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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 4th, 2018

I am seated right next to Jackson, both of us on our knees with gagged mouths, waiting in Monica’s room in the dark. She’d gone downstairs to feast on something but her footsteps quickly return with the subtle TING of a sound both of us were far too familiar with.

Monica enters her room and flips on the light, she’s holding a bowl with a spoon that makes the TING sound we’re so aware of.

“Hey guys, thought I’d have some cereal, there’s not much else to eat in the house,” she giggles. Jax and I start to moan out softly but Monica just laughs, “Awww, what? You guys don’t like when I eat cereal?”

I shake my head no but Jax is more aware and stays still, waiting for the inevitable.

Monica comes over to me, right above me and stares down at me, she drips a drop of milk from her spoon onto my face as she takes a heaping bite. “What’s the matter? You don’t like me?” I shake my head no fervently, I love Monica tremendously but I’m also painfully aware of what dairy does to her.

She smiles down at me and turns her jeans covered ass and plants it right in my face, half sitting on it like a stool. BRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaaaaauuuuuuuuppppp! “That’s too bad you don’t like me, because I really like you,” she chuckles.

I struggle and gag, forced to inhale her deadly gas only though my nostrils; my head shakes from side to side but Monica grabs it and holds it straight against her butt. PRRRRRrrrrrppppp!
“You’re here to smell my farts, slave; that’s all you are!” She reminds me. “And don’t worry, Jax, yours is coming soon,” she laughs.

She starts to pull down her pants and my eyes go wide in fear, begging for mercy but there’s none to be had as Monica plants her crack deep over my face until my nose is against her asshole. “And I was going to go easy on you today too, how stupid of you to upset me,” she comments as my nose is pressed against her puckering anus.

I mumble out a few pleas, begging her to reconsider but it was already way too late for that. FRRRrrraaaauuuuuuppppppp! “Inhale my fart, buttboy!” She grips the back of my head with both hands and shoves it against her butt, holding it as tight as she can to her butthole to ensure not a single particle of her fart went anywhere but up my nostrils. I scream out in agony, forced to smell her rancid dairy farts that she loves inflicting on us. I feel my eyes rolling back and myself becoming lightheaded, my vision starts to blur as I stare up at Monica’s cheeks and back, seeing her look back over her shoulder occasionally with silent chuckles.

Then, suddenly, she quickly gets off my face, splits her cheeks inches from me, and BRRRRRRrrrraaaauuuuuuuuuuupppppppp! She sighs exaggeratedly as I cringe away in terror, moaning and groaning as her fart assaults my face with all its potent power.

As soon as I’m done inhaling all of her nasty fart, she turns her attention to Jax with a devilish look in her eye. “Time for you to lick me, brother,” she says demonically.

He looks at her with absolute horror in his eyes and shakes his head no, desperately but Monica just nods evilly and brings herself closer and closer to him, she turns and pushes her butt in his face, “Now lick!” She demands.

Jax takes one lap of her asshole and recoils in disgust but Monica grabs his head from the top and shoves it in, “I said lick, butt munch! Don’t make me ask again!” He gags and groans out loud but takes slow, steady laps of her asshole in between violent gags. BRRRRRrrrraaaauuuuuppppppp! She sighs, “How was that one, Jax?”

Jax is shaking, convulsing and trying to get free but it’s no use as Monica holds him tightly there, “Awww, I would have thought you’d be much more used to my dairy farts by now, no?” She asks rhetorically. PRRRRrrrrpppppp!

He screams against Monica's ass as her fart rips through to the back of his throat. “Please stop,” he begs, muffled within her ass. I look over, crying while watching Monica aggressively violate Jax with her ass.

“I'll take it for him,” I offer up, immediately regretting saying it.

“Awww, how sweet; you hear that Jax, looks like your lover is willing to take my farts for you, isn't that cute,” she closes her eyes, ass still shoved in Jackson's face and BRRRROOOOOOUUFFFFFF! “It’s a very sweet offer but Jax has to take his share of the farts as well, those are the rules,” she laughs, barely able to keep a straight face. “I'm sure Jax has some farts you can smell after I'm done,” she grins.

I shake my head no and she giggles, “Awww, guess he doesn't want your farts, Jax, that's too bad.” PRRRRROOOOUUUUUPPPPPP! Jax’s body shakes weakly, he’s been inhaling nothing but farts for at least a full two minutes without oxygen.

Suddenly, there’s a doorbell downstairs, Monica hops up off Jax’s face excitedly. “Sounds like the family is here; you guys are really in for it now,” she laughs out loud to us. Jax and I gulp and softly begin to sob as Monica easily drags us down the stairs for our inevitable farting doom.

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