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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 4th, 2012

"Now listen Jeffrey, I can help you but you have to do something for me."

Jeffrey looked at his principal's concerned eyes and felt a wave of comfort fill him; she really seemed to care. Still, something didn't set right; why him? Why would he be chosen for this above everyone else? And he still didn't know what was wanted of him.

"I can't always give you the answers Jeffrey, sometimes you have to go on faith;" her long arm caressed the boy's shoulder as she reached across her desk.

"What would I have to do?" Jeffrey asks.

"You need to trust me Jeffrey; do you want a future or not? This is what's going to get you somewhere."

Jeffrey sits and thinks for a minute. The Principal is patient, she knows what a hard decision it must be; luckily she'd never had to been on the other side of it.

"Okay Principal Viktoria, I'm in."

"Very good Jeffrey; I'll take of everything. You run along and I'll get in touch with you tomorrow."

Jeffrey stands and leaves the principal's office; a smile crosses his face, he was finally going to be getting somewhere.


Jeffrey is in his first class early, only a few other students are there; then she walks in, Diana. She is dream girl to every boy at that school; the young teen saunters slowly over to Jeffrey. She'd never given him the time of day before but today something was different.

"Hey Jeffrey," she says sensually.

"You...know my name?" Jeffrey asks sheepishly.

Diana giggles, "Of course silly; I know the names of all my toilets."

Jeffrey giggles foolishly as Diana's smile turns to a scowl and she bands the boy's head against the desk and holds it there. She turns her butt to Jeffrey's face and pulls down her skirt and underwear just slightly.


Diana sighs as the rude wet fart bellows out her backside like a brown rapid; it leaves several brown spots on Jeffrey's desk.

The girl turns and lowers her head down the boy's level, "Aww, looks like you messed your desk; better lick that up toilet!"

Diana uses Jeffrey's head like a towel as she runs his face over the brown smeared desk; with a huff she throws his head against the desk and walks to her seat without even a glance.

Jeffrey leaves his head against the desk; he found little point in exerting the energy to lift it anymore.

"How perfect," a voice says near him.

Jeffrey catches glimpse of Sarah before her big butt crushes him between it and his desk.

"I'm going to enjoy this," Sarah says, grunting.


The girl's terrible gas blasts through Jeffrey's face as his arms flail frantically; his head remains unmoved under the heavy teen.

"No escape for you Jeffrey," she said, straining.


The boy's eyes dart back and forth spastically as he suffocates from lack of oxygen; he passes out.

Sarah leaves the boy but soon Monica grabs him and puts his head in the seat of her chair. She, completely and without any self-conciousness, pulls down her pants and panties before sitting her naked butt on the boy's face.


She farts but does not acknowledge the boy at all as she grabs her supplies from her bag and starts writing down the notes on the board.

Jeffrey is awakened by a pungent aroma that gags and chokes him; Monica responds with a hot fart down the boy's open mouth.

"If you're not going to shut up then lick my asshole!" She demands, irritated.

Mr. Sanders comes in; he sees Monica and nods, as if he understood. He proceeds with class. Jeffrey moans loudly, as if to seek help but, Mr. Sanders ignores the clear pleas for help.

A silent fart eeks from Monica's butthole and fills Jeffrey's face with it's toxic aroma as he continues to scrape the icky walls of Monica's butt with his tongue.


Jeffrey sits at lunch with relative friends, he participates in light small talk; he doesn't notice the principal enter the lunchroom, not until it's too late.

Her hand touches his shoulder and he spins around.

"Hello Jeffrey."

"Hel...hello Principal Viktoria."

"Had your lunch?"

"Just finishing."

"I think you're done," the principal says as she pulls the boy from the bench and puts his head on it. "I had a very full lunch; can you tell me what I ate?"

The Principal, licking her lips, lowers her prominent butt to the poor student's face; the bone's in his face crack lightly under her weight.


"Ahhh, that felt good Jeffrey; all that broccoli and cheese, it's coming back right on your face," she says, moaning then laughing.


The young boy flails his free body parts frantically but he cannot free himself from his principal's great weight.

"I like it when you struggle, it tells me how bad my...ugh...oh..."


Viktoria sighs contentedly, "...gas is."

The principal, with full pride and a wide, devilish smile on her face, stands from the rough bench that presses against the back of Jeffrey's head. Her pungent odor fumed out away from the boy and quickly filled the large lunch room but no one dared even cough for fear they'd end up getting a full blast in their own face.

Viktoria never imaged the other kids would fall in line with this display but the looks on their faces revealed the pure terror they felt.

"Anyone else want a turn," the principal asks, looking down to the boy that lies lifelessly below her, "I don't think he'll be protesting much now."

She laughs as she leaves the cafeteria; a small line of girls forms in front of Jeffrey with a bit of pushing and shoving for first on his face.

Cynthia, a bit stronger than most girls, wins; she grips the sides of the ugly yellow bench and pulls, sealing Jeffrey further and further up her butt.


The rude, airy fart bubbles her skirt up a bit as Jeffrey's unconscious face fills with the nearly smoke-thick gas. The other girls cringe in disgust as they get more of Cynthia's gas when she rises, farting over Jeffrey's face.

His eyes flutter to life, watering from he atrocious smell that emanates from every pore and orifice of his body; he shakes violently, trying to get free but the other girls hold him down.

Cynthia runs to grab another girl, Pauline; she's at least 300 pounds, her shirt barely hiding her massive gut.

She's hesitant, she's never harmed anyone or anything in her life; Cynthia and the other girls talk her up and eventually coax her to Jeffrey's body but she refuses and tries to leave but the girls push her down and she sits her huge butt on the boy's face, shoving it in between her cheeks pressed tight against the material of her pants.

The other girls hold her down, knowing it would not be long.

"I'm sorry; I haven't farted in a few days, this is going to be bad,"

Pauline tries to hold it and get up but biology is cruel; she can't help but smile as the silent, nearly soot-colored gas rolls out her anus and into Jeffrey's tortured face, it suffocates him immediately but there's no relief from it, no where to go. Jeffrey passes out again.

The girls release Pauline, she runs away crying and the girl's continue their farting on Jeffrey.


The boy wakes in a darkened cafeteria; he was left where he laid, his head still resting on the lunch table bench. The back of his head felt like it was gushing blood but there was no blood, merely the sensation.

"Well, good morning Jeffrey."

"Principal Viktoria..." the boy says, fearfully.

"What are you doing outside your bed chamber?"

"You can't be...I just woke..."

"No excuses! There's punishment for your misdeeds Jeffrey," the principal says as she turns and pulls down her pants; she's not wearing any underwear.

Jeffrey screams as his mouth is filled with assy flesh and sour taint.

Viktoria grunts sharply, aggressively; PRRRRRBBBBMMMPPBBBB!

"Mmmmmmm....very good; don't worry Jeffrey, this will all pay off soon," the principal reaffirms, puckering her ass like it was a puppet to talk to the boy.


The principal laughed as the boy convulsed and passed out beneath her.


That seems like so long ago, or was it yesterday; Jeffrey struggles with the thought as he sits anxiously in the principal's office, waiting for her to return. He expected another newer, crueler method of torture. He shudders at the thought as the door handle jiggles.


"Yes, Principal Viktoria?"

"Come here."

Jeffrey stands and approaches his principal.

"You've done well; are you ready to meet your new employer?" She smiles; he hadn't seen the smile in a long time, a sincere, caring smile. A new warmth filled his senses.

He walks through the doorway with Viktoria and standing before them is a very sexy woman in a business suit.

"Jeffrey, this is Rachael."

The woman points her gaze to Jeffrey as she pokes out her perfect ass.


Jeffrey's eyes turn to panic, the smile melts from his face.

"Ready for your first day?" Rachael asks, approaching the boy slowly; her shadow eclipsing him as she pushes him back into Viktoria's office.

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