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My Sister the Sadist
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 26th, 2007

"Why are you doing this!?" I shouted as I gasped desperately for air.

"Because you need to be punished for going in my room," Jean declared as she lowered her sweat panted ass back down, nearer to my face.

PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBB! She farted once again; a big, nasty smelling fart filled my nostrils as she planted her ass back on my face, sealing in the stench.

"Ahhh!" She sighed, happily. "If feels so good to let out my putrid gas right on your stupid face. What do you think, little bro? Smells awesome, right?"

I shook my head no as she raised her ass for my reply.

"Nonsense, you just haven't gotten a good enough sample yet then. Here, sniff this bad boy!"

BRRRRRRRRRRAPPPP! Another horrid fart burst out of her ass and rushed into my tortured nose; forcing me to take in its entire potent aroma. It nearly knocked me out right there. I tried to wiggle away but her tights straddled my body; there was no getting away from her in this position.

"Well!? How does it smell?" She demanded.

While my face remained buried between her cheeks, I gave her a thumbs up. The smell was horrid and intolerable but I figured if I gave her the response she wanted this torture would finally come to an end.

I was wrong.

"Really; a thumbs up, huh?" She laughed. "Well, if you love 'em that much why don't you and my ass get up close and personal then."

Jean rose up off my face and pulled down her sweat pants exposing her pink thong underwear that disappeared into the crack on her prominent bottom. She backed her ass up and bent forward.

She turned her head and looked at me. "Well?"

"Well, what?" I asked, angrily.

"Get you face in my ass crack."

"Fuck you! No way am I doing that."

"You got quite a mouth on you, what do you think mom would say if she heard about all your vulgar language?"

"I don't fucking care what mom would say but there is no way I am going to willingly stick my face in your ass."

"No? Well, I guess I can't force you to do it I guess I'll have to shove it in myself," she said, smiling evilly at him.

"No, please Jean, don't. I have had more than enough punishment? I'll never come in here again! I'm sorry!" I said, frantically.

"Sorry isn't good enough, little bro. This is the only way to ensure this doesn't happen again."

Jean grabbed my head and forcefully shoved it in between her cheeks. The smell in her was already terrible, however, it was about to get a lot worse.

BRRRRPPP! PRRRAAPP! She farted twice in rapid succession, all the while holding my face tight against her ass; slowly forcing it in as far as it would go. I remained held there for a good thirty seconds and just as unconsciousness came over me, she pulled me out from her crack and got off me. I was finally free but I was too weak to get up immediately.

"Well, thanks for taking those farts for me Phil. You should sneak into my room more often; I 'd love to make a habit of that. What about you?" She giggled as she walked out of her room.

All I could do is moan loudly as I rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a thump.


Hours later I sat in my room still trying to get over the horrid experience from this afternoon. I tried to gather my thoughts about the whole situation. It was never clear to me why Jean turned on me so suddenly? It's like as soon as she turned sixteen she became this sadistic bitch who got her kicks by torturing me. I reluctantly accepted it, believing that by the time she turned eighteen all this would be out of her system but I guess I was wrong. I mean I expected to get kicked around a bit being the youngest but such maltreatment; it certainly didn't seem like the common sister-brother squabbles and torment.

Suddenly, I heard light footsteps, creaking down the hall way, outside my door. I put my ear up against the door and listened. It was completely silent until I heard the screen door outside slam shut. I ran to my window, which over looked the front of the house, and saw Jean sneak to her car quietly. She got in it and drove off. I looked at the clock. 2:00 a.m. This was not the first night she snuck off somewhere in the middle of the night but I never was able to figure out where she went or why. As far as I knew mom didn't know a thing about her sneaking out either. I could tell her about what Jean was doing but it would no doubt land me even harsher punishments from Jean. Still, I had to find someway to figure out where she was going in the middle of the night; maybe the key to her transformation into an evil bitch was there. But how? How could I find out? And then it hit me; her diary.

I slowly crept out of my room and walked down the hall to Jean's room. I slowly turned the knob and entered. I hit the light switch and squinted a bit as my eyes worked to get used to the brightness of the lights. I gagged a bit as I noticed the smell from the fart session still hung in the air. I shook it off and proceeded to her nightstand. I opened the single drawer and sitting there, all alone, was her diary with only a pen sitting next to it. I quickly picked it up and rapidly stared flipping through the pages. My eyes grew wide with fear as I noticed drawing after drawing of her sitting on what looked like me in almost every corner of every page. Some she drew fart clouds on, others were just of her enjoying my face as seat. I was so stunned by these images that I failed to actually read any of the writing on the pages. I was so horrified that I almost did not hear the screen door slam shut once again. Shit! What the hell am I going to do now? I quickly placed the diary back in the drawer and ran out to the hallway, shutting Jean's door behind me. I dove into my room through my half open door and shut it quietly with my foot. Whew! I was safe this time but I still hadn't gotten the information I needed. I would have to go back. I sighed disappointedly as I lay there, trying catch my breath.


Two nights later, I heard that Jean was going to be going over to Denise 's house. Denise was her best friend but she was also a total babe with the perfect sized breasts and a gorgeous ass that she never hid in baggy pants. Even better than Denise 's perfect body, however, was the fact that Jean was leaving and I would hopefully be able to figure out about where she goes late at night. It was about 9:00 p.m. when Jean left and almost immediately I left my room and went into hers. I went for the diary and started to read. After about ten minutes of searching, I really found nothing about her sneaking away, all of the entries seemed very normal except with the addition of describing in great detail the torture she put me through. I flipped back and forth through the pages, looking for something but I couldn 't find anything. Then, suddenly, I noticed something suspicious. Right next to a drawing of me getting face farted was an address. 700 Library Street. That was the industrial part of town but why on earth would she be there? I had to find out. I slipped the diary back into the drawer and shut it. I turned to exit the room when I noticed that the door handle turned. I thought about where to hide but it was too late. I stood there, a horrified expression on my face, as the door opened. It was Jean and Denise standing there, starting at me. Jean 's expression immediately turned to a wide, evil smile while Denise just seemed to remain neutral.

"Well, welcome back little bro. You know, I have missed you being here, in my room, so much that I was beginning to wonder if you would ever come in here again and now, like magic, here you stand."

"Jean, I'm sorry, I"

"Wow, I can't argue with that logic. Still, it seems we had a conversation about this before and I believe the agreement was quite clear."

"No! Please Jean, not that."

"I 'm sorry but you knew the terms and you broke 'em," Jean said as she grabbed Denise 's sleeping stuff. "Denise, this is my slave...err...I mean little brother Phil."

"Yes, I'm pretty sure I saw him last semester. It seemed he was never too far away from my ass everywhere I went."

Jean started to say something as she walked away from the door and set Denise's things down. I saw this as my chance as I began to bolt towards the open space in the doorway.

"Grab him!" Jean yelled.

Denise did just that and held me there till Jean came with her handcuffs and bound my ankles and my wrists.

"There now, you will not be going anywhere tonight. The question now is: what are we going to do with you?"

"How about letting me go? I can give you both money," I pleaded.

Jean scoffed at this idea and Denise gave a smile in agreement. "Please, we are working women. We don't need your stupid allowance money," Jean said.

"Well than what do you need?" I asked, frantically.

The two girls looked at each other and then nodded. "Well," Jean said, "since you asked, I would have to say what we need is...a fart slave."

"Something else, please! I don't want to do that anymore."

Jean laughed, "If you wanted to do this then we would have found something else that you didn't want to do. It's not about what you want. No, my dear brother, this has always been about what I want and, at the same time, what would cause you pain?"

"But why?"

"Why not?"

This answer stunned me. Was there really no real reason for all this, just pure kicks? No, it couldn't be, there had to be something else to this.

"Now, that is more than enough chatter. Denise, since you are the guest I will give you the privilege of sitting on our new chair first."

"Awesome, thanks Jean."

And with that Denise pushed me to the floor and immediately began to lower her ass to my face. The sight of her ass in her tight, white jeans was amazing and had this been any other situation I would have had a boner that touched the sky but fear of what was to come kept me limp.

Denise looked down at me and saw my fear as my eyes met hers. "Oh, what's wrong Phil? I thought you would have loved to be this close to my ass."

I just remained there, saying nothing.

"Well you and my ass are about to get very well acquainted," she said as she finally sat down on my face.

Nothing happened for a little while except that it became increasingly difficult to breathe with Denise sitting on my face with all her weight. And then...BRRRRAAAAATTTTTT! Denise farted without any warning at all.

"Ahhhhhh. That was a nice one. How do you like my ass now, Philly? Is it everything you dreamed of?" Denise asked, laughing slightly.

I thrashed but the cuffs held me tight as did Denise 's ass. I continued to inhale the wretched fart when she let fly another attack. PPPPPRRRRRPPPPPP! My eyes quickly began to water when I caught scent of its disgusting potency but I could do nothing but take in her terrible, terrible gas. After about a minute of this torture, she rose up slightly and allowed me to breathe the fresher air. I gasped for it frantically as it quickly began to refill my lungs, however, at some point Denise put her hands on my chest and forced me to exhale. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! And with that massive fart she sat down on my face and let go of my chest, forcing me to breathe in every ounce of its horridness. I thrashed again as I inhaled the foul fart desperately seeking some kind of air. After minutes of this that seemed to pass like hours, I passed out.

When I slowly came to, I distinctly noticed what I was laying on was very soft, unlike the floor. My eyes slowly opened only to find a bare ass hovering right above my head.

"You got any 3 's?" I heard Denise ask.

Apparently the girls set me up here and were now playing cards with me under one of their asses.

"Go fish," I heard my sister say, seemingly closer than Denise 's voice was.

Before I could gather my thoughts, the naked ass sat down on my face and farted. PRRRRRPPPPPPPP! I coughed and gagged as it took in the wretched gas from the unknown ass. After a few seconds another fart rang out from above into my tormented nose. I could not keep this up and after another minute or so I passed out again.

The night wore on and on like this until finally I woke up for the last time. It was light out and I was in my own room; the handcuffs gone. I could not remember which of the girls put me out the last time before this but it didn 't really matter. Both girls were gone when I woke up. I got up out of bed and went downstairs for some breakfast.


Jean returned home at about 9:00 p.m. and I didn 't hear didn 't hear from her again until about 1:00 a.m. I heard Jean shuffling about in her room. I figured this would be one of her nights to sneak out so I quietly dressed and snuck outside, closing the screen door softly. I opened Jean 's trunk and hid inside. About a half an hour later, I heard the screen door slam and soon after the car started and began to move.

The car drove for only a short while; the industrial center was not far from our home if that was where we were I had no way of knowing from the trunk. Ten minutes after Jean 's door slammed shut, I released myself from the trunk and stepped out into the dark parking lot of some small warehouse building. Only three letters appeared on the building: S.O.W. I cautiously proceeded forwarded and opened the door. With a relaxing sigh, I stepped inside.

The whole place was just as dark as it was outside but as I continued deeper into the building I noticed candles that seemed to light a path. I followed them.

Finally, I reached a room with a large number of candles, all arranged in a big circle like some kind of cult thing. I kept walking only but soon a hand touched my shoulder and pulled me backwards. Dim lights flickered to life as I saw hundreds of people dressed in long, brown robes; concealing their faces in shadow.

The mysterious hand turned me around and I saw her. A woman, probably in her late-30 's standing there. She smiled an evil smirk that I was all too familiar with and fear quickly descended down my spine. She pushed back her robe hood and everyone in the room did the same. They were all women, every single person in the room. Most were good looking and all of them were relatively young or at least looked that way.

"Hello there."

I remained there in fear.

"Well, aren 't you going to say something?"

"Who...who...who are you?"

"I am Rebecca Dade, head of the Supreme Order of Women, and these are all my followers."

"And I?"

"You?" She asked, smiling. "You are a man, a man who is quickly approaching his inevitable end."

"What do you mean?" I asked, fearfully.

Rebecca did not respond. She had two followers grab my arms as she turned around and hiked up her heavy robe exposing her panties.

"No, please! Anything but that!"

Rebecca nodded and the two shoved my face right into the ass of Rebecca. She draped her robe down over me as the two held me tight to her ass. PRRRRRPPPPPP! A fart rang out from Rebecca 's ass; straight into my nostrils. The smell was horrid, worse than anything Jean had produced, and in this heavy robe nothing would escape. I was held there tight for a good thirty seconds before I was released my body falling helplessly out of the robe, my head hitting the hard cement floor. I was less than a second away from unconsciousness as I gasped and coughed for air.

"I bet you are just about ready for all this to be over, huh?"

I nodded as I continued to inhale the air around me.

"Then there is just one more thing remaining." Rebecca snapped her fingers and four followers picked me up and placed in me in a super long, narrow, wooden box. The lid closed but many large size holes were there in the top of the box. I heard the distinct click of a padlock shutting and I knew I was locked in here.

As I lay there, totally afraid of what was to come I started hearing foot steps; many foot steps and they became louder and louder until they stopped at what seemed like right next to me. Suddenly the holes began to close by what looked like naked asses. The box began to get totally dark except for two holes above right above my head. On girl looked down at me and smiled; it was Denise, without saying anything she sat her naked ass on one of the holes above my head.

I watched as Jean 's head slowly appeared above the final hole; the smirk on her face wider than ever before.

"Why Jean? Why did you turn yourself over to this group? Why do you want to do this to me?" I pleaded, dying to know the answer.

Jean smiled and stared down at me. "Why? Because it 's time you learned your place in this world and me and my friends here are going to make an example of you to show all men that this is what happens when you do not get in line with what we want."

"Why me?"

"You did this to yourself little brother. You couldn 't leave well enough alone and just stay home. No, you followed me here and now you will be punished for your last and final misdeed."

"But, I thought you loved me."

Jean 's smirk returned as she turned around and planted her bare ass on the seat.

Within seconds the farting began and the air became putrid with horrid gas from the many women. I scratched at the walls and thrashed about; trying to escape but it was no use. After a few torturous minutes my eyes closed; they would never open again.

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