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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 3rd, 2015

I wake up in strange room; it's nicely decorated but it's not mine. I'm on a bed, it's soft, comfortable; better than my own actually. Maybe I can ask where they got this one...but where the hell am I?. Suddenly, the door opposite me swings wide open.

"Good morning, I'm glad to see you're up."

I try to rise but I can't. My arms are tied above me. My legs tied to the foot of the bed. What is this?!

"I see you don't recall last night; and why would you? You were fast asleep when I grabbed you from your bed."

Is she fucking serious! I open my mouth to yell out but it's stuffed with something; I can't speak but a few muffled sounds.

"I know, you're probably wondering who I am. But, see, you actually already know...toilet."

My eyes go wide and I halt my struggle to get free...was she really...could it be?

"Yes, I am the one you serve in the online world. The one you call Goddess. Or Mother but we can keep that between us," she chuckles.

She paces the room and I watch her, I barely blink a second; in shock. She's gorgeous but nothing like she described herself as.

"Oh, and you're real name...that'll be my secret too, toilet; for as long as you serve me well. That means, no girlfriend, no wife, no mother, no sister will get in the way of your serving me; understand?!" She yells to me.

I nod, sweating and shaking in fear. She approaches, the bed.

"Yes, I knew you would; you're a smart toilet, aren't you? But obviously not smart enough if you thought you could bail on me; I told you I could find you toilet; and now I have."

She towers over me, standing on the bed now. I shake in place, terrified.

"But I'm sympathetic, toilet; that's why I've allowed your work quality to drop off and then to completely blow me off all together. I had faith you'd come back and serve me like I deserve...but you proved me wrong. You proved yourself to be a slimy, pathetic shit like all the others."

I shake my head no, I promise it's not like that.

"But unlike the others, I can't let your talented fingers slip through mine so, instead of having your own free will and serving me faithfully, you will now serve me, unquestionably, as my property."

She sits down on my face, her pussy facing me under her tiny microskirt.

"Oh, and we'll address all the little writing problems you have. I know you have trouble drawing from experience since you've never experienced it."


"Ahhhh, but I'm going to fix that; while you're sniffing that fart, thinking about all the smells, describe them to me."

I mumble out a bunch of expletives but it's all just gibberish.

"Oh, I almost forgot," she says as she reaches to my mouth and pulls the gag out.

"There, now describe my gas."

"Fuck you, bitch!" I gasp out between heaving breaths.

Goddess' face looks enraged ass she scoots her booty over my face and grunts.


She blows a hot, wet fart over my face that blasts like a cream pie; I gag and groan as her shit spray smears around.

"Now, toilet; that was a wet one, wasn't it; I want you to describe the smell to me."

"It smells like shit!"

"Now, toilet, that's not very descriptive, is it?"

She hovers her naked butthold around my nose, making sure I get a whiff of it; "Tell me what it smells like, slave!" She gets impatient.

"'s like, uh...vegetables. Eggs. Thick. Like a heavy musk."

"Mmm, not bad; more toilet."

"It's...gross, it's humid and hot; putrid smelling...god this is horrible."

"You're doing fine, toilet; keep going. Here try this..." She says as she sits her asshole over my mouth.


Her fart echoes loudly, forcibly in my mouth; squirting a dry but significant mist of Goddess' shit in my mouth.

"What's it taste like, toilet?"

"Oh,'s so bad...I mean, it's just shit. It tastes like poo. It's killing me."

"Is that really the best you can do?"

"Yes, god, yes, I swear to you; I'm much better when I'm writing."

The Goddess pauses and thinks. "Very well, toilet; take a break."

I thought she get up but instead she sat, with all her weight, on my face and pushed hard. Suddenly her ass pushed out a thick, heavy log that plopped to the bottom of my throat as I shook and tried to get free but Goddess' ass held me tight.

She sounded such relief as she pumped my mouth full of her shit, with me choking and sputtering underneath her, until there was no more room and she dumped the rest on my face, burying it until I finally passed out.

I wake up the next morning, with a start. Was it all a dream? I'm sitting ata desk now, under a comfy chair. My face is clean of shit but still smells rotten. I lift slightly to get up but she's already entering the room.

"Good, you're up; so you can get started."

I groan out, my mouth sore as if stretched, "Get started on what?"

"Your next story for me, toilet; you're sole task is to write erotic stories for me, you live for no other purpose."

"And what do I get out of it."

She smiles and brings her face close to mine, "You get to live. Unlike all the others who failed me. Understand, toilet?"

I nod, fearful.

"Good," her tone changes to cheery almost instantly. "So here is your laptop; there's no internet so you wont get distracted. Plus you're going to be plenty busy already."

She sets the laptop on the table in front of me and opens it; it loads quickly to a word processor.

"There you are," she says; at the same time, she throws her leg over my lap, her butt now directly in my face.

"'re kinda in the way."

"Oh, toilet; this is how you'll be writing now. To inspire you. And to punish you."

"But how can I...?" I start to ask but she grabs my head and shoves it up her butt crack, pressed right to her asshole.

"You know your home row keys, right?" She asks.

"No..." I muffled out from her ass.

She growls, upset; "Well, you're gonna learn real quick!" She grabs my hands and puts my fingers on specific keys, I feel the grooves under my fingers; I never noticed them before. That's the F and the J key; and you lay the rest of your fingers along that row, get it?"


She farted almost as if to vent her frustration at teaching me this elementary skill; it blew my hair back as it rushed past me and filled my nostrils with a thick, cheesy smell that stung inside my nose. I groaned, and softly nodded that I understood.

I started to type, just intro stuff; it was a struggle but Goddess still got comfortable, her booty adjusting so my face laid flat against it; my nose upturned to her asshole, making my eyes water at this close distance from the terrible, rotten veggie smell that emanated from her backside. I moaned, pained, as I typed; trying to figure out what exactly I should...

"Toilet, this is garbage! Half of it is illegible; and you're still not describing my dumps well enough! I want you to tell me how it reeks, what does it smell like; how many times do I have to say it?!"

Her hips tighten, her cheeks clench around my head.


A thick, bubbly fart rips through my face and hovers there as I heave and cough; she giggles, enjoying me suffering her gas; "You should be getting plenty of samples, toilet; but I can always up your dosage." She laughs. "Now, I'm going to delete this and you're going to start over."

"Can I read it?" My voice is horse, dry from sucking in farts only for god knows how long.

"No toilet; I am the only judge that matters here, you don't need to read it. If I say it's not good enough, it's not good enough. Start over!"

I take heaving breath at the Goddess' putrid, musky backside and start to type again.


"Describe that fart right here, toilet."

Oh god, it's so awful. Like a rotting, hard boiled egg; my nose wrinkles heavily as I try to recoil my head away from the source of all that gas but it's no use, I'm stuck there, inhaling her fart.

"MMmmmm, not bad; you're getting better, toilet," she comments. "Too bad you still suck worse than anything!"

I keep breathing heavily on her noxious ass air as my fingers type rapidly on the laptop, trying to please this exceptionally hard to please woman; an undeniable Goddess.

Suddenly, the smell gets much worse and I feel moisture against my nose; a small force pushing out.

"Oh," I yelp out!

"Toilet, you're writing about my shit now; you need a sample so you know what you're talking about."

She pushes more and the shit presses past my lips and into my mouth; I struggle to stay still, not move, not swallow, not anything but the smell is already rancid. The taste inhuman as my tongue, almost uncontrollable, laps up against the log and recoils in terror at the putrid dump.

I type, more frantic now about the log; solid in my mouth, but disgusting, a clear gooeyness that seems like it could liquify at any moment; like melting chocolate. I audibly gag at the thought, cough the log up but the Goddess is already unloading another, larger log that presses through my mouth like a soup can of shit. I whimper and struggle as it pushes it's way past. I feel the Goddess' grin grow wide as she hears my pleas and reads my words of struggle and terror, of putrid smells and inescapable horrors.

"Mmmmm, good toilet; very good. You can stop for today." She grabs me, roughly by the hair and pulls my face tight to her butthole.


A hot, thick gush of putrid fart air filled my senses, my nostrils raw from the inhuman stink from Goddess' asshole. I moaned loudly as I was forced to take in her toxic gas until I finally felt my eyes roll back and I passed out again.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.