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Mike & Irene
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 30th, 2011

Mike, waiting on his knees, sat, head somewhat bowed, in front of his front door; he awaits his mistress, his love, Irene. A collar sits lovingly-snug around his neck. The couple hadn't been married long, just a few weeks; they were still working out a living situation for the both of them. The distance, so unfamiliar to the pair since they'd met, depressed them greatly. Irene, unable to stand it, spontaneously made the trip to Mike's home. She called him as she neared his neighborhood and now he waited for her entrance.

Her key is heard from outside the door; it activates the tumblers in the lock and the door swings open; Irene, at last. Mike's eyes light up but he remains stationary on the floor. Irene couldn't keep the facade she wanted to enter with.

Irene barges through the door and tackles Mike to the ground; kissing him all the way down as they embraced, finally being in each other's arms once again.

At a break, Mike asks, "Do you want to eat something?"

Irene pulled him by the hair and kissed him again; she grabbed the leash from her pocket and clips it to Mike's collar. He looks down at her hand and then back to her face. The couple look in each other's eyes, Mike smiles; Irene smiles wider, her eyes revealing her more sinister thoughts.

She backs away and stands; Mike remains on the floor, waiting for his towering love's command.

"Get on your knees," she demands; her tone is serious but playful.

Mike does as he is told; he raises his arms like a begging dog.

Irene cracks a smile before ignoring his cuteness. She presents her ass inches away from Mike's face; she lifts her skirt and jerks the leash to bring him the rest of the way to her ass. She bites her lip innocently; sensually.


A bubble pops in Mike's face; Irene giggles softly as the scent slowly invades his nostrils; eyes watering from the cabbagy smell but, happily he inhales it for his loving wife. Its heat caresses Mike's face and entices him far greatly than it could repulse him; he'd do whatever his love desired. He knew she'd do the same; the soft touch of her hand on his cheek as she grabbed hers reminded him of that.

She pulled her left one from its mate.


"Sniff that baby; smell all of my gas!"

The noxious odor fills the small space housing Mike's face as Irene grips the leash tighter as she feels Mike pulling away just slightly. He coughs a bit; he stifles it the best he can.

"I knew I'd get you today Mike!" Irene laughs comically; parodying bad villains. "I ate a special diet for a week; I'm going to make you pass out to my nastiest gas!" She exclaims, she seems excited.

Mike, though quite fearful, is too; his member pressing up against his zipper. He sniffed deeply at the remnants of Irene's last attack, the worst of it having passed through. Mike could feel her gas throughout his body, giving him a high no drug could replicate.

Irene slowly pulls away from Mike, looking back to watch his desirous, smiling face as he comes out of her butt. He didn't disappoint her, his nose flaring widely; she giggles cutely.

She pushes Mike down softly; he hits the floor with a light thud, Irene cringes for a second before standing over his head. Her skirt flew up as she quickly squatted over Mike's face.


A ripper blasts from Irene's ass to Mike's face; she moans softly as the smell hits him. He wants to pull away as much as he wants to dive right in; Irene pulls on the leash and makes his answer clear.

"Be a good boy and sniff all of my farts, okay?!" She has a gentle harshness in her voice; she is determined. And cute.

He nods. With all her weight, she sits down quickly on his face, "I feel....urrmm..."


"Ahhhh! Yes, smell that baby," she says; her fingers curl his hair softly, pulling it tight just slightly.

Mike is bombarded; the smell is quickly overpowering but Mike takes the gas for his lover. He begins feeling lightheaded but his love for Irene knows few limits; he breathes deeply through his nose; he gags silently.


"You still there Mike?"

He puts his hand on her thigh to answer as her fart chokes him; his oxygen becoming less and less. He runs his fingers along her legs.

She pants sharply; she responds by pushing gently on Mike's stomach. She feels his air blow against her hole. She smiles devilishly.

"Oh, that's too bad," she says playfully; she arches her back.


She laughs as Mike struggles slightly under Irene; he can feel his breath shorten, his senses fade. He passes out.

Irene pushes Mike but his body is still.

"Success!" She exclaims; she holds up a victory sign and winks, holding it for a good while.

She looks down at Mike still under her, "You did a good job; you are my good boy."

Mike remained still; peacefully, happily unconscious.

Irene pushes a little; tucking her arms in close to her body, she closes her eyes and bites her lip.


She sighs and smiles, remaining on her unconscious husband a few moments longer; running her fingers gently along his neck, "Enjoy it sweetheart."

Irene rises off Mike; she drops down to kiss his cheek. She smiles, whispers, "Thank you."

She leaves him to sleep it off; they'd play again soon. Mike couldn't wait.

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