is nearly buried as the shit piles up around ears after being dropped on my face.

The Officer redid her pants and headed for the cell door.

Weakly, I asked, "When may I go?"

She smiled kindly at me, "When there's no more shit left to eat."

Her laugh echoed down the hallway as my tears mixed with Goddess waste.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.