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Parent-Teacher Conference
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 26th, 2015

I follow mom up the ramp into the school bungalow; inside, my teacher, Ms. Harper, sits, smiling politely as we enter.

"Hello, Ms. Johnson; and Jeremy, how are you?"

"Fine." I say, begrudgingly to my teacher. Why couldn't I just be home playing GTA?

"Such a brat," mom says, quietly to Ms. Harper, about me. Typical. Fuck this.

I sit down with a huff, arms crossed.

Mom takes a gentle seat, shaking her head softly.

"Believe me, he's not the worst I deal with; he's actually pretty quiet in class," Ms. Harper says, looking at me and smiling.


"Yeah, he's fine; just a little disrespectful."

"That's normal at this age, it's the prime time when boys start becoming men...or not, in some cases."

Ms. Harper stomach makes a sharp growl, loudly; she clutches her stomach as casually as she can, "Excuse me."

"What's the matter?" Mom asks.

"Nothing, just an upset stomach; a bit gassy."

Mom nods, understandingly; then chuckles, "Maybe you should fart in my son's face."

I look up at her. What the fuck did she say?!

Ms. Harper's face was a bit stern, "I'm sorry, what?"

Oh thank god; she wouldn't possibly think of doing that. That'd be fucking gross!

"Just a joke really know, why not? I mean, you have my permission and maybe it would teach him to be a little more respectful to authority."

Ms. Harper sits back, thinks a bit. She rubs her belly softly which produces a small gurgling sound as she does.

Then she looks to me and smiles, standing.

My eyes go wide and I stand to run; but mom's hands are on my shoulders already, holding me there. "Mom, please," I beg her.

Ms. Harper hikes her skirt up as she comes close, turning her butt towards me. She puts it over my face, "Breathe deep now," she says, sing-song; chuckling.


Her hot gas washed over my face like a ocean wave, filling every orifice with a putrid smell of rotten eggs. Mom's hand was on the back of my head suddenly, pushing me closer to Ms. Harper's butt. "No, no!" I scream, plead.

"Mmmm, smell that, Jeremy; that's what you smell when you don't show respect to your parents or your teachers." Mom says, taunting me as I inhale deeply against Ms. Harper's panty covered ass.

"Here wait..." Ms. Harper says, excitedly; she pulls her butt away and finally I get a taste of something that isn't pressed up against her ass.

She pulls me to a student desk and sets my head on the seat, my body under the desk, "I've thought about doing this for a LONG time."

Mom laughs, "I can't believe you waited this long to do it!"

"No, no no no no...." I cry out as Ms. Harper slides in and sits on my face; the back of my neck crushed into the hard plastic of the seat...but apparently it's not enough to kill me.

"I know, I should have started farting on brats years ago!"

Ms. Harper pulls apart her cheeks and my face slides deeper into her butt just as she...


"Ahhhhh, god; that's so good."

Underneath her, I endure the wretched gas, trying desperately to turn my head away but there's no where to go as her fart rushes up my nostrils and fills my olfactory senses with a putrid sewer smell. My legs and arms flail wildly but to no avail.

"Mind if I have a go?" Mom asks.

Oh...god no...

"Of course, he's your son after all."

"He'll soon be my toilet before long."

Ms. Harper and mom laugh uproariously as mom comes to the desk. She looks down at me, lovingly.

"Mom...please, don't..." I say, between gasping breaths.

"Awww, it's almost over, sweetie," she says, swinging in her butt over my face and taking a comfortable sit. "He's scared because I had a cabbage burger for lunch, and he knows what those do to me, don't you, Jeremy?"

Before I could try to say anything, mom's butt exploded with a bassy fart that went off like a bomb on my face.


I shake and rattle relentlessly, trying desperately to get out from mom's ass as her fart seeps in my nose and mouth, smelling like rotting vegetables and meat.

"HEEELPPP!" I managed to scrape out from my throat but it was muffled under mom's butt.

Mom and Ms. Harper just laughed at my peril.

"Think he's had enough?" Mom laughed.

"Maybe just one more; may I?"

I didn't hear mom say anything. But then her butt rose off my face and that was a glorious feeling of relief and fresh air. I turned my head left and was greeted by Ms. Harper's ass, right in front of my face.

"No please..." I horsely whispered out.


My eyes rolled back, my head reeling as I was blown away with a faceful of toxic gas from my teacher; I felt my body tense up, my eyes water; vision blurs.

I feel mom get off my body and out of the desk. "He won't be much of a man now," Mom says to Ms. Harper.

"No, probably not; but he'll be a good slave, with more training."

"Speaking of, if you'd ever like to come over, please, feel free; if I'm not home, my son will gladly let you in, anytime. I promise you."

Mom brings her face to mine, I can see her quite clear now, at this distance, "Won't you, Jeremy?"

Weakly, I whisper, ""

"Good," she says, swinging her butt over my face; hovering it over.


My head falls back; I hear mom and Ms. Harper laughing as I pass out.

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